Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 28 : Mikoshiba Aya 1
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Chapter 28 : Mikoshiba Aya 1

The sweet aroma drifts from the brown hair and he can feel the gentle body temperature and moisture from the slit pressed against him.

After sucking the smell of her hair all the way to his chest, Ran caressed Aya’s cheeks and kisses her neck in a way it won’t get wet.

Aya’s body jumped in response to that contact.

Feeling the heartbeat filled with expectations to her chest, Aya’s breathing turned rough.

The soft breasts change their shape without resistance no matter how strong you press it.

‘I’m sure she’s not wearing any underwear’, Ran thought

「W-Why is Kirishima here?」

「Let’s leave that for later. Rather than that, I’ve got something to ask Mikoshiba-san」

Tracing her nape, Ran brings Aya’s figure in his sight.

Her body wrapped in the uniform is rich with feminine curves, it’s truly enchanting. Her child bearing hips is lewdly constricted, the sweetly curved ass makes her charm stand out further.

The thighs peeping out of her skirt is voluptuous. It’s not too thick nor too thin, her tanned skin is wet with sweat.

「Mikoshiba-san You were inviting me just now, weren’t you?」

If it’s not seduction then what is it?

Throwing a sweet wink on the mysterious butler that suddenly appeared and throwing an indecently sounding kiss.

If a beauty like Aya does a thing like that, the desire will be rising up even without the intent.

It’s different from a dish that’s waiting to be eaten defenselessly. It’s like the dish jumped and entered the mouth on purpose.

Furthermore, in the end, she asked Ran to put his hand on her thighs.

Is there any man in this world who would be able to keep their reasoning?

「I-It can’t be helped you know!? I feel so much itching in my stomach it’s helpless, I want a man’s hand to make me feel good!」

Aya who’s unable to lie due to the ability of Retainer training shouts all her thoughts as if crying.

While at it, she takes Ran’s hand to her mouth and licks his fingertips passionately while having tears floating in her eyes.

「Yes, I invited you! Even I like butler clothes! I thought of masturbating so I prepared my breasts and crotch and yet a pubescent man comes in. There’s no way I would overlook that! Even I am a high school girl! Isn’t it obvious that I’m interested on a man’s body! What’s wrong being swept away by the reproductive instincts?!」

Biting Ran’s finger sweetly, Aya sucks the tip.

Not even trying to hide her blushing face filled with lust, she stares at Ran with tears on the corner of her eyes.

「What’s wrong with a woman interested in lewd things?…!」

「No, there’s nothing wrong」

Swallowing the joke ‘Rather lewd is the best’, Ran reached out for Aya’s chest.

While his right hand is being licked, his left hand is stroking Aya’s breasts gently.

The nipples covered by her uniform stands up slovenly.

Pinching it on top of her uniform, Aya leaks out a sweet「Fuyuuun」

「Mikoshiba-san. Does it feel good?」

「Y-Yes… It feels very erotic. Kirishima, you’re good at touching a woman’s body」

「Not that much」

In fact, what Aya feels is mostly the power of Retainer Training’s skills.

In one stage, the place Ran touches already gets hot and it has become pleasant.

That said, there’s no need to say that honestly.

Instead of saying thatー

「Mikoshiba-san might have a good compatibility with my body」

「Body compatibility… Somehow, that sounds erotic. That’s arousing」

Feeling relieved, Aya allows Ran to her body. Ran had sex with three high school girls so far but this is his first time so see such reaction.

Well, with her amazing appearance and the thin odor, the experience is surely rich.

Apparently, her nipples and her slit are already developed. Ran feels disappointed that he won’t be able to take her first but for Aya who’s painted with rumors of being a slut, she doesn’t need to be a virgin. Rather, he’d take a divine punishment if he seek for a virgin girl who’s generous when it comes to sex.

「…Hmm, Kirishima. Touch me with your magical hand」

Opening her legs shamelessly, Aya stroke Ran’s cheeks.

Lowering the right hand wet from Aya’s licking, to her thighsーthe important part for a woman, he touched it without hesitation.

Even though it’s on top of her underwear, Aya’s pussy is already wet.

It’s not just from Ran’s touch. She seemed to have been consoling it with her own hand before Ran comes.

「Wait. I have to strip my clothes too」

There’s his unease about dirtying the coat he borrowed but more importantly, he has reached his limit as a boy.

His penis is already rock hard inside his suit-like pants.

This is quite tough.

He took the butler clothes off and fold it on the edge of the table.

Loosening the string underwear bought from this world, Ran leans over Aya’s body.

「Mikoshiba-san should strip too」

She lowers her panties that’s heavy with love nectar to her ankle.

Her skirt with provocative length got flipped and a sweet & sour aroma tingle his nosetrils.

Combing the sweet and sour moist honey, Ran carries his hand to his mouth.

「Kirishima, that’s quite lewd」

「Is this your first time doing this?」

Ran asks, Aya nods embarrassed.

Even for a perverted slut like Aya, there are acts that are first time for her?

‘If so, then I’m lucky to have pulled a hit. If I seek for something fresh ahead of this, I’d be a bit troubled’

「Oh right. I forgot to ask this」

Why did Ran chose Aya for his prey dessert tonight?

There are several reasons but there’s two that made the decision.

One, is Aya’s skill. Aya’s skill is infinite mana. She has a huge amount of mana that she can use physical type bestowal magic limitlessly. It’s not as high as Misuzu but if she performs bestowal magic continuously, then infinite ejaculation won’t be a dream anymore.

In fact, he’s been doing bestowal magic on himself, doing his best to release thick semen.

‘Besides, Aya seems she would be pleased to be painted in semen visually’

The secondー

「Mikoshiba-san, you’re Megane Eichi’s girlfriend aren’t you?」

「…Where did you hear that from?」

Aya pouts her mouth in ill-humor. Showing a reaction different from what he imagined, Ran got shaken.

Isn’t this the scene where she would say『That’s right』bashfully?

「No, wait a minute」

But, that would be strange. Aya said that she’s been comforting herself earlier.

If a woman goes out with Megane who has a lot of libido, then is there a need for that?

If it’s a man then he’d masturbate even if he has a wife or a girlfriend.

If Aya’s libido is certainly bottomless.

Then Megane should be here right now.

「The rumor about me going out with Megane is completely bullshit. I made a mistake and Megane just conveniently misunderstood it」

「Is that true?」

Or rather, because she’s a retainer, then she can’t lie.

Then, what on earth was the confession Sayaka saw?

Did she make a mistake on her recognition. Is this a gag manga?

But well, she might’ve interpreted it convenientlyーthen, Megane doesn’t think about Aya even one bit.

At any rate, it’s fine.

「Rather than that, there’s no need to think about those guys right now right?」

Putting her hands on his loose underwear, she then removed it.

Looking at the completely erect penis showing up, Aya goes『Kyaa』happily.

「This is Kirishima’s penis…? Fuooー…」

She observes Ran’s penis as if it’s her first time seeing one.

She pushed the tip with her fingers, caressing the hanging balls.

It feels like Aya’s trying to satisfy her own sexual curiosity than making Ran feel good.

「I-It’s cuter than I thought. It’s twitching, it’s so erotic」

She pokes it, and when she sees it jump as response, her cheeks dye red.

The cowper fluid spills from the tip, she opened her eyes wide saying「Fuaaaaー…」

「H-Hey. Is it okay to lick this?」

「Of course. If you want, you can put it in your mouth」


Gulping down her throat lewdly, Aya sticks out her tongue and licks up Ran’s penis.

The tongue crawls carefully to stimulate the back muscle up to the tip, licking the overflowing cowper fluid, Aya puts it in her mouth.

Then she once again gulps her throat.

「Ha-Hawaa… This is the taste of Kirishima’s penis…」

「I-If you’re going to be that impressed…」

Lowering his glance, Aya’s plump thighs leaks out love nectar.

It seems that she’s aroused enough to make her love nectar overflow from the act just now.

What a sensitive body. If so, then she really owns a body that’s strongly attractive to men.

Men would be happy if she shows such a pleasant reaction.

Kirishima Ran isn’t a humbe person to be satisfied by this much.

「Should we do something that feels much better?」

「Hm, yes! I want to!」

Bending forward, Aya’s eyes shines from expectations.

Feeling excited from that reaction, Ran caress Aya’s lips then lick her lips with the tip of his tongue

「I’d like a French Kiss」

Poking Aya’s cheeks with his hand, he licks her mouth.

The lips moistened by Ran’s saliva is instantly overwritten by Aya’s tongue.

Hanging over Aya, Ran pushes his lips to hers.

With their whole body pressed , the penis grinds against Aya’s navel.

Aya screamed with a lovely voice from the contact, she then holds Ran’s leg with her legs.

Licking up Aya’s lips to taste it, he gradually pushed his tongue inside her lips.

The warm and slimy tongues touch each other then it went deeper.

As if tasting her whole mouth, his tongue invades Aya.

「Hnn, Hnn. Haa, haa, haa…!」

Aya leaks out a coquettish sigh as if seeking Ran’s mouth.

As if closing up the leak of air, Aya’s lips is pressed with his and warm sighs leaks from each other’s mouths.

Feeling the temperature of Aya’s close body, their tongues twine with each other. When their lips are released, A light string connects Ran and Aya’s mouth stickily.

「…What’s this? This feels absolutely great」

Aya’s face happily melts as she leak the thread connecting their mouths.

Did the stage go up from the French Kiss? Aya’s glance grows sweeter and more lax than before.

Her long eyelashes swing around, Aya’s facinating eyes are piercing.

Reflected in her eyes, is a boy of the same ageーa boy from the same class.

Not wearing anythingーa dignified classmate in his birthday suit.

Thin line of a body. A body different from a woman, a completely different feeling of the skin.

And above all, it stimulates Aya’s interest.

「Uwaaa, it looks painful. Did the kiss just now feel really good for Kirishima?」

The meat stick convulses while leaking out clear liquid.

She’s seen mosaic images over the internet but it’s her first time to see a raw one.

Aya’s friend in middle school often said that it was a grotesque and creepy one.

Looking at his raw penis, she didn’t feel any of the mentioned feelings.

「Kirishima’s thing is cute. C-Can I touch it more?」

Without waiting for Ran’s reply, Aya holds his penis within her fingers.

As if reacting to Aya’s touch, Ran’s penis twitches in her hand.


Entangled in Aya’s long and thin fingers, the cowper fluid leaks out from the tip.

Every time she touch the sensitive tips, it feels like there’s something deep in the waist rising up.

Her cold fingertips caress the back, the soft meat palm caresses the balls swelling up.

He tries to pull to escape from the pleasure but, it’s meaningless to resist Aya who’s in heat. She turns her arms on Ran’s waist and hold it as if saying she won’t let go.

Rubbing the plump arms attached with meat and fat, Aya’s palm slowly caress Ran’s ass.

Aya’s finger stimulates his anus, stroking as if she’s searching something.

Unable to endure the impatient caress, Ran pats Aya’s head.

He’s about to reach his limit soon.

As expected of an experienced delinquent slut. She’s already used to touching.

She perhaps know where to touch to make boys happy.

「Ah shit… If I bring my face close, the manly smell gets really strong. So penises smell like this…」

Aya twitches her nose with a look that she just has ascended

Turning her arms around his waist, Ran’s penis overflowing with clear liquid that’s about to reach it’s limit is in front of Aya.

「Who cares about the smell… I-I’m about to reach my limit though」

Like a beast in heat, Mikoshiba Aya is absorbed in smelling his penis. Just how many school boys have seen that flushed face with tears on her eyes.

‘I haven’t inserted it yet. I haven’t played with Aya’s body yet’

Showing an expression where her instinct sleeping deep inside her chest awakens, Aya puts the tip of Ran’s penis in her mouth.

The tip sandwiched in between the moist lips, the hot tongue plays with the glans.

Compared to a deep blowjob, the stimulation isn’t that much.


「Hau…Hafu, chuu… Rero, reroa. K-Kirishima’s penis… It smells really good…」

An expression melting in pleasure, looking at her crawling her tongue devotedly, there’s no way for him to endure.

「Ah…! Mikoshiba-saー, I-I can’t hold it anymore!」

「Fue?! Hold? Eh, uu…nhyaaaauuu!!?」

Leaving his body to the pleasure running up, a pure white torrent is released in Aya’s mouth.

The cloudy liquid is released mercilessly from the tip of the penis sandwiched in between her lips. Of course, he continued to release high concentration of semen in Aya’s face and mouth.

「Fua?! Fue?! Hyo?! What?! What’s this? Pee?」

Aya who’s puzzled by the sudden ejaculation takes the viscous liquid splashed on her cheeks, nose, and carefully observes it.

Stretching it across her fingers, she sniff the smell.

She lick the semen splattered on her mouth and tasted it inside.

Before long, she gulped it down and Aya wiped the cloudy liquid in her face with the back of her hand, and her cheeks loosen with a melting expression.

「…So this is ejaculation」

「…Sorry, I didn’t intend to splash it on your face though」

Well of course, he added『from the start』on his current line.

Once accustomed, of course Ran plans to release a lot of semen on her face, inside her mouth, even in her stomach.

But, it’s unforeseen for Ran to ejaculate in her face.

「Mikoshiba-san’s fellatio feels too good…」

「There’s no need to apologize you know? If Kirishima felt good then that makes me happy」

Poking the penis that ejaculated intensely with her fingertips, Aya sticks out her tongue as if inviting.

「Is this not going to cum anymore today?」

「No, if you use a lot of physical bestowal magic, then I should be able to ejaculate as much as I want」

「Hm, got it」

Aya wraps the penis that’s dripping with semen and cowper fluid with her hands to nurse it.

A pale green light drifts from the piled fingertips like a fireflyーthen it envelops Ran’s penis.

His emptied testicles feels like there’s semen accumulating.

The testicles dangling lightly is given energy by Aya’s hand then swells in no time.

Even when it’s completely erect, the torrent of energy flowing from Aya’s hand isn’t stopping.

The penis that just ejaculated a while ago is completely solid again.


「Oops, did I overdo it?」

Without any stimulation, white semen popped out from the tip of his penis.

The semen released vigorously dirties Aya’s mouth and neck, it drips down and hang over Aya’s breasts.

Though it flew to her uniform splendidly, Aya didn’t show any dislike, she wiped the semen with the back of her hand bashfully.

That gesture is too erotic, Ran instinctively shake his whole body.

「…Can we do it again?」

Holding her shoulders, Ran pushed Aya down the bed.

Showing no signs of resistance, Aya turned her uniform and show her belly to accept Ran’s desire.

It’s a beautiful navel engraved with a girlish line. Instinctively gazing at that sensual spectacle, Aya flips up her uniform up to her neck without hesitation.

Ran’s confused by the sudden action, Aya narrows her eyes alluringly.

「With this, you can ejaculate anywhere」

Kneading her soft breasts with her own hands, Aya looks at Ran’s face with an inviting expression.

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