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Chapter 26 : That girl suits to be a sadist

Ryan, a senior employee returned to his room while avoiding the public eye, he exposed vigilance to the person standing in front of the door.

Concealing itself in the corner of the corridor and only showing the face to check the situation. After feeling relief soon enough, Ryan sticks out his finger on the yellow butterfly decorating his chest.

Responding to that stimulus, the yellow brooch butterfly flutters in the darkness and flew to Ryan’s room.

After fluttering for a while, the vivid colored butterfly makes an uninterested dance, landed on his shoulder and folded her wings in a relieved manner.

「Sorry, it was a shadowy so I didn’t know who it was Did I make you wait?」

「It’s fine, I just came here. Also, I’m the one who came without making an appointment」

The dark clouds hide the moonlight and only faint illumination basks the two in the corridor.

Sayaka pouts her mouth embarrassed while adjusting her beautiful black hair around her shoulder by combing with her hand again and again.

She can’t get the knotting habit off because she’s tying it all day long. RyanーRan don’t mind that but, a maiden in love is a creature who cares about such little things.

「You seem to be a bit tanned」

「It’s because of the increased training on outside. Besides, it seems that the Sun shines longer recently」

There’s no certain sense if there’s seasons in this world but now the climate feels from spring coming to summer in Japan.

With the season gradually getting hotterーit’s Sayaka’s favorite time among the four.

「Kirishima-kun, which do you prefer, a tanned or a fair skinned girl?」

「I think that a fair skinned girl but tanned girls are healthy so I like them too」

If you ask his desire, then he’d say that girls who have tan-lines from gym suit or school swimwear would be his best preference but.

In this world where neither gym clothes nor school swimsuit exists, it’s impossible to enjoy that seductive tan-lines.

Thinking about it, Ran invites Sayaka to his room.

A musty confined smell along with a soft sweet aroma drifts in the room.

Before her nose twitch and wonder what’s the smell, Sayaka sees colorful flowering plants in front of her. 𝑓𝘳𝑒𝑒𝘸𝑒𝑏𝓃𝑜𝑣𝑒𝓁.𝘤𝑜𝓂

「Are you raising flowers?」

「It’s Ageha’s food. I used to give her honey but the temperature has gotten higher recently so it turns sour」

Urging Sayaka to sit, Ran released Ageha from mimicking the brooch on his chest and she flew on the pot at the window.

After confirming that Ageha is hidden behind the flowers, Ran sits next to Sayaka.

By the way, the place they’re sitting is the bed used for sleeping

Sitting on the bed of the opposite sex’s room is an act that can be thought as an invitation.

Or rather, there’s no problem if she’s actually inviting.

「It’s rare for Sayaka to come. What happened?」

「Well, yeah, that…I just have something I want to talk about」

Ran casually caress her back and waist while asking.

She’s visiting a boy’s room this late in the night so it can’t be helped if he thinks that, but;

Actuallyーthat’s Sayaka’s intention as well.

Having wanted to talk about Mikoshiba’s relationship is just an official stance, but well, she came with that meaning in mind.

She came purposely on this time because she wants to have sex with her beloved man.

「Well, looking at Sayaka’s appearance, I can imagine the main point butー」

「If it was in the former world, then I would wear matching clothes and underwear, but In this world, only my uniform counts as cute clothes」

Sayaka rolls up her skirt provocatively while being caressed by Ran.

Her bare thighs got completely exposed and even her inner thighs is exposed to Ran’s view.

Ran gulps his throat from that captivating line, then puts his hand on her spats filled with ulterior motives.

Sayaka flips up her uniform as Ran removes her spats, her bra is removed as if it’s nothing.

Staring at the twin humble hills that’s considered pitiful for a high school girl, Sayaka strokes her own chest and sticks out her tongue closing one of her eyes.

Breathing roughly from the tempting act, Ran immediately takes off his butler clothes and is on his underwear in no time.

The uncontrollable desire pushes up from inside but Sayaka didn’t show any hate nor discomfort from it.

Rather, her face is blushing from excitement and she puts her hand on Ran’s underwear while breathing roughly.

「I love you, Kirishima-kun…」

Sayaka whispers to Ran’s ear while lowering his underwear.

Turning her arms to his neck, she tilts her face. Sayaka softly envolops Ran’s lips while leaking out sighs of expectations.

Their tongues didn’t twine, it’s just a soft kiss. As if to taste each other’s lips, they wrap their mouths with their beloved.

In case of Sayaka’s kiss, she never lets a tongue inside her mouth.

This is what Sayaka and Ran have decided. Until Sayaka’s heart is ready, they’d never use their tongues in kisses. That’s the promise they made.

What’s with that purity if they already had sex?

Even though this is not their first experience, what are the two afraid of?

It’s simple.

The school girl slave subject to Retainer Training, if they give Ran a French kiss, then the Retainer level will advance to the second stage.

The transformation of Misuzu is still engraved deep into his memory.

MIsuzu who still had an ego was given a sweet kiss, then turned to a sweet cat faithful to instinct.

Her reaction towards Ran has changed like he’s a completely different person.

Because he knows that transition, Ran can’t let Sayaka fall to the second stage.

Of course, if he release Retainer Training for a moment, he’ll be able to make love with Sayaka until he’s satisfied.

But humans are creatures that loses self control once they lose focus just once.

It’ll be fine if I release it.

Even if I make it by mistake, it’s fine as long as I do it after we’re done.

Everything begins with irresponsible compromise.

Mutual trust is a castle of cards, Ran learned that it’s easy to collapse with his body.

「…Nnn, Kirishima-kun, Kirishima-kun. I love you, Kirisima-kun」

「Sayaka…hmm. Cute, so cute. Nn, Sayaka, Sayaka」

Repeating a touch kiss as much as they want, Ran and Sayaka falls down to the bed.

Sayaka’s legs holds to Ran’s waist firmly.

Caressing the penis that’s already rock hard, Sayaka gives Ran’s lips a sweet bite.

「Kirishima-kun, it’s getting really hot. …You want to ejaculate like this right?」

Her thin long fingers stick to the tip of the penis that’s leaking cowper fluid.

The tip of the penis and Sayaka’s fingertips is connected with a lewd string of fluid.

「There’s this much already… Are you too happy to be with me that you’re aroused?」

「What about you? Your voice has gotten sadistic」

「Of course. I’m actually hopelessly aroused. …Look 」

Ran’s fingertips is pressed against Sayaka’s pussy.

Sayaka’s scorching hot slit is already dripping wet.

Sayaka pressed her her own hole to Ran’s wet hands.

Ran’s touch is too pleasant that it might become a habit for her.

‘Just being caressed at the back and the head, my important place is melting this much already’

The pleasure of being touched directly is impossible to express in words.

「Here, Kirishima-kun. Relax your body and lie down」

Sayaka rides non top of Ran while her sweet honey drips down.

Pushing the flat chest that shows no difference if man or woman, Sayaka sighs on Ran’s ear then bites it.

Stirring her tongue skillfully on Ran’s ear, Sayaka stretched her hand on his lower body and grasped the hot symbol of her beloved.

「Ah, uu…」

「Kirishima-kun, this part of you is twitching, so cute」

Sayaka grabs the penis who insists that it wants to ejaculate and Ran’s body bent backwards from too much pleasure.

In sync with that tremble, the tip leaks cowper fluid again.

Sayaka moisten her palm with the cowper fluid and loosens her mouth in satisfaction, she then holds Ran’s cheek with both hands.

「Come, Kirishima-kun. Where do you want to ejaculate, outside or inside my vagina?」

Sticking their foreheads to each other, Sayaka sticks out her tongue.

In this kind of situation, is there any man who would select the former?

Though she has such doubt, Sayaka asks Ran meanly.

She knows the answer before she even hears it.

「Then, inside」

「Hm, got it. Then, I’m putting it in」

Sayaka caresses the sensitive penis, Ran leaks out a scream as he’s unable to endure.

Holding the penis with her hand, Sayaka then puts it into her slit, her hot vagina hole is just pushed without reserve.

The penis welcomed by the dripping wet vagina hole is raising cheers from the feeling from just making contact.

Feeling the vaginal walls wet with love nectar, Ran’s penis is completely swallowed in.

The penis being chewed by the swelling vagina walls drifting with sweet smell, is unable to move from too much pleasure.

「Well the…I’m moving?」

Sayaka slowly move her waist while swallowing Ran’s penis.

Sayaka turns her arms around Ran’s neck to embrace him closely.

While doing repeated kiss on his nape, she brings her face close to Ran’s ears.

Breathing out a sigh, she speaks in a sadistic voice.

「Kirishima-kun’s semen, release a lot of them okay?」

Ran’s penis twitch inside Sayaka’s vagina as if responding to her voice.

Though the feminine undulation is lacking, Ran’s absorbed in hugging Sayaka’s body, enjoying the smooth and supple feeling of her body.

The sweaty bare skin stick to each other and Sayaka’s nipples stir around Ran’s chest.

Feeling Sayaka’s breath in his ears, Ran rubs his cheeks with hers.

He feels her silky hair directly. His head turn numb from the sweet aroma peculiar to a woman, and the tip of his penis twitches.

The black hair sticking to her sweaty shoulder, white delicate body that’s easily breakable.

The young skin is really sensual and the nipples rising up from her modest chest brings out amorousness.

In a situation where Sayaka’s swinging her waist as she embrace him, Ran’s excitement is accelerated further.

The wave of pleasure comes and Ran’s spine trembles.

Sticking to Sayaka’s damp skin, his whole body is being wrapped up by her.

「Saya, Sayaka!」

「Hm, cumming? It’s okay. Let out a lot of semen」

He clings to Sayaka to escape the hip-breaking pleasure.

His testicles scream as he’s being squeezed by the vaginal walls inside.

「Shit, I-I’m about toー」

The last dam breaks and Ran bends his whole body

The penis gripped by Sayaka’s pussy twitches and the testicles swelling up bursts.

Along with the tremendous pleasure, a pure white torrent is released.

「Aha~ Kirishima-kun’s hot semen is coming out…」

Saytaka smiles happily while shaking her hips filled with composure.

She’s making an ecstatic expression because she’s connected to her beloved?

Or is it because of the superiority complex that she was able to pin down her beloved and make him cum one-sidedly.

Either way, Sayaka happiness doesn’t change so he doesn’t mind otherwise.

Ran’s weakly relaxes while ejaculating inside Sayaka’s vagina.

Was it because the girls under Retainer Training skill has become a lot more sensitive? Though it’s miserable, he wasn’t able to make Sayaka climax tonight.

Although Sayaka’s supposed to be under one stage, that reason may be somewhat strange.

That said. Ran feels somewhat lonely that he’s the only one who felt pleasant.


「How is it Kirishima-kun? Does my vagina feel good?」

The other person in questionーSayaka happily gazes at Ran.

Sayaka’s happiness is not letting herself be finished. Hearing the scream of her beloved, ejaculating inside pleasantlyー She wants her partner to feel more pleasant than herself.

For the sadist, Sadogashima Sayaka, it doesn’t matter if she cums or not.

Rather, Sayaka feels bored if the boy is unresponsive and she’s the only one feeling good.

That said, Ran’s also a man.

While having sex with each other, it’s normal for him to think that he wants the girl to feel also good.

Ran kept hugging Sayaka and rolled around.

From Sayaka straddling on him to him pushing down a girl. Sayaka stares at it curiously, before long her eyes narrowed happily to consent.

「Geez, you hate to lose」

「It’s miserable if I’m the only one who came. I’ll absolutely make Sayaka feel good tonight」

Sayaka feels her whole body trembles from the powerful gaze filled with manliness.

‘Why is the expression of a boy pretending to be tough so cool and charming?’

The sadistic instinct sleeping deep inside Sayaka wells up.

That said, Sayaka doesn’t want to bully Ran.

She only loves the expression, behavior and actions of desperately doing his best for herself.

It doesn’t mean that her personality is bad.

Making his tongue crawl on her standing up nipples, Ran pushed his penis inside Sayaka’s vagina again.

He tastes Sayaka’s flat chest to return fire, trying not to be swayed by Sayaka shaking her hips seductively.

「…Nn, fuaaa! K-Kirishima-kun. There, if you suck it that much, hyauu!」

Sayaka was being confident at start but she’s only able to raise a sweet loud voice before the sweet tongue torturing her nipples persistently.

Sucking up the small chest of the classmate that gives her an inferiority complex, Sayaka’s body convulses.


「Kirishima-kun, you’re really sensitive」

Ran who ended the second round tonight is lying down showing an exhausted expression, he ignores the words Sayaka said.

Ran thought that he would be able to make Sayaka cum by focusing his attacks mainly on her small nipples showing feminine charm.

‘But, why is it?’

‘Even though he stir the soft breasts with his lips, lick up the sweet nipples standing violently at the center. Even though he was enjoying the taste of Sayaka’s breasts trembling in excitement.’

In the end, Sayaka used her waist without being finished, and began to chew Ran’s penis in her vaginal hole.

Ran’s penis that’s already sensitive after ejaculating once is swallowed by the vaginal wall of Sayaka who’s swinging it sweetly, he was finished while raising a cute scream.

Ran can’t forget Sayaka’s gaze at him as he was finished clinging to her.

Eyes looking down but gentle eyes that admires her treasured ones.

Looking at Ran as if disappointed yet it also feels like she’s praising him for doing well, it’s a sweet look.

All of the sensation were grasped by Sayaka that his back trembles like he’s shocked.

If this continues, Ran will wake up to being a masochist someday.

「If Kirishima opens that door, then I will give you love every night so don’t worry」

「Specifically how?」

「I will do anything Kirishima-kun wants me to do」

Putting blanket around her navel, Sayaka draws an arc with her mouth.

Exposing her unprotected breasts, Sayaka raised her body and pokes the cheek of Ran who’s still exhausted.

「Hey, Kirishima-kun. I know that I’m talking about this just after we did it but, Could you listen to me?」


Like Sayaka, Ran’s wearing a blanket on his birthday suit, he turned his body towards Sayaka while trying to resist the drowsiness and tiredness.

Though he’s aroused by the situation of being on top of the bed with a classmate not wearing anything, Ran’s penis is lip, not even moving.

The seeds of life that were collected in his testicles were poured into Sayaka’s uterus.

It’s impossible to do more than this.

「It’s about Megane-kunー」

As soon as Megane’s name was mentioned, Ran’s face turned cloudy.

That said, the words Sayaka speaks were unrelated to Megane. Ran breathes a deep sigh as the unpleasant feeling boiling up was avoided.

「What about him?」

「U-Un, Actually, I saw Mikoshiba-san confess to him today

Eh? is the face Ran shows Sayaka.

「To Megane?」

「That’s right」

「Mikoshiba-san who’s rumored to be a slutーconfessing to Megane Eichi?」

No way? That doubt is Ran’s honest feelings.

The man eating slut turned hungry so she devours a schoolboyーhe wonders.

The school girl named Mikoshiba Aya, to put bluntly, is a beautiful girl.

Her features suit the brown hair and her healthy tanned skin is very enchanting.

Her Breasts are huge, style is outstanding, the skirt length is short her thighs are THICC.

Because of her attendance number, Megane was sitting behind her at the first seat shuffle but, because of her sweet aroma creates unconscious erections, he heard him boast it to his otaku friends.

Actually, Ran saw her sometimes appearing during classes butー

‘Well, yeah. If you ask me, it’s lewd’

Does some of the teachers want to see Mikoshiba close by? She’s been called to answer a blackboard item during class.

「But, if I recall, Mikoshiba’s smart」

Megane who looks like someone who studies too much actually has poor grades if you ask.

It’s hard to believe that the smart Mikoshiba was fooled by Megane…

「It’s said that people’s taste are totally different」

「As I thought, Kirishima-kun thinks so too」

Tilting his head from the meaningful words, Sayaka leaks out a sigh.

「If it was Emi-chan and Yuri-chan, then they’d say that it’s Megane-kun financing her or that it’s only a physical relationship」


Otomezaki Emi and Fujiyoshi Yuri are hardcore otaku girlsーFujiyoshi’s a genuine Fujoshi

They seem to be having good material but, Ran’s impression is that they’re modest and unpopular

Fujiyoshi Yuri’s doing twin-tails as a high school student.

「What’s Mikoshiba’s skill again?」

「It’s Infinite Mana. Then, Megane-kun’s skill is Appraisal」

「I remember that」

He has a grudge literally boiling his intestines towards Megane.

Torao was the one who did the actual violence but it was Megane Eichi who first hoist up Ran.

If he kept silent, then right nowー

Ran won’t be able to live the life being surrounded by the class idol he loves, the dignified kendo girl, and the literary girl that’s in love with him.

This is just a result, but Ran doesn’t think that he’d accept Megane or Torao.

「But, something’s strange.」

Sayaka tilts her head curiously.

「Mikoshiba-san is the one who confessed but, she’s not flirty at all… Even at tonight’s dinner, she’s always been silent. Normally, when a girl goes out with a boy she likes, she’d want to be closer and to stare at each other, that’s what I think」

「I see, that’s a bit strange then」

That said, Mikoshiba and Megane are people who aren’t likely to be flirty in public.

They might be meeting secretly in a room and talk about love passionately there.

Thinking about it, he felt angry somehow.

「Well, somehow. If you’ve got something to worry about then just tell me okay?」

「Hm, I’m fine. I also enjoy talking about other people’s love story with Kirishima-kun」

Patting Sayaka’s head in embarrassment, Ran put his hand on his chin in deep thought.

His thought is of course, the topic just now, Mikoshiba Aya.

Mikoshiba confessed to Meganeーsuppose that’s not a joke or a teasing, then.

They’re going out right nowー That voluptuous beauty Mikoshiba Aya is currently Megane Eichi’s.

Mikoshiba Aya, is Megane Eichi’s.


‘Megane has a huge loan he can’t bear himselfーa grudge.’

‘Thus, I will be asking for a payback’

Like a hawk that caught it’s prey, Ran’s mouth distorts meaningfully.

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