Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 3: First slave
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Chapter 3: First slave

After the long walk at the corridor of the royal palace, a courtyard beautifully leveled has extended there.

The climate’s warm like it’s spring.

The fresh green carpet that’s buried on the ground completely has red and blue and other colored ornamental flowers living. They make waves as they’re caught by the breeze.

A yellow shadow steals the view at the edge

Swallowtail Butterfly1ー, No the color’s a bit different.

The butterfly with a colorful appearance flutters around the area.

When he thrust out his finger, the pretty butterfly stayed at his index finger silently.

It rounded it’s straw lips and pecked the tip of Ran’s finger.


「…Haa, I look like an idiot」

I’ll live with my own power.

There’s no way he’d be able to do such thing.

That said, he can’t just return that late.

Even if he returned, he doesn’t think he’ll be accepted either.

I was excited on the so called class transfer before but I’m hating my past self now.

The sense of relief when I saw Glasses’ skill was irritating.

My look when I stretched my hand when I try to cling to Torao is miserable.

「Hey, butterfly-san. Will be able to live alone?」

Choosing a bug as a conversation partner, Ran felt even lower.

Ren surely was gloomy but not to that extent.

However, humans wants to cling to something when they’re hurt.

「If it’s okay could you give me something to eat?」

He asked the butterfly that’s staying on his fingertips.

The butterfly can’t answer of course.

It’s obvious.

The butterfly that stayed in his finger flies up and began to flutter around Ran.

It seems to be encouraging.

I laughed instinctively.

「Are you cheering me up?」

The butterfly went round and round then stopped under Ran’s nose and flapped it’s wings.

Something’s strange.

Something’sーIt’s trying to tell something to Ran.

「Are you telling me to follow along?」

It get up and went straight forward, the butterfly flutters to lead Ran.

Ran followed that butterfly and ran at the royal palace’s courtyard at a quick pace.

The butterfly shows behavior of worry sometimes and they’re diving in deeper.

Ran follows after it desperately.

If by any chanceーRan thought.

Could it be that this butterfly is a female?

It seems that it’s unknown how to judge a female to a male butterfly in the former world but.

It seems that this world doesn’t have the common sense of the previous world.

「Hey, where do you intend to take me?」

Could it be that the Underling Training (Lunatic Sexual) had been invoked?

Was the female butterfly subdued?

I-It must be a coincidence…

The location the butterfly guided was a cave that’s would endure the rain and wind and it has a clear lake spread out.

The lake has fishes with beautiful skin swimming.

There’s trees on the side of the cave, a multicolored nutー Is it a fruit?ー Is hanging from it.

It smells sweet.

Unable to endure, I picked up and took a bite.

I noticed that it might’ve possibly a poison but it was after I swallowed it.

「…Sweet, delicious」

It was a sweet flavored fruit that made Ren who was sheltered from earth to growl.

It’s not to sweet at all and it’s not sour.

It has enough moisture that just one fruit it satisfied his thirst and hunger.

It is indeed a magic fruit.

「…This is, you?」

Asking the butterfly, sheーit’s a butterfly thoughーfluttered around Ran joyfully.

The straw-like mouth kissed his cheek.


His damaged heart is being pierced by the warm act.

The corner of his eyes became hot unconsciously.

「…Come on, it’s just the kindness of a bug」

Being gentle on someoneーDoing something like this to someone.

What a pleasant thing.

It seems that the butterfly have taken a liking at Ran.

It stopped at his hair and shoulder, it folded it’s wings as if feeling relieved and pressed it’s cheek in fascination.

Ran doesn’t know it but this butterfly is different from simple insects, it’s a respectable monster.

It’s as Ran predicted, it’s a female.

Ran accidentally happened to use his Underling training and it had the resolution to devote it’s life as an obedient slave to Ran, it’s an excellent monster.

Ran’s happiness is the butterfly’s happiness.

Ran’s sadness is the butterfly’s sadness.

Not knowing the words of attachment or love, a firm master-servant relationship was created there.

「HeyーErr, I have to name you」

If it can understand wordsーーeven though it won’t be able to, the thoughts would be able to connect.

It would be convenient if it has a name and is always by his side.

「I don’t know what kind of butterfly are you but, in my former world, butterflies like you are called swallowtail butterfly. That’s whyー, I’ll be calling you Ageha」

The butterflyーAgeha, spin around happily and stopped at Ran’s shoulders.

Ran doesn’t know what Ageha is thinking at all.

But it can be calmly concluded that Ageha is understanding what Ran is saying

Ran thought.

How far can Ageha realize his wishーno, if she’s able to obey orders.

Ran who’s the user doesn’t understand the particulars of the Underling Training either.

There was some explanation when you posses but to what degree? Is there a cancellation method?

The details are still in the dark.

「For example, let’s seeー If I say that destroy Torao Shigenobu and Nekoyama Misuzu’s relationship, would you be able to do it?」

Ageha flew away in front of Ran and it bowed it’s head lonely.

It made it’s fluttering wing contract sadly.

Even if it’s the lord’sーRan’s wish, if it’s impossible for Ageha, she can’t do it as expected.

If course, even if he ordered Ageha to kill Torao Shigenobu, she won’t be able to do that.

「It’s impossible as expected. Sorry, I’m taking back my order」

Feeling the guilt from Ageha who’s fluttering her wings forcefully to suicide, Ran withdraws his order.

Ageha flutters up feeling relieved.

It seems that it’s possible to withdraw orders.

Now then, what should I do? Ran is troubled.

He pretended to be tough and ran away, apparently bed and food exists here

With the minimum amount of necessities, the cause of the quarrel is way ahead.

His anger flows out from the unjust treatment.

「I won’t feel refreshed by just punching Torao once」

I’ll use this unfortunate cheat, use monsters with this underling training and defeat the Maou alone and make the people who make light of me recognize it.

It won’t feel good unless I do that.

I’ll make you admit itー At that point, isn’t Ran at the bottom?

I don’t want a look of envy.

「ーーThat’s right.」

Torao Shigenobuーー He thought, if things goes well, he’ll hit a method foe the others who pretended not to see to be pushed on the bottom.

And it’s not just a dirty revenge.

It’s a ray of hope for Ran’s desires to be released.

Revenge doesn’t bring anything.

Butー, making someone else’s lover his is something that you mustn’t.

On the other side, revenge is nonsense. That’s different.

For Ran himself, this is such a wonderful development.

「…Ageha, I want you to do something」

The obedient Monster Ageha kneels under Ran.

He felt that he heard a voice saying “I’ll do anything you tell me’



In a world swallowed by pitch black darkness, there’s a silver moonlight pouring down from the dark blue sky.

There’s a small footstep sounding in the middle of the night.

A bobcut black hair.

A gentle childish brown eyes.

There’s tears of drowsiness emitting watery light from the corner of her eyes.

Pressing her lips on the cuff of the sailor uniform, she made a small yawn and rubbed her eyes.

「This world is too inconvenient for not having toilet systems…」

The girl in black bob cut hairーーNekoyama Misuzu walks restlessly at the corridor of the royal palace while having her thighs fidget.

There’s a grand dinner party held at the royal palace tonight to praise the heroes.

The students who drank down the liquor got dead drunk instantly but the students who know their limits were downed by overeating.

Misuzu is a common sense person.

She drank alcohol and didn’t overeat herself to the degree her stomach would explode.

But the juice from the squeezed fruit wasn’t good.

Cooking has a lot of painful things but Misuzu had drunk the fruit juice a bit too much.

As a result Misuzu was attacked by the unbearable desire to pee.

That’s why she’s looking for a restroom while walking around the corridor of the royal palace.

There’s only a light and candle, when you take the consideration that one has to dump it in the toilet, it would be empty immediately…」

Thinking that it’s miserable, Misuzu lets both of her hands but in between her thighs.

Dangerous, the limit’s approaching.

「E-Even if I won’t be found out by doing it in the corridor, it would be rue for the people here」

No one’s looking anyway, Misuzu’s ethics is starting to break..

Also, she should be at least out of the royal palace.

It’s no good to let it out inside the royal palace as expected, but nobody would mind if it’s outside.

She intends to cover it up properly.

「Haa…… It’s convenient being men. They have a hose to take care of their business after all」

Even though she said that, Misuzu has never clearly seen the thing she called hose.

She’s in a relationship with Torao Shigenobu but they don’t have a bodily relationship.

Her mouth’s still a virgin too.

Coming off the corridor, she has reached a green courtyard.

She lost focus for a moment because of the spectacle, her spine and body shook because her crotch loosening so she jumped to a nearby bush.

She let down her waist and removed her panties.

Now then, breathe inーThe moment she raised her head, Misuzu’s view was filled with yellow.


A crowd of butterflies.

An innumerable swallowtail butterfly hurled to Misuzu’s face.

Even though they’re hurling themselves, the weight of the butterflies aren’t great.

They kept slapping her cheek and Misuzu jumped out of the bush instinctively.

「Nyaaa!? Nya-nya, nyat’s this!?」

Nekoyama Mizusu has unexpectedly good reflexes.

She dashed out from the bush and ran straight to the forest.

But Misuzu forgot one thing.

「Nya!? I forgot to raise my panty!」

Picking up the panty that’s carefully lowered to her ankle, Nekoyama Misuzu stretched her body on the fresh green carpet.

It’s fortunate that her face or her woman part isn’t the one that hit the ground but her groin has reached the end because of an unexpected accident.

「…Ah, aaah. I leaked out a bit」

Feeling the gradual pleasure from the cool sensation of air passing through, Misuzu’s face became enchanted unintentionally.

I’m done I’ll do it here.

She took off her panty from her legs and Misuzu leans to that place.

The unused crack swelled for a moment then a golden colored liquid made an appearanceー.

「…This is a terrible scene of encounter again」


When Misuzu raised her head, she saw the eyes of a schoolboy she know.

Looking down at her as Misuzu tries to peeーKirishima Ran.

「H-Hey! Don’t look at women while they’re peeing!」

Misuzu bluffs while blushing as she try to hide her embarrassment

Normally, boys are the one who would be embarrassed when they see this kind of scene.

They should be pretending to mind it and look on the other side.

That’s the action she thought would happen.



He confidently stopped on the place and stood with one of the knees drawn up, then he lewdly caressed Misuzu’s cheeks.

It’s as if he’s confirming the taste, like he’s licking it dirtily.

Usually those way of caress would make women feel disgust but for some reason MisuzuーFeels so good.

「Ah, aah. You can’t…Kirishima-kun. If you do that, I」

Nekoyama Misuzu leaks out golden liquid from her crotch while having her cheeks being caressed by a classmate.



She’s showing something so miserable in front of a man.

But there’s the fact that she’s feeling good from it, Misuzu’s face looks bewitched.

「Could it be that Nekoyama-san is an M?」

「Yeah, just a bit… I might like being pressed so strongly nyaa」

‘Just what am I saying?’

‘Even though I can’t show this kind of appearance to Torao Shigenobu’

Or rather, even though Torao Shigenobu is her boyfriend, she can’t say that she’s a bit of masochistic.

Kirishima Ran is the first one she exposed her fetish to.

「ーNekoyama Misuzu. You’ll become my underling」

While being swallowed by the pleasure of urinating in front of a man, Nekoyama Misuzu certainly heard those words.

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