After Kicking Over the Scumbag, the Whole City Wants to Marry Me

After Kicking Over the Scumbag, the Whole City Wants to Marry Me

After Kicking Over the Scumbag, the Whole City Wants to Marry Me

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    In her previous life, Gu Ying gave up her dignity as the legitimate daughter of the Duke of Dongping’s manor for Jiang Yin. She pestered him relentlessly until she finally married him.

    Later, Jiang Yin rose to great power and status. He schemed against the state first, then killed her father and exterminated her clan.

    She was betrayed by her scumbag husband and sister-in-law. They broke her legs and threw her in a dilapidated temple, subjecting her to all kinds of humiliations for ten long years.

    After being reborn, Gu Ying returned, ready to take revenge.

    The first step was to cling onto the “fiancé, Young Marquis Yong’an”, kick away the scumbag, fight the scumbag sister-in-law, and play the prestigious families of Bianjing for fools!

    The second step of revenge was to cancel the engagement with the “fiancé” and flee to the borderlands, taking her younger brother to find their father!

    The third step of revenge was to find a meek, submissive man to marry, staying far away from the scumbag husband, and live a happy life!

    Yet she never expected that the leg she clung onto by accident did not belong to the Young Marquis, but the legendary, sinister and ruthless Crown Prince Zhao Changdu!

    Everyone said the Little Prince was hard to handle. This time she would certainly lose her life.

    Yet unexpectedly, she could not only handle the Little Prince, but also arrogantly ride on top of him. “Husband, you have cultivated excellent masculine virtues, your wife cannot run away!”

    The subordinate was shocked: “Little Prince, you stay up all night reading, you wouldn’t be looking through the Dongli Punishment Illustrations Manual to torture your wife, would you?”

    Zhao Changdu remained expressionless: “Thank you for your concern, but this Crown Prince is cultivating masculine virtues to please his wife.”

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