After Her Engagement Annulled, the Weak Rich Daughter Becomes a Big Shot!

After Her Engagement Annulled, the Weak Rich Daughter Becomes a Big Shot!

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    “Push her! You can’t let her get back up!”

    “That’s right! You have to straighten out that heinous b*tch!”

    A goddess of war whose fearsome reputation enveloped East Asia was betrayed and killed. Then, she was reborn as Caroline Lambert, a vulnerable lady with a tarnished reputation in New York City! Despite being the daughter of an important family, her family heavily favored her stepsister, so the bullying and physical abuse were frequent. Her fiancé, who used to woo her fervently, stood before the public with her stepsister in his arms as he declared their engagement annulled, making her a joke amongst the rich and important.

    Her stepsister was also cunning enough to steal her position and take away all the affection that should have been hers, and smeared her name to the point that she was condemned by everyone! And yet, when the goddess of war reincarnated as Caroline, everything became different!

    Withstanding the malicious slander, she carved out a new, bloody path. Insults from her family? Attempting to steal her late mother’s estate?

    Caroline issued papers announcing that they had cut all ties, and that her mother’s estate would be donated to charity! See here, she would rather donate every coin to charity than keep them for you!

    They were saying that she was a piece of trash who had nothing going for her? Sorry, but she was a prodigious doctor, a mercenary, a racer, and a top hacker…

    Though Caroline wanted revenge for the body’s original owner, she inadvertently picked up a sickly, beautiful man. Seeing that he did not have long to live, Caroline agreed to his proposal… Only to find that like her, he was a man with multiple identities that could leave New York shaking once revealed!

    Caroline: Aren’t you supposed to die an early death? Liar!

    Edwin: It’s not a lie. My wife clearly pities me!

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