Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 9
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“This place makes me nervous. Do we have to be here?” Aurora would have been annoyed by Rita’s complaints if she did not sound genuinely scared. Her eyes held a fear Aurora had seldomly seen before.

And Aurora had a feeling that she’ll be seeing more of Rita’s emotions in this short while. The girl had not perfect to mask them yet.

The squeak Rita let out as she almost stepped into a creek was amusing though. It was only Aurora’s quick intervention that saved Rita from falling into a hole. The floor was just too old and rotten at some places to be able to take her load comfortably.

The place really looked gloomy and uninviting at first glance but Aurora knew it almost as a second home. It had just been too long since she had last been here and she appreciated the consistency of this place.

“The one I need is here. He might be the only one who would listen to me right now anyway” Aurora assured as she dodged another shady step. She recognized the work of her ‘sworn-brother’ and knew how to avoid the traps.

This was something everyone associated with the man learned sooner or later. Rita had a hard time before she had learned in the original timeline. Aurora did wonder if things would be the same this time around or not.

However, if the disdain on Rita’s face was anything to go by, the female did not enjoy these harmless traps as much as Aurora did. A pity really.

“You talk like you’re a wanted criminal or something. I didn’t see you committing any crime-” Rita started, only to stop mid-way with a flushed face. She likely remembered that her being here might be considered ‘kidnapping’ by most people.

Even if she was here by choice, the conditions that had led up to this point had not really been ideal and painted a completely different picture.

“Well, nothing to be done about it now. And I was in trouble way before I met you anyway. Also, watch your head” Aurora warned before she yanked the door open.

She already knew she had to dodge the incoming glitter powder held on top of the door frame but Rita had no such knowledge. Even her warning did not help her keep herself glitter-free.

“Welcome stranger. Are you here to party? What would you like? A coke? Rum? Or perhaps something a little more ‘spicy’?” Poor Rita was red in the face as the young man neared her face.

But as fun as this interaction was, Aurora did not have time to fool around right now. She would not have used her trump card if she did have the time to look for another way.

“Can you leave her be and come with me for a second? I need to talk with a handsome man like you” Rita gave her a relief-filled murderous look as Aurora took the offending man’s arm in her own.

Aurora just angled her body slightly to show off her mark and she instantly watched the man’s eyes turn toward her arm. He seemed confused as he took in her mark and then her face, likely not recognizing her.

“I see. So this cutie here is yours? Man, all good ones are either taken or gay. But maybe I can change that? Now, why don’t you follow me to my room and I’m sure we can work something out” the man flirted, his expression losing his momentary hardness.

But Aurora saw beneath the mask. That voice had been no suggestion but a command for her to follow. The man still had an advantageous position between her and Rita so Aurora was not going to try anything.

“Alright. I guess we can work things out” Aurora flirted back, feeling a little awkward. She had no practice doing this so she tried to channel what her wife would have done had she been in the man’s place.

And it seemed to have worked. No one batted an eyelash their way anymore, their attention focused on their own prey. There were only a handful of people in this section right now which made their escape easier.

Aurora took Rita’s arm in her own, gave her a beaming smile, and then proceeded to drag her after the man.

“H-Hey, let me go. I don’t want to-” but anyone who heard Rita’s words left them unsaid. Aurora knew what kind of message she was sending by dragging an unwilling Rita after her into a dark room but it did not matter.

This was an underground society in the pleasure district and it did not judge anyone who stepped in here. People were too drunk to even remember their own name, never mind Aurora’s or even Rita’s.

Aurora almost shoved Rita into the room when she tried to hold onto the door to keep herself out of the room.

“-Pervert, sick, what kind of human are you? Is that why you wanted me to trust you? Are you going to sell me to the pleasure district?” Rita questioned as she was dropped onto the ground.

Aurora had gotten sick of having to drag her around and had proceeded to just pick her up from her middle and get her inside. The man who had led them here entered last and proceed to close the door after him.

Rita curled protectively over herself, her eyes flashing and daring everyone not to move. Aurora wanted to applaud her for her tactic but she also wanted to smack her for irritating Aurora this late.

“Charming companion you got there. I take it she doesn’t know anything about it. And sorry to say, but who are you? There is only one person who could look like you but you’re neither the right age nor have the correct sign to be that person” the man asked, all the flirtatious tone draining from his voice.

Aurora felt her back straightening as soon as she heard those words. Of course, her sworn brother could always take command of the room as if he owned it.

“Yeah, it’s kind of a long story which I cannot go into detail about. Just know that things happen and your guess is correct. The sign should be proof enough about my identity since the magic is unique” Aurora assured as she finally sat down.

Rita, finally convinced that she was not in danger of being done anything, also chose to sit. But she was far more tense and vigilant than Aurora was.

And the man just sighed and looked as if he was done with his life already.

“I can see that. Aurora, just what did you get yourself into this time? It is still you, right?” the man asked in a pained voice and Aurora automatically replied.

“Not my fault Rex. Well, not fully at least”

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