Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 40 Life And Death
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Chapter 40 Life And Death

Ten minutes past midnight, a D2 jumping zombie slowly moved forward at the corner of the Nine Dragons Mountain.

It still had good night vision in the dark.

A hundred meters ahead, the small village where Qin An and the others lived appeared in front of its eyes.

Like a true predator, it lowered its body and slowly approached.

This was a kind of subconscious that had been formed for a long time. It knew that if this kind of house appeared, then there might be food inside!

Inside the small village, two night watchmen were leaning on their backs, whispering to each other about their lives before the apocalypse.

They needed to chat with each other so that they wouldn't fall asleep. At this moment, they were already very sleepy, but their duty was to keep them awake. They could only hang on with their eyes open.

At this moment, the sound of rocks rolling alerted one of the night watchmen.

He hurriedly stood up, picked up the gun in his hand, aimed at the place where the sound came from, and looked nervously.

The other night watchman, on the other hand, turned around and retreated. He stood at the door of the room with his gun on guard.

This was also the sense of cooperation they had formed for a long time. When they discovered danger, one person went to investigate and confirm, while the other covered up the warning behind them.

In other words, if the people in front of them died in danger while scouting, then the people behind them would immediately transmit the danger to their team.

At this time, the night watchman in charge of investigating and confirming had already begun to move forward step by step. He held the gun tightly in his hand and didn't dare to be careless at all.

Suddenly, a pair of bright red eyes appeared in the dark night. The night watchman's heart was filled with ferocity, and he pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

"Peng Peng Peng!"

Three gunshots rang out. Experience told him that the enemy had not been hit by him.

The other night watchman behind him had already released his voice and shouted loudly, "Get up! Something's wrong!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a miserable scream coming from ahead, "Ah!"

Then, with the help of the faint moonlight, he saw that his companion's head was separated from his body. Beside his companion, a terrifying zombie was standing there!

He was so frightened that he almost lost his voice, but he still struggled to use his last bit of strength and shouted, "It's the D2 Jump Zombie! It's the D2 Jump..."

Halfway through his words, the D2 Jumping Zombie had already jumped in front of him. With a wave of his giant claw, it easily tore his body apart. He could not even let out a painful cry at the last moment.

Qin An, who was sleeping, suddenly got out of bed. At this moment, Wang Fang had already sat up and her body was trembling.

She heard the night watchman shouting that her husband and child had been killed by a D2 zombie.

Qin An didn't have time to think too much. He jumped out of bed and shouted to the dumbfounded Wang Fang, "Get dressed!"

As he spoke, he searched for his clothes.

He put on his underwear, wore his tattered jeans, and put on his shoes. When he picked up his clothes, he found that they really couldn't be worn anymore. They were full of broken strips of cloth. If he took them off, he wouldn't be able to wear them.

Qin An was somewhat annoyed. He had been busy traveling these past few days, and he had been walking in places where there were few zombies.

However, since there were fewer zombies, there were only a few survivors who had been there, so there were naturally fewer things left behind. Qin An was actually unable to find a place to change clothes.

At this time, Wang Fang was already dressed under Qin An's prompt and was standing beside the bed at a loss for what to do.

Qin An walked over and grabbed her shoulder, then said, "Stay on the second floor and don't go down! No matter what, as long as I don't die, I will come and pick you up. Do you understand?"

Wang Fang nodded, her eyes filled with emotion.

Qin An did not linger any longer. He took his saber at the door and rushed downstairs.

The living room on the first floor was filled with slaughter!

The first floor of the house was relatively tall, and it was equivalent to two floors of an ordinary room. The moment one entered the door, it was the so-called living room, and the living room was very spacious.

Lu Yan and the others listened to the night watchman's warning. They had already dressed neatly and arrived in the living room with their weapons.

Although they did not have as many zombies as Qin An had killed, they were more sensitive to zombies. Because every time they faced zombies, whether ordinary or mutated, they were in danger of losing their lives, so they did not dare not be cautious.

Just as Qin An went downstairs, a wailing sound entered his ears.

The D2 jumping zombie had already entered the living room, and another of Lu Yan's subordinates had been torn apart by it!

This spacious hall was very conducive to its jump. It borrowed strength from the four walls, and then its body jumped in the air. That speed was too fast.

Lu Yan and the others kept pulling the trigger with their guns, but they couldn't hit it at all!

"Ah!" Another miserable scream was heard, and another person was killed.

Qin An anxiously shouted, "Hurry up and rush out! Or go back to your room and hide!"

Hearing his shout, one of them rushed out while the other hid in the room.

However, the D2 jumping zombie's jumping ability was too powerful. Its feet forcefully kicked against the wall, reaching the person who wanted to escape. It swung its claw down and smashed his head into pieces.

Without stopping, he stepped on the doorframe in the air and shot into another person's room like a flying arrow.

The space in the room was not large, only less than twenty square meters. The people inside were simply unable to dodge the attacks of the D2 Jumping Zombies in such a small space.

"Ah!" A few seconds after a miserable scream, the D2 jumping zombie flew out of the room and entered the living room again!

At this moment, only Qin An, Lu Yan, his two subordinates, Li Wenjie and Liu Jia who had just run out of the room were left in the living room!

Seeing three people die in front of him in an instant, Qin An's heart was heavy. He blamed himself. If he hadn't been so sleepy because he drank alcohol, he would have definitely noticed the danger ahead of time, and these poor people might not have died!

Without any hesitation, Qin An raised his saber and flew towards the D2 jumping zombie. At the same time, he shouted, "You guys go upstairs and find a room to hide!"

His speed was extremely fast, but D2 jumped faster.

It stepped on the ground and leapt sideways. When its body was about to hit the side wall, it stepped on the wall again. Then, with the help of that stepping force, its body dodged Qin An's attack and flew directly towards Liu Jia who was about to go upstairs.

Liu Jia was so scared that her legs became weak and she sat on the stairs. Li Wenjie, who was beside her, took a big step forward without the slightest hesitation and stood in front of Liu Jia.

Without any hesitation, Lu Yan stood in front of Li Wenjie.

The D2 Jumping Zombie had already arrived beside them. Its speed was too fast. It was so close that it was difficult for ordinary people to dodge it, let alone in this dark room.

After a burst of wind-breaking sounds, Lu Yan's head was directly shattered by the five sharp claws of the D2 jumping zombie.

However, its attacks did not stop because of this. Its sharp claws continued to move forward. As it waved, the sharp tip of its claw left five deep scratches on Li Wenjie's shoulder.

Li Wenjie cried out in pain and covered his shoulders. There was already endless blood flowing from there.

Qin An roared like a madman and chased after the D2 jumping zombie. He hacked down with a knife and chopped at the back of the D2 jumping zombie's head. ๐Ÿ๐’“๐šŽ๐˜ฆwe๐›๐ง๐จvโ„ฏ๐š•. c๐˜ฐ๏ฝ

D2 Jumping Zombie sensed the threat from behind him and jumped sideways to avoid Qin An's attack.

Qin An didn't dare to randomly move anymore. He hid at the staircase entrance and said to Liu Jia, "Hurry up and go upstairs!"

Liu Jia sobbed as she stood up and supported the injured Li Wenjie and the other two surviving subordinates of Lu Yan. She stumbled upstairs and hid in a bedroom.

Qin An's expression was solemn. This was the first time he had fallen into a desperate situation. Now, he could not escape, he could only fight! He had to protect the people he thought were worth protecting!

Upstairs, Liu Jia held Li Wenjie in her arms and cried bitterly.

As for Li Wenjie, he was panting quickly.

He felt as if his wounds were burning, and the cells there seemed to be rapidly dividing, causing him to feel extremely painful.

Soon after, the pain began to shift from his shoulders to his neck and finally into his brain!

Afterwards, the pain intensified, as if his brain was being eaten by millions of insects!

The pain lasted for a few minutes, but suddenly it disappeared. Li Wenjie felt as if there were several warm currents flowing out of his brain, nourishing his entire body. It actually made him feel very comfortable.

In the next moment, his stomach started to churn, and a trace of hunger surged into his heart. Suddenly, some bloody human corpses that he had seen in the past appeared in his mind! He suddenly felt like he was eating!

At that moment, he understood that he had been infected and was about to turn into a zombie!

Li Wenjie didn't know if everyone who turned into a zombie would cry at the last moment, but he cried.

He tried his best to open his eyes and looked at Liu Jia, who was already crying. He smiled and said, "Kill me! I'm about to become a zombie! I can feel it myself!"

His voice was deep and hoarse, like a ghost that had fallen into hell and was struggling to climb out!

Liu Jia's face was pale. She hugged Li Wenjie even tighter and cried, "No! No! You can't die! Don't turn into a zombie!"

Li Wenjie smiled bitterly. He was filled with all sorts of emotions, but he didn't have time to express them.

When Lu Kai's two subordinates saw Li Wenjie who was about to turn into a zombie, they hurriedly picked up their guns and wanted to kill Li Wenjie!

Liu Jia noticed their movements and raised her head and shouted, "What are you guys doing? Get out! Don't kill him!"

The two of them shook their heads. One of them said, "We did it for your own good. The first person he became a zombie to eat was you! Let him go!"

Liu Jia's mind was already a little unclear. She suddenly took out a 54 pistol from her waist bag and pulled the trigger at the two people at the door.

"Peng peng peng peng! After six gunshots were fired, the two people vomited blood and slowly fell to the ground!"

Liu Jia cried helplessly and murmured, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I can't let him die, I can't let you kill him!"

As she spoke, her gun-wielding hand trembled and landed on Li Ziwen's lower abdomen.

Li Ziwen had been lying in Liu Jia's arms with a smile on his face, looking at Liu Jia's face.

He felt his vision becoming blurry, and his sense of hearing and smell gradually became sensitive. He could even smell Liu Jia's tears, which were filled with bitterness.

Li Ziwen opened his mouth and said to Liu Jia, "Mom! Help me find her!"

Then, he used his last bit of strength and suddenly raised his hand to dodge the May 4th pistol in Liu Jia's hand. He put the muzzle into his mouth and pulled the trigger without hesitation under Liu Jia's frightened eyes.

"Bang! Bang!"

Two gunshots rang out and Li Ziwen blew up his head in front of Liu Jia!

'"Ah!" Liu Jia's shout spread throughout the entire two-story building!

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