Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 39 A Charming Night
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Chapter 39 A Charming Night

Liu Jia finally opened her mouth and said, "I, I'm going to find a room to sleep in. You can sleep as well."

Li Wenjie grabbed Liu Jia's hand like a child and said coquettishly, "Don't go! Liu Jia, please don't go, I'm so scared!"

Liu Jia's face was flushed. She really didn't know what to do.

She liked this sunny boy. When she was in Sanli Village, Liu Jia did not choose any man for several banquets.

In fact, she had been waiting for Li Wenjie. She waited for him to join the Tang Dynasty and then gave him her first time!

However, this man was a male chauvinist and was unwilling to bow to a woman.

Liu Jia liked the way women made decisions in society. She was a girl in her early twenties, so she was naturally filled with many fantasies about such a novel thing.

However, she did not mind handing herself over to a man in her entirety, and she would only give her life to that person, the young girl, and the longing for love.

However, Li Wenjie's strong refusal to join the Tang Dynasty made her very disappointed. She even felt that the two of them might be destined for each other.

But who would have thought that Li Wenjie would catch her here!

She was indeed captured, but she didn't think that Li Wenjie was hateful from time to time, and even felt a little secretive joy in her heart.

These days with Li Wenjie, she felt that she liked this man even more. She even felt that she was willing to live a lifetime with such a man.

But at this moment, facing Li Wenjie's sad pleading, she was a little uncertain.

She wondered if Li Wenjie also liked her?

Perhaps it was because he knew about his mother and only needed comfort in his heart that he wanted to stay with him, right?

The thoughts in Liu Jia's heart kept surging, making her not know what to do!

At this moment, Li Wenjie suddenly stood up from the bed and jumped off the ground.

The effect of alcohol almost caused him to fall, so Liu Jia hurriedly stood up and supported him. However, Li Wenjie turned around and pulled Liu Jia's hand. He pushed Liu Jia to sit on the bed and said, "Liu Jia, sit here and wait for me!"

With that, he strolled out of the bedroom.

Liu Jia got out of bed worriedly. She didn't know what Li Wenjie was going to do. After drinking so much wine, what if she fell?

Originally, she wanted to follow him out, but just as she arrived at the door, Li Wenjie had actually returned with a basin of water in his hand.

Liu Jia stared blankly at Li Wenjie, not knowing what he was going to do.

Li Wenjie put the basin of water on the ground and helped Liu Jia sit down on the bed again. Then, he brought the basin of water to Liu Jia's feet.

Suddenly, Liu Jia seemed to understand something. She covered her mouth in disbelief and her eyes became slightly wet. Those were tears of surprise.

Li Wenjie staggered in his room and performed a strange and ugly dance. Then, he walked to the bed and slowly knelt down. He gently took off Liu Jia's shoes and socks, and then put Liu Jia's feet in the water.

His movements were really gentle, so gentle that Liu Jia's heart was broken.

He held the water in his palm and poured it on Liu Jia's feet. Then, he slowly stroked it with his hand and washed it repeatedly for several minutes.

When the tears in Liu Jia's eyes slowly dripped down, Liu Wenjie lifted Liu Jia's feet, then slowly lowered his head and kissed Liu Jia's feet, kissing her so seriously and affectionately!

Liu Jia almost couldn't help but cry, "Wen Jie!"

Li Wenjie raised his head when he heard her cry. At this moment, his eyes were actually so clear, as if he was no longer drunk. His eyes were filled with true feelings. He said softly, and Liu Jia quickly reached out to stop him, "Don't say, please! I won't be able to stand it!"

Li Wenjie pushed away her hand and smiled. "Liu Jia! Will you be my queen for the rest of my life? Although I snatched you from the Tang Dynasty, in the future, between us, I am willing to submit to your feet for the rest of my life! Let you be my queen for the rest of my life! Then, Her Lady Queen, are you willing to let me be your slave for the rest of my life?"

Liu Jia finally couldn't control herself. She cried out loudly, but there was an excited smile on her face. She finally got what she wanted, didn't she?

Qin An was upstairs, and tears were falling from his eyes.

This brat is awesome!

Qin An smiled happily. He was completely infected by the happiness of Liu Jia and Li Wenjie. It was as if he had seen a moving movie. The happy ending made him endless memories!

If he continued to listen, it would be a little embarrassing.

Li Wenjie said, "Darling, I love you so much. I want to love you."

Liu Jia's voice trembled as she said, "Rogue, you're so annoying! Don't be like this, scoundrel."

Qin An decided not to listen anymore. He felt that his listening was a blasphemy to the two of them downstairs!

What a good girl, she still had her first time in this apocalyptic world!

What a good boy, he gave the girl happiness in the most unforgettable way.

Qin An felt that the world was still beautiful. Because of the existence of love, he suddenly thought of Qin Xiaoyan, Tang Yu, and Li Ying.

At this moment, a trembling hand gripped his lower body.

Qin An trembled slightly and turned to look at the woman. In the darkness, Qin An could see that her face was full of tears.

This was also a miserable person!

Qin An turned around and hugged the naked woman in his arms. Then, he removed her hand from his lower body. Qin An did not have much desire now. His heart was filled with love!

Qin An gently stroked the woman's smooth back and said softly, "Don't worry, since we meet and are still sleeping in the same bed, I will take care of you in the future, even if nothing happens to us!"

The woman was a little surprised. It wasn't that she didn't trust Qin An. She could feel that this man should be a good person.

She just didn't believe in this world, or rather, she didn't believe in this apocalypse.

Therefore, the woman did not retreat. She tried her best to get close to Qin An.

She had a pair of sturdy and curved breasts, which pressed down on Qin An's chest, causing him to feel a little uneasy.

The woman suddenly opened her mouth and said softly and warmly, "Do you still remember my name?"

Qin An said, "Wang Fang!"

The woman smiled and said, "Am I ugly?"

Qin An also smiled. At this moment, he and the woman were face to face. In the darkness, the woman could not see Qin An's expression, but Qin An could see her. This woman smiled quite well! Perhaps all women are not ugly when they laugh, right?

So Qin An said, "You look beautiful when you laugh!"

The woman smiled sweeter and said, "How do you know I'm laughing?"

Qin An said, "I can feel it! Because your body doesn't tremble anymore!"

The woman said, "Mm! Because I found out that you are a good person. Do you have a wife?"

Qin An nodded his head, then noticed that the woman might not be able to see him, and said, "Yes, her name is Qin Xiaoyan. She has the same surname as me! My name is Qin An!"

The woman suddenly put her face on Qin An's lips and kissed him accurately in the darkness. She said, "I don't want any promises from you. It's just that in this cruel world, I've really had enough! Only tonight! Okay?"

The woman's eyes were filled with tears, tears of sincerity.

Qin An sighed softly. What else could he do? "Xiaoyan, I'm sorry!"

Then, she lightly kissed the woman back!

The woman smiled. She hugged Qin An's neck and said, "Don't promise! I've never been worried about food and drink! After my husband and child died, I was tired of this apocalypse!"

After she finished speaking, she forcefully pressed Qin An's head down, making her lips meet.

It was destined to be a beautiful night.

After a long time, the two people in the room quieted down. Wang Fang hugged Qin An contentedly and slowly fell asleep.


It was already late at night.

Qin An concentrated and listened. There were two people walking around the house. Was that the night watchman?

In the apocalypse, people didn't dare to be careless in order to survive!

Qin An held the woman in his arms and gently brushed her back. A smile hung on his face as he said softly, "Greetings to the night watchman!"

Moonlight shot in from outside. The moon in May was a little cold. Qin An pulled the blanket and wrapped Wang Fang and her body tightly.

Slowly, he fell asleep.

This dream was somewhat sweet.

He dreamed that his mother and father hadn't died in the car accident, that Li Ying hadn't divorced him, and that the two had a son.

The five members of their family were happily together. In their dreams, they would never part.

The night was getting deeper, and the night watchman outside gently pulled his collar. The wind seemed to be a little cold tonight. Perhaps if it blew a few more times like this, summer would arrive, right?

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