Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 38 Miserable World
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Chapter 38 Miserable World

Qin An and the others were shocked. Liu Jia hurriedly hid behind Li Wenjie. Qin An also deeply blamed himself. He was so hungry that he forgot to pay attention to see if there was anyone in the village! The apocalypse was full of dangers. He was too careless.

At this moment, a person walked out of the small brick house. He walked very fast and shouted, "Li Wenjie, is that you?"

Li Wenjie was stunned for a moment before shouting in surprise, "Sixth Brother?"

The man on the other side walked even faster. He laughed heartily, and the address he gave Li Wenjie had changed.

"Fifth brother! It's really you!"

The two men ran to each other and finally hugged each other!

The situation was so intense that Qin An and Liu Jia secretly curled their lips when they saw it.

Li Wenjie happily pulled the man back to Qin An's side and said, "Boss! This brat was my dormitory brother when he went to college. He is the sixth brother named Lu Yan, and I am the fifth brother. Our relationship is hard to say!"

Lu Yan also seemed to be very straightforward. He directly pulled Qin An's arm and said, "Alright, alright, let's go in and say that they are all our own people!"

Just like that, a risk dramatically disappeared.

Lu Yan brought a few people into the small village and entered a two-story brick house. This house was also the largest house in the entire village.

There were still eight people inside. They were in the living room on the first floor. They were setting up a table for food. They should be preparing to eat.

On the table, there were some super wild vegetables, some pickled pickles, and a roasted chicken that had just been cooked!

Lu Yan was the head of these people. He had someone bring three chairs over and kindly invited them to sit down.

Li Wenjie's eyes were green. Looking at the roasted chicken drooling, he said in disbelief, "Oh my God, are you dreaming? I haven't seen the roasted chicken for half a year!"

Lu Yan laughed heartily. His laughter was still so straightforward. He said, "Today, when we came out to search for supplies, we actually found a pheasant at the foot of the mountain!" I haven't eaten meat in months, so I should have gone back in the afternoon. After some consideration, we decided to eat this chicken! Otherwise, he would have to pay the duke back! "Those guys at the Pentagon like to get a chicken and not eat it. They're laying eggs for fun!"

Li Wenjie gave Lu Yan a good look and asked, "Where are you now?"

Lu Yan said, "It's a gathering place on the south side of Binhai City. It was originally a construction site with all kinds of construction materials. After the outbreak of the T virus, the workers built a six-meter-tall fence there to protect themselves and surrounded a large city called Fate City."

"There are already more than 10,000 people in the assembly area. We are late to the area. We have no other choice but to come out and find food for ourselves. Half of it will be given to the assembly area and the other half will be reserved for ourselves. Life is hard!"

Li Wenjie shook his head and said, "Yes, in this world! There are also those messy things in your gathering place, right?"

Lu Yan's expression turned ugly as he slowly said, "Which gathering place doesn't have one? If you want to live, you have to pay for it. Both men and women are the same. It is only now that equality is achieved between men and women! Paying for it may not necessarily result in a return, but you will die if you don't pay for it! Oh right, where did you all come from?"

Li Wenjie quickly told Lu Yan about his experiences and then introduced Qin An and Liu Jia to him solemnly.

Lu Yan also respectfully called Qin An Big Brother, but when he arrived at Liu Jia's place, he called Liu Jia Fifth Sister-in-law, causing Liu Jia's face to flush red, while Li Wenjie praised Lu Yan for being sensible!

Next, the dinner party began. Lu Yan had someone take out several bottles of Erguotou. This was considered a good item in the World Extermination Stage.

The so-called "borrowing alcohol to relieve their worries", the two of them were college students who had just graduated. Before they could enter the society, the society had changed. Their feelings were not something that people like Qin An could understand.

Pushing a cup and changing a cup, the two of them chatted until night.

Lu Yan's subordinates were seven men and one woman.

The woman was in her thirties and looked average, but her skin and figure were very good.

Lu Yan drank a little too much and suddenly pulled the woman over from the side. Then, he said to Qin An, "Big brother!" Since you are my Fifth Brother's big brother, you are also my big brother! This woman had just entered the gathering place, and her husband and children had all died in the escape! Without protection or craftsmanship, they would starve to death if they didn't come out to find supplies! Let her stay with you tonight! "We'll sleep here today. We're driving. It's not safe to go on the road at night. We don't have good vision. It's easy to attract mutated zombies!"

Qin An hurriedly wanted to decline, but Lu Yan pushed the woman over heavily.

The woman's eyes were filled with panic. Her body had lost its balance. Qin An was helpless. He could only stretch out his hand and slowly carry the woman into his arms. At the same time, he could feel the trembling of the woman's body.

Lu Yan ignored Qin An and turned to Li Wenjie, who was also a little drunk, and said, "Fifth Brother, I almost forgot to tell you something! Your mother is in our camp."

Li Wenjie was stunned. He stood up and shouted, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? How is my mother? Where is my father? Has my mother been bullied at the camp?"

Lu Yan's expression was slightly bad. He drank another glass of wine before he said, "Your father has turned into a zombie. Your mother has been staying in the camp for the past few months. Don't think too much about it. Isn't that what happened? When I went, your mother had a miserable life, but after I got there, I felt better! Ah, exterminate the world, fuck!"

Li Wenjie did not ask how miserable his mother's life was. He did not dare to ask.

He began to cry loudly. A boy who was as optimistic as the morning sun still shed painful tears in the face of the apocalypse.

Liu Jia sat beside him, somewhat uneasy. She held Li Wenjie's hand with her hand to comfort him.

Li Wenjie only cried, as if he couldn't stop.

Qin An also drank wine today, Qin An patted Li Wenjie on the shoulder and said, "Alright, listen to your brother. Don't cry. Let's go tomorrow and pick up your mother. And Lu Yan. I think you're not bad either. Come with me tomorrow and don't hang out in Fate City anymore. Go to my Qin City!"

He was so drunk that he was spouting nonsense.

Lu Yan didn't know whether he understood or not. He kept calling Big Brother and expressing his gratitude. Then, he asked his subordinates to arrange a vigil. In the end, he charged Qin An and helped Li Wenjie into the bedroom with Liu Jia.

After a few minutes, Lu Yan left the room with a dazed expression, leaving Li Wenjie and Liu Jia inside.

After Lu Yan walked to Qin An's side and sat down, he poured himself another glass of wine and drank it all up before saying, "Big Brother, you don't know!" When I went, Wen Jie's mother relied on sleeping with others every day to get a meal! What a pitiful look! And I didn't take good care of him! I'm sorry, Wen Jie! I'm really sorry, Wen Jie! Big brother, what should we do? What should we do? "

Looking at Lu Kai crying like a child, Qin An's heart was broken. He forcefully crushed the wine cup in his hand and cursed resentfully in his heart, "This fucking apocalypse!"

After crying for a long time, Lu Yan was out of wine and was about to faint. Qin An asked Lu Kai's subordinates to help him to a bedroom.

When Lu Yan left, he shouted, "Wang Fang! Take good care of my big brother or else I won't give you food! Big brother, rest well. I've arranged for two brothers who haven't drunk to watch the night. Don't worry about sleeping! Don't worry!"

When Wang Fang heard Lu Yan's roar, her body trembled and she nodded.

After everyone left, only Qin An and Wang Fang remained in the living room.

Wang Fang seemed to be very introverted. Perhaps it was because she was afraid that she didn't speak.

Qin An sat alone for a long time. He stood up and walked to the second floor. He found an empty bedroom and lay on the bed. His head was really dizzy.

The woman named Wang Fang followed him all the time. After he entered the bedroom, she closed the door and stood beside the bed. After hesitating for a moment, she took off her clothes and laid down beside Qin An. She pulled the blanket and covered the two of them.

Qin An was lying on the bed. The effect of alcohol made him dizzy, but it also stirred his mood.

He thought about Li Wenjie, wanted to land on the rock, and thought about how they were crying.

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Is Li Wenjie alright now?

For some reason, Qin An felt that he liked this young man very much. Perhaps it was because his lively smile and optimistic spirit could always infect him!

Qin An focused his attention and listened to the voice downstairs.

At this time, Li Wenjie had stopped crying and Liu Jia was patiently comforting him.

Qin An suddenly felt a little embarrassed. Wasn't it rude to eavesdrop on others like this?

But he especially wanted to know Li Wenjie's mood at this moment, especially if he had already let go of it.

Suddenly, Qin An remembered Tang Yu. Was she as worried about her gains and losses as she was today when she looked for a private investigator to investigate her back then?

Qin An secretly made up his mind and comforted himself. Anyway, no one knew that he had an extremely powerful hearing.

Then even if he eavesdropped, no one knew. Perhaps it wasn't eavesdropping, right?

After deceiving himself, Qin An once again calmed down and began to listen to what was going on downstairs.

Li Wenjie obviously drank a little too much, but he was still sober. He was telling Liu Jia how good his mother was and how much she took care of him, while Liu Jia listened while comforting him.

Just like that, in the past few decades, Li Wenjie no longer talked about his mother. Instead, he thanked Liu Jia for comforting her and said that Liu Jia was really nice.

Liu Jia paused for a moment and did not say anything. She was probably shy.

Qin An's heart was beating faster. This eavesdropping feeling was really wonderful, it actually made his heart itch!

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