Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 26 Li Na’s Experience
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Chapter 26 Li Na's Experience

"Ten years ago I was in sports school, learning how to shoot!

At that time, he would go to all parts of the country to participate in the competition. His results were not bad, so he spent three years like this.

I left the shooting squad and went back to my hometown's sports school to teach the children how to shoot until the end of the world.

When the T virus broke out, the children and I were trapped in school with zombies.

Afterwards, we met a 100-man PLA team from the government and rescued us, bringing us to a small gathering place.

Actually, that place was not set up by the government. That leader was just cooperating with that team.

The leader of the assembly had always had his own selfishness, wanting to obtain the weapons of the PLA troops.

One night, they fought. Because the PLA troops were ambushed, they suffered heavy losses.

We escaped with the remaining dozen soldiers.

Originally, we had more than a hundred students, but that time, more than a dozen of them died, and two teachers died as well.

This is already a blessing in disguise. The PLA soldiers sacrificed more than eighty years to let useless people like us survive.

Afterwards, we hid everywhere, escaping from the zombies. Finally, we found another gathering place. That was the tenth survivor gathering place of Cloud Wave Mountain that was originally set up by the government!

When we first went there, it was good.

However, with the shortage of supplies, the contradictions in the base gradually intensified.

Inequalities in the distribution of resources have led to ultimate polarization.

The gathering place that was originally set up by the government has also turned into an anarchic state. Several powerful people have each pulled up the mountains. We, the weak, are sandwiched between them, and it will be very difficult for us to live.

"There's nothing we can do. Our female teachers can only rely on eating, drinking, singing and singing with them to obtain limited resources. If we don't do this, my students and I will starve to death!"

When Li Na said this, she paused for a moment, her eyes filled with sadness.

Qin An's heart skipped a beat for no reason.

In fact, Li Na's change was also very big. When she was young, she was thin like a boy, always with short hair.

But at this moment, his long hair was elegant and his body was about to mature. The pancake on Qin An's chest had developed into two magnificent peaks after so many years.

Actually, her biggest change was her temperament. When she raised her hands and feet, she was full of femininity.

Li Na continued.

"The days are getting harder and harder, the nearby supplies are almost searched by them, and want to go further, but it is too dangerous, the search team is often out of ten people, only one or two returned.

Under such circumstances, they were unwilling to go out.

Women like us, who depend on them for their lives, have become even more insignificant.

Finally, the men caught the attention of the students.

I and a few teachers, as well as a few PLA men who accompanied us into the camp, naturally would not agree.

But they threatened us with force and put all of us in jail.

Just as they were about to attack the students, the base was surrounded by corpses. Later, the mutated giant zombies appeared, crashing through the wall, causing the base to fall.

At the most critical moment, the female anchor of Doomsday Radio, Xu Tianjiao, appeared and released us from our cells.

This is the second time we're on the run.

When we escaped, there were only 63 students left, and I was the only one who survived. As for the PLA men who had been protecting us, they were all on the way to escape, sacrificing themselves to protect us.

Later, when we were fleeing, we were discovered by the material search team in the Panan County assembly area and brought back to their camp!

They had built a wall around Panan County, and there were actually more than 10,000 survivors gathered inside.

Unfortunately, it was not heaven, but hell.

There were five major powers in the assembly area. None of them were government organizations, and there were rules for living there.

If you want to get food, you have to go out and look for it yourself. If you don't dare to go out, you can only use your own things to exchange for it.

We are all women, and the students are all children. How can we go out and look for food?

However, even if I am willing to sleep with anyone, the food I can exchange for is not enough for me to eat alone!

In the base, all the men were paying attention to the students. The way they looked at the girls was unconcealed, as if they wanted to devour them alive.

We were hungry in the base for two days, really scared and helpless.

Afterwards, I met Tian Hu! He is the leader of one of the five forces of the base.

He took a fancy to me, and I became one of his women. At that time, I tried very hard to please him. Finally, I made him promise not to touch my students, so we finally settled down temporarily.

However, not long after, the base encountered a group of zombies. Among them, there were dozens of terrifying mutated jumping zombies, and there was even a level 2 mutated jumping zombie!

The city walls of the base weren't strong. Although it wasn't a problem to defend against ordinary zombies, it was impossible to stop them when facing a Level 2 mutant jumping zombie.

The city walls were overthrown, zombies poured in, and the base fell.

Tian Hu ran out with us and drove for a few days!

We're running out of fuel, and we're finally here! "

Level 2 mutated jumping zombie?

Qin An was stunned. He had personally killed a mutated leaping zombie until it was powerful. Then what was a level 2 mutated leaping zombie?

Looking at the somewhat sad Li Na, Qin An said, "Tell me about the Level 2 mutant jumping zombie!"

Li Na was a little stunned. When Qin An asked, her body trembled and her face turned pale.

"The zombie is very tall, three meters tall! Its legs are slender and long, like the legs of a locust. There is no skin on its legs, and all of them are terrifying black muscles! Its hands have long, long fingernails, and those fingernails are bright black, like metal.

The city wall of Panan County's gathering place was made of cement and stones. It was thirty centimeters thick, but the zombie only needed three grabs to penetrate the city wall.

Isn't this the most terrifying thing? The most terrifying thing is its intelligence!

It first stabbed countless holes in the city wall, then drove away a giant zombie and let that giant zombie smash into our city wall.

The city wall was already riddled with holes, but after being hit by the giant zombie a few times, it shattered!

Then, it was the slaughter of the zombies!

"It's really too scary!"

Qin An took a deep breath! I didn't expect the zombies to have evolved to such an extent!

They were no longer purely bloodthirsty, but had obvious directional pouncing thoughts, and even had the means and tactics to attack!

Looking at the somewhat foolish Li Na, Qin An's heart ached for no reason.

Was this still the girl he remembered as the eldest sister of society?

Qin An slowly stood up and pulled Li Na up. Then, he went to the singleton dormitory on the fifth floor of the Administrative Complex Building. He opened a door and brought Li Na into it. He said to her, "Alright, let's sleep first! We'll continue talking tomorrow!"

With that, Qin An turned around and left, locking the door.

He suddenly realized that when he saw Li Na, he didn't hate her as much as he had imagined. Perhaps it was because everyone had grown up!

Qin An came out of the room and found Qin Xiaoyan standing in front of the door, rubbing her fingers.

Qin An was slightly stunned, but Qin Xiaoyan took the initiative to throw herself into his arms and kissed him before saying, "I thought you wouldn't come out tonight!"

Qin An smiled and said, "How could it be?"

Qin Xiaoyan grabbed Qin An's hand and ran out, climbing up the watchtower they usually lived in.

When the members on duty saw that they were here, they automatically left and left the space for the two of them.

Qin Xiaoyan pulled Qin An to sit on the bed and opened the window of the circular bedroom of the watchtower. Then, she pushed Qin An down and climbed onto Qin An's body and said, "Darling, I have a secret to tell you!"

Qin An smiled and said, "What secret? Do you want to enter the bridal chamber with your husband?"

Qin Xiaoyan raised her hand and patted Qin An's stomach. She said that she hated him and then said seriously, "Honey, I actually knew Li Na seven or eight years ago!"

Qin An was so shocked that he was speechless!

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