Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 21 Prepare To Settle Down
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Chapter 21 Prepare To Settle Down

Qin An was a little dumbfounded when he saw the row of brand-new extended prison carriages in front of him.

He walked over and counted ten cars. These cars did not have car logos and were obviously specially customized for the transport of felons.

There were only very small ventilation windows on the six or seven meters long carriage, and the brown glass at the front of the carriage gave off a special texture. It should all be bulletproof glass, right?

There are also car tires, maybe they are bulletproof!

Qin An checked around. In a cabinet against the wall, he found the keys to the cars. He opened the door of a car and sat on it. He started it several times but failed. It seemed that it had been put away for too long.

After getting off the car, Qin An opened the car and checked it. He found that there were no batteries. He returned to the big cabinet where he found the car keys. In the lower grid, he found that all the batteries of these cars had indeed been removed. Qin An pulled up a tool to install it, and then found the oil to change it. He prayed in his heart, hoping to open it!

He boarded the car again and started it. It actually started successfully! What a miracle! He drove the car out of the garage.

With these cars, it should be much safer and more convenient to go out and search for supplies in the future! He just needed to get some generators back, and then do the maintenance of the car. He wasn't good at all, so he hoped to meet people in this field in the future.

Qin An drove the car to the playground and got off.

Qin Xiaoyan had already burned half of the zombie's corpse with a flame, wiped away her sweat, and said to Qin An with some dissatisfaction, "Aren't you coming to help?"

Qin An shook his head and said, "Be careful here first. If there is any danger, climb to the watchtower!"

Qin Xiaoyan was puzzled and asked, "What about you?"

Qin An said, "I want to bring back the survivors on the roof of the supermarket!"

After saying that, Qin An returned to the car and drove it to the prison gate.

There were several locks on the prison gate. Qin An walked into the duty booth beside him and found a dried-up corpse inside. On the table in front of him was a bunch of keys.

Qin An picked up the key and left the duty booth. He came to the gate again. He tried to open the door with the key. He tried several times and unlocked all the locks. Then, he pushed open the door and drove towards Hangzhou City.

At the edge of the suburbs, Qin An parked his car and jumped off. He dashed towards the supermarket.

The road was still the same as before, bypassing some scattered zombies. After arriving at the bungalow area, he went straight to the room and ran on the roof. Finally, he returned to the roof of the supermarket.

On the roof of the supermarket, Li Zichuan's dozen or so people were still kneeling on the ground, their eyes dull, as if they were waiting for death to arrive.

When they saw Qin An climbing up to the roof from somewhere, they were all shocked.

Qin An did not say anything. He walked to Li Zichuan's side, picked him up, jumped back into the bungalow area, returned to the prison truck with ease, threw him into the truck, and said, "Wait here, don't run around!"

After saying that, he left and went back and forth more than ten times, bringing everyone back into the car.

The ten or so men in the car were filled with surprise. They didn't know why this man called Qin An actually had such strong strength and was actually able to run and jump around the room. Could this be the legendary qinggong of the ancient martial arts world?

Qin An counted eighteen people.

He sighed slightly. If he could recover his special ability earlier, he might be able to save a few more people!

However, Qin An did not feel much sadness because of this. He no longer had much compassion in his heart.

Suddenly, he remembered Liu Wenjuan who he had left in the bathroom.

She hurriedly returned. When she rushed to the third floor of the bathroom, Liu Wenjuan was holding her son Li Chen and crying. She thought that Qin An had abandoned her.

When she saw Qin An appear in front of her again, she couldn't even cry. She didn't know what it was like in her heart.

Qin An did not say anything else. He put it on his shoulder and hugged Li Chen with his other hand. Then, he quickly left the bathroom building and followed the same road. He left the city and returned to the car!

Eighteen men, one woman, and one child happened to be sitting in a full car.

Qin An locked the car door from behind and did not have any communication with these people. He pulled them back to the prison.

When these people got out of the car, they were all dumbfounded. It had been a long time since they had been outside! Some of these people laughed, some cried, some just knelt on the ground and kissed the earth!

Qin Xiaoyan had already burned all the corpses on the playground. Seeing Qin An return, she happily threw herself into Qin An's embrace.

At this time, the sun was setting in the west, and the two of them had been busy for almost a day!

Qin An hugged Qin Xiaoyan and looked at Li Zichuan and the others in front of him. At this moment, he didn't want to say too much to them.

Let's talk about it in the future. Living together has deepened our understanding. Perhaps they will accompany each other in this apocalyptic loneliness! Like a colleague, like a brother, like a friend.

'"Alright, it's getting late. You guys can sleep in the garage today! It's very safe and the surroundings are closed. We'll start cleaning up the prison tomorrow! If you're hungry, bear with it. I believe that such a large prison must have a lot of supplies stored up! It'll be enough for us to live for a period of time!"

After he finished speaking, he brought these people into the garage.

These people who had escaped death no longer had any self-awareness. They knew that Qin An had saved their lives, so they were willing to listen to Qin An's arrangements.

Everyone walked into the garage. Liu Wenjuan and her son walked at the end. Liu Wenjuan looked at Qin An and thanked her gratefully. Qin An nodded and did not say anything to her. After she walked into the garage, Qin An closed the garage door and locked it.

Then, he turned around and walked back to the middle of the playground. He held Qin Xiaoyan's hand and walked to a corner of the prison. He climbed up the watchtower that was more than ten meters tall.

The structure of the watchtower was very simple. Seven meters below was a circular staircase. Above seven meters was a circular bedroom with an area of about twenty square meters. There are separate bathrooms, beds, tables and chairs, etc. There were four square windows on the surrounding walls to keep the room lit, and there were curtains on the windows. A ladder attached to a wall that goes up to the top, the watchtower.

There were tables, chairs, sofas, radios, and shooting platforms in the observation tower. On the shooting platform, there were two BU guns. Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan did not know the exact type of guns. Under the BU guns, there were several boxes of bullets, estimated to be several thousand.

The watchtower's vision was very good. Not only could it see the panorama of the prison, it could also see the situation outside the prison. Qin An held Qin Xiaoyan's hand and told her about his experiences in the past few days. He did not conceal anything at all and told Qin Xiaoyan everything.

Qin Xiaoyan sat beside Qin An and listened very carefully. Looking at the man with a sad face, her heart ached.

She hugged Qin An's neck and kissed him after he finished telling her everything.

"Darling! I feel that introducing Li Ying to Cheng Gang is the most correct thing to do in my life!" Qin Xiaoyan said firmly.

Qin An smiled bitterly and looked at Qin Xiaoyan for a long time before saying, "I don't know, I just know that eating you, a little demon! It's the most correct thing I've done in my life!" After he finished speaking, he tightly hugged Qin Xiaoyan into his arms and tossed her into the early hours of the morning before she fell asleep exhausted. Before she fell asleep, Qin Xiaoyan muttered, "I feel so hungry!"


The next day, Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan woke up early. They were completely hungry. Yesterday, they had not eaten for a day, and they had also done a lot of strenuous exercise.

After leaving the watchtower and opening the garage, the people inside woke up a long time ago. Like Qin An and the others, they were also awakened from hunger.

Looking at the listless crowd, Qin An knew that they wouldn't be able to help him today.

Just as Qin An was about to take Qin Xiaoyan and the others to clean up the prison, a man in his twenties suddenly walked over.

He nodded politely to Qin An and said, "Leader! Perhaps I can help. My name is Liu Gang, and I'm an armed policeman working in this prison!"

Hearing that, Qin An was completely dumbfounded. Happiness really came too suddenly.

Bring Liu Gang and the three of them to the playground. Liu Gang starts explaining the layout of the prison.

"This prison is the largest in the southeast region, holding more than 3,800 felons, with a thousand armed police guards, and about three hundred other staff.

Before the outbreak of the T virus, a large-scale execution was carried out and more than 2,000 suspended prisoners were shot to death.

When Hanghai City was quarantined in the north, the warden took the initiative to apply for the transfer of some prisoners to the northwest prison, wanting to leave the infected area.

The relationship between his superiors was very hard, so the leaders approved his application. After they left, there were only about a thousand prison guards and staff left in this prison!

Qin An and Qin Xiaoyan exchanged a glance. A thousand people had already been killed in the plaza yesterday, which meant that the workload of cleaning up had been greatly reduced!

Liu Gang continued, "The three largest buildings on the south side are the places where prisoners are held. Next up are the reform-through-labour factories, the prison complex, the armed police dormitory, the prison guard dormitory, the staff dormitory, the supplies building, the arms depot, the comprehensive administration building, and the garage.

This is a felony prison. After the apocalypse broke out, there used to be troops staying here, so there were quite a few weapons in the warehouse there. "Ah, those comrades originally wanted to use this place as a base to protect more civilians, but many of their comrades in the battlefield would become zombies without being bitten by zombies. As a result, their hearts slowly dispersed and the base ceased to exist. Everyone went their separate ways, leaving behind a warehouse full of equipment. I don't know what's inside."

Qin An was pleasantly surprised and decided to go to the arsenal first to see what was inside!

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