Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 2025 Spray Calligraphy, Poisonous Herb Apocalyptic City
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Chapter 2025 Spray Calligraphy, Poisonous Herb Apocalyptic City

"Nothing much, just literally. Wherever Zhu Maogong went, there would be a hundred beauties with him. They were dressed in white and held cushions in their hands. They were scattered around Zhu Maogong in various postures for him to admire. One had to know that Zhu Maogong was a eunuch and could not do anything real, so he only admired those beauties. "It was nothing. What was scary was that he would keep collecting all the beauties in the world. If he discovered that a woman was prettier than one of the hundred beauties beside him, he would kill that person without hesitation and then add more beauties to it."

"This is quite abnormal."

"Yes! People's minds will change, and women's appearances will also change. Zhu Maogong looks at the woman in front of him every day, and there will always be times when he is tired of watching. Therefore, the so-called Hundred Girls Palace has been updated very quickly. Almost every month, there will be another batch. And this so-called Hundred Girls Palace has existed for eight years. I don't know how many beautiful women have died in vain in eight years."

"Oh, eight years? In those eight years, all the people in the Hundred Girls Palace have probably been replaced, right? Do you still have the first batch left?"

Qin An asked the doubts in his heart.

"There's only one person."

"There's another person. Who is it?"

"After the Cloud Empire's current Emperor Long Junfeng, she didn't escape from the palace. Her name is Li Ji!"

Qin An noticed that Nan Tianfeng was actually a little excited when he said this.

Qin An rolled his eyes. What kind of peerless beauty was she? Overwhelming cities and countries?

Tsk, I don't have a cold. Beautiful Qin An has seen a lot and slept a lot. Right now, the two concubines beside him are both beauties. He is too lazy to look at them. What Li Ji? Isn't it a skin pouch outside the skull, flesh, bones, and muscles? What's there? Moreover, he probably isn't young anymore, right? Thirty?

"Military Counselor, let's not talk about this. Let's talk about how to fight."

'"This is what we're talking about. Since ancient times, the two armies have been competing to slay the enemy's leader. It's undoubtedly one of the best ways to fight. I believe the commander-in-chief should have a deep understanding of this. Didn't you retreat from the enemy after seizing several cities just because of this?"


"Since Zhu Maogong loves beauties, let's go send him a beauty and let him stay with us. What happens next will depend on whether the beauties can complete the mission or not."

"You mean find a beauty to get close to him and assassinate him? Who are you going to let?"

'"There is a female swordswoman in Tianya Haige Lou. She was once the only female Mountain and Sea Swordswoman. Her kung fu is not bad, and she is also very handsome. If she goes, she has a 50% chance of success."

"Oh, that's a good idea. However, only half of the chances of success are too low. Furthermore, no matter if it succeeds or not, the people who go may not be able to return alive. I am willing to be cruel to the enemy like a devil, but I want to be friendly like a Buddha. How about this, I'll think about it and then tell you what I want to do."

Qin An had already thought of discrimination, but he didn't want Nan Tianfeng to mention it.

The map here is quite big, and there are some villages outside the city.

These villages did not know which country they belonged to, so they all made signs of neutrality. In any case, no matter who came, they were all warmly welcoming them, hoping to survive in the chaotic times.

The soldiers of Lu Yao Country came to the village to search. In fact, they were here to snatch some food and take advantage of it.

There were more than a dozen soldiers in this group. After entering the village, they gathered the villagers together and collected taxes according to their heads. This was one way of plundering the villagers.

"Where is the existence?"

"Ah, my lord, I'm here."

"Is everyone in your village here?"

"Yes, yes, yes …"

The village chief's expression was a little bad, and he looked very nervous.

At this moment, a woman walked over from behind the village.

When the group of soldiers saw this woman, they were all dumbfounded. They really had never seen such a beautiful woman before. It was simply enough to drive people crazy.

There weren't any twists and turns in the following matters. The soldiers kept robbing her. They directly grabbed the woman and handed her over. In a flash, they were able to exchange for several taels of silver. They could openly buy wine and drink.

It wasn't easy for this stolen beauty to see Zhu Maogong. She needed to go through layers of selection, but fortunately, she didn't need to take off her clothes.

Then this beauty, alias Diao Chan, was none other than Qin An.

Qin An was really prompted by Nan Tianfeng. He felt that it was a good idea to disguise as a beauty and sneak into the enemy to assassinate Zhu Maogong. This way, he could at least save some effort on his side. Without the commander-in-chief, the opponent would be much easier to fight.

They had all been people of the Jade Emperor before, so it wasn't difficult to pretend to be a woman.

However, the figure under the clothes was definitely fake, with buttocks and chests. Otherwise, how could it look so graceful?

As for her face, she wasn't worried. Qin Anke was originally just a small piece of fresh meat. With a wig and makeup, she was a mature jade lady.

He wore a big turtleneck to hide his adam's apple and a floral dress similar to a cheongsam to highlight his sexiness.

Under this disguise, after spending almost five days, Qin An finally entered the interior and saw Zhu Maogong from a distance of ten meters.

To be exact, it was Zhu Maogong who saw Qin An

There was a curtain on his side. He could see Qin An, but Qin An could not see him clearly. He could only vaguely judge that he should be a fat man.

"En, this woman should only be in the sky. Come, take her to the back and replace… Zuo Yuan."

That sharp and ear-piercing voice was actually the same as the eunuch's voice that Qin An had imagined. It really didn't want anyone to respond to him.

Qin An wanted to make a move. Ten meters was already considered very close to him.

However, the figure behind the curtain flashed, and Zhu Maogong actually disappeared.

This frightened Qin An greatly. Could it be that the other party even repaired the tunnel while lowering his butt? Just how cautious was he? How afraid of death was he?

Because of these doubts, Qin An did not move for the time being. If he wanted to reconnaissance and make a move, he would have to be cautious after breaking into this place with great difficulty.

It had been a long time since the story came to this point, but as time and space passed, the story would continue.

My name is Pang Tian Tian.

Well, I admit that it's a mother's name, but I'm a real man and I'm already very old. I'm thirty-six years old this year.

The post-00s girl who was 1.7 meters tall and relied on her long legs to be bigger than her was very good. She made me look at the post-00s girl who really wanted to tell her more stories. When she saw me, she already began to call me uncle.

I just want to talk about time, f*ck it!

Sigh, life is passing by inadvertently in this way, someone wrote a song, very pleasant to listen to, one of the lyrics said so.

"You'll get old if you walk."

I just want to say that I was stabbed by time.

In any case, when he was middle-aged, he would always sigh with emotion.

But compared to all the middle-aged uncles, I have a fatal point, and that is that I have a beautiful and very sociable wife.

Her name is a little dirty, Miao Cuihua.

Still, I'm not a lightning tiger. I'll repeat my life once more. My name is Pang Tian Tian, and I have a nickname, Tian Tian Pang.

A few years ago, I was walking steadily on the streets, not violating the Jiatong rules, but a car still chased me from behind, directly smashing me into a fracture.

That was the turning point of my fate. Miao Cuihua knocked me down and became my wife. She has been married for seven years.

Okay, seven-year itch, I know.

Sigh, my wife has a problem recently. She is no longer acting coquettish and cheap to me. She seems to be very busy. She starts to meet all kinds of… women at home every day! To be exact, she was a beauty.

I don't know if I should be happy or angry, but I'm not too happy anyway.

Another woman came today. Her name is Weng Lan. She is said to be my wife's college classmate. Unfortunately, when my wife went to college, I didn't know if they were classmates, so I couldn't be sure if what she said was true or false.

They were chatting in the living room. I was hiding in the bedroom and eavesdropping on the door. I wanted to know what the two daughters were talking about, but I was so happy.

"Darling, come out."


When I heard my wife call me, I hurriedly ran over like a rabbit.

"At this time, Weng Lan…"

"Oh, I know him."

"Yes, you've met before. Honey, Weng Lan and I are discussing a book about her."

'"The apocalyptic city? The main name is Qin An, the female name is Weng Lan, and then Weng Lan's husband, Wang Cheng, is a villain inside? I watched a little, but I didn't see it anymore. I mean, this kind of plot doesn't suit me very well. Hehe, I prefer to watch fantasy and urban hot blood."

I tactfully expressed my opinion, completely different from what I thought.

Actually, I read this novel from the beginning to the end. It's okay to read it from the front. I thought it was apocalyptic. A pig-footed wife cheated on me and met her in the apocalypse. Then, the pig-footed woman was awesome. After that, she killed her wife and her love rivals and killed everyone in the apocalypse!


When I thought it was a simple apocalyptic novel, it turned into a suspense novel.

The wife that Pig Feet betrayed actually had a twin sister, and the one who betrayed him was not his wife but his wife's sister. That was not a betrayal. She just slept with her boyfriend in Pig Feet's bed once.

Alright, I'm so bloody. When I read the suspense novel, a lot of second female characters appeared. They were entangled with pig feet, and the plot was so mysterious that it almost caught up with Qiongyao's drama.

Okay, I think you're a romance novel.

All of a sudden, the style of the painting suddenly changed. The government troops had already created a high-ranking warrior after returning from a trip to the United States? Mecha everywhere?


I'm fucking kidding! Yes, yes, your nose is awesome, I will endure it! I'll treat you as a science fiction mecha and a holy warrior. I was just about to get used to you giving me a sci-fi blockbuster of the Vault of the Heavens. Forget about the sealed space. What the hell are you after? The game system has already come out and started to upgrade the equipment for fighting monsters and picking up equipment?

I'm fucking kidding!

This was even more terrifying than a eunuch!

I still have a lot to say. Haven't you f*cking transmigrated to the Western Traveling World in this novel? Did he even enter the Great Qing harem and kidnap Empress Dowager Ci An back? Had Liu Guanzhang and the other three brothers crossed over? Did he even write Pig's Foot as the son of Qin Shihuang and the alien woman?

All right, all right, I'll take it. Keep looking.

What's behind it? I crossed over to the Three Kingdoms world with my f*cking pig feet!

I can't bear it! I can't bear it! Do you want to cover all the subjects in a single book? Are you crazy? Do you want to die!

I was still smiling at Weng Lan at this moment, and the unit price had already completely destroyed her.

My wife, Miao Cuihua, looked at me with a smile and said, "Love me. Weng Lan and I were considered good friends back then. Although I wasn't in the novel world, I still created a character."

"Oh, honey, so you're one of the authors of the novel? Who are the characters you created?"

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