Zhu Xian

Chapter 38: Deep Abyss
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Chapter 38 Deep Abyss A

In legend, the world was originally dark. After fourty-eight thousands years, Pangu seperated the sky and earth, turned into mountains and rivers; then after an other fourty-eight thousands years, Nuwa created men.

In the legend, the first beam of light of the world, was born from the deepest darkness.

Shaw Danon felt his body was freezing. This freezing chill was not only in his body, but also his heart. It felt like he was going to die.

But he did not afraid, without a slight of fear, he only felt the tireness that he had never felt before, not even have the strength to open his eyes. As his body was in extream exhaustion, his slowly regained his consciousness.

It was like, something surrounded him, very gentle, very careful, but also very cold, slowly absorbing his bodyheat, also brought him some special comfortable feeling and causing him to just wanted to fall asleep like this comfortably.

If not because in his right hand, a familar coolness rose, like protecting its owner; If not because he suddenly felt in his left hand, he was still holding a cold, soft hand.

In the exhaustion, he opened his eyes with great difficulty.

It was a light in the eternal darkness!

In the boundless darkness, a light appeared only before of his eyes. It was a mysterious, white light, floating up and down in the darkness, twined around Shaw Danon like the most gentle girl embracing her beloved lover.

It was also like a white smoke, kind of empty and misty. It gradually transformed into a beautiful and grief face next to Shaw Danon, then it was going to kiss at that young men’s lips.

At her lips, there was a little fragrant, a little excitement, and the rest are coldness!

A coldness that could freeze one’s heart!

Fire stick suddenly rose and the green light blocked in front of Shaw Danon. The beauty face of the white light appeared to fear the fire stick and floated backward. Shaw Danon got up, surprised, cried: "Nether spirit!"

From ancient folk, a person will born, age, and die, only the soul will not be disappear. The soul will leave the body then reincarnate. Life after life, the cycle continue. But in the world, there are evil spirit. Because of three poison: desire, resentment, fatuity, and three dread: timidity, aggression, fear, the spirits that looked back and loved the past, not willing to reincarnate were called "nether spirit".

Nether spirits are belong to Yin, so they naturally perfer moist places. Forsaken Abyss was dark and moist, not surprising to have such nether creatures. But Shaw Danon had never seen such thing before. When he was young he did heard the adult of Grasstemple Village talked about ghost, later he learned from Xavion at Bamboo Peak that they were called nether spirit. He was alway a little afraid of them. Now he saw it, the chill was all over his body.

This call issued to far away in the darkness. In the darkness sounding him, his sound seem light. After long while, a faint echo issued back. Also because of this call, it seem surprised something. In the darkness sounding him, it silently brightened.

Shaw Danon could feel it was like his heart suddenly stopped beating. He held his breath, seeing the mysterious lights appeared in the darkness like that nether spirit.

Left, right, front, back were lightened, when he lifted his head, he could see even above his head, light appeared. Flashing the mysterious white light.

Countless of nether spirits were awaken from the long sleep. They felt the first appearance of human warmth for hundred years, and gathered here.

The white lights were like soft smoke, floating around. They transformed into different faces, males and females, old and young, pretty and ugly. And at that moment, there was only one feeling in Shaw Danon’s eyes: Cold.

As he imagined the countless of nether spirits rushed to him all at once, he shivered. But fortunately, after the surprise passed, he found that the nether spirits seem afraid of the fire stick that was in front of him. They did not dare to get close to the green light of the fire stick. But before Shaw Danon could relieve, some nether spirits discovered something and moved to Shaw Danon’s left side.

Shaw Danon startled, then turned pale. The soft hand his left hand was holding had slowly turning cold. He quickly pulled Anan closer to him. With the light surrounding him, he could see Anan’s face was completely pale, but her breathing was still normal. It seem like she did not got any outer injury. He relieved, looked around and checked the surrounding environment.

He and Anan were at a waterside. Because of darkness he could not see the size of the water. It could be a small pond, a large lake, or even a legendary underground sea. Shaw Danon did not know why he came up with this idea. In the water, he could feel the water was not quiet. Wave and wave of water gentlely went passed his body.

But, the water was really bone freezing!

Shaw Danon diffculty rose up, and not plan to stay there. Even if they did not get killed by nether spirits, they probably would freeze to death in the water. He straightened up, but then his head turned dizzy, his body faltered.

When they were up there, his back was injured by Nian Boss, Cynical Dialectian and Liu Gao. This injury was not light. At the same time, fire stick’s green light dimmed. And also at that moment, the countless of nether spirits’ mysterious light brightened. Endless of desire appeared on their faces.

Shaw Danon was surprised and immediately focus. The fire stick’s glow brightened again and held off the nether spirits. He dragged Anan to the land with difficulty. The short distance seem to be very long.

Finally, they arrived on a hard ground. Shaw Danon sat on the ground, panting.

Around them, countless of nether spirits were wandering around the fire stick’s green aura.

Sahw Danon stared at the wandering lights. He recalled the last memory before he was fainted. He remembered Anan came and grabbed his hand. He remembered they fell into endless dark abyss. He even faintly remembered, before he went unconscious, he heard a familar Buddist saying came from the platform.

Perhaps Fazzan Shixiong and others were arrived.

Shaw Danon thought in his mind. With the other four people’s help, in addition to Kevern and Issa’s cultivation, they shouldn’t have any problem. If nothing happen to Qi Shixiong, then Ling’Er Shijie must not broken hearted right?

But, but, Shaw Danon also asked himself, if I die, will Ling’Er Shijie feel sad? Perhaps there may be a little grief. After all, they had lived together for years. He knew the tough, beautiful looking Shijie actually was also gentle and weak in the inside.

If she hear the childhood friend Shaw Danon Shidi unfortunately die, she must cry right? She will feel sad right? Even if they can’t find his corpse, she will still makes a grave for him at Bamboo Peak right?

But how many times she will comes visit the grave in the furture?

If it was like that, will he be like the nether spirits, remembering her, not going to reincarnate, only guarding his grave and wait for the figure from his memory?

The young men sighed quietly, unknowingly in the silent darkness!


She letted out a soft call, then slowly woke up, opened her eyes.

For thousands of years, there was a question from ancient time: If you wake up from a deep long sleep, the first person you want to see, who shall that be?

Chapter 38 Deep Abyss B

But no one know did Anan ever heard of this silly question before. At that moment, reflected in her eyes was Shaw Danon concern eyes within the white light.

A only warmth in the darkness!

Shaw Danon was gladed, said: "You wake up, Lu Shijie."

Anan did not immediately reply. She seem a little lost in thought. But very quickly she returned to normal. From the original confuse back to her usual coldness. She looked around, couldn’t help but changed again.

"Nether spirit!" Like Shaw Danon, Anan cried out.

Shaw Danon nodded, comforted her: "Yes, but don’t need to afraid. They seem a bit fear of my fire, fire stick. Nothing should happen for now.

Anan also discovered the countless of nether spirit did not attack them, they only wandered around. They appeared to be afraid of that black stick. She couldn’t help but asked: "What is your esper called. How come it is so powerful?"

Shaw Danon blushed, said: "Call, call, I call it......fire stick. Also, I don’t know why it is so powerful."

Anan was bewildered: "Fire stick?"

Shaw Danon looked at the girl in front of him, under the mysterious white light, she was pale but even more beautiful. He lowered his head, said: "Yes, I am the one who usually cook at Bamboo Peak, so I use it as fire stick."

Anan couldn’t say anything, and stared at the ugly black stick. After a while, she quietly said: "Fire stick! I have my master’s teaching, experienced many hardships along cultivation, and also have Aeolian Firmus, but how I lose to a fire stick?"

Shaw Danon’s heart suddenly jumped. He felt Anan’s face got whiter, almost unable to see any sanguinity, couldn’t help said: "Shijie, but you won that time. I heard if not because you used too many vigor when battled me, you probably won’t lose to Kevern Shixiong at final......."

Then it became murmur, then from murmur became silent. It was because Anan was looking at him coldly, causing him unable to continue. The mysterious white light shined at two of them.

Anan lowered her head again, took a deep breath, then asked: "How did we manage to live?"

Shaw Danon startled, he was also puzzled, said: "I don’t know." Then he remembered something and pointed to the waterside, said; "But when I woke up, we were laying at the waterside. Maybe we fortunately fell into the water, then the tide washed us to shore?"

Anan looked at the direction he was pointing at. Among the white light of nether spirit, she could see there was water far away. She could also heard the faint sound of the tide. But herself on the other hand, most part of her clothes were already dried, but some part was still wet. It was freezingly cold. It was obvious if not because Shaw Danon had dragged her to the shore, she would probably freeze to death before she could awake.

"Thank you." Anan suddenly said quietly.

Shaw Danon startled, waved his hand and smiled: "No problem, no......."

Suddenly, both of them startled.

Between them, their hands, until now, they were still closely helding together.

It was like they were already part of the same body for many years, without any feeling. Like it suppose to be like that. Like they both had forgotten it.

Anan slowly took back her hand. Shaw Danon embarrassingly smiled. He did not know where to put his hand.

After a while, Anan asked: "Before you fell, you were hitted heavily by felkin heretics. How are you feeling now?"

Hearing this icy lady did not blame him, Shaw Danon quickly said: "Not too bad."

Anan said: "Can you still fly?"

Shaw Danon channeled his energy, then the pain inside his body was hurt like needles. He shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Anan looked at him, said: "I also can’t. We should get up and search is there any way out. Otherwise if we keep waiting here, surround by these nether spirit, we will be drained to death sooner or later."

Shaw Danon gasped, nodded: "Right."

Anan stood up, checked around around and found no serious injury, only the inner energy was a little messy, body was weak, seem like the reaction force of Earthen Fan was too strong. Her most concern was the Aeolian Firmus which was now in the sheathe behind her back in fine condition.

She turned around and looked at Shaw Danon again. He rose up with diffiulty, not very agilie, appeared to be effected by the injuries. Additionally, dragging her out of the water used a lot of energy.

"What level are you in Pure Essence?" Anan suddenly asked.

Shaw Danon startled, did not say anything. Anan thought he purposely not answering. She turned away, said lightly: "It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell. But I heard my master said your cultivation was only at level four, it was all because of the power of that strange esper. I did not believe it. Today I saw it with my own eyes. If not because your cultivation is high and solid, you already fell under the hand of the heretics."

Shaw Danon scratched his head, he couldn’t think of a way to rely because he himself was also uncertain of his own cultivation. But how could Anan know, if just talking about Pure Essence, Shaw Danon actually at level four, also at the stage when he could first drive esper, but inside of Shaw Danon, there was other Fuwa’s supreme incanation "Fawin Wisdom", and this was the key to the actual truth.

Fuwa incanation was more focus on understanding of self than Dago’s. Shaw Danon had practiced Fawin Wisdom for five years, although it was still basic, his nerve control was solid. So practicing both Dagos and Fuwa’s incanation days and nights, he was far stronger than the disciples at his level of practice. Also because of that, after he directly received the Felkin heretics’ attack, Pure Essence and Fawin Wisdom each gave him one layer of protection, so he was luckily survived.

When they rose up, Shaw Danon recalled the fire stick back to his hand. The green light spead and surrounded them. Anan pondered for a moment, then she pointed to the opposite direction of the water. The two walked into the endless darkness.

This walk was like endless. After long time, the two was still walking on the wide, clear ground. In Forsaken Abyss, beside the surprising large area, there was no sign of living creature.

The only thing there was the nether spirits floating around them quietly, desired for the taste of flesh blood.

Shaw Danon and Anan was getting more worry as they continued to walk. At the same time, the Yin energy was getting heavier. Shaw Danon felt the blood was boiling. A dizziness striked his head. Though his foundation was solid, but after all his cultivation was not high, in addition to the injuries done by Nian Boss, Cynical Dialectian, and Liu Gao, it severaly damaged his inner channels.

After a while, Anan discovered something was wrong with Shaw Danon, asked: "How are you?"

Shaw Danon forced a smile, said: "Nothing, let’s continue."

Anan looked at him said: "What about we-"

Before she could say the word "rest", Shaw Danon’s body swayed and fell on the ground. The fire stick in his hand also dimmed as he fell.

Anan was surprised, quickly supported him, and found he was already passed out. At that instant, even the most calm person within the faction was also panic.

Then, she thought of a more terrifing question.

Fire stick was unable to do anything, what can defend the countless nether spirits?

Almost at the same time Anan thought of this question, the countless of nether spirits startled, then in front of them was two living bodies without slight of defense.

In the darkness, it was like countless of voices was laughing wildly, shouting madly. The countless of nether spirits froze in mid-air, then, like greedy beasts, they rushed to the two helpless people in the darkness.

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