Zhu Xian

Chapter 37: Forsaken Abyss
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Chapter 37 Forsaken Abyss A

Shaw Danon saw the two were in trouble and immediately ran forth. The large men noticed it. He turned his head, and shot out a beam of red light at Shaw Danon.

There was no turning back for Shaw Danon. Though he saw what happened to Kevern and Issa, but he had no other way than to bite the bullet and block it with his fire stick.

In mid-air, the red beam hitted on the fire stick glowed with soft green light. Shaw Danon could feel the strong force had shook his body, but that was it. He quickly looked at the fire stick. The black fire stick was like usual, no red mark.

Even though the fire stick was as ugly as usual, Shaw Danon was happy to notice that. He quickly took a step forward. The Felkins were surprised. The big men: "Huh?" then the giant red eye shot out an other red beam.

Fire stick blocked it. The green and red light crushed together in mid-air. After a moment, the red light disappeared. The fire stick trembled, but it was still fine. Shaw Danon was relieved. His mind thought that his fire stick was ugly, but the saying humble people have tough life, this esper was mostly the same. The two Shixiongs’ swords were fine and noble, but they were not as tough as this humble fire stick.

Even with those disordered ideas in his mind, his feet did not stop, slowly getting closer the huge men. The relax (but because of the scary large eye, relax look disgusting) of the huge men was gone, he focus on the Shaw Danon who may look the weakest. He only shot one red beam at Kevern and Issa every while, to block their advance, while he shot rapidly at Shaw Danon.

It was obvious Shaw Danon was tired, but the black fire stick did not get harmed. The savage energy of the red beam seem ineffective to this young men. Under everyone’s eyes, Shaw Danon was getting closer step by step.

The huge men already sweating on his forehead. In his heart, there was no way to figure out why the "Red Devil Eye" he had cultivated for three hundreds years was so well against Daoist’s precious esper, why ineffective against a normal fire stick?

But how could he know, Red Devil Eye’s power is strong indeed, using its savage, vicious energy could penetrate Kevern and others’ swords. Then use the sword as a path to slowly introduce the evil energy into their bodies, allow him to be victorious fromt he very begining. But Shaw Danon’s ugly fire stick was blood smelted by Shaw Danon with Felkin’s most evil object "Sinister Orb" and the unknown black stick from the ancient valley behind Bamboo Peak. Compare in evil spirit, just "Sinister Orb" alone is many times stronger than Red Devil Eye, not to mention the nameless black stick.

The two greatest evil objects fused together and balance each other, covered the evil energy inside. With Shaw Danon inside it, only Shaw Danon could drive it. And that is also why it could conceal the Jadeon’s elders, allow Shaw Danon to come back out from the gate of hell.

However, the red beam of Red Devil Eye was surely useless to the fire stick. But Shaw Danon was still young and ignorance. He did not know he was having a valuable esper. If it was the old Felkin leader Blackheart Elder from thousand years ago, with a Sinister Orb, he just need to swing around few times, then the men will get all his blood drained and flesh dried, leaving a Red Devil Eye rolling on his dead body.

But everyone here could never come up witht that unimaginable idea. The huge men focus on Shaw Danon but still couldn’t stop him from getting closer. The evil looking young men stood next to him who was quiet suddenly laughed coldly: "Nian Boss, your Red Devil Eye seem useless, can’t even defeat a few Jadeon students. It is a shame that you scolded at Cynical. I think you should pass me the position of archlord."

The huge men and the young woman’s faces changed. The young woman frowned and said: "Comrade Lin Fang, we are facing great enemies here, how can you say such thing?"

Lin Fang peered at the Jadeons and Anan, then he laughed coldly: "If those brats are great enemies, how are we Blood Forger able to stand up in Holy Faction, and talk about to restore the past glory accomplished by Elder Blackheart?"

Nian Boss shot an other red beam at Shaw Danon, stopped him for a moment, then he turned back and shout angily: "Beside talk with exaggeration what else can you do, why don’t you come up and try?"

A evil smile rose on Lin Fang’s pale face, said: "Okay, I will make you eat your word."

Then he took out a golden fan, and fanned at himself.

The Jadeons heard their conversation. They were all alerted to that evil looking young men. But after long while, all he did was calmly swinging the fan, standing there coolly and not doing anything. They were stunned.

Could it be that Lin Fang was only bragging?

Nian Boss was mad to half death by him, he said angily: "Lin Fang, if you don’t have the skill then step aside. I can deal with those Jadeon youngsters. No need you to make sarcastic comments. Can’t you look at yourself and see do you have any skill?"

Lin Fang snorted, said: "I originally don’t want to team with you or else it will be an unhonorable victory. But seem like if I don’t show some skill, you will think I am lying is it?"

Then he tossed the golden fan into mid-air. The fan glowed with soft gold light, then it opened.

On the golden fan, there was a mountain, a river, and a condor drawings on the fan.

Wind blew, clouds surged, thunder howled, lighting flashed.

It was under the ground, inside of the ancient cave, there should never be such strange occurrences. But now in front of their eyes, these appeared. A loud bang, then the fan shook a little, after a moment, the mountain from the fan came out. It became a thousand feet high, almost completely filled the entire room. Then the mountain fell on the four Jadeons.

Shaw Danon was frighten and turned pale. But he had no power to resist such great object. He flight backward. The mountain was about to land on him, but half of his body was still under there. When he was about to be crushed in half, someone pulled him and dragged him out.

Shaw Danon turned and found it was Kevern who saved him. His heart was bitter, but still he said quietly: "Thank you Qi Shixiong."

How could Kevern knew what Shaw Danon was thinking. He nodded solenmly. He was standing a bit back, so he got back faster. Then he saw Shaw Danon was next to him, so he pulled him.

The mountain was already made their head hurt. The mountain landed, the ground and wall shook at that instant, even the gravel from the top of the cave fell like rain. The power was shocking.

Issa also returned. His face filled with surprise, said: "Earthen Fan! This is Jieshi Mountain’s Old Fengyue’s esper. How did it get into this person’s hand?"

They were surprised. Shaw Danon was ignorance, but Kevern got wide knowledge, he knew that Old Fengyue was a cultivator from the Jieshi Mountain of the east. He was deeply cultivated and quite famous. He normally does thing neutral between the Good and Evil. Never commited any bad thing. So both Good and Evil did not trouble this person. But they could not imagin Old Fengyue’s esper was in the hand of the young men who was among those heretics.

When they were still in the state of shock, the mountain heartlessly rose up. There was no idea how strong the magic was needed to drive this large object.

Behind them it was stone wall. There was no escape. The stones were raining down. Lighting flashed and thunder roared. The Jadeons were anxious. Kevern gritted his teeth, was about to step forth and use Union Mirror to protect them and try to resist this mighty mountain, but then a blue figure flashed, Anan suddenly appeared before three of them. Suddenly blue light brightened, "Aeolian Firmus" unsheathed with the roar of dragon. The powerful energy rose.

The thunder was getting more hurry. The mountain fell with the invincible momentum, it was about to crush the four people into meat pie. Anan’s face was cold, her hair danced in the fierce wind, she was like a fairy from nine skies! "Aeolian Firmus" shook a little, answered its owner’s heart, then like an angry dragon, it rose, the blue light brightened the entire cave, and it striked at the mountain.


The sands blew, the wind screamed. Under the eyes of everyone, the large air current rushed at all direction. Anan in mid-air, her face turned pale. The whole body was bounced back and hitted heavily on the wall.

But the mountain was being hitted by the large blue light pillar, it stopped. Then shook in the mid-air for a few times. After a loud noise, it shrinked and disappeared among the dust storm, reappeared on Earthen Fan.

The evil looking Lin Fang looked at Earthen Fan. His eyebrows immediately frowned. On the drawing, the originally magnificent mountain had a large rift from the top to middle of the mountain. The fan was like having a broken face.

Chapter 37 Forsaken Abyss B

Aeolian Firmus flight back to the Jadeons, but Anan slided down from the wall. Her feet weakened, and almost fell on the ground. But fortunately other Jadeons already gathered there, Shaw Danon help supported her to stand up.

Anan was gasping. She wanted to push away Shaw Danon. But when her hand held out, blood came out from the corner of her lips.

The red blood passed her skin, leaving red mark above her white skin, like a soul touching beauty.

Shaw Danon startled, then he heard Lin Fang shouted angily: "Stink woman, you dare to ruin my esper. You can’t pay back even you die ten times!" The he rose into the air. The Earth Fan’s gold light shined, completely not fit with his evil energy. But it still opened and closed in mid-air, coming toward them.

At far, Nian Boss already stopped shooting red beam. His "Red Devil Eye" returned normal. He stood still. The young woman stepped forth, looked at Jadeon Anan, she said quietly: "Did you see it?"

Nian Boss’s face was solemn, said: "It’s Aeolian Firmus!"

The young woman snorted: "Can’t believe such divine item is in the hand of a child!"

Nian Boss watched Lin Fang battle against the Jadeons, he said: "Aeolian Firmus is Nine Skies Weapon, our Bloodforger founder Elder Blackheart was defeated under this sword. Today we must take this sword no matter what!"

The young woman nodded: "That Lin Fang-"

Nian Boss laughed coldly: "This kid rely on the relative relationship with Old Fengyue and become so arrogent. If not because I am in need of men, I already don’t let him stay. Now let him fight in the van. You and I will seek a chance to take that sword."

The young woman nodded, and focus on the field.

Everytime the Earth Fan fanned, storm would blew, and caused the small rocks to pierce Jadeons. But once they got near, Kevern and Issa would block them. When the mountain suddenly appeared, they were all surprised and did not know what to do. But now their outstanding cultivation was clearly shown.

Kevern with his Frozen Ice sword blocked wave after wave of fierce wind. Issa also shown his strength. This purple "Xuanyuan", under the cover of Kevern, looked for a chance to strike and Lin Fang like a viper. Lin Fang almost injured by the purple light. The three people were draw. Difficult to get the result.

Shaw Danon stood behind them and supported Anan. His eyes stared at Kevern. The way he used the sword was cool and skilled. He knew himself could never match Kevern on the technique of esper. He couldn’t help but felt admire of him. For long time, he only practiced the basic of Pure Essence. Until before he left the mountain, Surin hurried and passed him the actual useful incanation. Surely he could not compare to Kevern.

As he was attentively watching them, he suddenly felt his shoulder lightened. Anan had left his support after a while of rest.

Shaw Danon saw her jade white face had turned pale, he asked: "Are you alright, Shijie?"

Anan looked at him, then wiped away the blood on the corner of her lips. She shook her head and did not say anything.

From the time he met this icy beauty, he knew how her way does, so he did not bother to continue asking. Plue he was a bit fear of her, he turned and looked at the field.

But just when he had turned, he suddenly hear Anan screamed. He was surprised and saw a black rope came out from the stone wall behind him and Anan. It swiftly tied Anan’s hands at the side of her body. A moment later a person came out from the stone wall, it was the young woman who was standing at far away a minute ago.

She giggled: "Little girl, you born to be so pretty, really causing me to envy. This "Celestial Rope" is sister specially prepared for you the Daoist."

Shaw Danon saw suffering rose on Anan’s face. The "Celestial Rope" was already getting deep into the skin. It was obvious how much pain was that. But before he could react, Nian Boss dashed in and reached out his hand for the "Aeolian Firmus" behind Anan.

Shaw Danon would not let him do whatever he wanted. "Fire stick" rose up and went straight at Nian Boss. Nian Boss saw the extreamly strange black stick again. His heart was a little afraid of this thing. He forced himself stopped and landed on the ground.

Kevern and Issa heard the noise. They turned and surprised. They were about to assist, but Lin Fang saw them, his mind thought: if I let you get away on your so easily, aren’t I lose all of my face in front of Nian Boss. Then the Earth Fan summoned the wind and kept Kevern and Issa busy.

Shaw Danon temporary forced Nian Boss to stay back, then the fire stick striked at the young woman without hesitation. But the young woman just smiled, and swung the rope. Anan was involuntarily blocked in front for her.

Shaw Danon was surprised. He immediately stopped the fire stick. It stopped about three inches in front of Anan, and shined Anan’s paled face to green.

Not wait for Shaw Danon to regain his breath, two whistles came from behind. Shaw Danon fell forward and embarrassingly dodged it. Then he looked back and saw Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy Liu Gao attacked him while he was in trouble. And Nian Boss was also eagered at taking the sword. He too attacked him.

Shaw Danon one versed three. He immediately fell into difficult struggle. If not because Nian Boss was a little fear the fire stick, and Cynical and Liu Gao saw the scene that fire stick draining blood in the darkness, they were afraid and not attacking too aggressively, Shaw Donon would already lost.

Even like that, after few rounds, under the combined strength of three esper, Shaw Danon was already in very dangerous situation. There was still one more troubling thing. The young woman was like watching the fight, but everytime Shaw Danon tried to counter attack, she would toss Anan as a shield, then all Shaw Danon could do was to hold back. With all those problems, he was about to be injured by the three heretics.

Under Celestial Rope, no matter how hard Anan struggled was useless. The young woman smiled proudly behind her. Because Shaw Danon was fear to hurt herself and almost got killed, Anan became more pale and anxious. Then blood spewed out from her mouth, splitted on her dress.

Shaw Danon heard the sound and thought Anan was injured by the "Celestial Rope". Under the surprise, he did not think much. Black gas rose from the fire stick, in the speed of lighting, it shot toward the young woman.

The young woman did not expect Shaw Danon to give up his own safety and attack her, so she wasn’t prepared. Seeing the fire stick was in front of her, she immediately rose into the sky to escape.

But at the same time Shaw Danon’s back shown a great opening. The red beam from Nian Boss’s Red Devil Eye, and the Cynical Dialectian’s grey fang, Liu Gao yellow sword hitted on Shaw Danon’s back together.

Shaw Danon’s eyes blackened and almost fainted. After the sharp pain over his body, he felt numb. He fell forward. While in mid-air, the blood in his mouth spewed out like spring.

Anan saw this. Her teeth bitted deeply into her lips. Then she suddenly felt the Celestial Rope was loosened. The young woman was distracted by Shaw Danon and forgot the control the Celestial Rope.

With some empty space, Anan’s hands held together and formed orchid mark. "Aeolian Firmus" automatically came out from the sheathe. The blue light flited across the sky and widened the Celestial Rope. Under the godly edge of "Aeolian Firmus", though the "Celestial Rope" was uncommonly hard, but it was making weird sound.

Chapter 37 Forsaken Abyss C

The young woman feared the power of Aeolian Firmus, she immediately retrieved the Celestial Rope. Anan regained her freedom, even her body was still sorrowly painful, she rose into the air and caught Shaw Danon.

But, not waited for two of them to regain their breath, Nian Boss and others were already here.

Aeolian Firmus’s blue light flashed, flight in front of Anan and protected its owner. But Anan’s face was pale like paper, her body was faltering.

At that instant, suddenly a whistle sounded, then a scream. Lin Fang said angrily: "Jadeon kids, you dare to hurt me, watch this!"

"Bang!" It sounded cleared at every corner of the cave!

When everyone was surprised, Nian Boss stopped the attack, cried: "Brother Lin, can not-"

Before he could finish, everyone felt the ground was shaking. Then they looked at the Earth Fan in Lin Fang’s hand, the river disappeared.

Then follow a ear deafening bang, the flat ground cracked. a large water pillar gushed out from under ground. The strength was so strong that even the large stones were moved. Only the giant stone craved with the words "Forsaken Abyss" did not move.

The four Jadeons were washed to all direction. Anan’s hand loosened. At that instant, she suddenly felt, her heart, was also sinked.

The blood stained body of Shaw Danon was floating to farther away. In front of him was the dark and secret abyss!

She stood in mid-air, at that instant, the scenes of the past reappeared in her heart:

At Mount Jadeon Peak of Widows, the boy who blushed when he saw her during the sortition;

at that contest, the suddenly softened eyes in the lighting storm;

and just moment ago, because of her blood, the person who came recused her recklessly!

A large rock fell. Anan gritted her teeth, used her last strength, pulled against the large rock and changed the direction, flight toward to Shaw Danon.

The rocks fell like rain. The water roared like dragon. But those are all seem to be a far away. "Aeolian Firmus" glowed with blue light and follow its owner.

After dodging several falling stones, Anan reached to Shaw Danon, caught his hand, wanted to pull him back. But she felt the last of her strength was gone.

"She comes to save me?" Shaw Danon blurrily saw Anan, and said this in his heart. Then he suddenly discovered, Anan and him were already passed the stone craved with the word "Forsaken Abyss", and arrived at above the abyss.

Then, they slowly fell.

Anan seem unconscious. Her eyes were close. Her body turned to the other side. At this moment, there was happiness on her pale face.

Before Shaw Danon fell into the endless abyss filled with eternal darkness, when the last beam of light was still there, he heard a Buddist saying, then golden light brightened.

At the next moment, he fell intot the darkness.

In the endless darkness, was like eternity, he could not even see the girl who was so close to him.

But, at the moment before he fell unconscious, he still knew, that Anan and his hand, were still helding together, closely, closely.

He could even faintly feel that hand was so cold, so cool.

The endless darkness swallowed everything.

<> Volume One-End

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