Zhu Xian

Chapter 34: Ancient Cave
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Chapter 34 Ancient Cave A

The four people managed to get out from the bat corpses. They already in a very embarrassing situation. Their bodies were covered by the dark red blood. The smell was also extreamly stink.

The four people were Jadeon, normally stay clean, especially Anan. In this situation, it was worse than cut her with a blade three times.

They quickly walked away, just to get as far as possible from those disgusting corpses. They arrived on a flat rock. The four hitted their clothes and tried to clean it up. But those blood mark and the stinky smell could not get rid of no matter how hard they tried.

The three men were still better, but Anan’s cold face was more like snow and frost than usual. She rubbed her clothes aggressively, it was like she will not give up until those disgusting thing is gone.

Those blood were very sticky. Really soon, Kevern, Issa, and Shaw Danon gave up. But Anan was still not giving up. The three men looked at each other, even Kevern was embarrassed, did not know what to say.

The four people were silent. When Anan was still frowned, and rubing her clothes, and whistle came from the sky. They looked up and saw four lights appeared in the sky. Two were yellow, one white and one green. A moment later they landed in front of them. After the lights were gone, four people appeared.

On the left were two monks. One of them was huge, thick eyebrows and large eyes. His body filled with muscles. If not because of the cassock, people may mistaken him as a bandit. The young monk standing in front was a head shorter. He was completely different. White skin, bright eyes. Covered with a white cassock. Though he may look thin, but could not be underestimate.

The two people stood on the right were two young male and female. They looked like a pair, just like the boy and girl servents of bodhisatta.

The four people looked at the Jadeons. Seeing their bodies covered with blood, they frowned. The young monk said: "Amitabha, may I ask are four donors Jadeons?"

The four Jadeons looked at each other. Kevern stepped forth, bowed: "Correct. It is Kevern. You are....."

The young monk smiled: "Young monk is Skysong Temple’s Fazzan, this is Shidi Fashan. The two there are Incense Valley’s distinguish disciples Li Su and Yanon."

The tall Fashan greeted them respectfully. But Li Su and Yanon were quite arrogant, they slightly nodded.

Kevern nodded and ignored the Incense, said to Fazzan: "Ah, I had admired Skysong Temple’s Fazzan Shixiong name for long time, praise as the rare talent by the righteous cultivators. Today we meet, it’s really true!"

Fazzan smiled, said: "Qi Shixiong mistaken. Young monk’s potential is dumb. Its just because master Puhan did not desert me, and pass me the incanation, wish to do good deeds for the world. How could I able to mention along side with all the Shixiongs from Jadeon."

Kevern laughed, waved his hand: "Fazzan Shixiong is too modest. Come, I will introduce my Shidi and Shimei." Shaw Danon did not know why, when Kevern was introducing him, he felt Fazzan’s eyes brightened, and paid more attention to him.

This time, Li Su who was being ignored was already not pleased. Wait until Kevern finished introducing, he suddenly spoke coldly: "Qi Shixiong, your Jadeon Clan is the leader of the Good. Taoist cultivation is the most supreme in this world. But why today we meet, everyone of you are in such embarrassment?"

The four Jadeons’ faces changed. Shaw Danon dislike him more as he saw Li Su’s arrogent. Anan stopped rubbing her clothes. Her eyes coldly looked at the two Incense, but more of glared at the beautiful girl called Yanon.

Although there was a little anger in Kevern, but he calmed down very fast, laughed: "Not to conceal any of you. Last night we were trying to search for Cave of Fangs, but unfortunately there were countless of bats......"

Fazzan and others’ looks changed. Fashan’s eyes widen, said roughly: "Um, they are the animals from Cave of Fangs. Vicious and cruel. Very difficult to deal with."

Kevern noticed that the four people in front of him were arrived earilier few days earilier, and also met those painful creatures. Issa laughed, stepped forth, smiled to Fashan: "Fashan Shixiong, then that mean you guys also met those vampires?"

Fashan nodded, said: "Right. But the numbers are massive, so we can only return."

Issa exclaimed, then sighed: "Ah, not to conceal anyone, we also met those bats last night. We wanted to remove the harm from the people, so we killed for the entire day. But no matter how much effort we putted it, its not helping. We could only drive those evils back to the cave, and now we ended up body of filth. Alas, shameful, shameful!"

He turned and looked at Kevern, smiled and said together: "Shameful! Shameful!"

Incense Valley’s Li Su snorted with scorn. Yanon’s face also written with disbelieve. Fazzan smiled and not say anything. Fashan shown admire on his face. Shaw Danon was startled.

After a moment, Fazzan smiled and said: "This quest to Kongsang mountain, the elders of three factions want us to come and train ourself. Now everyone are here, but Jadeon Shixiongs are tired by the journey, we shall rest for a day. Tomorrow morning we will go into Cave of Fangs and invesitgate. How does that sound?"

Li Su snorted, said: "Fazzan Shixiong is right. Otherwise someone will find an other excuse when they get into the cave."

Except for Shaw Danon, from Jadeon, Kevern, Issa, and Anan were doted by their master of their own house. Who did not have a bit of arrogent in their bones. Kevern snorted, said: "Li Su Shixiong is right. Otherwise we won’t have the strength to rescuse you since we are all tire!"

It was clear that Li Su did not expect people from Jadeon were also so arrogent. He came from Incense Valley, favored by his master since young. Not much disciples at his age could match his cultivation. He grew up to be arrogent, how could he take this. He stared at Kevern: "Then that mean Qi Shixiong’s cultivation is far better than me. I would like to see it myself."

This was matter for clan’s reputation. Just when Kevern was about to step forth, Anan came out from behind, said coldly: "No need Qi Shixiong to bother with this. Let me to test Incense Valley’s magic."

Chapter 34 Ancient Cave B

Li Su suddenly startled. Although Anan was covered by bloodstain, her skin was whiter than ever in comparsion. Though the look was cold, but there was a celestial like beauty. He had never saw such peerless beauty before. He was stunned.

At the same time, Fazzan stepped forth, smiled: "Shixiongs, we come here to invesitgate the left over Felkin. Before you departed, your master must had already reminded you. If your master know we are handling thing here with violent, when we go back we will be punished. This is unnecessary, what about we all take a step back?"

Li Su snorted, looked at the sky. Though he did not say anything, the meaning was obvious. Kevern remembered the reminder of Master Doyal Shen. He felt a little regret, and since this is the chance to get away, he said: "Lu Shimei, Fazzan Shixiong is right, harmony is important."

Anan looked at everyone, then snorted. She went back, and saw Shaw Danon was looking at herself. Her eyes sweeped around Shaw Danon’s face, then stood alone at the side.

Shaw Danon could feel the chill rose from his heart after being looked by Anan.

Then Fazzan said: "We leave here first, and return tomorrow to invesitgate. ."

No one had comment. They followed Fazzan arrived at a small hill thirty miles away from Kongsang Mountain. There was clear spring. That was what the Jadeon needed. They washed and found a secluded place to change clothes. Then came out and met with Fazzan and others.

Anan is a female. She picked the farthest place to change, so she was the last one came out. After washed, her beautiful face added some coquetry. Issa, Li Su ad others eyes brighten, even the quiet Yanon looked at her.

The eight "best" disciples of the three main Good factions were sitting in a circle on the ground. From Fazzan and others, Shaw Danon found out the bats from "Cave of Fangs" were tamed by the Felkin. They assisted Felkin heretic’s task. Eight hundreds years ago when Felkin’s hideout got wiped out, small number of bats survived. After a long time, their numbers grew into today’s amount. They went out and hunted everyday, turned the place within five hundreds miles radius into barren.

But those bats seem afraid of sunlight, so they only active at night and rest inside the cave at day. Last night the Jadeon was happened to meet those bats, they would be fine if they went to the mountain during day.

Issa frowned, asked Fazzan: "Fazzan Shixiong, with those animals in the Cave of Fangs, how are we suppose to get inside?"

Fazzan hesitated for a second, then said: "According to what young monk found out these days, those animals only hang up-side down on the cave wall in morning, not doing anything. Perhaps we can get inside."

Issa couldn’t speak. Shaw Danon could not help himself, said: "Then that mean Fazzan Shixiong is unsure. If they attack us when we get inside, what are we going to do?"

Fazzan turned to him. There was like something shining in his eyes, but his manner was still soft: "Exactly. Young monk is not perfectly sure about it. But masters ordered us to do it, we have to do it. Go there and try, if that really happen, we can alway retreat. Today me, Shidi Fashan, and the two donor from Incense Valley were planning to enter the cave. Did not expect to meet you. That even better, more people more help."

"Hm" Li Su snorted again. The four Jadeon looked at him. Li Su did not fear, but his expression changed when Anan looked at him.

Kevern ignored him, turned to Fazzan: "There is still one thing that need to ask Fazzan Shixiong."

Fazzan said: "Qi Shixiong say it."

Kevern said: "Three months ago, our Jadeon disciple, Enu Xiao Shxiong came here already. Not sure if you know where he is right now?"

Fazzan shook his head: "The two from Incense Valley and us arrived here together, never see Xiao Shixiong."

Kevern frowned, thinking.


The next day, at dawn, Shaw Danon and others arrived at Kongsang Mountain. The mountain was barren, sands all over the ground. There was not even a bird call. They probably became the bats’ dessert or already moved out from the mountain.

Fazzan and others had been here several days earilier, so they already discovered the location of Cave of Fangs. They followed him and carefully arrived at the entrance of Cave of Fangs.

It was a large cave, located at the back of the mountain. Slightly slide downward. Only the entrance had a bit of light. Inside was completely dark. Even standing sixty feet away, they could feel the freezing wind coming out from the cave. There was also some sound coming, like whisper, like ghost cry.

Kevern looked at the cave, turned back and forced a smile on his face, said: "Let us go in."

Fazzan nodded: "Right, but there are unexpectable danger inside the cave, we better prepare our esper first."

This was life and death matter, they quickly took out their esper. When Shaw Danon took out his fire stick, Li Su, Yonan, and two monks of Skysong were stunned. Shaw Danon blushed, quite embarrassed. Fortunately at that moment, Anan said coldly under the blue glow of Aeolian Firmus: "Go." Then being the first one went into the dark cave. Others followed.

When he was about to enter, just when the wind from the cave became the coldest, Shaw Danon could feel Fazzan moved close to him intentionally. He smiled, Fazzan smiled as reply, said quietly: "Zhang Shidi, the road ahead is dangerous. You need to follow closely behind me."

Shaw Danon startled. But Fazzan already entered the darkness. He did not have time to think about additional stuff. He quickly followed.

After a few steps in the cave, Shaw Danon felt the ground under his feet turned soft, his entire body sinked. He was surprised. Fortunately it stopped at ankle height. They were already swallowed by darkness. But with the glow of espers, Shaw Danon looked down, his face turned bitter. He found out he was standing on extreamly thick layer of bat stool. Stink smell was enough, but with the feet sinked into it, it was as miserable as it can get. He saw other people’s expressions were also the same. Especially the two females, Anan and Incense Valley’s Yanon’s eyebrows held tight. Their faces were pale.

Shaw Danon shook his head, forced his mind to settle down. After they got familar with the environment, they continued forward. At the same time, the whisper like sound was getting louder. It was at everywhere, near, far away, front or back, left of right.

They walked for an other fourty feet, then suddenly Kevern said quietly: "Halt!"

Everyone immediately stopped. Kevern’s Frozen Ice sword slowly rose up, lightened cave ahead. Everyone held their breath.

It was a extreamly huge cave. The top was very far from the ground. Under the white light of Frozen Ice sword, they could see countless of bats were hanging up-side down on top of the cave. The bats were packed so densely that they couldn’t see the rock of the cave. It seem like the ghost cry was created by those bats.

The bats felt uncomfortable when got shined by light. They moved, but did not fly. They climbed to the darkness. Some just climbed on their friends. The large jaws of these animals were fearsome.

They held their breath. After a while, they noticed the bats did not make much movement, and wouldn’t attack. Everyone were relieved. Fazzan said quietly: "Fortunately young monk’s prediction is right. Everyone, let’s continue."

They turned and continue to further inside the terrorifing cave, deeper into the darkness. As they advanced, the stools on the ground were getting thicker and thicker. Under the light of Frozen Ice sword, the bats in the cave were like endless. The bats’ mumble around their ears. If not because all eight of them were cultivated, mind strengthen, normal people would have gone mad already.

They walked and walked. Shaw Danon walked in the middle. Fazzan alway walked in front of him. He saw there were also some dirt on the young monk’s white cassock. Shaw Danon suddenly remembered Pozhi.

The person that lived inside of his memory, was he from the place same as the monk in front of him?

From the front, Kevern suddenly called: "Ah!"

Before Shaw Danon realized, he felt his feet stepped on hard ground.

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