Zhu Xian

Chapter 33: Ten Thousands Bats
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Chapter 33 Ten Thousands Bats A

Shaw Danon startled, and regonized she was the young girl argued about mei fishes during dinner. She was in a watery green clothes. Under the moon light, she was just like a fairy.

The girl putted the flower under her nose and took a deep breath. She was like intoxicated, added a bit soul touching beauty. That flower seem brighter in front of her.

But Shaw Danon had a nameless anger in his heart. He frowned said: "The flower was fine there. Why you picked it?"

The green dress girl took a look at Shaw Danon, said lightly: "I picked this flower is good fortune; let me smelled its fragrance is the result of this flower’s good deeds over three reincarnations. How can a uncultured person understand?"

Shaw Danon startled, it was the most ridiculous thing he ever heard of. He shook his head: "The flower was picked by you, it lost is life, how could it be happy?"

The green dress girl peered at him: "You are not flower. How do you know it’s not happy?"

Shaw Danon heard this girl’s words were so unreasonable, he became mroe angry, said: "You are not flower either, how do you know it’s happy? Perhaps it is suffering right now. Ah, look, there are water on the flower, it is crying because of the pain it is suffering."

The green dress girl stunned, then chuckled. She was as charming as the blooming flower. Also cause Shaw Danon to startle.

"Flower’s tear? Ha ha, flower’s tear. It is my first time hear a men say a dew is flower’s tear. So funny-"

Shaw Danon blushed. He mumbled but couldn’t say anything. But seeing that girl laughed so hard that she bended her back, he forced to say: "Then, then what about it?"

The girl laughed even harder. The laughter filled the quiet, dark garden, added a bit warmness.

Shaw Danon did not know how to say. Seeing the girl’s smile, he stamped his feet and walked away.

Suddenly the green dress girl held the laughter, but the tone still contain a bit laughter, said: "Hey, wait."

Shaw Danon was in a good mood while walking in the garden. But when he met this girl, his mood became really bad. Now she said it, his heart was impatient, he turned back and said: "My name is not hey, who are you talking to?"

The girl startled, the smile on her face disappeared. Her eyes became cold. It appeared not much people had ever talked to her like this. But then she thought of something, although the smile did not reappear on her face, her voice was gentle, said: "Oh, then what’s your name?"

Shaw Danon said: "My name is-" Then he paused, and snorted: "Why I need to tell you?"

That girl’s face became serious, seem like she got mad. But when she looked at Shaw Danon’s face, like a little boy, she couldn’t help but laughed again.

This laugh had removed the anger on her face, fused with the moonlight and fragrance. She knew it was not proper to laugh, but when she tried to hold it, she laughed again.

It was like the naive of long time ago had came alive tonight.

The moonlight was like water, shined on her face and shoulders, reflected the soul touching beauty.

Don’t know when, Shaw Danon was enchanted.

After a while, the girl noticed Shaw Danon was staring at her. She did not blushed like most other ladies, but asked directly: "Do I look pretty?"

Shaw Danon was surprised, kind of like a thief that got caught. Under her soft eyes, he seem couldn’t escape. He said: "I, you um, you are pretty!"

Shaw Danon was startled after he said it. But the girl did not care. She had a light smile: "That’s what I thought. Since I was young, no one said I am not pretty. Every men are like that."

Listen to her tone, it was like she had much experience of the world. Shaw Danon wanted to argue, but he realized her figure under the moonlight was a little familar. He remembered on Mount Jadeon, near the green pond, he saw his Shijie’s beautiful figure with his own eyes. At that moment, he felt dispirited. He looked at the green dress girl once more, then sighed, turned and walked away.

"Hey." Then the green dress girl called again. Shaw Danon frowned and turned back, looked at her.

She squinted her eyes, her lips tighten, seem like thinking something. It was silent.

"What is your name?" She asked again, with Shaw Danon’s figure reflected in her eyes.

Shaw Danon suddenly shrink back. The anger were all disappeared. It seem like facing that figure he couldn’t have slight of anger. He avoided that gentle eyes, with a bit coward, he said: "Shaw Danon."

Then he quickly walked back, kind of like running away.

He walked quickly with his head lowered. At the corner of the trail, a black figure suddenly appeared. It was difficult to see in this dark garden.

He almost couldn’t stop. Lucky his body was still keen, stopped right in front of that figure. In the darkness, a pair of bright but quiet eyes appeared in front of him.

Their distance was too close. Shaw Danon was surprised and quickly stepped backward. Now he could see clearly. That person was the masked woman sitting next to the green dress girl during dinner. She still had her vile on, but had changed into a black silk dress. In the night, she was just like a spirit.

Shaw Danon could smell a faint fragrance. Was it just the flowers’ odor of the garden or could it be because of that woman.

Shaw Danon regreted coming out here tonight. He murmured: "Sorry." Then went passed that masked woman and heading to his room.

From the begining, that masked woman did not speak. She just quietly standing there, watching that young men. After Shaw Danon went passed her, she turned slowly and looked at his back.

Chapter 33 Ten Thousands Bats B

After a while, her body almost fused with the darkness of the garden, she turned and walked into the garden. Soon, she saw the green dress girl was still standing at the same spot, playing with the flower.

The green dress girl lifted her head, did not surprised. She smiled: "Aunt Negar, you are back."

The masked woman looked at the flower. Her vile moved a little, it seem like she nodded, she said: "The four people are from Jadeon." Her voice sounded in the garden. Although soft and gentle, but it was a little ghostly, "The leader is Dragon Head Peak’s Kevern. Never saw the other three people before. They appeared to be the young generation disciples. Don’t know what their names are."

The green dress girl smiled: "I know one. The one that just went. His name is Shaw Danon. A stupid name."

The masked woman looked at her, said lightly: "Bilu, long time haven’t see you viewing flowers."

The green dress girl, also called Bilu, startled, then smile reappeared on her face at the next moment: "Yeah, Aunt Negar, a long time."

She held up the flower and took a careful look at it. The under the watch of the masked woman, the green dress girl had a smile on her face, her hand held tight, squeezed the flower into pieces.


The next day, the four people woke up. After they freshen themself, Kevern gathered them, discussed: "Kongsang Mountain located three thousands miles at the east, we better get going." The other three people had no comment, so they checked out.

The innkeeper of Shanhai Yuan was really admired Jadeon. He gave them a fifty percent discount. The expensive room price dropped to almost equivalent to normal room price. Shaw Danon peered around while Kevern was chatting with the innkeeper. But when he was leaving, he still couldn’t find the green dress girl from last night.

The four fly for ten days to cover three thousands miles. Shaw Danon was certainly what slowed them down. But at the last few days, Shaw Danon began to get used to the art. He could fly decently. Everyday, flying in the sky had brought him the excitment.

That day they finally arrived at Kongsang Mountain. They landed and surprised by what they saw. Within a hundred miles around the mountain, there were only rocks and almost no plants. There were no sign of any people. Very desolate.

It was near sunset. The sun sinking at the west. The yellow glow of sunset shined at Kongshan Mountain, with a bit desolate, and a bit dreadful. They landed at the foot of the mountain, putted away their esper. Kevern looked at the sky, said: "I think we can’t find any house here that can allow us to spend a night. How about we begin to go up to the mountain, search for ’Cave of Fangs’ while look for anywhere that is decent enough to rest for the night."

Issa nodded, said: "Qi Shixiong is right. Let us go to the mountain." Shaw Danon saw Issa agreed, himself did not have any comment either. Anan looked at the sky, then without saying anything, she was the first headed to the mountain.

Although Kongsang Mountain was not as high as the Jadeon’s Peak of Widows, it was not short neither. Plus the path was dangerous and risky, hard to find a way. When the four people reached mountain waist, the sky was already dark.

When the four people arrived at a flat area, Kevern stopped others. He took out a small mirror. They immediately recongeized that was precious esper of Jadeon "Union Mirror". They startled, wondered what Kevern is going to do.

Kevern held the Union Mirror in his hand. He murmured several lines of incanation, then the dark Union Mirror reacted, brighten, and floated into the air, stopped at two feet above his head. A light yellow aura brighten the circle six feet around and protected the four people.

Kevern said: "Kongsang mountain was a gather place for Felkin Heretic eight hundred years ago. This mountain is so barren and strange. There could be many monsters hiding in here. Union Mirror can protect the owner, so we can be more prepared."

Shaw Danon looked at the Union Mirror floating in mid-air. That small mirror’s appearance was not special, but the energy coming out from the mirror can not be underestimate. At that moment, they heard a loud sound, then some wings flapping sound. The sound was getting more and more intensive that they could not hear any break. Only this loud noise sounding at the wild mountain. With the help of the light of Union Mirror, they could see a large black cloud came out from the back of the mountain. It was wicked in the darkness. The loud noise was coming from that black cloud.

Their faces changed. Issa rolled his eyes, then suddenly cried out: "Union Mirror!"

They hadn’t reacted yet, the large black cloud seem noticed something and turned to them. After a moment, a ear piercing scream came out from the black cloud. At that instant, the black cloud charged at that only light in the darkness.

The sky with stars became dark, it was like it was covered by something. They could smell the stink odor filled around them instantly. Shaw Danon and other were frightened. Only Kevern remain calm, but his face was already pale, he quickly said: "Don’t move. Do not leave the Union Mirror’s aura."

After a minute, the scream noise was already next to their ears. Under the light of Union Mirror, they could see clearly that the black cloud was made up by countless of black bat. Their bodies were more than two times larger of normal bats. Each opened their jaws. Within the black, the mouth was blood red, very scary.

The light yellow aura of Union Mirror was obviously effective. All the bats were blocked outside of the aura. No matter how hard they tried to crushed, the aura did not shake. Outside of the aura, the bats’ bodies issued a buzzing sound when they touched the aura. The bats then fell on the ground, stuggled and died.

But there were just too many bats. The entire starry sky was covered by the bats. There were at least billions of bats here. The bats that were dead were not even one percent. The countless of bats hitted wave after wave. The four people were surrounded in the center. Although they were fine, but everywhere were the horrifing mouths. The stink odor was disgusting.

But the Union Mirror was still the precious esper. Under the attack of countless, vicious animals, it had no sign of weaken. The yellow aura looked thin, but it stood like mountain. Soon, the dead bodies of bats built higher and higher on the outside of the aura.

Above the aura, many black bats also surrounded there. It was not three layers, it was three hundreds layers. (Three layers mean very thick in Chinese) But the attack on the aura seem slowed down. They seem realized it was useless but the bats were not willing leave until they got their relish foods.

Shaw Danon had never seen such savage animals before. He was still a bit nervous and scared. He looked at Anan and saw her face was also extreamly pale.

At the same time, Anan felt his eyes. She turned to Shaw Danon. Their eyes met.

Anan quickly turned away, her pale face was getting more white, and did not turned back.

Suddenly, all bats flight into the sky. Issa looked at them, relieved said: "Finally manage to-"

He couldn’t continue. The black cloud, or the countless of bats, flight to high area then turned and striked at the Union Mirror’s aura like hailstorm. They were shocked back by the Union Mirror’s aura and created blood mist. Under the soft yellow light, they fell on the ground in pieces.

The blood flow on the ground. The smell of blood floated in air. Countless of horrifing blood dropped on the ground. The bats ignored the comrades that died and kept hitting the aura. The four Jadeon were all pale, watching the rare savage beasts.

Outside of light aura, soon, it built up a thick bat corpses that near half men height.

Shaw Danon suddenly discovered, the back of his clothes was wet by the sweat.

The scary scene last for long time, until the bat corpses outside of the aura had built to a men height, the bats finally stopped their vicious attack. That time, even the Union Mirror’s aura had darkened, but still not falling under the darkness of night.

The black cloud was still surrounding the only light in the night, not willing to leave.

The four people did not blink, their hand helding the espers, remain on guard.

The large crowd of bats seem ran out of ideas. They were only surrounding them, not making any attack.

That lasted until dawn.

The first beam of sunlight came. It was like a summon. All bats suddenly flight up, circled in sky for a moment, then headed back to the place where they came out last night. Not even awhile, the countless of bats were already gone.

The four Jadeon relieved. But waited for a while for Kevern to make sure the bats won’t reappear, he unsummon Union Mirrior’s aura.

The aura disappeared.

The bats corpses surrounding them suddenly collapsed and fell into the center from all directions. The four people were flooded in this disgusting river. Shaw Danon’s heart beated hard, and almost thought he had stopped breathing. At the same time, he heard a scream came near him. A hand held out and grabbed his arm.

The strength was so strong that even with clothes lay between it, the nails sinked into his skin.

The pain pierced into his heart. He turned and saw the frightened beautiful girl. Her pale face in dawn with a little panic, caused his heart to hurt without reason.

All the sudden, all the fear in his heart seem disappeared. Though there was still nervousness, but his attention was drew by Anan. It seem like standing in front of him, he could not flinch.

He stepped forth, blocked in front of her.

Anan’s breathing calmed down slowly. She slightly lifted her head. Lips moved. She looked deeply at Shaw Danon’s face and let go of her hand.

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