Zhu Xian

Chapter 32: Leave Mountain
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Chapter 32 Leave Mountain A

Kevern and Issa saw Shaw Danon, they smiled and greeted him. Only Anan’s face was unconcerned, but her eyes peered at Shaw Danon, with some kind of mysterious emotion in her eyes, but then disappeared instantly.

Master Doyal Shen looked at the four people, smiled: "Today ask you four to come here is to let you to leave mountain to obtain some experience."

Kevern and others were excited.

Master Doyal Shen told them about Kongsang Mountain’s "Cave of Fangs", then said: "This mission is very important. You four are my clan’s elites, that’s the reason why send you there investigate. But Felkin heretics are evil and vicious. You must be cautious."

They answered: "Yes."

Master Doyal Shen nodded, said: "Also, beside the Jadeon Clan, Incense Valley and Skysong Temple also send their best disciples to investigate. You must not be rude and bring shame to Jadeon. Also, main house disciple Enu Xiao Shixiong already went there investigating this thing. If you can find him, discuss with him before doing anything."

The four people looked at each other, then answered.

Master Doyal Shen carefully looked at the four disciples, then his eyes landed on Kevern. He waved his hand, said: "Kevern, come."

Kevern startled, and stepped forth. Master Doyal Shen looked closely at him, then turned to Master Vasp Caelo and smiled: "Shidi, your Dragon Head Peak has a worthy successor!"

Master Vasp Caelo was in a bad mood, and now he finally smiled: "Shixiong is kidding."

Master Doyal Shen smiled and took out an item from his clothes, then handed to Kevern, said: "Take it."

Kevern took and and saw it was a small mirror. It looked old. Bronze on the edge. A dragon was on the top while a tiger on the bottom. Bagua was carved around the mirrior. The glass did not seem like a normal bonze mirror. It was hazy and unclear.

Kevern still hadn’t react, Master Vasp Caelo was very pleased and shouted: "Silly child, why startling, hurry kneel down and thank."

Kevern immediately realized it was most likely the eser "Union Mirror". He quickly knelt down, said: "Thank you Head Shibo."

Master Doyal Shen smiled: "No need, no need. Stand up." Then said to other people: "Go outside first."

The people knew he was going to teach Kevern the incantation for Union Mirror, so they went outside.

Outside of the hall, Shaw Danon went to Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis looked at him, said lightly: "You are burden with heavy responsiblility now, can’t return to Bamboo Peak. After a moment you will leave the mountain with them. I will tell the people of Bamboo Peak about it for you."

Shaw Danon surprised, then lowered his head, said quietly: "Yes, master."

Tian Bolis said: "While your were recovering your wound for the past month, I heard your Shi niang had taught you some basic blade incanation and mystic art. You memorized those?"

Shaw Danon nodded, said: "Yes, disciple had memorized it."

Tian Bolis turned away, said slowly: "That’s good. Although your quality is not good, but you are still part of Bamboo Peak. Do not make me lose my face out there."

Shaw Danon immediately said: "Yes, master. Disciple will definitately not make you senior lose face."

Tian Bolis snorted. With his back turned, Shaw Danon couldn’t see Tian Bolis’ face. But from his tone, he did not have any anger. After a while, Tian Bolis sighed. He turned back and looked at Shaw Danon, didn’t say anything. He waved his hand, summoned his sword and left.

Shaw Danon startled watching his master figure turned into a red light, disappeared in the sky. Suddenly someone hitted his shoulder. He was surprised, turned around and found out it was Issa, grinning. He looked around and saw all heads were gone already. Only two of them and Anan, who was standing far away, were left.

Issa laughed: "You are lucky. I was afraid that you are not going to pass this trial."

Shaw Danon was relaxed when talking to Issa. He smiled: "Yeah, I was scared to half death."

Issa patted his shoulder, looked behind him, said quietly: "Why don’t bring Ashh here?"

Shaw Danon said bitterly: "Today master brought me here. I did not expect we are going to leave the mountain today. I brought nothing with me, how I suppose to remember Ashh?"

Issa smiled: "Doesn’t matter. I can lend some clothes to you. Or we can just buy some in Sunstream City." Then he winked, whispered: "Ho ho, we get something nice this time anyway."

Shaw Danon was puzzled, said: "What?"

Issa raised his eyebrows, peered back, and chuckled: "A beauty is coming with us!"

Shaw Danon did not know should he rather laugh or mad. But he still looked at Anan. At the same time, Anan seem felt it, and looked at them. Shaw Danon could felt her coldness even from far away. He quickly turned his eyes away.

They chatted for a while. When Issa was talking about what to say to Anan on their way, Shaw Danon’s smile suddenly froze, his eyes stared at behind Issa.

Issa was puzzled. He turned and saw a men was walking down the steps. He seem around fourty years old. His clothes were clean enough. But his face was sluggish. His mouth speaking random illogic stuff.

"Its raining. The sky turned dark. Stupid mom. Immortal, immortal, heh heh, immortal."

Under the eyes of Issa and Anan, Shaw Danon walked slowly, very very slowly. It seem took a long time for him to get to that men.

Was like, get back to the past!

"Uncle Bozo, how are you?" He tried to control his excitement, said quietly.

But his men’s eyes seem did not have Shaw Danon’s existance. He kept murmuring, left Shaw Danon and walked away, disappeared behind the hall.

"Who is he?" Issa got next to Shaw Danon and asked.

Shaw Danon stared at the spot where Uncle Bozo disappeared, he said sorrowly: "A mad men!"

Issa looked at him, understood and not to ask anymore. After a while, Kevern walked out from the hall happily, and greeted with the three people.

Shaw Danon absent-minded and followed Issa and gathered with others. After they discussed (Shaw Danon was lost in thought, did not say anything), they decide to get to Sunstream City first.

Issa smiled to Kevern: "Qi Shixiong, the Union Mirror that Head Shibo gave you is powerful?"

Kevern smiled: "Union Mirror is our Jadeon’s treasure, of’ course it’s powerful. I only fear my cultivation is not enough to handle it! Ha ha, okay, this place is mountain peak, disciples can not fly here except for the seven heads. We walk to Cloud Sea then fly to Sunstream City."

Anan was expressionless. Shaw Danon blinkly nodded. Only Issa was smiling. Seem like it’s a happy thing for him to do to leave the mountain.


From Jadeon Clan to Sunstream City, on the way, the four "outstanding" disciples of Jadeon were flying. Other people were very relaxing, but Shaw Danon met some difficulty.

Chapter 32 Leave Mountain B

He had rested for a month, Surin predicted that his wouldn’t get killed by Master Doyal Shen, so she passed him some Jadeon mystic art, also taught him how to fly by navigating esper. It was very easy. All you need was cultivated enough, esper isn’t too crappy, using Jadeon incanation and the help of mind could achieve it. But Shaw Danon’s cultivation wasn’t deep. His esper surely wasn’t bad, but it was very weird. He was unfamilar with this newly learned Jadeon art. It really troubled him when he used it.

Surin did not expected him to leave immediately right after he went to Peak of Widows, but still let him memorize the incanation first, and let him practice once he come back to Bamboo Peak. Other heads of the house of’course did not know that weird boy’s cultivation background. From his performance in Seven Peaks Tournament, they assume he knew art of skyblade. They did not Shaw Danon had secretly practiced incanation, himself did not even know he reached "Navigate Object" stage. How could he had the ability to fly.

Seeing other people summon their sword, Kevern’s was a white "Frozen Ice" sword; Anan’s was a blue "Aeolian Firmus" sword; Issa’s was a sword with purple gas--"Xuanyuan" (note 1). Shaw Danon was nervous, managed to summon "fire stick", but it did not seem as comfortable as the time he was in Seven Peaks Tournament.

They spent half of the day of their journey on crossing clouds and mountains. The four people reached Sunstream City at sun set. Shaw Danon and others wanted to bring less attention, so they found a quiet place near Sunstream to land. Their bodies were all wet due to the clouds, and their faces were pale. This seem more tiring than contest.

On their way flying, Shaw Danon almost lost control of fire stick several times. If not because Kevern and others noticed something was not right, stay close to him and helped him, otherwise this new Jadeon "elite disciple" will fall from the sky and die, ashamed his faction before even make his master proud, and cause Jadeon Clan to lose face. Kevern and others landed outside of the city, although they did not want much attention, they also feared Shaw Danon will fall off under the eyes of thousands people in the market. The prestige of Jadeon Clan that built over two thousands years may destory instantly by him!

After a rest, for Shaw Danon to regain his breath, the four people entered the enormous Sunstream City under the glow of sunset. Shaw Danon walked in the end, felt the doubtful eyes often came from Kevern and Anan. Clearly they did not understand why a person who shined brightly in Seven Peaks Tounament did not know the art of skyblade. Issa happily walking with Shaw Danon, did not mention anything about what just happened. His mouth kept introducing Sunstream City to Shaw Danon:

"Within hundred miles radius, this is the largest, flourishing place. There are at least two or three hundreds thousands people live here. This place is also in a good location. Many merchants pass here."

Shaw Danon really admired Issa’s knowledge, said: "Shushu, how you know all these stuff?"

Issa said proudly: "Nothing unusal. It’s natural to know it if you read more books." Then he gave a evil smile, whispered: "Actually I sneaked to here many times already."

Shaw Danon was surprised, said: "You, you-"

Issa curled his lips, said: "What kind of face is that? Not a big deal. When I practiced art of skyblade, of’course I need to practice flying around. Fly and fly and fly then I got to here, then I take a walk in the market when I got tire, not a big of a deal!"

Shaw Danon couldn’t say anything.

As the two were murmured to each other in the back, Kevern smiled, said to Anan: "Lu Shimei, the sky is getting dark. We are going to spend a night at Sunstream tonight. Tomorrow continue."

Anan’s face was cold as ice, without any expression, she nodded.

Because they wanted to avoid trouble, they already changed their Jadeon outfit, so no one suspect anything. But Anan’s stunning beauty had drew some attention. Shaw Danon peered at Anan, her face was remain cool, but anger flashed in her eyes. He couldn’t help but worry about the passerby. If Aeolian Firmus unsheathed, this ancient city will be half destoried.

But Anan’s virtue seem better than Shaw Danon’s expectation. Anan still did not make a move as they walked into a tavern called "Shanhai Yuan". Kevern had the highest knowledge, so he was the leader within the four people. Checking into the tavern also done by him, then they were arranged to the finest rooms in the backyard.

Shanhai Yuan was quite large. There were four serperate garden in the backyard. The four were at west garden. Each person had a serperate room. After resting for a while, Kevern called everyone to go to the teahouse and eat dinner.

Shanhai Yuan had a teahouse, located at the most busy street. But at the third floor special guest hall, it was quiet. Out of ten table, about only five of them had customers eating. Kevern summoned the Xiao Er (note 2), ordered couple of dishes. It seem like he was very familar with this place. Perhaps he came here a lot.

Chapter 32 Leave Mountain C

Shaw Danon’s heart was thinking, he borned in a farmer family, never been to such luxury place like Shanhai Yuan. When he passed second floor, he saw the magnificent hall. But when he got to third floor, the wall was carved with dragon and phoenix. The beams were make out of red wood. It looked very like old style, completely different than second floor. Of’course he did not know if people became rich, they will want fame and reputation. Some people wanted to have luxury, but because they also wanted to think they were cultured, they would pretend to be one.

The four sat on a small table next to a window. Issa looked at the decoration of the hall, asked Kevern: "Qi Shixiong, the price here is not cheap right?"

Kevern smiled, said: "This is the best teahouse in Sunstream, of’course not cheap. But our Jadeon is quite famous in here, their boss earnestly wish us to come here. They won’t charge us too much."

Issa exclaimed "Ah!" then nodded. After a while, the Xiao Er came and served several dishes. That last one was a fresh braised fish. The fish was long, round head, dark brown, and had a pair of whiskers. The most important was the smooth white flesh with delicious smell.

Shaw Danon alway interested in cooking, and he had never saw this type of fish before, he couldn’t help but asked the Xiao Er: "Xiao Er, what is the name of this fish, and how do you cook it?"

The Xiao Er laughed, said: "Customer you really have a pair of good eyes. This ’Flesh Braised Mei Fish’. It is our Shanhai Yuan’s famous dish. Fresh smell, smooth, and sweet. This dish is very well known within hundred miles of Sunstream."

Shaw Danon swallowed, picked up his chopsticks and took a piece of fish into his mouth, then he closed his eyes and nodded: "Ah, the flesh quality is great, but the way to cook it even better. A bit of sugar, and some ginger to get rid of the fishy smell. Um, taste of fried scallion, must be fresh small onion. Ah, there is also pepper, spices, er right, sesame oil used perfectly. Wow!"

Kevern and Issa were stunned. Even Anan was looking at him with a strange look on her face. But the Xiao Er was really admire, said loudly: "Customer is such expert, exactly correct!"

Shaw Danon noticed others were looking at him. He blushed and putted down the chopstick, but still asked: "May I ask Xiao Er, where do Mei Fishes come from?"

The Xiao Er hadn’t replied, a female voice from the nearby large table already said: "Mei Fishes special local product of the Zhu Gou Mountain at the south, thousands miles away from here. How can they get here, isn’t your inn lieing to us?" (Note 3)

They were surprised. They looked at that large table, eight people were sitting there. Six men were in yellow clothes. There were two females. One wore a long, light purple dress, with a soft vile covered her face; other was the girl who just spoke. Not very old, seem around sixteen or so. Entire dress was watery green. With a pair of large bright eyes, beautiful face and snowy white skin, she was not much worse than Anan.

Shaw Danon exclaimed: "ah" But after she finished speaking, her eyes landed on Anan, appeared to be also surprised by Anan’s beauty. But then even the icy cold Anan couldn’t help but looked back that that girl.

The Xiao Er smiled: "This customer is right. But you may not know, hundred years ago, Mei Fishes only live in Zhu Gou Mountain, but then one day Jadeon’s Master Doyal Shen passed by, and brought the Mei Fishes here to Hong Chuan river, allow the fishes to flourish here. It is thank to the good deed of Jadeon’s Doyal Shen the Celestial to have such nice food." Then he face shown extream admire.

Shaw Danon and others smiled. But that girl looked at the woman with vile, then snorted.


After that delicious dinner, Shaw Danon and others returned to the west garden. Kevern said to others at the entrance: "Tonight everyone rest here. Tomorrow morning we will head to Kongshan Mountain."

Shaw Danon and Issa answered, but Anan did not say anything, returned straight into her room and shutted the door. Kevern startled, then smiled bitterly: "Two Shidi, you should also rest."

Shaw Danon looked at Kevern’s handsome face. Under the glow of sunset, Kevern was still as energetic as alway. Shaw Danon suddenly felt tire. He said bye to Issa, then ignored Kevern and returned to his room.

Issa laughed, and talked to Kevern for a moment, then they returned their own room.

That night was the first time he left Mount Jadeon in five years. He couldn’t go to sleep. When he finally could go to sleep at mid-night, he dreamed himself was stained with blood, standing within the bloody scene with a savage face. His heart was thirst for blood. It was like the blood in front of him was sweet spring water, attracting him, luring him. He couldn’t help but came up with an idea to took over everything by killing.


Shaw Danon woke up from dream. He sat up and gasped. His entire body was sweating. After long while his heart beat finally slowed down.

He sat in the dark for a while. He held out his hand and touched fire stick near his pillow. A coldness feeling surrounded him. This dream was very similar to the nightmare he had over these years. But this time was in different person point of view. This sinister person in the dream had caused him to fear.

Quiet, everywhere was dark.

He crossed his legs, straighten his back, took a deep breath, both palms held together in front of him.

Darkness was like a gentle lady, softly surrounded him. A layer of faint gold light came out from his body. Solemn covered Shaw Danon face.

After a long time, the gold light disappeared. Shaw Danon opened his eyes in the dark. This heart was calm. Everytime, he would think of that amiable Pozhi monk.

He did not feel sleepy. He went outside of the room. Other rooms were dark, Kevern and others should have sleep by now. In Shanhai Yuan’s backyard, there were four gardens in four directions. Shaw Danon left the west garden and went to the central garden.

The night was already dark. Stars filled the sky. A round moon heng on the sky. The night wind breezy, with faint fragrance. The narrow path was dark, lead to unknown place. On the side, there were bushes and flowers all over the ground.

Shaw Danon followed this narrow path walking. The soft wind hitted his face, brought him some chill.

In that silence night, a young men walking alone in the garden, recalling the past memories.

On the side of the road, a small flower trembled in the night wind. A crystal dew was on the white petal. Shaw Danon stopped, and enchanted by that flower.

The soft fragrance came.

Suddenly a soft hand came out from the eternal darkness, with grieve beauty, marked with the light of moon and stars, the hand reached the flower.

And picked it!

A bang in Shaw Danon’s brain. It was like the moon lost its color. The garden fell into darkness.

He turned and looked at her, with hate.

A girl in green dress was standing there. It was like she had taken all the light from the sky, softly putted the flower in front of her nose, and smelled it.

Note 1: Xuanyuan - The name of the first emperor, the yellow emperor, according to the legend.

Note 2: Xiao Er - traditional title for the waiter in teahouse of ancient China.

Note 3: <>: South Water five hundreds miles, name Zhu Gou Mountain, no grass or tree. A mountain, within hundreds miles, many Mei Fishes.

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