Zhu Xian

Chapter 31: Path of Righteous
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Chapter 31 Path of Righteous A

Big Yella lay on the floor, eyes half closed, its tail swing frequently. Ashh lay on the bed, the pair of bright eyes looked at Shaw Danon’s anxious face. Shaw Danon glared at it, tirely said: "What you looking at?"

Of’course Ashh did not understand what Shaw Danon meant, so it "creak creak" twice. Its master was injured, but looked at this monkey’s face, it got no sign of worry, but felt happy for Shaw Danon’s suffer.

Shaw Danon said impatiently: "Go, go, go, get out!"

Shaw Danon heard foot step came from the door. He smiled, said: "Sixth Shixiong, why you send the meal so early today?"

His voice stopped all the sudden as he saw Tian Bolis’ stout body came in from the door. Shaw Danon surprised. These days, Surin let him rest under quiet condition. All the Shixiongs include Hidi only visited him once. Only Amandla came and send him the three meals. He did not expect Tian Bolis will appear.

He startled, then he realized and got off from the bed, about to salute. Tian Bolis’ heart was depressed, volatile. He waved his hand, said: "No need."

Shaw Danon answered, then stood up at the side. Watching Tian Bolis sat next to the table, he held his breath.

Tian Bolis looked at this disciple’s reaction. There was no way he looked like an outstanding, talented person, more like someone who is dumb, but why......

Tian Bolis shook his head, sighed, said: "Seventh, come sit here."

Shaw Danon surprised again. Normally Tian Bolis did not care about him. Today he was little kind to him. He could not believe his ears.

Tian Bolis waited for a moment, saw Shaw Danon was still staring at himself, seem like did not react. He became little angry, said: "Do I need to please you to sit down?"

This scold filled with anger. Shaw Danon found back the normal feeling of his master. He immediately reacted and sat down.

Tian Bolis stopped. Then he smiled bitterly, shook his head, said: "How is your body?"

Shaw Danon respectfully said: "Reply to master. Since came back from Peak of Widows, thank to master, Shi niang’s cure, and all Shixiongs’ care, it almost recover."

Tian Bolis looked at him, said lightly: "Seven Peaks Tournament already passed for more than a month, look like you are almost recover. I have a few questions that I need you to answer them right now."

Shaw Danon’s heart sinked. He felt the thing that he fear finally came. But he could only say: "Yes, master please say it."

Tian Bolis said slowly: "Your black stick, where did you get it?"

Shaw Danon’s heart beated, and looked at Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis was also staring at him. His face was still calm, but his eyes were aggressive.

Thousands of thought in his mind, but he couldn’t make a sound. Tian Bolis’ face darken, said: "Say it!"

Pressed by his master, sweat already appeared on Shaw Danon’s forehead. Although he did not have much experience, but years ago in ancient valley, Sinister Orb accidentally combined with the weird black stick was too awkward. From what he had heard from his Shixiongs’ daily conversation, the Path of Good never allow evil thing with ability to suck out blood. If he allow Tian Bolis to know what actually happened, the result will be unimaginable.

Other than that, in his heart, there was still one thing, a thing that he fear the most to tell, especially when he found out Pozhi was Four Divine Monks of Skysong and remembered the incanation he taught him.

At that moment, he determined not going tell anything, even a little, about Pozhi no matter what happened.

Tian Bolis stared at him.

Shaw Danon left his chair and kneeled down.


Tian Bolis frowned, snorted, then coldly said: "Speak."

Shaw Danon lowered his head, said slowly: "This black stick, was found by chance, when Shijie and I went to back mountain’s ancient valley."

Tian Bolis startled, then remember about that happened two years ago. Hidi was fainted for no reason in the ancient valley. Surin went there and check but could not find anything strange. He too went there later. This thing remained as a mystery. As time passed he forgot it. Now, it seem it was all because of this black stick.

But how dangerous is an item that could knock out Hidi while no one control it? How could Shaw Danon able to drive it? The mystery became more confusing. Tian Bolis asked lowly: "How you get it?"

Shaw Danon did not dare to lift his head and fear to let Tian Bolis to see his expression. He was not a smart person. Especially the situation now was very anxious. He could not find a explantation within such hurry.

Tian Bolis saw him hesitated. He immediately shouted: "Speak."

Shaw Danon was surprised. The sweat raining down. His heart raced. He did not dare to hide anymore, so he told the story of that day, but he took away thing about Sinister Orb. He only said that day in ancient valley, he saw a black stick. He felt curious and picked it up. As the result, the black stick sucked out his blood (It suppose to be Sinister Orb). He felt sick then fainted. Before he fainted, he could see the black stick obsorbed his blood.

He finished and still not raise his head and look at Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis frowned and pondered: This small disciple doesn’t seem lieing. This type of special power of the esper is definitely not make up by him. But such weird esper was the first time he heard of. If there is something that is smilar to this black stick, it will be the wicked esper of Felkin thousands years ago, "Sinister Orb".

But it was obvious that the black stick does not look like Sinister Orb.

Tian Bolis stood up, hands behind his back. He walked across room, pondering, then turned back to Shaw Danon, said: "You get up first."

Shaw Danon answered, rose up, but his head was still looking down, and stood on the side.

"Even it’s like that, that esper is blood bonded to you, its a blood smelted item."

Shaw Danon was curious: "Master, what is blood smelted item?"

Tian Bolis startled, then said impatiently: "Doesn’t matter if you don’t know. Just listen to my question."

Shaw Danon immediately lowered his head again, said quietly: "Yes."

Tian Bolis looked at him, said: "Even this black stick is a precious esper that not known by the world, you must get to at least Pure Essence to level four in order to drive it."

Shaw Danon’s face changed.

Tian Bolis said slowly: "That day on Peak of Widows I already asked you. Now I am going to ask you again. Who gave you the incanation for level four?"

Shaw Danon shocked. He knew he was in great trouble for the mysterious black stick. If include him secretly practiced incanation, the punishment would be unimaginable.

Chapter 31 Path of Righteous B

At that moment, seem like Hidi’s face had passed by in front of his eyes: go to mountain and chop down bamboo with him, the gentle face under the candle light in raining night, and running around in Bamboo Peak in the past, even the delicate fragrance of her was so clear in his memory.

Every drop of the memory, rose in his heart.

He knelt down, and heavily kowtowed, did not say a word.

He lay on the ground, did not move. The newly recovered body was skinny but strong, with a bit grieve.

Tian Bolis looked at him deeply. After a while, he gave out a long sigh, said: "Stand up. Follow me to Peak of Widows. As for can you come back alive, it will depend on your preformance."


In deep of white clouds, it was peacefully quiet like the fairyland that people dreamed.

Mount Jadeon, Peak of Widows, Crystal Hall.

Jadeon’s Heads of the Seven Peaks were all gathered there. Their eyes were on the kneeled young men.

Master Doyal Shen watched Shaw Danon kneeling there. His brain remembered the two children’s figures five years ago when they were saved. Time passed like in the blink of the eyes, they were already grown up.

His heart sighed, his eyes left Shaw Danon, and turned to other masters, said: "Everyone, what Shaw Danon just said, what is your decision?"

They were quiet for a while, then, Master Vasp Caelo’s voice suddenly rose, said with certainty: "This boy’s word can not be trust."

Shaw Danon’s body tremble, but did not lift his head.

Master Doyal Shen frowned: "Why Vasp Caelo Shidi so certain?"

Master Vasp Caelo peered at Shaw Danon, said: "Art of blood smelt is evil and vicious. If not because of Felkin heretic teaching him, how could he know the way to craft such esper. So this person must be Felkin spy, we can not let him live."

Master Vasp Caelo was in charge of Jadeon’s punishment with high position and reputation. His voice was so certain. Shaw Danon immediately turned pale, almost couldn’t breath.

No one said anything, only Tian Bolis darken his face, said slowly: "If he is really deliberately planned to place him into Jadeon as a spy, then why he use it during Seven Peaks Tournament under the eyes of thousand people?"

Master Vasp Caelo snorted, said: "Felkin heretics are already difficult to understand. Doing such weird thing is not unusual."

Tian Bolis said angrily: "Isn’t that too fetched, irrational?"

Master Vasp Caelo said coldly: "Me irrational? Excuse me Tian Shidi, is the art of blood smelt belong to the Good?"

Tian Bolis couldn’t say anything. His face flushed. Anyone could see that Tian Bolis was stand on his disciple’s side. At that embarrassing moment, a icy cold voice came, it was head of Bamboo Height Master Shui Yue:

"Then excuse me Vasp Caelo Shixiong, you said art of blood smelt is evil and vicious. Then may I ask, what make it evil, what make it vicious?"

Master Vasp Caelo opened his mouth and about to speak, but stopped, and then said: "It’s Felkin wizardry, what else do I need to say?"

Shui Yue said coldly: "Then that mean Vasp Caelo Shixiong knows nothing about the art of blood smelt. Then why say this is evil vicious, and want to kill this boy?"

Master Vasp Caelo looked at Master Shui Yue aggressively, said: "Oh, Shui Yue Shimei, what do you mean?"

Master Shui Yue said lightly: "Shixiongs, first I don’t know much about the art of blood smelt. Although there are rumors but most are just guesses. If blood smelt can really happen by chance, aren’t we killed the wrong person? Second this boy is just sixteen. His background is clear. Saying he is a Felkin follower, it is just too illogical."

Master Vasp Caelo squinted his eyes. His eyes were sharp, said: "Why Shui Yue Shimei is so abnormal today to help this boy, really hard to understand?"

Anger flashed on Master Shui Yue’s face, said: "I am just talking about fact. I will definitely not like someone who see other house has a talented person, and fear it will be danger to his position, so find some small matter to get rid of him, animal!"

No one here is as sharp as Master Shui Yue. Master Vasp Caelo was in rage and swiftly rose up.

Master Doyal Shen immediately interrupted: "Okay okay, why argue again. Sit down, sit down."

Master Vasp Caelo did not dare to disobey the Head’s order, and sat down. Shui Yue’s face was as nothing happened, sat quietly on her chair.

Master Doyal Shen shook his head, turned to other people, said: "Everyone, what do you think?"

Other heads quiet for a moment, then head of Peak of Wind Ceng Shu Chang said: "Head, I think Shui Yue Shimei is right. This boy’s background is clean, and never left the mountain before. Maybe it is just really a coincidence to find this treasure. It is our Jadeon’s fortune."

Master Doyal Shen nodded, turned to head of Sun Set Peak Master Tian Yun. Tian Yun looked at Vasp Caelo, said: "I agree with Vasp Caelo Shixiong’s decision."

Master Vasp Caelo got an ally. He nodded to Master Tian Yun.

Only head of Sun Rise Peak Shang Zheng Liang was left. He looked at Tian Bolis, then Master Vasp Caelo and Master Tian Yun, and Master Doyal Shen at last. He pondered for a second then said: "I think Shui Yue Shimei is right."

Tian Bolis was relieved while Master Vasp Caelo snorted. Master Doyal Shen nodded, said: "Everyone already said it, then I should say my own." Then he said to Shaw Danon who was still kneeling: "Xiao Fan, stand up first."

Shaw Danon shocked, lifted his head and looked at all the masters. He slowly rose up.

Master Doyal Shen looked at him, seem like he wanted to see him more clear. Then he said to other heads: "Everyone, actually I think Shaw Danon does not seem like a Felkin follower. Though there is savage power inside of the fire stick, but unlike the Felkin espers that shown its vicious, blood thirsty energy that we had seen before."

Master Vasp Caelo couldn’t help but said: "Head Shixiong, Felkin heretics are dangerous and vicious. Rather to kill the wrong person than let him lose!"

Master Doyal Shen’s look changed, looked at him, shouted: "Vasp Caelo Shidi, do you know what you just said?"

Vasp Caelo understood he said the wrong thing. He lowered his head, not saying anything.

Master Doyal Shen’s face was serious, but his voice turned low, said slowly: "Vasp Caelo Shidi, you had in charge of Jadeon’s punishment for two hundreds years already. I really respect your fairness. But these years your are getting more aggressive, filled with anger, I really worry. You understand?"

Master Vasp Caelo said quietly: "Yes, Shixiong."

Master Doyal Shen said: "Rather to kill the wrong peron than let him lose is what a Felkin heretic will do. We Jadeon is follow the path of righteous, we rather to let lose than to kill the innocent, otherwise what is the different between us and Felkin heretics? Your cultivation is deep, but still need to study the meaning of cultivation."

Master Vasp Caelo held up his palm, said: "Thank for Shixiong’s guidence. Vasp Caelo understood."

Master Doyal Shen relieved, said: "Its good that you know." Then he turned to others. They said: "Head Shixiong can decide."

Master Doyal Shen nodded, said to Shaw Danon: "You hear?"

Shaw Danon was thankful, quickly answered: "Yes, thank you, thank you Shibo, Shishu," Then he turned to Tian Bolis, with a little choked: "Thank you master."

Tian Bolis waved his hand, did not say anything.

Master Doyal Shen picked up the black rod from the teapoy, tossed it to Shaw Danon, smiled: "This thing can only be used by you. Take it back."

Shaw Danon caught it, and immediately feel the familar coolness. It spread throughout his body. It seem also happy. He saluted to Master Doyal Shen, said: "Thank you Head Shibo."

Master Doyal Shen smiled, his hands clapped three times. A child came out from the rear hall. Master Doyal Shen instructed him a few things. The child nodded and went outside. A while later he lead three people came in. Shaw Danon looked at them. They were all the people he knew. Kevern and Issa walked in the front. When his father Ceng Shu Chang wasn’t looking, Issa made a face to Shaw Danon. Walking behind them was the cold beauty Anan of Bamboo Height.

Three people plus Shaw Danon were the top four disciples of Jadeon’s Seven Peaks Tournament.

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