Zhu Xian

Chapter 30: Suspect
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Chapter 30 Suspect A

Like the path to nether, the dark, bottomless, giant swirl heng up-side down on the sky. Like the devil opened its mouth and about to swallow everything of the world. Fierce wind was freezing, the wind gathered the clouds. Thunders were howling, lighting were flashing.

Shaw Danon flight toward Anan. The green light of fire stick flashed, very noticeable under the dark clouds. Anan looked at figure of Shaw Danon who was surrounded by green light, her face paled.

"Thunderblade" was the highest level of Taoist Art. Using normal body to summon the might of heaven of earth, it was clear pressure of Anan baring was extreamly heavy. "Aeolian Firmus" was a godly weapon, a prefect weapon for casting Thunderblade. But even with that, Anan’s cultivation practice was not enough for that.

She could feel coming from the dark clouds, wave after wave of energy rushed into her body like angry tide. Though no one could see anything weird on the outside, her blood was boiling, like swelled by the great force. If not because Aeolian Firmus kept absorbing the energy, Anan would probably already fall.

The wind whistled, the thunder roared. She stood in mid-air, she almost thought she was a powerless grass in the wind. The next moment, she recalled what her master said when she taught her this skill: "Xueqi, the fine quality of you is the only one I met in my entire life. But this incanation is too strong, the back fire power is hard to withstand. Your cultivation is still basic, though you can manage to cast it, never cast it if not neccessary, otherwise you are risking your life."


A thunder burst right above Peak of Widows. Everyone could feel the earth below them was slightly shaking. It was like the ancient god of thunder was awaken from sleep, and roar in anger.

Everyone’s color changed!

Shaw Danon was only twenty feet away. By looking at this situation, everyone knew once Anan is done with channeling, he will turn into dust. But Shaw Danon stopped, it was like he hitted on a soft wall, couldn’t advance any farther.

Shaw Danon’s face turned to dead pale. "Thunderblade" is one of the Jadeon’s final art, so amazing that it form a invisible barrier while channeling. So Shaw Danon could not advance.

The fire stick getting brighter, but still couldn’t advance. In comparing spiritual strength, fire stick is definitely not weaker than Aeolian Firmus, but in comparing cultivation, the different is too much. He only used his own spirit to drive the fire stick, it could never match Anan’s surpreme art that refined by many Jadeon’s masters for thousands years.

At that hopeless moment, just when the swirl became more rapid, lighting flashing, the light of Aeolian Firmu getting brighter, the moment of this surpreme art art was about to complete, Anan’s body suddenly shocked, the white face turned red, and spitted out large amount of blood.

The light of Aeolian Firmus became unstable. Anan gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, and focus her mind, spirit on Aeolian Firmus. After a moment, the light became stable. It was getting even brighter, so bright that could not look at with eyes.

A bang came from the dark clouds. A light came from the deepest of the giant swirl. It was a combine of numerous of lighting. It was aiming at Anan’s Aeolian Firmus.

But, hopelessness rose in Anan’s heart. Just as she had expected, a sharp whistle came. She was focusing on protecting Aeolian Firmus and ignored the barrier. Without the barrier, Shaw Danon and the fire stick formed a green light pillar, charged at the beautiful lady in the wind.

Is that it?

Everything end here?

Her heart calmed down. Her mind lightly thinking.

At that instant, just at that short instant. The world was quiet, frozen, everything fixed there. Only she was standing in mid-air, clothes and hair fluttering. She reopened her eyes, watching the green light charged at her.

That moment was like eternity!

Shaw Danon saw her, and her eyes!

She stood there alone in the storm, so quietly facing the might of heaven. Only her face was a bit pale. Her eyes had a bit sorrow, a bit panic.

The wind screamed. The world was lonely. And that beautiful lady, quietly looking at him.

Who’s eyes, were so sorrow and lonely. It was like last night, that person was hurted by love! This pain, deeply entered the marrow, deeply entered the soul.

Deeply! Deeply!

Is she your, the lady that love other person?

The one that you will never regret to think about her for entire life?

Shaw Danon suddenly smiled, with grieve and hopeless, just like last night.

The fire stick entered the light of Aeolian Firmus. No one could see the two figures anymore and could not see the light of fire stick had suddenly dimmed. At that moment, a giant lighting came from the sky, landed at Aeolian Firmus.

The whole world, all the gods, seem like at the same time, sang together.

The giant light pillar reflected from Aeolian Firmus, with earth crashing momentum, striked at Shaw Danon. At the critical moment, fire stick rose up, blocked in front of its master.

At next moment, Shaw Danon had swallowed by the light.

Long time! Long time! Long time!

The dark clouds scattered, the light disappeared.

The people stared at the sky, watched the young men holding his black fire stick, like a rock covered with scars, falling.

He did not fall on the ground. Tian Bolis swiftly appeared below him like a shadow, and caught Shaw Danon. He immediate opened Shaw Danon’s mouth, took out a vial and poured the yellow pills into Shaw Danon’s mouth.

The pills dissolved quickly in Shaw Danon’s mouth. Tian Bolis did not say anything. He jumped up and Flame Spirit rose up, carried him away. He did not look at the square for one more time, and judging by which direction he was going, it was to Bamboo Peak.

Surin and other Bamboo Peak people quickly followed.

At that time, Anan landed on the ground and soon surrounded by the ecstatic Bamboo Height disciples. She silently looked at the sky, looked at the red light in the sky.


He was like slept for thousands years. Wanted to wake up but the eyes could not open. In the endless darkness, only he alone.

He definitely did not wish to walk in the darkness alone, but beside darkness, there is no where else for him to go.

So he became angry, fire burned in his heart. So he swore to the lord of nether world: Even if his body and soul turned into ash, he wanted to have a bit of light, and bury everything of the world together with him.

Chapter 30 Suspect B

The anger since ancient time was wild like the begining!

Shaw Danon slowly opened its eyes.

Soft light shined into his eyes. The familar smell floating inside of the room.

Here, seem like no one is here.

He slowly sat up. Just when he raise his hand and wanted to rub away the sweat on his forehead, a heart tearing pain came from his, shoulder, chest, and stomach. He gasped and face turned pale.

He sat on the bed, did not dare to move. After a while, the pain was gone.

It was afternoon now. The door was closed. The two windows were opened. He could faintly see the green bamboos in the courtyard. Big Yella and Ashh were not here. Are they looking for meat bones again?

He smiled. In this empty room, he smiled to himself.

The door was pushed open. Surin came in. Shaw Danon moved a little, said: "Shi niang", hadn’t stand up, his face was already twisted together from the pain.

Surin quickly walked to him and sat on the bed, softly said: "Don’t move, Xiao Fan."

Shaw Danon waited for the pain to ease a little, then said: "Disciple did not know Shi niang is coming-"

Surin glared at him, said: "Life is already half lost, you still have the heart to remember this manner! Don’t talk about rubbish, sit up."

Shaw Danon giggled. Surin examined him, said: "Your outer injuries are almost recovered, but the inner channels damaged too serious. It won’t work if you don’t rest well."

Shaw Danon said: "Yes. Disciple had disgraced master and Shi niang, I am so sorry-"

Surin cutted in, said: "It’s you had made your master proud. For three hundreds years, beside your master, no other disciple was as remarkable as you in Seven Peaks Tournament."

Shaw Danon blushed, said: "That, that is because disciple has good luck."

Surin smiled, patted his shoulder. Shaw Danon remembered, asked: "Contest is over right? Who won? Is it Lu Shijie?"

Surin shook her head, said: "No, its Dragon Head Peak’s Kevern."

Shaw Danon felt unknown sorrow in his heart, said quietly: "So its Qi Shixiong. He is really powerful, even Lu Shijie with Aeolian Firmus lose to him."

Surin heard what he said, and seem reminded her of something. She sighed and changed topic: "Your injuries this time are not light. Your master used a lot of effort to save you. According to him, using Aeolian Firmus to cast Thunderblade, although Anan’s cultivation isn’t strong enough, if not your fire, fire-your esper blocked it for you, even gods can not save you by then."

Shaw Danon heard what she said, and suddenly remembered. He looked around but couldn’t find that ugly, black fire stick.

Surin looked at him, said lightly: "You esper was taken by your master."

Shaw Danon startled, said quietly: "Yes." Then he couldn’t help but ask: "Master he senior-"

Surin said: "You were fainted for five days and nights. Your condition was stabilized at last night. Today morning, Head Shixiong of Peak of Widows sent a letter here, and asked your master to go there. So he should be in Peak of Widows now."

Shaw Danon slowly nodded. He did not know how he shall feel. He thought it is not a problem. But the fire stick that had been with him for two years suddenly left him for the first time, he felt a bit empty.

Surin looked at him with a strange look, but then said: "You just woke up, don’t tire yourself, rest more. I instructed them to not bother you. The meals will let Bishu to bring them here."

Shaw Danon said: "Thank you Shi niang."

Surin nodded, said: "Rest. I will tell Bishu to bring the meal to you." Then she turned and walked toward outside. When she was about to left the room, Shaw Danon called:

"Shi niang."

Surin turned, said: "What?"

Shaw Danon looked at her, hesitated for a moment, then said: "Shi niang, I want to ask, do you know what is the result of this contest for Baye of Dragon Head Peak? I was at Peak of Widows, did not have the time to ask him."

Surin looked at him again, said: "He entered the top eight, but lose to his Shixiong Kevern."

Shaw Danon said: "So he too-thank you Shi niang."

Surin shook her head, said: "Rest." Then turned and left.

Shaw Danon slowly lay down, looked at the ceiling, did not say anything.


Jadeon Peak of Widows, inside of Crystal Hall.

Master Doyal Shen sat at the center, other six heads were also there. Other than that, there was no one in the hall.

Everyone were silent. Master Doyal Shen lowered his eyes, looked at the black fire stick in his hand.

"Tian Shidi," Master Doyal Shen bloke the silent, said: "What do you think?"

Tian Bolis pondered for a moment, then said: "When Shaw Danon adopted, he did not have this item. Most likely because of coincidence and got this treasure by chance."

Master Vasp Caelo said coldly: "This stick can be a match with Aeolian Firmus, which is a divine weapon. But across the world, there are nothing mention about this stick."

Tian Bolis’ face darken, said: "How large Shenzhou is. There are numbers of treasures not known by the world. You and I are just frog in the well."

Master Vasp Caelo was angry. He hadn’t speak, Bamboo Height Master Shui Yue already said coldly: "Of’course we are frog in the well. But this black stick had evil gas when it casted. It is clear that the stick is a evil item. Not sure why Tian Shixiong did not see it?"

Tian Bolis snorted, said: "So black gas is evil gas? With some red threads it’s a evil item? If it’s like that, I go back and paint my face black , are you guys going to slay me like I am a evil heretic?"

Master Doyal Shen frowned, said: "Tian Shidi, don’t say such thing. Why calling yourself a evil heretic!"

Tian Bolis snorted, then turned his head away, not saying anything more.

Chapter 30 Suspect C

Master Doyal Shen sighed, putted the fire stick on the teapoy, said: "Today ask you all to come is for discuss about Bamboo Peak disciple Shaw Danon’s weird esper that was used during Seven Peaks Tournament. It has unknown history and extreamly strong power. Also we are discussing about sending the top four disciples to Kongsang mountain, Cave of Fangs to investigate. Other three disciples you have no comment, only Shaw Danon-"

The more Tian Bolis heard the more angry he got. He was already confused about how Shaw Danon’s cultivation advance so fast, and also felt suspicious about the fire stick. But now in Crystal Hall, not discussing other disciple but his. How could he not get mad. His face darken, immediately rose up, said loudly: "Head Shixiong, what you want to do about it?"

Master Doyal Shen never thought Tian Bolis will have such great reaction. He was surprised. Sitting next to Tian Bolis, Head of Peak of Wind Ceng Shu Chang who normally had good relationship with him, pulled Tian Bolis’ sleeve, said: "Buyi, Head Shixiong did not say anything. You sit down first."

Master Doyal Shen’s face dimmed a little, said: "Tian Shidi, this thing is really strange. I as a leader of this faction, will handle this impartially. You don’t need to worry."

The anger was still on Tian Bolis’ face. But looked at Master Doyal Shen’s face while Ceng Shu Chang persuading him, he sat down in the end.

Master Doyal Shen slowly said: "Everyone, all of you have examined this stick. On the outside it look normal, but in the inside there are savage spirit. But the most important point is, with our level of cultivation, we can not control this object, while a disciple with only Pure Essence level four could use it. Why is that?"

Everyone include Tian Bolis were silence. They were the top cultivators, how would they not know the answer? It’s just none wanted to say it out.

But in the end Master Doyal Shen said: "From what I think, this stick most likely is ’blood smelted’ item."

Although they were prepared for it, the heads looks were still changed a little. The blood smelted item, is the owner putted his own blood into the esper while crafting. This type of art was really difficult, the esper’s materials were extreamly unique, and it’s very dangerious. One mistake could lead to esper’s vicious energy back fire and end up with painful death. Of’course, if it success, the power of esper must be extreamly powerful. And one more good thing is that the esper connect with owner’s blood. Only the one with the creator’s blood could use it. But because it used blood as medium, the esper often contain savage energy.

Legend said this type of blood smelt art was passed down from ancient devils. The Felkin heretics passed down from generation to the next generation. But there were no famous blood smelt esper, perhaps the way to craft it is so dangerous that even Felkin people did not dare to try.

But, in a Jadeon disciple, there was such esper.

Master Doyal Shen looked at Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis’ face was ghastly pale, slowly shood up: "Shixiong, maybe you are right. But I got to say, Shaw Danon is just sixteen years old, how can he know the art of blood smelt? From the time he came, he never left the mountain for these five years. He did not even bring anything with him when he came. Where can he find such rare esper material?"

Master Vasp Caelo suddenly said coldly: "Perhaps he is sent by Felkin people and place him in Jadeon, its not weird!"

Tian Bolis was mad, said: "If he really have the heart, then why he used it under the eyes of thousand people in Seven Peak Tournament? And beside, if he is really Felkin’s spy, heh heh, Vasp Caelo Shixiong, I am fear your Baye isn’t clean!"

Master Vasp Caelo was stabbed at the weakness, stood up, said angrily: "What did you said? How can my Jing Yu compare to your stupid disciple?"

Tian Bolis’ face darken even more, snorted, peered at him, said: "Yes, my disciple is stupid. But I heard he entered the semi-final. I don’t know what place did Vasp Caelo Shixiong’s prodigy Baye got?"

Vasp Caelo said angrily: "He was just unfortunate to face his Shixiong Kevern. If not because of they, why he can’t enter semi-final!" Then he paused, laughed coldly: "But he is not lucky like someone else who rely on people to give up to advance, and still not feel shame talk about that!"

Tian Bolis shouted: "So the battle between him and Anan is also luck?"

Master Vasp Caelo said: "Correct. Because he did not have the luck, that’s why he lost, lost so badly that he almost die!"

Tian Bolis was getting more angry, but his tongue was not smart, couldn’t beat Vasp Caelo. His anger caused his face turned all red: "What do you want? You want to see am I not as good as my reputation too?"

Master Vasp Caelo had no sign of stepping back. He stood up and said proudly: "Then I need to test Tian Shixiong’s Flame Spirit sword!"

Tian Bolis did not bother to say anything more. He stepped forth with right hand held sword mark. The air in the hall seem frozen.

"Impudent!" A loud hit. Master Doyal Shen’s hand smacked on the teapoy. Face angry. He stood up, said: "You two really pretending that this Head of Faction is head is it!"

Master Doyal Shen was at the position of the head for three hundreds years already. Highly honored. Usually he was kind, but this time he was mad, it surprised Tian Bolis and Master Vasp Caelo. They stepped back and said quietly: "Yes, Head Shixiong please calm down."

Master Doyal Shen looked at the two, the anger on his face took a while to be gone. After a ponder, he said: "Tian Shidi."

Tian Bolis stepped forth, said: "Head Shixiong."

Master Doyal Shen looked at him, said: "Anyway, the history of this black stick is unclear. If its Felkin’s item, and Shaw Danon got something to do with Felkin, we can not keep him. You understand?"

Tian Bolis lowered his head, quiet for a moment, then said: "Yes."

Master Doyal Shen said again: "Tian Shidi, I know you don’t like it. But this is very important, we can not take it lightly. You go back first, wait for Shaw Danon to recover, then interrogate him throughly, and bring him back here. We are going to discuss about that afterward. How it is?"

Tian Bolis’ face pale and then flushed. Stampped his feet, nodded, not saying anything and left.

A whistle from the outside of the door, probably use sword to fly back.

In the hall, Ceng Shu Chang said to Master Doyal Shen: "Head Shixiong, Tian Shixiong’s Bamboo Peak hard have such talented person, but with this thing happen. It is natural that he is not happy about that. Please don’t mind him."

Master Doyal Shen sighed, shook his head: "Of’course I don’t mind. I know Tian Shidi. I can trust him."

Then, he seem remembered something, turned to Bamboo Height Master Shui Yue: "Shui Yue Shimei, your female disciple Anan these days-"

Shui Yue said lightly: "Thank you for Head Shixiong’s worry. Xueqi’s body almost recovered. If not because Tian Bolis Shixiong has a weird person and a strange esper, and consumed Xueqi so many chi within one battle, she will not lose to that person."

Vasp Caelo’s face changed. Master Doyal Shen waved his hand, said: "Ai ya, the thing is the past, no need to argue it."

Vasp Caelo and Shui Yue glared at each other, then turned their head alway. Master Doyal Shen sighed, then turned his eyes on the teapoy, seeing the black and ugly fire stick was laying there quietly.

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