Zhu Xian

Chapter 29: Supreme Art
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Chapter 29 Supreme Art A

The night returned.

Shaw Danon couldn’t go to sleep. Even Ashh’s eyes were also opened, looked at him. Other Shixiongs were already snoring. Big Yella also felt asleep.

Moonlight was like water, came in from the window. It landed on the ground like snow.

Shaw Danon quietly got up, Ashh immediately jumped into his arms. Shaw Danon carried it, patted its head, and walked outside.

Not a sound at the corridor. It was silent.

He smiled bitterly. Since he arrived at Peak of Widows, he never had a good sleep. Thinking of the contest tomorrow against Anan, there was still an undescribable nervous in his heart.

In his arms, Ashh uneasily moved. Shaw Danon looked at it, and found its eyes were staring at the shadow in front.

In the dark, a figure passed by.

Shaw Danon followed it.

The figure did not ran fast. The shoulders kept shrugging, it was like that person was crying. Shaw Danon could recongize that person was Hidi. He was puzzled, but seeing his Shijie was crying, a pain was in his heart.

Hidi went to the Cloud Sea, arrived near the central platform. Seeing no one was nearby, she couldn’t hold it anymore, fell on ground and let out the cry.

Shaw Danon had never see his Shijie was so sad before. He went to her side, said quietly: "Shijie, you-"

Hidi was surprised. She jumped up and turned around. She was relieved to see it was Shaw Danon. Then her heart soured, couldn’t help but threw herself on Shaw Danon, cried on his shoulder.

Shaw Danon’s body was petrified, couldn’t move.

Her sound of sob was next to Shaw Danon’s ear. He could feel the warmness from her body. It was like his dream had came true. A faint delicate fragrance came.

Shaw Danon stood there, looking far away. Even though he really wanted to hold that lady, but he did not.

Perhaps, truly embarrass you, the life will be different?

Hidi left his shoulder. Shaw Danon’s heart became empty, like he had lost something.

His shoulder was wet with tears.

Hidi rubbed her eyes, looked at Shaw Danon’s shoulder, said: "Sorry, Xiao Fan."

Shaw Danon shook his head, said: "Shijie, what happened to you?"

Just when Hidi was about to speak, "creak creak" sound came near their feet. They looked down and saw Ashh. She bended down and held Ashh.

"It had never ever been like this, Xiao Fan, never ever." That lady stand in the moonlight under the darkness of night. Sad and beautiful. She said to Shaw Danon with some grieve: "Dad and mom had never scold me like this before."

Seeing this beauty within the sorrow, Shaw Danon’s heart was like teared apart, like all her sadness was brought by him. He forced himself to remain calm, he asked gently: "Shijie, what happened? Why Master and Shi niang scolded you?"

Hidi hesitated, looked at Shaw Danon. Since young, this Xiao Shidi was her closest playmate beside her parents. In her mind, she thought of an idea: When did Xiao Fan Shidi became so gentle to me?

But this idea was only just a flash and passed by. Her heart was filled with grieve at that moment, she cried to Shaw Danon: "Isn’t it all because of brother Kevern!"

Shaw Danon’s face instantly became pale. He held his fists tight, so tight that his nails went into his palms.

"You still don’t know it?" Hidi was no longer aware of Shaw Danon, but in Shaw Danon’s heart, he was shouting wildly: "I know, I know, I already know it!"

The moon coldly shone upon this earth.

"Kevern Shixiong and I in love with each other. I told them, I am really really in love with him." Hidi calmed down a little, but hadn’t discover, each time she spoke, Shaw Danon became more pale.

"But dad scolded me loudly, said I am ignorance. Even my mom who alway love me stood on dad’s side. Why it is like this, Xiao Fan?"

Shaw Danon lowered his head, did not want Hidi to see his face. He said quietly: "How did Master and Shi niang know?"

Hidi did not discovered something was wrong about Shaw Danon. She almost cried again: "I could never expect this. I found it out later. Bamboo Height’s Baako Shijie told this to Shui Yue Shishu. Shui Yue Shishu told my mom. I reminded Baako Shijie so many times not to tell anyone about this, but she still let it out. I, I-"

A drop of tear came out from her eyes.

Shaw Danon said sadly: "Perhaps master and Shi niang are doing it for you own good. They are your parents, they won’t be bad to you!"

Hidi dried out her tears, said loudly: "What do they know! They only know the difference of houses! They only know brother Kevern is head of Dragon Head Peak Master Vasp Caelo’s favor! They only know if people know I am with brother Kevern they will be ashamed in Jadeon! They had never think of me."

She said with anger and definite: "Those reputation compare to my happiness, what are they? I really doubt they care about reputation or their daughter?"

Shaw Danon lifted his head, looked at this unfamilar Shijie.

How sad are these eyes!

Like a small bird without its parents in the storm. How weak. Sorrow with panic had stabbed his soul like a blade.

Chapter 29 Supreme Art B

Shaw Danon seem immediately defeated by these eyes. A sadness that had never happened before, rose up in his heart. If he could help this lady to carry her pain, no mater how difficult it is he will carry it. But he did not know what to say, all he said was: "Shijie!"

"I need to be with him," Hidi said certainly. Instead to say it was to Shaw Danon, rather to say this was for her heart, for Tian Bolis and Surin who were not here, "I must stay with brother Kevern. We had made a vow, no matter how hard my parents disapprove, even wait until the sea dry up, the stone rotten, we will still be together."

She looked at the night sky, swore to the bright moon. The moonlight quietly shone upon her. Her beauty was like the grieve lily bloomed at night, completely ignored the heart dead shadow standing next to her.


Standing on the stage, the sun of early dawn shone upon Shaw Danon. Warmed his body but not his heart. He stood there expressionless facing the fairy like Anan.

The frost lady’s scorn was so obvious. In the square, everyone knew Shaw Danon mostly rely on luck instead of strength to get to semi-final.

Behind her, Aeolian Firmus was glowing with blue light. Shaw Danon looked at this legendary item, he thought lightly: After a while, is it what he is going to face?

Then, he totally forgot this question. Since last night, his mind was going up and down.

In Cloud Sea, only two platform left. If talk about numbers of disciples watching, the people who were watching Kevern and Issa at west was not even one-third of the people here. Almost everyone was drew by the most popular Anan and the luckest Shaw Danon. As for the elders, most were sitting below this platform include Master Doyal Shen.

But, after everyone cheered when Anan arrived on the stage, they were discussing how fast Shaw Danon would lose, in the blink of the eyes or in a second.

Below the stage, Tian Bolis frowned. He knew the level of cultivation Shaw Danon is at. But with all the disdain behind him, it made him very uncomfortable. Surin who was sitting next to him was looking around, searching for Hidi. After the arguement last night, Hidi went away crying. With her understanding of her daughter, she was afraid Hidi went to watch Kevern’s contest.

She shook her head. Although she really loved her only daughter, but this time she completely stood on her husband’s side. She alway thought the people from Dragon Head Peak were not that good.

She turned and looked at the stage. At the same time, Shaw Danon also turned and looked at them. Their eyes met. Shaw Danon did not see the person he was looking for. He turned away quietly.

Surin frowned, said to Tian Bolis: "Xiao Fan look a bit strange today. Like half dead."

Tian Bolis said lightly: "He is only nervous. Child never face such great situation before, not surprising."

Surin became quiet, did not continue.

Shaw Danon turned back and looked at Anan. Under the sunlight, her beautiful face was shining. Soon, Anan felt Shaw Danon’s eyes and shown disdain again.

But this time, Shaw Danon did not avoid. He did not even felt her scorn. That beautiful face meant nothing to him. Only his heart was saying quietly, painfully: "She is not here. She went to watch Kevern’s contest!"

Anan quickly discovered that Shaw Danon was only using his eyes to look at her, while his hollowness told her that he was actually thinking about something else and ignored her existance. This was Anan’s first time experience it. Her eyes shown a slight of surprise.


The bell rang, sounding over Peak of Widows. The surrounding quickly quiet down.

Anan straighten her body, took a deep breath. Only need to win two more battle, only two more, and she could make her dream real and reach her master’s expectation. Aeolian Firmus brighten up behind her back.

"Bamboo Height disciple Anan, please leave guidance."

Shaw Danon was like waking up from dream. His first reaction was not to salute, but to search through the crowd with his eyes. So many people, but none is the one he is searching for.

Anan’s face changed. The Jadeon disciples below the stage were also in a uproar. This person was the first one that being impolite to Anan. Tian Bolis and Surin noticed this disciple was really not right today.

Shaw Danon slowly turned his head. His face was like dying embers, said lightly: "I am Bamboo Peak disciple Shaw Danon. Shijie please don’t hold back."

Anan startled. People normally said polite thing before the contest, but Shaw Danon looked weird, who will say don’t hold back. It sounded like sacrasm. But he did not look like it.

Anan was the favorite disciple of Master Shui Yue, her mind was strong. Her face did not change. Not speaking anymore, she held out her right hand, Aeolian Firmus slowly rose up in the air.

Shaw Danon looked at that bright blue light getting darker and darker, brighter and brighter. It had turned his entire body blue. He could not feel anymore nervousness, instead, he was like long awaited.

He took out his ugly and black fire stick.

Laughter bursted from below the stage. Compare to the noble "Aeolian Firmus", his fire stick was like a ugly worm.

And at this moment, it was like a dead, ugly worm.

The icy cold feeling filled his body again. For some reason, the fire stick seem excited today. The circulation of the cold engergy appeared to be faster than usual. Shaw Danon could even felt if not because he was blood bonded with the fire stick, if not because he was holding the fire stick, the fire stick would already charge at Anan.

No, it was not charge at Anan, it was to Aeolian Firmus. This strange feeling was like two deeply hated enemies.

At that moment, Anan’s face also changed a little. The glow of Aeolian Firmus was too bright, even she was puzzled by it.

But Shaw Danon had no will to think. He looked at this beautiful girl in blue glow. He suddenly discovered she was like Shijie. But this "Shijie" was looking at him coldly.

On the stage, an unexpected thing happened. Shaw Danon and Anan did not make a move. They just stared at each other.

The people were in a discussion.

Anan realized Aeolian Firmus was having weird behavior. But she used her mind to check, there were nothing abnormal. Aeolian Firmus just seem a little overly excited.

Chapter 29 Supreme Art C

Feeling the numberless eyes below the stage, Anan frowned, focus her mind. She snorted, kicked out all ideas in her mind. Aeolian Firmus brighten, rose into the sky, but it still had its sneath on.

Since the begining of Seven Peaks Tournament, Aeolian Firmus became the main focus of many people.Until now, Anan defeated all her opponets without unsheathe her sword. This caused many people to wonder who can make Anan to actually draw out her sword. Many people guessed during the final battle, with Kevern’s cultivation, he should able to do it.

The blue light shined on Shaw Danon’s face, but could not reflect any of his expression. Black fire stick glowed with fiant green light, slowly left his hand and stopped in mid-air.

Even they had already took a look at the fire stick before, but everyone here, including the Bamboo Peak people, was the first time seeing Shaw Danon cast magic. Amandla snorted: "If not because I see it with my own eyes, I can not believe the foolish Xiao Shidi have suddenly become a gifted genius."

On the stage, Anan held her incanation mark tight. Aeolian Firmus turned and charged at Shaw Danon with unstopable momentum.

Fire stick immediate went forth. The mystic green light crashed with the bright blue light in mid-air. It was like the fire stick did not fear this momentum.

At the next moment, under the stunned eyes of the audiences, Shaw Danon appeared to be vulnerable and received a hard blow. He fell backward. The fire stick lost its glow, and flight back to its master.

The Bamboo Peak people rose up, some screamed out like Amandla.

Shaw Danon’s back hitted on the pillar and fell on the floor. Blood spitted out from his mouth, landed on the fire stick. Without anyone’s notice, the blood was absorbed.

The power of Aeolian Firmus had shocked everyone!

Anan’s cold face without sense of hesitation, the blue light flashed, the Aeolian Firmus heartlessly chopped at Shaw Danon from mid-air. Black gas suddenly rose from the fire stick. The green light was getting brighter. With blood on the corner of his lip, he slowly got up. Face pale but eyes red, a savage look.

The fire stick already rushed toward Aeolian Firmus within the black gas and green light. The two espers met in mid-air then immediately bounced off. Anan and Shaw Danon could feel their body shocked.

The blue and green lights were flying across the sky. The giant, hard woods of the platform were drifted like paper scraps. The sound was like thunder’s roar. Not a single Jadeon could remain normal. Since the begining of the contest, there were no battle was as exciting, magnificent as this one. Just after a while, the entire platform had completely fell apart due to the power of two esper.

The surrounded audiences had backed up for a distance away from the platform. Shaw Danon and Anan were floating in mid-air. Anan’s both hands held incanation mark, focus on controlling the esper, the posture was serious and cool; Shaw Danon on the other hand was a bit strange. Although the fire stick is surprisingly powerful, he did not held incanation mark but gesturing in mid-air, and the fire stick followed his will, battled with Aeolian Firmus.

Even like that, Shaw Danon had the suffer that could not tell. The power of Aeolian Firmus was far greater than he could imagin. Everytime fire stick hitted Aeolian Firmus, channels of his body shocked. If not because he had practiced "Fawin Wisdom" to strengthen his channels, and protected him, and managed to within Aeolian Firmus’ godly power, he would already dead. Anan did not seem to feel anything. Under her control, the blue light was brighter and brighter, gradually supressed the fire stick’s black gas and green light.

Shaw Danon was complaining in his heart over there, Anan here was also surprised. Her opponent’s fire stick could have equal amount of spirit force, it also had a draining force. It kept draining her vigor. If not because she had a stable foundation, she fear she couldn’t control her blood inside of her.

Thinking of that, Anan felt the blood rushed into her brain again, and almost loss balance in mid-air. Her mind became angry and anxious. From the battle, she could tell her opponent’s cultivation in Pure Essence is far behind of herself, but his esper was so weird and powerful, even Aeolian Firmus could only gain the upper hand in surface.

Anan gritted her teeth, face flushed with pink, Her clothes fluttered without wind. After an other hit between Aeolian Firmus and the fire stick, Shaw Danon’s entire shocked, the fire stick also slow down.

Aeolian Firmus flight back. Anan held out her right hand and held Aeolian Firmus. At the instant her hand touched Aeolian Firmus, the blue light glow so bright that it swallowed her body. Aeolian Firmus let out a loud bang like dragon’s roar. Anan and Aeolian Firmus rose straight into the sky.

Shaw Danon already forgot everything around him. With his bond between him and the fire stick, Shaw Danon could feel the fire stick was almost like alive. It was very excited, a strangth savage thinking rose in his brain.

He stood in mid-air, roared at the sky.

The sound shocked earth, the sky changed!

The black gas and green light rose into the sky. The fierce wind blew, the cloud whirl!

Suddenly, the blue light flashed, the whistle sound increased quickly, until it was deafening, no one could hear any other sound. The blue light concentrated together, formed a giant pillar, and striked from above the head. It was like it is going to cut Mount Jadeon in half.

Shaw Danon’s face twisted. His eyes, nose, mouth and ears were bleeding. But his eyes had no sense of fear. He also held the fire stick. The black gas and green light were like holding in his hand, and faced the blue light pillar.

The Jadeon disciples held their breath. No one underestimate Shaw Danon anymore. The elders’ look changed.

This contest, is a battle of life and death.

But why, no one come to stop?

"Beng!" Like a thunder. It seem like the entire Peak of Widows shook. The blue light backed up. Aana reappeared in the sky, holding Aeolian Firmus, a stream of blood flow out slowly from her mouth.

Below the stage, Master Shui Yue stood up.

In mid-air, Shaw Danon could only hear the wind next to his ears. His eyes were bluried. The blood almost covered his eyes. If he can hear, he will hear the screaming from the Bamboo Peak people from below.

Surin’s lips loss color. Seeing the small disciple covered by blood in mid-air, she hurriedly said to Tian Bolis quietly: "Buyi, let Xiao Fan give up, hurry tell him give up."

Tian Bolis’s body shook, stared at mid-air, then slowly shook his head.

Could no longer feel any pain, in the ever changing sky, an idea suddenly passed through Shaw Danon’s mind: After I died, will Shijie going to visit me? After many years, many of happiness days, is she going to forget about me?

He rubbed the eyes, the blood, and, the water!

Anan felt extream pain in her body. The energy in her channels were unrest, like was about to leave her body and cheer for the savage devil within the horrify green light, black gas.

It was already the life and death moment!

It was already the eternal instant!

That beautiful lady, stood in wild wind. Let the wind blew at her face like blades, she still not back up. She lifted her head, looked at the sky.

Wind, suddenly stopped, frozen in the air.

The world, suddenly quiet, stopped at that moment.

"Bang!" A low roar seem came from heaven, sounding within the earth.

Anan drew out "Divine Sword Aeolian Firmus".

The blue light disappeared, like a giant dragon sucking in the water, the blue light was absorbed by the clear blade edge.

The Peak of Widows was silent!

The thousand years Aeolian Firmus finally unsheathed!

Anan’s face was cold as frost, her hand held the sword mark, took seven steps in seven stars position. Walked seven steps in mid-air. The sword pointed toward the sky. Her face was completely pale, her mouth worded the incanation:

"Rage of Nine Skies, turn to divine thunder.

Might of heaven, arrive at this sword!"

Then, the originally clear sky turned dark. Dark clouds suddenly appeared in the sky. Sound of thunder was roaring. The lighting flashed at the edge of the clouds. Fierce wind blew.

Shaw Danon opened his mouth. This scene, had appeared in his memory of long time ago. On the ground, all the elders and even Master Doyal Shen stood up, turned and looked at Master Shui Yue with an unbelievable look on their faces.

After a moment, Tian Bolis said: "You have raise a good disciple!"

Master Shui Yue ignored everyone. Her cold face eventually shown worry, watched the two people.

"Thunderblade!" Master Doyal Shen slowly moved his eyes away. His heart was shocked. He could never imagin in Jadeon, within the young disciples, there can be such extraordinary talented person.

But, looked at this female disciple’s face, although she was able to cast this type of amazing magic, her body was shaking, face was pale. It seem her strength had reach its limit.

The thunder howl was getting more rapid. Shaw Danon could feel the fire stick was filled with energy at moment Aeolian Firmus was unsheathed. It was like the blood-bonded esper shouted from its heart.

It was like it had waited for his moment for thousand years!

The sky was getting darker, the dark clouds were covering the head. A swirl appeared in the thick clouds.

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