Zhu Xian

Chapter 28: Top Four
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Chapter 28 Top Four A

Next day, the sun rose like usual. Bamboo Peak people arrived at the square. Four of the platforms were gone, leaving four platforms in the four directions.

Tian Bolis and Surin walked in the front. Shaw Danon’s wound seem recovered over night. He walked between the disciples. Suddenly everyone valued him, and it surprised him. He turned his head back and asked Amandla: "Sixth Shixiong, is Da Shixiong’s injury really bad that he couldn’t even walk?"

Amandla shook his head: "Master had visited Da Shixiong his morning. He said that the battle between him and Dubaku was too intense. One all offensive while one all defenive. It end up either side win. It might damaged his cultivation."

Shaw Danon was surprised: "Even Da Shixiong can not beat him, is that, is that mean I am going to lose miserably?"

Amandla rolled his eyes, said: "If it is following common sense that is. But because of common sense, all of your Shixiongs had bet you lose for the pass two days!"

Shaw Danon couldn’t find a word to say, closed his mouth.

The platform at the north was extreamly crowded. It was Anan’s contest no doubt. Tian Bolis snorted as he looked at that platform. He did not have any good impression to the person who defeated his daughter. He lead his disciples to the platform at west.

After a few steps, Shaw Danon’s body shocked. He saw the group of people were coming to their direction. An old men was leading them. The person who was next to the old men was Issa. Behind them were about a hundred Peak of Wind disciples. Shaw Danon saw Gao Shixiong and others, but he did not see Devi.

Like noticed Shaw Danon’s eyes, Issa said as their shoulders passed: "Peng Shixiong did not come, he is resting in his room!"

Shaw Danon managed to smile. But he saw Issa’s face was solemn, his eyes were cold.

The leading old men was Peak of Wind disciple Ceng Shu Chang. He looked at Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon felt that old men’s eyes were not shape, but it seem able to look into his deepest heart.

He curled in a bit. Tian Bolis said: "Hello Ceng Shixiong."

Ceng Shu Chang replied: "Hello Tian Shidi. I heard your house have a prodigy name Shaw Danon. His cultivation was unique and almost killed my useless disciple Devi in yesterday contest."

Shaw Danon was surprised: "What? Peng Shixiong was hurted that badly?"

The Peak of Wind disciples were discussing of how that person malicious is. Injuried someone and pretended to be surprised, showing himself was unintentional or insult Devi.

Anger flashed in Ceng Shu Chang’s eyes. But he could not release it in front of younger generation. He smiled coldly, said: "Tian Shidi, you had cultivated a good disciple!"

Tian Bolis was frowned and thought Shaw Danon was a bad speaker. But after he heard what Ceng Shu Chang said and noticed the sarcasm within, he immediately smiled: "You flattered me Ceng Shixiong. Xiao Fan, come and greet Ceng Shishu."

Shaw Danon startled. Ceng Shu Chang waved his sleeve, said coldly: "No need." then walked away.

Issa looked at Shaw Danon said: "I did not see you are actually hiding your strength all along. I asked Peng Shixiong to go easy on you, did not expect this actually caused trouble for him."

Shaw Danon said quickly: "I did not-"

He hadn’t finish, Issa already walked away. The Peak of Wind people followed. Everyone’s eyes were icy cold. But when he looked at Gao Shixiong, Gao Shixiong winked to him.

He startled, but Gao Shixiong already walked away.

Tian Bolis peered at the Peak of Wind people. He smiled coldly, then he waved his hand and lead the people to the west platform for today contest. As they got near, they discovered there were about two hundreds people had gathered. It seem like beside Anan’s platform, the most crowded place in Cloud Sea was here.

Shaw Danon was amazed, asked the Shixiongs: "So many people. That Dubaku Shixiong is surely strong?"

They laughed. He Dazhi said: "Chang Shixiong cultivation is high for sure. But I think they come here to see you most likely, Xiao Shidi!"

Shaw Danon was surprised: "How, how’s that?"

He Dazhi chuckled: "Until now, only eight people remain in the Seven Peaks Tournament. The largest black horse is you. Who doesn’t want to come see how many mouth or arms you got?"

Shaw Danon was muted.

Tian Bolis lead them to the platform. The people moved out of the way when they saw it was the Bamboo Peak. Many disciples were from Peak of Widows. Because Dubaku had a contest today, most disciples from main house were here. But there were not many elders from main house, even Master Doyal Shen was not here.

Tian Bolis frowned, asked Surin: "Head Shixiong is not here, is there anyone from main house has today?"

Surin shook her head, said: "No. For some reason, the disciples’ quality of main house this year are not that good. Only Dubaku remain now."

Tian Bolis pondered, then walked to the six chairs located right below the stage. Only a white beard old men sat there. He rose up as he saw Tian Bolis arrived.

Shaw Danon startled. It was the white beard old men in the contest between him and Chu Yu Wang.

The white beard old men seem also remembered him. His eyes landed on Shaw Danon for a moment then turned to Tian Bolis: "Tian Shixiong, I can never imagin your house have such prodigy this year."

Tian Bolis seem have good relationship with this senior, he smiled, said: "Tera Shixiong overpraise me. Please sit."

The bell rang. Tian Bolis turned to Shaw Danon, said: "Seventh, go up there."

Hundreds of eyes landed on Shaw Danon at that instant. Shaw Danon had never being stared by that many people before. He flushed, answered: "Yes." Then he walked to the stage without looking back.

But then he was pulled by Surin. Shaw Danon was surprised: "Shi niang, what it is?"

Surin smiled, said with loving care: "Does your body still hurt?"

Shaw Danon shook his head: "Master himself had cured me, it’s almost recovered."

Surin shook her head also, said: "Outside is easy to be recover but the inside is hard. Xiao Fan, Dubaku you are facing isn’t a common opponent, even your Da Shixiong loss to him. Though according to your Da Shixiong, Dubaku was also serverely injuried after he won, but with your cultivation you still couldn’t I am afraid. Just give up when you can’t hold out. Don’t take risk and get injure, understand?"

Shaw Danon didn’t nod, but murmured: "Master will be mad."

Surin shook her head smiling: "Silly child, just go. Your master worry so much about you."

Shaw Danon immediately turned and looked at Tian Bolis, and saw Tian Bolis was chatting with the white beard old men. He did not look at him.

Surin patted his head, said: "Go."

Chapter 28 Top Four B

Shaw Danon walked slowly onto the stage. He stood there with what Surin just said: "Your master worry so much about you!"

Since he was young, Tian Bolis was no different than god in his mind. Although Tian Bolis did not treat Shaw Danon well, to get his master’s approval was Shaw Danon’s greatest wish.

And now, heard what Surin suddenly said, he could not believe it.

The people below the stage began to feel not right. After a while, even Shaw Danon felt something was wrong: his opponent still hadn’t arrive yet.

The disciples from main house was worrying. They kept looking around. At that moment, a main house disciple was running toward them. He rushed to the white beard old men and whispered to him.

The white beard old men couldn’t believe what he had heard, asked: "Really?"

That disciple looked at the stage, and finally nodded. The white beard old men’s face turned pale, fell back into the chair. Tian Bolis was puzzled, asked: "Tera Shixiong, what happened?"

The white beard old men looked at him weakly. He sighed and pulled himself back together, rose up and announced: "Main house disciple Dubaku, due to the injuries yesterday contest, he give up today contest."

It was silent.

After a moment, the crowd rose into an uproar! Though the Jadeon disciples were cultivators, many of them cursed. As for the Bamboo Peak people, the first reaction of them was not cheer, but a weird look. They looked at each other for a while, then smiled bitterly.

Tian Bolis and Surin slowly rose up, staring at their young disciple on the stage. Surin smiled, said quietly to Tian Bolis: "I already said it. This small disciple’s luck is not common."

Tian Bolis couldn’t say anything, but bitterly smiled.

That day, it seem like everyone wanted to look at Shaw Danon like he was a precious beast. At the same time, the contest result came out. Shaw Danon was "fortunate" to be able to list into the semi-final along with Kevern, Anan, and Issa.

Many people already expected Kevern to win the tournament. Anan was also extreamly popular for the past few days. But Issa and Shaw Danon entered semi-final was out of many Jadeon’s elders’ expectation. Issa was known for being Ceng Shu Chang’s only son. Though many people of Peak of Wind knew Issa was very talented, but he was not well known in Jadeon. During the contest, he defeated many opponents with his flawless magic skills, amazed many people. In comparison, Shaw Danon was seem out of spot within the four people.

On the stage, the four people stood shoulders to shoulders. The Head of the faction Master Doyal Shen and Head of Dragon Head Peak Master Vasp Caelo stood in front of them. Master Doyal Shen had a smile on his face, could not see any unsatisfy for none of his disciples remain in Seven Peaks Tournament.

Below the stage, near thousand disciples were gathered. All the Jadeon’s elders were sitting in the front. Surin looked at the stage, whispered to Tian Bolis: "Xiao Fan seem a bit nervous!"

Tian Bolis snorted, did not say anything. How could he not see what his wife was able to see. On the the stage, Kevern was cool and calm; Anan was cold as frost; Issa was smiling; only Shaw Danon was standing there, looking at the ground, both hands did not know where to put.

Master Doyal Shen looked at the four people. He smiled, turned to the disciples below the stage: "Everyone, the Seven Peaks Tournament had selected the our top four disciples. Their talent surpass many people, amazing cultivation. They are our Jadeon’s elite, burden with the future of Jadeon clan-" Suddenly someone below the stage laughed. Then, Jadeon disciples burst into laughter.

Master Doyal Shen frowned, peered at Shaw Danon who was the youngest out of the four. He shook his head. The laughter continued, the solemn situation turned into clownery. Master Vasp Caelo stepped forward. His eyes were like blade, sweep across the crowd.

The laughter instantly extinguished. It soon returned to silent. Vasp Caelo had in charge of Jadeon’s punishment for years. The disciples feared him more than Master Doyal Shen.

Wait until it returned to absolute silent, Master Vasp Caelo stepped back, said to Master Doyal Shen: "Head Shixiong, please."

Master Doyal Shen smiled: "I don’t have much to say, Vasp Caelo Shidi, you go."

Master Vasp Caelo nodded, announced: "Tomorrow contest, Dragon Head Peak Kevern verse Peak of Wind Issa, Bamboo Height Anan verse Bamboo Peak Shaw Danon...."

Master Vasp Caelo kept on talking. Everyone eyes turned to him. Shaw Danon could finally relax. Many people were looking at him, so he almost could not breathe.

"Why you sweat so much?" Suddenly, Issa asked quietly.

Shaw Danon was surprised. After he defeated Devi yesterday, Issa was being cold to him. He did not expect Issa would talk to him. Though they only knew each other for three days, Shaw Danon had see Issa as his friend.

He looked at Issa, and saw he was standing there looking forward, smiling to the disciples below the stage. It was like he had never spoken to Shaw Danon.

"Idiot, don’t turn your head." Issa’s face did not change, only the corner of his lips moved: "You had made my dad to scold me half dead!"

Shaw Danon immediately turned his head away, whispered: "Sorry, I was, was, ai, is Peng Shixiong alright?"

"Although Peng Shixiong is heavily injuried, but its not too bad. He will recover after few days, or else why I am not make you to pay back? But I can never expect you are really hiding your strength."

"No, alas, I did not know what happened. I think it must be Peng Shixiong went easy on me, and my head was burned so-"

"I asked Peng Shixiong, though he lost, he praised a lot about you. He said he had gave all he got, did not go easy. So you don’t need to worry about it."

Shaw Danon surprised again, then he asked: "Then about your dad scolded you-"

"Huh, that is because Gao Shixiong and his idiots were having a big mouth, told my dad about me asking Peng Shixiong to go easy on you. Peng Shixiong was trying to help me, but dad scolded me, other wise I won’t pretend to be like this in front of people."

"Shushu, I am really sorry."

"That was nothing. Don’t mention it. I got scolded all the time when I was young anyway. But you bastard need to be careful tomorrow. Next battle is against Bamboo Height’s icy beauty. Careful not to get killed by ’Aeolian Firmus’!"

Shaw Danon said sadly: "I know that too. It will be great if the contest place me against you-" Then he stopped. He and Issa felt a frozen chill. They turned and saw Anan’s cold eyes were on them.

Shaw Danon was stupefied. Issa gasped. They stopped talking and pretended listening Master Vasp Caelo’s reminder.

After Master Vasp Caelo finished, the disciples were dismissed, prepared for tomorrow climax of the tournament. Shaw Danon and Issa walked down the stage, they could feel the chill on their back. They wondered is Anan came from northen ice plain. Their hearts were frozen just from one stare.

Just when he wanted to say good bye to Issa, he said Issa changed his face, looked at him contemptuously and snorted, walked away. Surrounded by Peak of Wind disciples, Issa’s father was looking at them.

Shaw Danon smiled bitterly, then turned and walked to the Bamboo Peak people. Tian Bolis looked at him, said: "Let us return." Then he looked at Hidi, said: "Ling’Er, come with me, your mother and I want to speak with you."

Hidi answered and smiled to Shaw Danon before she left.

They returned to the dormitory. Once they were back to the room, Wu Dayi and others quickly told Xavion the good news. Ludaxin held up Shaw Danon and laughed. Only Amandla kept shaking his head, said: "God has no ears or eyes!"

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