Zhu Xian

Chapter 27: Persist
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Chapter 27 Persist A


Below the "Qian" platform, it was like an other world. Everyone were shouting loudly for the two beautiful figure on the stage.

The red light of Phoenix Soul and the blue light of Aeolian Firmus shone the stage like the fairyland. But the most beautiful thing was still the two young ladies on the stage. From the begining to now, it had last already two hours. They still hadn’t able to get the result. Especially Bamboo Peak’s Hidi, she had survived long under Anan’s Aeolian Firmus and still had no sign of losing.

Even the Head of Jadeon Master Doyal Shen was enjoyed by the contest.

Tian Bolis and Surin were worried about Hidi. But seeing Hidi was not in any disadvantage, their hearts were relieved. Tian Bolis noticed Surin’s nervous look, he said softly: "Relax. Ling’Er will be fine."

Surin turned and looked at her husband and smiled, then turned her attention at the platform once more. Tian Bolis shook his head, then noticed there were some disturbance behind him with the disciples.

He turned his head and looked, even with his high cultivation, he startled by what he saw.

The people were moving out of the way, let out a thin path. Shaw Danon was walking slowly. All his clothes were burned. Smoke even came out from some part of his clothes. On his face, hands, body, many places were burned black. They could see Shaw Danon was walking with great difficulty, it seem like every steps used up all his strength. But he was still stubbornly walking, walking.

Tian Bolis saw his youngest disciple was walking toward him. He said nothing and left his seat with his short, fat body. Surin felt something was wrong. She turned and looked at Tian Bolis. Her face immediately turned pale. She rose up.

At that moment, more people were looking at this way.

Shaw Danon walked to the front of Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis looked at this disciple who he neglected most of the time, looked at his ignorance stubbornness. An unstoppable anger rose in his heart. The anger was so strong, people could hear the anger from his tone even if he tried hard to cover it: "Seventh, which guy hurted you like this, victory is not enough for him?"

Surin was surprised that Tian Bolis truly got mad because of his young disciple. She pulled Tian Bolis sleeve, but her eyes landed on Shaw Danon again.

The Bamboo Peak disciples were too shocked to help Shaw Danon.

On the stage, Anan and Hidi were battling. The espers were flying around.

Shaw Danon looked at the stage, then to his master. He saw his master angry face, there seem to be an unnoticable loving care in his face.

He used his remaining strength to shake his head, said quiet: "No, master, I won."

Then his head felt dizzy. The sky seem darken instantly. He fell on the ground and fainted.

Shaw Danon fell on the ground, unconscious. But the words Shaw Danon said before he fell had shocked Tian Bolis as well as other Bamboo Peak disciples. After a moment, they lifted up Shaw Danon’s back.

Tian Bolis closely examined Shaw Danon. His body was burned by fire, but his inter organs were all right. He seem fainted due to tiredness. Tian Bolis did not know what happened in Shaw Danon’s contest. He noticed many people were looking them. He did not want to stand there and watched by others. He carried Shaw Danon, said to Surin quietly: "I bring seventh back first. You stay there and watch Ling’Er."

Surin frowned, still nodded still. Looking Shaw Danon, she couldn’t hide her anxiousness any longer. The Bamboo Peak disciples circled them. Amandla said: "Master, let me come with you."

Tian Bolis shook his head, said: "No need."

Even Master Doyal Shen was attracted. He said: "Tian Shidi, he is your disciple. What happened?"

Tian Bolis said: "His skills isn’t good enough and get some light injury. I will bring him back and cure him. Please excuse me."

Master Doyal Shen nodded then he turned back to the amazing battle. A while after Tian Bolis carried Shaw Danon, the disturbance was soon calmed down, the disciples were enchanted by the two beauties once again. Only small amount disciples at the outer layer of the crowd noticed a group of Peak of Wind disciples, most with ghastly pale on their face, were gathering at the platform far away.

If Shaw Danon is here, he would know that platform is where Issa contest take place.


In netherworld, hall of Yama, there were fire everywhere, burning the crying people. The blood were stink and disgusting. Shaw Danon felt the sky was spinning. At that instant, he was back to the peaceful village many years ago.

A thunder. The dark clouds covered the mountain. Just in the blink of the eyes, the kind villagers became dead bodies. The peaceful village became a hell.


He shouted as hard as he could. His muscles were tensed. His heart was like stabbed. Pain came out from his chest. His body trembled and woke up.

"Ah, he wake up. Xiao Fan had woke up." The familar voice that was engraved in his heart was the first came to him. The voice contained some anxious and relieve. Shaw Danon opened his eyes and saw Hidi.

It was like, back to the time long ago. She was in all red dress with Phoenix Soul around her waist. Her beautiful hair falling hanging down smoothly around her neck. Shaw Danon could see his reflection in Hidi’s bright eyes.

Shijie! A cry from the deep of his heart.

Shaw Danon looked at her. His eyes did not blink. How great it is if this moment become an eternity!

In the room, everyone gathered around him. Tian Bolis took his pulse, nodded: "Good. No problem now."

Everyone relieved and released a smile.

Shaw Danon saw everyone was here. He was laying on the bed while the disciples were standing, Tian Bolis and Surin were sitting on the chairs in front of the bed.

"What, what happened?"

Hidi smiled: "Are you forget already? You fainted after the contest between you and Peak of Wind’s Devi. It scared everyone. Lucky nothing serious."

Shaw Danon moved his body. Except for some tiredness, and the pain in his chest, every parts of his body were alright. He surprised: "How can this be? Aren’t my body-"

Tian Bolis cutted in: "The burns are just skin injuries, I used the Jadeon’s special ointment to cure it. Your body only received one damaging hit on the chest, but the bones did not get dislocated. It should be fine after few days of rest."

Surin smiled, said: "Xiao Fan, you should thank your master for it. If not because of him cured you, just your burns alone will taks more than half year to recover."

Shaw Danon said quietly, with undescribable gratefulness: "Disciple is useless, bothered master."

Tian Bolis snorted. His face turned cold: "How are you useless? The best in the Bamboo Peak is now you!"

Shaw Danon was surprised, he did not know what Tian Bolis meant. He said: "Master, I, no, like Shijie, ah, and also Da Shixiong and other Shixiongs are far ahead of me, I can not..." Then his voice got quiet. He noticed the Shixiongs and Hidi’s faces were weird. Especially Da Shixiong. He looked very pale, no like his usual energetic. Now he looked like he was about to fall down.

Surin sighed, said: "Daxin, bring a chair for your Da Shixiong."

Ludaxin quickly answered and brought a chair for Xavion. Xavion wanted to refuse, but then his body couldn’t hold out, and sat down, panting.

Shaw Danon was stunned: "Da Shixiong, what happened to you?"

Xavion smiled bitterly, did not reply, while He Dazhi said: "Xiao Shidi, now Seven Peaks Tournament is at fourth round, our Bamboo Peak only has you remain." Then he looked at others.

Shaw Danon then realized, looked at Hidi, said: "Shijie, you also-"

Hidi’s face darken, said quietly: "I lost too."

Shaw Danon looked at her disappointment in her eyes. His heart was hurted. But now it was not the time for him to think about something else.

Tian Bolis looked closely at Shaw Danon, said: "Seventh."

Shaw Danon’s heart beated. He could hear the anger in Tian Bolis voice. He began to has a little fear: "Yes, master, what-"

Not waited for him to finish, Tian Bolis asked: "Your cultivation, where you learned it?"

A huge ring in his brain. He opened his mouth but did not know what to say. He looked at everyone in the room. The familar kind Shixiongs remained silent, looked at him with doubt.

Chapter 27 Persist B

But that was expected, the Xiao Shijie who was used to be dumb suddenly became surprisingly strong, no one could accept that within such short time.

Under aggressive eyes of Tian Bolis, Shaw Danon sweated hard on his forehead. He almost told his master that he was practicing other faction’s martial art.

He was no longer the ignorant child five years ago. From daily conversation between his Shixiongs, he already knew about the famous Skysong temple, and also old monk Pozhi’s true identity. For the past years, Shaw Danon had practiced "Fawin Wisdom", the gratefulness in his heart had not lighten.

"I, no, disciple is dumb. These years the cultivation did not have much improvement." Shaw Danon lowered his head, avoided Tian Bolis’s eyes. He said slowly: "Few days ago, disciple suddenly able to drive some objects. Disciple himself couldn’t believe it, so, so did not report to master, did not expect-"

Tian Bolis laughed coldly: "Did not expect became famous from one battle!"

Shaw Danon immediately said: "No, not like that, master-"

Tian Bolis was not that easy to lie to, he said coldly: "You said you can drive some objects, but this need to be at least Yu Qing stage level four to accomplish. I asked Daren, he only taught you the level two incanation. Can you tell this ignorant master how did you skipped level three cultivation and got to level four?" At the end, his voice remain cold, with some fury. Everyone’s faces changed.

Shaw Danon did not say anything. The room was silent.

Tian Bolis’s face became worse and worse. Everyone was getting more anxious. Shaw Danon quietly got up. Though he was tired, he still got off his bed. In front of everyone, in front of Hidi, he kneed down before Tian Bolis.

Tian Bolis said coldly: "What?"

Shaw Danon lowered his head, looked at the ground, did not looked at anyone he said quietly: "Master, please punish me."

Tian Bolis got even more mad. Surin frowned: "Xiao Fan, if you have any reason, just tell your master. Why make it like this?"

Tian Bolis laughed coldly: "Good, good, good! You are a hard bone. I have a good disciple!"

Shaw Danon trembled. He did not know how he feel. It seem like there was also an other person, the breath became faster. He said quietly: "It is all disciple’s fault. Master please punish me!"

Tian Bolis suddenly rose up. The chair he sat on fallen apart. He said angrily to Shaw Danon: "It’s all your fault, heh heh, you know it is a great forbidden in Jadeon to learn behind master’s back. The punishment is from imprison for a serveral decades to destory all cultivation and expel out of Jadeon, you know that?"

Shaw Danon lifted his head and looked at Tian Bolis. He saw his master’s face was filled with anger, he wasn’t joking. His heart sinked.

"Why it turn out like this?" His mind said. Hidi didn’t tell him that when she gave him the incanation.

But still, he did not turn back.

The room was dead quiet. No one said anything.

The only sound left was the panting of people.

A person’s heart, in this silent, had quietly, coldly frozen. Shaw Danon closed his eyes, lowered his head again. It was like he is taking his final step in his life:

"Disciple dishonor, master please punish!"

"Beng!" A great force hitted him. Shaw Danon flight back and hitted against the wall. He fell on the ground. Large amount of blood spitted out.

Xavion kneed down. Other disciples followed, said: "Master, please forgive Xiao Shidi!"

Xavion said: "Master, I, (Coughed), I, It’s me who did not teach him well and let him did such thing. It’s all my fault. Please forgive Xiao Shidi!"

While everyone were whinning, Hidi did not move and stood there, stunned, and watched Shaw Danon struggling. His body was covered with blood and his face was pale.

Tian Bolis looked at the disciples and Shaw Danon. The anger was still on his face. He snorted then left. Surin looked at them, sighed and shook her head, said to Xavion and others: "You all can stand up." She looked at Shaw Danon, then said: "You guys take care of Xiao Fan, I will go see your master."

Xavion and others quickly answered: "Yes."

Surin sighed again, then left.

The people looked at each other. After a while, Hidi walked slowly, and helped Shaw Danon. Bubbles came out from Shaw Danon’s mouth. Laying in her arms, Shaw Danon smiled.

At that moment, a drop of tear fell on Shaw Danon’s blood stained face.


It was dark night now. In Cloud Sea, the cloud vapor still floating around, like the fairyland.

Chapter 27 Persist C

Tian Bolis stood at the square, looked at the sky.

The night sky was filled with countless of stars. The moon was cold as frost.

Behind him, a familar footstep came. Surin went by his side, looked at the stars with him, smiled: "Feeling better?"

Tian Bolis snorted, didn’t say anything.

Surin smiled: "You can fool Daren, Ling’Er and others, but you can not fool me. That swing is probably intentionally shock Xiao Fan’s blood vessels near his heart, so the congested blood can get out from his body, right?"

Tian Bolis looked at the night sky, still remain silent.

Surin shook her head, said: "Already hundreds years old, and still care so much about reputation!"

Tian Bolis turned, glared at his wife, said: "You saw that. That brat was like, ’Master, please punish me!’" Tian Bolis mocked Shaw Danon’s tone, said angrily: "It’s clearly his fault, and still act like he got treated wrong, make it like I, the master, is abusing him, forcing him isn’t it? Out rageous!"

Surin turned around and looked at the dormitories, said: "You think I will believe you did not see that?"

Tian Bolis said: "What?"

Surin said: "Ling’Er was acting strangely. Don’t you think?"

Tian Bolis snorted.

Surin smiled: "You also see that. Xiao Fan had never left Bamboo Peak for five years, the only possiblility is that our disciples taught him. Ling’Er alway being nice to Xiao Fan. She is also spoil by us, she would dare to secretly pass them level three incanation. If isn’t because she felt guilty, with her normal behavior, she would already help Xiao Fan. And yet this time she said nothing? Who could that be if isn’t her?"

Tian Bolis seem to have expected his wife to say so. He did not seem surprised, but he still looked angry, unwillingly said: "Even if it’s Ling’Er’s fault, look at that Shaw Danon talk back to me and not telling anything, damn it!"

Surin chuckled, patted her husband’s shoulder, scolded: "Aren’t you the same? And you still blame on a child. And beside, Xiao Fan did that for Ling’Er, this intention is hard to get!"

Tian Bolis rolled his eyes, didn’t say anything.

Surin looked at him, said: "What are you going to do once you are back to Bamboo Peak? Learn behind master’s back is great crime. For Ling’Er, let’s not punish him too hard, just lock him up in back mountain for thirty or fifty years."

Tian Bolis startled, snorted, said: "Hardly our house finally got a, got a crazy geek. Doesn’t that let Vasp Caelo, Shang Zheng Liang get away too easily. Don’t think about it. Tomorrow don’t worry about life or death, just let him continue the contest.

Surin held her husband’s hand, smiled: "I know you are soft hearted."

Tian Bolis blushed, but quickly went back to normal. He peered around, said: "We are old couple now, you don’t think people will tease us?"

Surin looked at him, said: "What, you become scare now since you are the head of the house? Three hundreds years ago, also at Peak of Widows, didn’t you went into my place at dark before Seven Peaks Tournament. That time my Master Zhen Yu and Shijie Shui Yue were nearby. I did not see you scare!"

Tian Bolis giggled: "Your Master Zhen Yu was already six hundreds years old. She is already an old fool. I don’t fear her; as for your vicious Shijie, I already hated her. It’s fine for her to be alone for the entire life, but she wanted to keep you with her. I hated her so much already, when did I ever fear her!"

Surin glared at him: "Don’t say bad thing about my master and Shijie, they meant a lot to me."

Tian Bolis shrugged, didn’t say anything. Under the moon light, his eyes said: no matter how good they are to you, you still married me in the end.

Surin couldn’t help but scolded: "Silly minded."

Tian Bolis was in a very good mood, he held his wife’s hand, walking slowly in the Cloud Sea.

"Right, I forgot an important thing."


"That brat could use a fire stick as esper. I was too busy to be angry and forgot to take a look at it."

"Xiao Fan was secretly practicing cultivation. He probably doesn’t know much about controlling esper. I think you need to find a time to give him some instruction on?"

"Huh, let’s talk about it later. Last night Head Shixiong summoned all heads to him. He said after using Psychic Art and talked to Master Spirit, he discovered Master Spirit’s odd behavior was due to some evil spirit, later it couldn’t find it."

"What are we going to do?"

"What can be done about it, Master Spirit couldn’t find it. Master Spirit lived for six thousands years already. Your master became a fool after living for six hundreds years, it’s not unusual if Master Spirit became a fool!"


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