Zhu Xian

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White clouds drifted leisurely above the mountains, a breeze blew, an indescribable carefree and leisure.

At the once Majestic Fox Mountain, the huge abyss no longer had the red striking light, but from the abyss depths, hot air drifted up at times, indistinct sounds of lava flowing.

Before the abyss, a man stood solitary there, both of his eyes closed, but he seemed blind, his face was haggard, his figure thin and tall, sometimes muttering something, after a long time, he slowly fell onto the ground.

The rough ground gave a sturdy feeling, his lips slowly revealed a smile, softly calling,


The voice drifted off, there wasn’t any reply, he lightly panted for a while, slowly, stopped breathing.

After a long while again, a figure from far walked over, it was a lady with a black veil on her face, her figure slender, it was Youji who was missing for a long time, she saw that there was a figure who had collapsed at the fringe of the abyss, was shocked and immediately flew over, but it was too late.

Supporting that man’s body, her eyes turning red, behind the veil, came her sobbing cries.

And at this moment, in the abyss behind her, in the deep darkness, a clear crisp bell rang out. Youji’s body shook greatly, almost couldn’t believe her ears, whipped around and looked down, but other than the deep darkness, nothing could be seen.

The clear bells, drifted melodiously, from the abyss, into the mountain breeze...

Under the Qing Yun Hill, outside HeYang City, a row of people was walking slowly along the wild ancient path.

Xiao huan who was smiling broadly suddenly turned around, her dimple like flower, asked the person behind her, “Pinger sister, are you speaking the truth? You have really put down everything and will follow us to roam the world?”

Clothed in light yellow, extremely charming and brimming with vitality Jin Pinger smiled, hugged Xiao Huan’s shoulders and said, “That is of course. The mortal world is full of perils, stinky men uncountable, there are already two beside you day and night, if I do not watch over you, I will be really worried!”

Xiao Huan laughed happily, both of them walked side by side, behind them a sound of grumble, angrily said, “What stinky men, I am by nature kind, everyone in the world knows, right, Wild Dog?”

Wild Dog Taoist walked past the grumbling Zhou Yixian, [he he] laughed, did not reply, instead quickened his steps towards the two slender figures.

Zhou Yixian [pei] a few times, shook his head sighed and said, “Public morals are declining by the day, Public morals are declining by the day ah...”

He suddenly seemed to recall something, gazed far back, that lofty towering Qing Yun Hill mountains range, towering into the clouds, magnificent. A smile revealed on his lips, an indistinct wise glint flashed in his eyes.

“Grandpa, hurry up!” behind, Xiao Huan called out.

Zhou Yixian [he he] laughed, turned around, waved the bamboo pole with the banner in his hand, loudly laughed and said, “Coming, coming, I know that without me this main backbone, all of you are unable to go on, ha...eh, hey, the few of you, better walk slowly, can’t you see me this old man walks slower, not agile, hey...”

Time passed leisurely, not knowing in a blink, how much time had passed again.

Lu Xueqi succeeded as Small Bamboo Valley branch leader, this day had wielded her sword and came to the Big Bamboo Valley, to visit her senior sister Wenmin who was already married to Big Bamboo Valley Song Daren.

Both sisters had not seen each other for many days, naturally had much to talk about when they met, from morning until noon before Lu Xueqi took leave. Song Daren and Wenmin came out to send her, three of them stood outside Observed Silence Hall, Lu Xueqi observed the surroundings, smiled and said to Wenmin, “This place seems really peaceful, really suits senior sister.”

Wenmin smiled and nodded, Song Daren also laughed and said, “Actually Big Bamboo Valley is also rather bustling, just that these few days the junior brothers all went out to cultivate, with less people naturally it is quieter. Oh and, we had Da Huang here, it is a big dog that our teacher raised from young, but these few days it suddenly disappeared, didn’t even hear its barking, it is really strange.”

Wenmin rolled her eyes at him, said, “Most likely Da Huang despises the food you all fed it and ran away.”

Song Daren laughed, did not seem to mind too. Lu Xueqi watched the loving couple, her heart also felt assured, chatted a while and then left.

Her white clothes fluttered as she flew, feeling suddenly moody today, she did not wish to return immediately to Small Bamboo Valley, or it could be because of the loving scene from her senior sister that caused her mood, for a moment could not control herself, unknowingly she travelled down Qing Yun Hill, came to the abandoned Grasstemple village.

Luxuriant grasses, breezes blowing, as if nothing had changed.

She stood silently for a long time, softly sighed, on her beautiful face, she seemed depressed. Striding, she slowly walked, leisurely deeper into the ruins.

The broken walls and buildings, separated into two sides, in the grasses and light breezes, quietly stood, she quietly walked ahead, her gaze distant, quietly watching the surroundings, her eyes full of tenderness.

Suddenly her body shook, she stopped in disbelief, saw deep in the ruins ahead, a simple wooden hut was erected, a chimney askew at the roof, was puffing white smoke out, outside the hut, two stacks of woods were placed, under the eaves, a small wind chime hung, on the chime, not knowing why, a torn green cloth was tied to it, in the gentle breeze, emitting clear chimes.

An inviting fragrance, drifted out from the wooden hut.

“Woof woof woof, woof woof woof!”

“Zhi zhi, zhi zhi...”

A series of strange sounds, suddenly rang out from the house and then a yellow figure flashed, it was a big old yellow dog scurrying out from the house, its face full of happiness, spread it legs and ran; on its back there was a grey-fur money, with three eyes on its face, holding a delicious meat bone on its hand, the other hand clutching tightly to the yellow dog’s neck, calling out, most likely urging the yellow dog to run quickly.

Closely following, a man ran out, wearing coarse clothing, with a bitter laugh shouted, “Damm dog, damm monkey, coming again to steal meat bones to eat...”

Suddenly he stopped, his eyes reflecting Lu Xueqi’s figure.

The two of them, stood there unmoving, staring at each other.

How much time, the worries and feelings of the mortal world, were all in this deep gaze, and then, both of them laughed at the same time...

A gust of breeze blew past, the bell below the eave chimed, the green cloth gently floated, as if carrying some smiles; clear bells, following the wind drifted up, reverberated in-between the heavens and earth.

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