Zhu Xian

Chapter 259 - Zhu Xian
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Chapter 259 - Zhu Xian

Red light covering the sky expanded over, looking over from Tongtian Peak, the entire sky had turned red, dark red clouds surged and rolled, giving a feeling of suffocation. Under the red clouds, everything was dyed red, the sky was red, the mountains were red, the thin floating clouds in the sea of clouds were also red, the water flowing from the Rainbow Bridge was red, even the wind blowing past also seemed red.

Thick stench of blood wafted from the breeze, permeated Tongtian Peak.

Numerous figures were climbing up from below Tongtian Peak, swarming from all directions, so thick that almost no gap could be seen, everywhere were people, and everyone of their eyes had that strange red glint. Looking at these people who had turned berserk, most of them appeared to be the commoners staying below Qing Yun Hill from their clothes but then how would the commoners be this agile and skilled in climbing like monkeys? The peculiar fact, was most likely due to that strange blood glow which had taken over their will.

Without any effort, it was able to have thousands of armies, even if they were bewitched commoners, the Four Divinities Blood Formation was able to stimulate ten times of their vitality potential, estimating this way, it really didn’t seem like there was any resolution against the Evil sect Ghost King. One mad commoner, not one in Qing Yun Hill would take notice but a hundred, a thousand, furthermore before them ten thousands, covering the long mountains and countryside like mad ants and charging up, chilling the others who watched them.

In that numerous crazed human crowds, there were many who seemed especially animated, their skills obviously far superior to those surrounding commoners who were like ants, leaping and wielding swords, they knew the skills that cultivated Taoists could do, and they were extremely skilled, many had already defeated the Qing Yun sect disciples guards. These people were clearly the Good Faction cultivated artists who were bewitched by Ghost King in the previous battles.

With so many experts helping, in addition the almost mad crowd, the Evil sect like a huge tide hitting the shore, unstoppable momentum, under the red light illumination, Qing Yun disciples who were guarding above the sea of clouds were beaten retreating almost without any resistance.

Soon, [suo suo] sounds were heard unceasingly, the evil sect army swarmed in from all directions and occupied the entire huge clouds platform, looking over, the celestial clouds realm was now crowded with people, howling and shouting cries undulating, like ferocious ghosts hell, and even more people squeezed up, almost insufficient space to place their feets.

And in the sky, a ball, hundred times darker red than the sky, like a blood ball of red light slowly flew to where the clouds platform was, wild laughter was heard from it,

“Ha ha ha, useless things from Qing Yun sect, now that you all finally know my power! Ha ha...where is Daoxuan, Daoxuan you this dog why are you not out yet? Aren’t you always saving the world? Isn’t Zhu Xian Sword Formation the world’s invincible? Why is it that today you have become a turtle that hides in its shell and don’t dare to come out? Ha ha...”

The laughter was unbridled and savage, almost hysterical but also tyrannical, it caused the entire Qing Yun Hill Tongtian Peak to be enveloped in a blanket of despair atmosphere.

However, also at this moment, the Evil sect army attacks stopped temporary, for no other reason than because the Good Faction members made use of the topology and defended the Rainbow Bridge with all their might. The Rainbow Bridge was an amazing work created by Heaven and Earth and right now it had became a natural inaccessible moat against the Evil sect army, the vast floor of the bridge was quite spacious in the usual times but right now to the evil army, it was no different from a single-log bridge.

Those crazy mad people charged up the bridge but next moment, [ah ah] sharp cries were heard unceasingly, some lost their footing or some due to packed crowd, were pushed down from the bridge into the abyss, soon becoming spots of black, swallowed by the thick sea of clouds.

And over at the Good Faction side, they were initially caught unprepared by the Evil sect army, furthermore due to the vast difference, collapsed in a blink at the clouds platform but right now with the addition of the elites who were gathered at Crystal Hall, boosting the strength of the battle, looking at the dazzling array of magical weapons’ illumination above the Rainbow Bridge, they were already much stronger than those previously.

Although the numbers were great at the Evil sect side but there were only several that could fight properly, and majority of the others were bewitched by the Four Divinities Blood Formation, although the formation could augment their capacity and become super strong, climb as if they were flying but eventually it could not make them learn the various Taoism skills like flying in one day, so although the Evil sect was powerful in their strength but most only stood dumbly and charged ahead, encountering such natural moat like the Rainbow Bridge, they could do nothing.

There were many Taoist martial artists who could wield their swords and fly to fight but that was still only a few, the Good Faction side increased their numbers to hold the bridge and on the other hand sent experts to handle those enemies that could fly, with numbers on their side, soon the Evil side was suppressed.

As such, though the Good Faction slowly gained their footing and took over the battle, on the Evil side, numerous red-eyed crazed humans gashed in anger but could only squeezed at the small but long bridge, unable to advance and retreat, as the time passed, the restlessness increased, more fell off the bridge and lost their lives like that, looking at those black spots that fell, the numbers seemed to be more than those that were killed by the Good Faction.

The situation was unexpected by the Evil sect, and the Good Faction’s morale was boosted, although the situation was still unfavourable but it was still much better than the initial stage where their people were defeated like mountains toppling.

Just that, these little hopes did not stay in the Good Faction martial artists’ hearts for long, after the Evil sect was blocked at the bridge, that strange red ball in the firmament slowly travelled past the clouds platform, to where the bridge was.

Bright red light rays pulsed, extended and retreated, like a terrible monster in the air brandishing its claws and teeth, the rising blood air swiftly spun, the next moment, from the huge blood ball, several red light beams shone onto the Rainbow Bridge.

Tianyin Temple Puhong Master and the rest had fought with the Evil sect previously, their faces turning solemn when the blood ball flew over, now that those strange light beams shone out, Puhong Master’s countenance changed greatly, shouted quickly, “Quickly move away, that light bean is what bewitched the people.”

The rest who heard it changed countenances and quickly avoided but those Good Faction members who were tight in the defense at the bridge head were unable to escape in time, the light rays from the sky shot down quickly and cries were heard, a few disciples were trapped in the rays and their bodies were seen shaking violently, following which their faces contorted, their movements becoming stiffer, their eyes slowly reflected the red lights.

The others beside who still did not get the situation, some were same sect friends, reflectively dashed ahead and wanted to pull the people out from the light, who knew those under the lights suddenly turned on them, started to use their weapons to hack at them and quite a few were killed.

Miserable and shock cries for the moment rang out, Puhong Master’s face was ashen, he clenched his teeth, disregarding Buddhism taboos, he shouted loudly, “Those fellow Good Faction friends who have been bewitched...kill them!”

After speaking, anguish flashed past his face, but right now was not the time to repent, Reverend Daoxuan was missing and he was the next most revered figure, he also understood the desperate situation they were now in and they could only sustain as much as they can, he did not dispute to be the one-in-charge and stood out to give orders, under his shouts, the Good Faction members rushed up and terminated those who were bewitched and temporarily controlled the situation.

However, a shadow had now shrouded their hearts, just not long ago, those were still their battle allies and in the next moment, into enemies, who would be the next? Or to say, if they themselves were bewitched and then...

As if being stimulated, the Evil sect army started to howl and shout, extremely excited and taking advantage of the short chaos among the Good Faction, a batch of Evil sect people managed to charge down the bridge.

Puhong Master quickly ordered the rest to besiege the group, though these Evil sect lackeys were still humans but they had huge strengths after transforming, even their bodies seemed much sturdier, the ordinary Qing Yun disciples attacked with their weapons and were unable to kill them immediately, took them some time before they could defeat the lackeys.

And it was also taking advantage of this short gap, the blood ball in the sky howled, hysterical laughter was heard continuously, again several light rays shot down, the red lights flashed, it was extremely strange.

Immediately the Good Faction members spread out, nobody wished to be like these living-deads, this time although Puhong Master shouted and gave commands but it was already chaotic within the Good Faction, the Evil sect army on the bridge howled and shouted, the pressure increased, the remaining Good Faction tried their best to defend left and right and eventually could not hold them back, banging sounds were heard several times and some bodies were hit flying back, it was those Good Faction disciples.

Immediately, like a huge embankment collapsing, the mad crowd rushed forward, in the fierce hubbub, numerous Evil sect charged forward, the Good Faction side immediately were thrown into a mess, the entire defense line was broken.

Mortal hell, seemed before them.

Everyone had despair in their hearts, in the innumerable mad tide of people, most of the Good Faction disciples were separated and most were fighting by as one against several terrible enemies who were unafraid of death. Everyone of them was fighting bravely, because if not they would be killed, the red clouds flashed in the horizon, blood air raising, that mad laughter seemed to be louder, filled with arrogant and conceited.

Lu Xueqi was also among the crowd, Tianya Sword glimmering a blue halo flew around her, every time a cold glint flashed, there would be enemies crying out in death, just that when one fell, instantly there would be two, three or even four or five pouncing up.

Her white clothes, right now were dyed red with blood.

Gradually, her movements started to slow, her arms also seemed to become heavier, despair cries unceasingly heard beside her seemed numbed to her, she had long lost count of the number of lives she had taken, just instinctively defending.

Even more, even more lackeys, their faces contorted and mad eyes, leapt up.

She clenched her teeth and swept her sword, beat three of the lackeys back, was about to take the big knife attack from her left when her legs suddenly gave way, it was her body losing strength. Lu Xueqi shocked, used her remaining strength to swerve aside and then felt her eyes seeing stars and felt dizzy, the next moment, an intense pain in her left shoulder, blood sprayed.

The pain instead stimulated her body’s remaining strength, clenching her teeth tight, she retaliated, Tianya stroke like breaking the bamboos, immediately knocked the enemy onto the ground but at the same time, several terrible figures also leapt over.

Lu Xueqi suddenly felt despair, at this moment, there was no fear on her face, under the red light covering the sky, she softly sighed, as if resigned to fate, closed her eyes.

Her hand turned, Tianya sword surged with light, she called out softly, “Xiaofan...” in the faint sounds, Tianya sword slided across her fair neck.

Looking as Lu Xueqi was about to fade and vanishes like a scent, at the critical moment, a swift whistle was heard, a powerful force from the back came to her side, caught hold of her arm, stopped Tianya about three tenths from her neck, at the same time, strong winds gusted, the person with energy unseen, blast those lackeys around out.

Lu Xueqi was shocked, opened her eyes and saw her mentor Shuiyue, Shuiyue Master was not looking so good too and appeared to have exhausted much of her vitality, even her body also showed scars of the battle.

Lu Xueqi called out, “Teacher...” and did not speak anymore.

Shuiyue Master although had forced the enemies back but her face was pale, she appeared to be breathless too, but her eyes were still sharp and firm, spoke loudly to Lu Xueqi, “Xueqi, live on, listen to teacher, live on well...”

Before she could finish, Shuiyue Master’s body suddenly shook, her face completely pale, Lu Xueqi was shocked and cried out, “Teacher, what, what happened to you...”

Her voice suddenly hoarse, a sharp long knife with blood traces, pierced out from Shuiyue Master’s chest, Shuiyue Master’s body wavered and suddenly with a fierce shout, turned and struck out with a palm, immediately the person who attacked her from behind was hit flying out several zhang, blood sprayed, looked like he won’t survived.

That person was also brave, although he had lost his life but when his body flew out, he was still holding onto the long knife tightly, blood spurted, the knife left the body, Shuiyue Master with a painful groan, her body turned twice on the the spot, finally could not sustain and collapsed.

Lu Xueqi’s mind went blank, not knowing how her body had the energy, Tianya sword burst into brilliance, like an angry gust charging up the sky, immediately all of the lackeys were beaten back within one zhang of radius, blood and flesh flew everywhere, not knowing how many unable to flee in time, died under Tianya.

After forcing the lackeys back, she ran staggering to Shuiyue Master, caught hold of her, tears filling her eyes, cried, “Teacher, teacher...what happened, don’t go...”

Shuiyue Master’s chest wound was too deep, blood spurted out like fountain, one look and could tell it was beyond help, even the glint in her eyes, were fading fast, just that she could still hear her beloved disciple’s cries, her pale face revealed her last smile, looking at Lu Xueqi, she breathlessly said, “Xueqi...remember...live on...well...”

The last word was forced out, Shuiyue Master seemed to lost all of her strength, her body shuddered and then turned soft, her eyes also closing.

Lu Xueqi like thunderstruck, her entire body wavered and looked like collapsing, the surrounding Evil sect would not give her time, in this short moment, again another group of enemies besieged, Lu Xueqi’s face turned pale, it looked like she could not accept that her teacher passed away before her, and again like she had lost all desire to live, there was no resistance.

But suddenly another figure came before her, pulled her away in the nick of time, Lu Xueqi looked, it was her senior sister Wenmin who was covered in blood too. Lu Xueqi’s heart pained, choked and said, “Senior sister, teacher she, she...”

Wenmin’s eyes were also in tears but she clenched her teeth tight, her sword forcing the enemies back, her hand clutching Lu Xueqi tightly, shouted, “Junior sister, listen to teacher, we must live on!”

Lu Xueqi was jolted, turned back and looked at that body which was gradually swallowed up by the Evil sect lackeys, like two balls of fire suddenly lit up in her eyes, she clenched her teeth, finally again wielded Tianya sword, back to back with Wenmin, using the last ounce of her strength, fought and kill, persisting, for every bit of hope to survive, bitterly holding on.

Red blood light, was still covering the sky and surging over, without any trace of sunlight. The violent battlefield had already turned into a mortal hell, the casualties at Good Faction increased, and at this moment, a long whistle was heard from the Jade Pool beside the bridge, water ripples broke, a huge spiritual beast leapt out, it was Qing Yun sect mountain guardian the Water Kylin.

Almost without any hesitation, the Water Kylin was already attacking the Evil sect lackeys, claws brandishing, its huge mouth devouring, immediately causing chaos at the Evil sect army, with such a huge beast, even how ferocious one would be would also be struck with fear, everyone ran to avoid.

The sudden appearance of the Water Kylin gave the almost-defeated Good Faction a chance to breathe, many lackeys turned back to charge at the giant beast, the Good Faction side who were almost crushed under, fortunately avoided the fate.

The Water Kylin charged left and right in the crowd, where it struck, miserables cries were heard undulating. The Good Faction taking advantage of the chance all retreated up Crystal Hall’ stairs, Lu Xueqi and Wenmin were also almost completely exhausted, Wenmin’s skills was lower than Lu Xueqi, the enemies ahead temporarily retreated, without that adrenalina to kill, she almost could not even walk up the stairs.

Lu Xueqi was not much better than Wenmin but they were after all sisters and they helped each other up to Crystal Hall, looking around they could not help but feel dejected, the others standing before the hall, were less than hundred, and everyone was injured, covered with blood.

Both of them looked at each other, saw the despair in each other eyes, the Water Kylin although ferocious but under the evil lackeys’ attacks, how long could it last?

As expected, the Water Kylin although initially had no foes and attracted most of the army over but as the surrounding pressure increased, the Water Kylin although roared deafeningly, was gradually declining, especially those cultivated martial artists within the crowd using their weapons to attack, caused great damages to the Water Kylin, with the innumerable lackeys like ants swarming up, about an hour later, the Water Kylin finally revealed fear, its body battled with wounds, its huge head wavered, made a shocking loud cry, retreated with one huge step and again into the Jade Pool, never seen again.

Although the Good Faction had saw the outcome in the earlier battle but when the Water Kylin escaped, everyone revealed anguish on their faces, watched as that dark wave again turned to this direction, a despair air lingered among them.

Lu Xueqi struggled to stand up, raised Tianya up, before her throat, Wenmin was shocked and was about to stop but Lu Xueqi already softly spoke, “Senior sister, forget it, it’s already impossible, I will rather commit suicide and not allow those people’s dirty hands to kill me.”

Wenmin’s eyes filled with tears, suddenly footsteps sounds were heard from behind, she turned and looked and was stunned, it was Big Bamboo Valley Song Daren who was covered completely in blood, stood silently behind her. Wenmin looked deeply at Song Daren, Song Daren smiled and held her fair hands, tightly into his hands.

Wenmin seemed to have received courage, her face no longer fearful and in despair, she slowly revealed a warm smile, turned and spoke softly to Lu Xueqi, “Junior sister, go in peace, we will come immediately to accompany you.”

Lu Xueqi looked at their hands tightly together, and their figures supporting each other, a smile appeared on her lips, and then, she closed her eyes, softly saying in her heart, “Xiaofan, we will meet in the next life...”

Tianya sword’s cold energy, seemed to seep past her skin and into her blood, she smiled, her hand grabbed the sword hilt tight, suddenly at this moment, Wenmin cried out, “Junior sister, wait.”

Lu Xueqi was stunned, put down the sword, asked, “What?”

Wenmin turned around, it was towards the rear of Tongtian Peak, in a shocked voice said, “Listen, listen...what is that sound?”

The battlefield with its violent hubbub, for some reason, became silent, without any sound, those lackeys, were standing still stunned.

In the silence, the ancient Tongtian Peak, the entire mountain seemed to be quaking.

A deep long whistle, exploded from the rear of the mountain, gradually picking up its pitch, slowly becoming clearer, the sound pierced up the clouds, in the whistle, a huge resplendent ligt charged up the sky, like a huge dragon incarcerated for thousands and thousands of years, leapt out with a boom, galloped the nine skies, summoning the wind and rain, the sky changed countenance, the mountains all bowed, numerous magical weapons in the people’s hands, started to tremble on their own.

“Zhu xian...Zhu xian...that is Zhu xian!”

Suddenly, a wild happy shout, rang out within the Crystal hall, the Qing Yun disciples, even those with serious injuries, all seemed to have forgotten their pain, struggled to stand up and look, that resplendent and magnificent light beam, passed through the heavens and earth, unparalleled in the world, as if like the incomparable pride and hope in their hearts.

Zhu xian!

The firmament which was blocked by the red light, was immediately forced back by this sudden light, resplendent light soared below the nine skies, flew galloping over, in the air above Tongtian Peak, burst suddenly, releasing ten thousands light rays, like blazing hot sun spilling onto the world, driving all the darkness away.

Deep inside that light, a figure emerged, but as the dazzling light was too strong, his face could not be seen clearly, in-between the flickering light and shadow, they could clearly see, that figure was slowly holding up an ancient sword.

Zhu xian ancient sword!

Immediately, Crystal Hall broke in thundering cheers, Wenmin and Song Daren were crying with joy, only Lu Xueqi, her body wavered, her expression disbelieving. Just that right now everyone’s attention was on the sky, nobody noticed her.

That figure in the horizon, although indistinct in the bright light but that silhouette had long been etched in her heart, unforgotten even in death, how would she not recognize?

“Xiaofan...” her heart cried out thousands and hundred times, her hand clutching the clothes around her chest tightly, as if only like this, she could suppress her pounding heart.

Right now, the blood ball at the Evil faction side also discovered the arrival of the mysterious guest, rumbling turned over, both sides are enveloped in light, one white one red, a subtle confrontation feel.

The next moment, an angry bellow was heard from the blood ball, “So it’s you!”

Facing Ghost King’s interrogation, that figure did not answer, he only raised the Zhu xian sword in his hand, instantly, whistling sounds were heard, in the vast firmament, the seven mountain summits of Qing Yun shot out seven colourful light rays, charging up to the sky, like the mythical flood dragon, streaking across the sky and finally converged at Zhu xian ancient sword.

The whistling sounds became louder and louder, filling the entire world with this sound, after a moment, as if the past had once again appeared, under the firmament, the huge colourful energy sword appeared, the legendary zhu xian sword formation once again appeared in the world.

“Go and die!”

An angry bellow and the strange blood ball also started to change, air of blood started to roll off from both sides, revealing the person’s real appearance, everyone looked over, with their wide knowledge and experience, could not help but be stunned and sucked in their breaths.

Within the blood ball, enveloped by the balls of huge blood energies was the cauldron which had totally turned blood-red colour but the bizzare thing was, half of Ghost King’s body was already merged into the cauldron, leaving his chest and head above it, his face savagely contorted, staring hatefully at the figure within the resplendent light.

With a wave, immediately like pulling by a huge force, the numerous blood energies in the horizon were swept up, the strength and impetus was incomparable, like huge waves the blood energies red clouds, became a red spear in Ghost King’s hand that span ten thousands zhang long across the horizon, blazing hot sparks of electricity scurried with sounds of [ci ci], extremely horrible.

“See how I tear your body to thousands of pieces, bastard!” a heartrending roar, Ghost King seemed to have lost all logic and leaving only the thirst to kill, the colossal red spear struck heading towards Zhu xian illumination with a rumble.

On Tongtian Peak, even though they had complete trust in Zhu xian sword formation but witnessing Ghost King peerless immerse strength, their countenances changed still, unable to speak, Lu Xueqi turned pale and stared intently at the horizon.

The Zhu xian sword formation this time, was differently from the other two times wielded by Reverend Daoxuan, on the horizon other than the hilt that was unparalleled, the huge colourful energy sword looking scornfully at the world, the multifarious, blotting the sky and covering the earth hundreds of millions small energy swords, did not appear. Instead, not knowing why there was only one energy sword but the brilliant force emanated from Zhu xian sword formation, was no less than before, a tiny movement from the colourful huge sword, seemed to have the terrible power of tearing the firmament apart, moving the stars and constellations.

Looking as that colossal red spear pierced through the sky and approached, unstoppable, someone in the crowd had already cried out but the figure in the illumination did not even have the intention to avoid, on the contrary, he seemed to be receiving the spear, both of his hands suddenly waved forward, immediately, thunder and lightning exploded in the horizon, rumbled, under the clear sky, Zhu xian sword suddenly turned, facing the red spear and striking it.

The two terrible huge weapons in the firmament, clashed together, instantly bursting forth was hot flash light that was thousands and hundred times brighter and hotter than the sun, nobody could open their eyes and could only hear the deafening boom, the earth and mountains moved, the entire Qing Yun mountains range as if unable to withstand the might of heaven and earth, wanted to bow down in fear.

The light dispersed slightly, everyone couldn’t wait to look at the sky, in the intense battle in the firmament, a huge air vortex had appeared, profound black colour like bottomless abyss, coldly watching the mortal world, under the vortex, the colourful Zhu xian huge sword had lost all colour, transformed into a dazzling hot white sword, piercing the horizon, carrying the power to destroy the world and struck down.

The red huge spear, responded and broke.


Terrible miserable cry, came from Ghost King who was moulded with the cauldron, he with incredulous despair, even his eyes were flowing with blood, roared, “This is impossible, this is impossible...I have Asura’s power, I have Asura...”

The final words, were drowned in the violent storm, Zhu xian sword split the huge blood spear but did not withdraw, instead continued on, in that instant, the entire firmament was enveloped in Zhu xian’s illumination, wind and clouds rolled in the horizon, as if all of the deities and demons in the heavens and earth, were trembling in fear, that terrible Zhu xian power?

That sword stabbed directly at the cauldron, directly at Ghost King, directly at the deepest part of the blood ball those balls of red clouds evil depths!

The blazing light burned everything, tore all of the blood rays in the horizon, the storm lightning and thunder rumbled ceaselessly, countless of clouds remnants were swept up, swallowed into that black vortex in the firmament.

Ghost King’s face revealed despair, but within it madness too, he laughed hysterically, shouted hysterically, both his hands waved, suddenly stabbed into that terrible devil face’s eyes on the cauldron.

[Rumble!] A sound of angry thunder, in that instant suppressed all of the sounds in the sky, Ghost King’s eyes suddenly spurted two streams of blood, heavily injured he was still laughing hysterically, and on the cauldron, as if stimulating the final divine might, a terrible blood red figure with a height of ten thousands zhang, slowly formed behind Ghost King.

“Go and die!” Mad roar, rang out in the firmament, that strange blood devil figure moved, carrying terrible power, moving the sky of red energy, again leapt towards Zhu xian.

And Zhu xian which had transformed into a blazing white light sword, also at the next instant, stabbed the cauldron.


In the terrible cries, heartrending anguish, behind the exploding bright light, a human figure was forced out from that cauldron, as if losing all of his strength, flew far and disappeared into the far horizon.

And at this time, that terrible blood demon figure had already leapt to where the human figure was, losing Zhu xian sword’s protection, that human figure before the blood devil figure ten thousand zhang body, seemed extremely fragile.

[Hou hou] in the wild roars, that figure in the light was grabbed by the blood devil figure, in just an instant, the light dispersed, the human figure was also swallowed by the blood figure. Everyone on Tongtian Peak was nonplussed, shrill cries were heard, Lu Xueqi’s body shook, her face lost all colour, [wa] a sound and spat out a mouthful of blood, her body wavered and looked like about to collapse.

Suddenly, the blood devil figure which looked like it had won and was laughing savagely, its huge body suddenly froze, the Zhu xian sword which had flew back, flashing with blazing light of exterminating deities, stabbed in from the back and through its chest.

Around Zhu xian sword, the turbulent blood air scattered, the huge body revealed the terrible wound, swiftly expanded, that figure cried out a deafening roar, its body before shattering apart, threw the delicate body in its hand towards that terrible profound vortex, instantly swallowed by a ball of electric and vanished.

Closely following, the blood figure made its last roar, finally unable to withstand Zhu xian terrible power invading its body, under the blazing white light, in the roars, dispersed.

In the horizon, the red clouds gradually retreated, the storm ceased, without the blood light rays manipulation, the innumerable lackeys like waking up from a nightmare, the red light in their eyes dispersed, slowly became clear-minded. Over at Good Faction, everyone looked at each other, after the nightmare, it seemed unbelievable.

“We won? We won?” everyone looked at each other and asked, hot tears filling their eyes, as if they could not believe their eyes.

Wenmin and Song Daren hugged each other tightly, could not bear to let each other go for even a moment, after a long time, Wenmin recalled something, tears flowing but smiling, she turned and looked at Lu Xueqi, laughing and crying at the same time said, “Junior sister, junior sister, look at us...”

Her words suddenly stopped, behind her, Lu Xueqi had fell down, as if she did not have any ounce of energy, fainted, but this tiny sorrow, was soon drowned out by the cheers and shouts that exploded out at Tongtian Peak.

That vortex in the firmament slowly disappeared, warm sunlight again shone down onto the world, carrying the long-awaited peace and warmth.

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