Zhu Xian

Chapter 25: Luck
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Chapter 25 Luck A

After a moment, the white bearded old man was the first to put himself back together. He jumped on the stage and examined Chu Yu Wang. His bod was fine. No sign of poison. It appeared that his inside was severely injured by the esper.

He frowned, rose up and looked at Shaw Danon. He was impressed by this youngster. He peered at the black fire stick in Shaw Danon’s hand.

"You won." Putting away his uncertainty, the white bearded old man said calmly.

When Chu Yu Wang was about to win, but instead fell after a roar. The scenario was mysterious and unacceptable; however, the result was laying in front of them, they couldn’t say anything.

Issa was also stunned. However, after he heard what the old man announced, he ran to the stage to Shaw Danon, as well; hitting him on the shoulder, he chuckled: "Good lad, so you were just hiding your skill!"

Shaw Danon turned, stared at him as cold as frost.

With a pair of cold, dark black eyes!

Issa felt chilled, surprised: "Xiao Fan, what is it?"

Shaw Danon’s body shook as he heard this question; it seemed to remind him of something. His eyes softened. The coldness in his eyes also disappeared; returning to normal, except for confusion in his eyes. He replied: "No, nothing. I am alright. What is it?"

Issa stared at him: "You are asking me what? Why don’t you ask me as if you don’t know that you won this round."

Shaw Danon was surprised: "What? I won? I really won?"

Issa was even more surprised. His face turned pale and immediately put his hand on Shaw Danon’s Forehead, said: "That’s bad. Did your brain get burned by that fire?"

Shaw Danon scratched his head, watched the Sun Rise Peak disciples carry Chu Yu Wang away. Several people glared at Shaw Danon angrily.

In Shaw Danon’s mind, the scene of the battle replayed. He looked at his black fire stick. The ugly stick lay in his hand quietly. However, in Shaw Danon’s eyes, the fire stick that had been with him for two years became unfamiliar, just like the nightmare the day in the ancient valley.

"Pop." Issa saw Shaw Danon was lost in thought, used the fan to hit his head, said: "What are you thinking?"

Shaw Danon shook his head, sighed. He putted the fire stick back into his clothes, said: "Nothing. Let’s go. Right, why did you come to see my contest?"

Issa peered at Shaw Danon’s fire stick, said: "Mine hasn’t started yet. I have nothing so I came to watch your fight. I had never expected it could be such great battle. Huh? Today your Monkey Phantasm, what its name-"

Shaw Danon said: "Ashh."

Issa said: "Right, Ashh. Why I don’t see Ashh today?"

Shaw Danon shook his head: "I didn’t see its figure for the entire morning. Probably hanging around with Big Yella again."

Issa said: "Aw." Seemed like he was disappointed. Shaw Danon guess that, although Issa said he came to watch his fight, he actually came to see Ashh.


From the distance, there was a wave of loud noise. The could hear it clearly, even from far away. In the center of the square, many Jadeon disciples were surrounding the "Qian" platform. Wave after wave of exclamation was issuing from the disciples.

Shaw Danon hadn’t reacted to it, Issa was already stamping his feet: "Damnit, damn it. I was too concerned about you, forgot the most important thing." Then he pulled Shaw Danon’s arm and began to run.

Shaw Danon was confused, asked while running: "What is it?"

Issa’s face showed regret: "That is Anan’s contest!"

Shaw Danon smiled, but his heart was also moved by this friend that he only knew for two days. On the deserted platform, he couldn’t see his master, or any of his Shixiongs, except for Issa.

A feeling of warmth, rose in his heart.

"Issa, thank you for coming to see me."

Issa startled and slowed the pace. He turned and looked at Shaw Danon, smiled: "Hoho, that was nothing. If you want to thank me you can give Ashh-"

"We need to be hurry!"

Issa shook his head. Then followed Shaw Danon, with his mouth murmuring.


As they approached nearer, they saw the Jadeon disciples were walking away. They were excited and debating. They looked up at the stage. No one was on the platform; however, it was severely scarred. It appeared that the contest was already finished.

Issa rolled his eyes, pushed through the crowd with Shaw Danon. Then, he found his target: a group of Peak of Wind disciples.

Issa quickly went near them. The Peak of Wind disciples smiled when they saw it was Issa. The tall man said: "Shidi, didn’t you say you must see Anan’s battle? Why were you not there?"

Issa coughed, said: "I had, um, something to do. Right, hurry; what is the result?"

A man with thick eyebrows said: "No need to ask in order to know. With Aeolian Firmus, even if it is Peak of Widows’ Duwan, he still is no match as her opponent!"

Issa was surprised: "Even Duwan Shixiong loss to her?"

Shaw Danon asked Issa: "Is Duwan Shixiong strong?"

Issa nodded: "Yes. Duwan is one of the most outstanding disciples in the main house. Many people believe that he can win this tournament."

The tall man shook his head: "That doesn’t matter much. You didn’t see it. The power of Aeolian Firmus is far too strong. The blue light flashed, then a few sounds arose, after that, Duwan Shixiong lost." Then he paused and sighed: "You may not believe this; however, in the end, Anan still had not pulled Aeolian Firmus out of the sheath."

Issa was startled, said: "What is the use of having the tournament? Who can stand as her opponent?"

The tall man shook his head: "That is not necessary. A godly weapon like Aeolian Firmus, the power is not much different without the sheath. As for Anan’s cultivation, it is terrific."

Issa looked at him, said: "Gao Shixiong, how do you know?"

Shaw Danon looked at the tall man, his mind thought that person really lived up to his name (Note 1). Gao Shixiong said: "That’s what I heard from master."

Issa was surprised: "My dad?"

Gao Shixiong said: "Yes. Before you arrived, master was here. At the end of the battle, he said that she might have already surpassed level eight of Pure Essence, perhaps she is already at level nine."

Issa was stunned. He couldn’t say anything. Shaw Danon was bewildered. Issa said he did not care about the result of the tournament, but he seemed to be very concerned about it.

A ringing bell sounded in the distance. The Peak of Wind disciples seemed to have a contest. They all went to the direction of the ringing bell. Shaw Danon saw Issa was still standing there. He pulled him.

Issa awakened, then smiled: "It’s all over. Now we have no hope."

Shaw Danon truly didn’t care. He said: "Over is over. Right, why your contest still hasn’t begun?"

Issa looked into the distance, said: "It still hasn’t begun, yet, but I should go now. Where are you going to go?"

Chapter 25 Luck B

Shaw Danon thought for a moment, then said: "I am going to report to master and Shi niang, even though it’s just a lucky win."

Issa nodded: "Come see me if you have time."

Shaw Danon answered, and they said good bye to each other.

Traveling on his way, he could hear many people were discussing the battle between Anan and Duwan. After a long while, Shaw Danon finally found the Bamboo Peak people in the west. He could see the angry face of Tian Bolis from far away. Shaw Danon always feared Tian Bolis, so he quietly walked to the disciples. Tian Bolis saw him. He quickly turned his face away without asking about the contest’s result. Surin, Hidi and the other Bamboo Peak disciples were there except for Xavion. Shaw Danon peered at everyone. Hidi was fine, but the others were depressed. Shaw Danon asked Amandla: "Sixth Shixiong, how is it?"

Amandla peered at Tian Bolis, seeing he was not looking in their direction, he whispered: "Except for Da Shixiong, all of our contests are over. Only Xiao Shimei won. Master is mad, now."

Shaw Danon was startled, did not know what to say.

Surin shook her head and sighed, asked Shaw Danon gently: "Xiao Fan, you are back. How is the result?"

Shaw Danon hesitated, said quietly: "Shi niang, I, I won."

Surin: "Oh, doesn’t matter, it is just a loss. Just pretend this is...." Then her voice became smaller, she looked at Shaw Danon, surprised: "What did you just say?"

Everyone, even Tian Bolis, turned to Shaw Danon. This was the first time Shaw Danon felt proud under the regard of everyone, especially Hidi’s surprised eyes. He looked at Tian Bolis, raised his voice higher and said: "Master, Shi niang, I won."

They were surprised.


They were now at the "Kun" platform, watching Xavion’s battle. On the stage, the "Ten Tigers" sword was like a number of tigers, creating earth-shaking roars. It took full offensive and gained the upper hand over the opponent.

Besides being cheerful, the Bamboo Peak people could not believe what Shaw Danon had told them.

"Xiao Shidi, so you say that in the contest, you were about to lose; however, Chu Yu Wang suddenly became ill, bled and fainted?"

"Yes. Fourth Shixiong, you and second Shixiong, third Shixiong, fifth Shixiong already asked me twenty-two times. Why are you still asking me? Sixth Shixiong, can you please tell them I am speaking the truth."

Amandla replied: "Xiao Shidi, so you said that during the contest, you were about to lose but that Chu Yu Wang suddenly became ill, bled and fainted?"

Shaw Danon held his head, groaned: "Yes, this is the twenty-third time."

Hidi said: "Why are you guys forcing him? Xiao Dan wouldn’t lie." But, then, she still shook her head, said: "But Xiao Fan, your luck is so good. Isn’t it a bit too much? No wonder other people don’t believe you."

Shaw Danon couldn’t say anything.

Listening to their disciples’ argument, Surin asked Tian Bolis: "What do you think?"

Tian Bolis frowned, asked her back: "If he said he won with his own skill, would you believe it?"

Surin smiled: "This disciple’s luck is not like other people’s normal luck!"

Tian Bolis snorted.

"Bang!" A loud noise. Xavion roared. The brightness of Ten Tigers sword was so powerful that people could not keep their eyes open. The opponent finally collapsed by this mighty strength, flew backwards and spit out blood.

The Bamboo Peak disciples cheered loudly. Tian Bolis’ face finally smiled.

Xavion walked down the stage. He first greeted his master and Shi niang, followed by the warm congratulations of the people.

"Hoho, that was just lucky! Sixth Shidi, don’t say things that are so disgusting! Eh, Xiao Shidi, you are back. What is the result? Didn’t get hurt, right? Aw, look at you. Listen to Da Shixiong, your cultivation is still not deep, there are a lot of chances in the future. Don’t put the result of one battle into your heart. Why are you guys looking at me like that?"

Tian Bolis was the first that walked away. Surin smiled to Xavion, then followed Tian Bolis. Xavion was puzzled, and asked the people: "What is it?"

Hidi told Xavion what happened. Xavion turned to Shaw Danon with an unbelievable look on his face. Shaw Danon curled in a little: "Da Shixiong, I know it’s not good for my luck to be so good; however, this is the truth. I can’t control it."

Xavion’s eyes widened: "Xiao Shidi, so you said that in the contest, you were about to loss, but that Chu Yu Wang suddenly became ill, bleeded and fainted?"

Xavion’s eyes widened: "Xiao Shidi, so you say that in the contest, you were about to lose, but that Chu Yu Wang suddenly became ill, bled and fainted?"

Shaw Danon fell on the ground hopelessly.


There were only sixteen disciples in the third round of Seven Peaks Tournament. Bamboo Peak had three people in the third round, which was surprising. For the entire day, Tian Bolis had a smile on his face. Disciples were discussing secretly.

Amandla : "Look at Master’s happy face. This time, we are finally able to throw away our shame."

Wu Dayi : "Da Shixiong and Xiao Shimei really made our master proud."

He Dazhi: "That is a shame for me. Although Xiao Shimei is still young, she is much better than I. Her future is so bright."

Zheng Dali: "Don’t forget about Xiao Shidi, he entered the third round, too."

Amandla: "Let’s gamble again: What is the likelihood for Xiao Shidi to pass this round? Do you guys dare to bet?"

Wu Dayi, He Dazhi, Zheng Dali, Ludaxin: "I bet he loses! Double amount!"

Amandla: "Ahem, eh, where is Da Shixiong? Ah, Xiao Shidi? Xiao Shimei? What the, where did they go?"

He Dazhi thought for a moment, responded: "I am not sure about Xiao Shidi and Xiao Shimei; however, I can guess where Da Shixiong is."

They looked at each other, then said together: "Bamboo Height’s Baako Shijie!"

Xavion suddenly trembled. Baako was curious: "What happened to you?"

Xavion frowned: "I don’t know. My body just felt a sudden chill."

Baako peered at him, said: "Aren’t you feeling guilty!"

Xavion immediately shook his head: "No such thing! No such thing!"

Baako’s face softened, but still snorted, said: "Then why did you sneak into Bamboo Height’s girls’ room?"

Chapter 25 Luck C

Laughter came out near him. Xavion looked around embarrassed. The contest was already over. Most of Bamboo Height’s female disciples had already returned. They were all smiling and looking at him with interest. Xavion quickly changed the topic: "Oh, why don’t I see my Xiao Shimei?"

Baako smiled: "Your Xiao Shimei was so pretty and enthusiastic. It is natural that someone asked her out already."

Xavion was surprised: "What? By whom?"

Baako shook her head and did not continue, instead she said: "If you see your Ling’Er Shimei, best tell her to be careful tomorrow."

Speaking about Hidi, Xavion did not feel embarrassed to talk to Baako. He could speak more freely and with a steady flow. He frowned: "I know Xiao Shimei has a contest with your Bamboo Height’s Anan tomorrow; however, our masters have such a good relationship with each other, there shouldn’t be any problem. Seven Peaks Tournament is for testing each others’ strength, anyway."

Baako looked at him, said: "Your Shi niang Su Shishu does, of course, have a good relationship with my master. My master greatly dislikes your master, though. She still blames your master for stealing our Su Shishu."

Xavion was waiting for Baako to continue; however, Baako looked at the other Bamboo Height disciples, seeing they were all quiet. Xavion was bewildered: "What is it?"

Baako looked at him, hesitated for a moment, then said: "Song Shixiong, Lu Shimei is different from us; however, master really likes her. Once she gets to the stage, we can’t say for sure."

Xavion’s face changed: "What?"

Baako stopped, didn’t say anything.

Note 1: Gao mean tall. So that Peak of Wind Shixiong is Tall Shixiong....

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