Zhu Xian

Chapter 256 - Memorial Tablet
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Chapter 256 - Memorial Tablet

In the divine great land, vast mountains, fertile Central plains, right now was still a scene of prosperity and peacefulness, not a single sign of the events happening at the southwest fringe secluded mountains.

However, right now there are two people, flying towards the Ghost King sect headquarters, it was Jin Pinger and Cang Song Taoist who were coming back after damaging Qing Yun mountains’ heaven seals.

After they had accomplished their tasks, and obeying Ghost King’s instructions to carefully explore the surroundings of Qing Yun Hill which took them a few more days. On their way back, Cang Song Taoist was reticent, sometimes hardly saying any words in the entire day. Jin Pinger more or less understood his conflicting feelings but even though she knew but she was not the kind and soft-hearted type, on the contrary, she was still smiling and glibly but inside, she disdained Cang Song Taoist.

As they travelled back, about hundred miles within the Majestic Fox Mountain radius, travelling for a whole day, the two of them descended to the ground and casually found a deserted valley to rest. This valley was quite small, from the mountains, a small stream flowed down, traversing the bottom of the valley, flowing downhill. The stream was clear, Jin Pinger after travelling for a day, was long feeling thirsty and so went to the stream and drank a mouthful.

The water was cold but sweet to the taste, Jin Pinger couldn’t help but took a few more mouthfuls and then let out a long sigh, she turned back and smiled, “Priest, this stream water is rather good, aren’t you coming to take a drink?”

Cang Song Taoist sat on a stone beside him, shook his head, his expression looking rather sombre, in fact, his expression had been like that ever since he came back from Qing Yun Hill. Jin Pinger noticed it, secretly laughing in her heart and couldn’t bother to comment on it, turned around, cupped some water in her hands and sprayed it on her face, and then looked up and shook her head to shake off the water, felt a refreshing feeling from her face to the bottom of her heart, an indescribable satisfaction.

Under the sunlight, crystal clear water beads on her fair skin looked like pearls, rolling down, her chest was slightly damp from the water droplets, indistinctly revealing delicate full skin, a seductive beauty.

“Miss Jin.” Suddenly, Cang Song Taoist spoke behind her.

Jin Pinger didn’t expect Cang Song Taoist to speak, felt surprised and turned around, smiling her signature coquettish smile, said, “What is it Priest?”

Cang Song Taoist’s eyes were slightly lowered, did not look at Jin Pinger’s beautiful face which could mesmerized all, he frowning slightly and seemed to have many heavy thoughts. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “Ghost King sect head instructed us to secretly damage Qing Yun mountains’ heaven seals, I understand the purpose of doing that, Evil sect...”

Speaking halfway, he paused, Jin Pinger smiled and looked at him but her eyes had mockery, Cang Song Taoist continued, “...holy sect wanted to dominate the world, Qing Yun sect naturally is the arch enemy, damaging their heaven seals is of the utmost importance. However, I do not understand, why did Ghost King sect head want us to investigate all of the towns and villages a hundred miles around Qing Yun and the commoners living there, those commoners are all harmless people, even if they worship Qing Yun sect but it’s not enough to warrant the holy sect to deal with them right?”

Jin Pinger smiled and said, “Why, don’t tell me priest is feeling showing compassion and wants to deliver the people from suffering?”

Cang Song Taoist’s face turned dark, said, “I only think that it is sufficient to just deal with Qing Yun sect, if those innocent commoners are also implicated then that is really unnecessary.”

Jin Pinger laughed and said, “Priest why are you angry, I did not say anything!” after speaking, she paused and said, “Actually, investigating the towns and villages around Qing Yun Hill is indeed instructed by Ghost King sect head, as for the reason itself, I too am not sure but from what I see, with Ghost King sect head’s bearing, he also do not seem like a madman who massacre the innocents for no reason right?”

Cang Song Taoist’s face looked slightly relieved, after contemplating for a moment, seemed to agree with Jin Pinger’s words but he still looked worried, shook his head and said, “Though it may be so but I still don’t get why we have to check out those commoners, other than their high population, what else would look out of place. Those commoners, even if a few hundreds or thousands grouped up, they are still not able to go against a cultivated martial artist.”

Jin Pinger smiled and said, “Even we are able to consider this, Ghost King sect head’s thoughts are as deep as the sea, why wouldn’t he thought of that? So priest you don’t have to imagine things.”

Cang Song Taoist softly sighed, said, “It is thus because Ghost King sect head’s thoughts are as deep as the sea, I am unable to guess even the slightest intention, although logically it should be so but I’m only afraid he might suddenly...” At the end, he seemed to find himself being senseless, with a bitter laugh, shook his head and did not speak anymore.

But Jin Pinger was naturally not the type to worry about the commoners at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, instead Cang Song Taoist’s strange attitude made her displeased, they themselves don’t even know their own fates and still had the mind to worry about others? Don’t tell her these fellows from Good Faction were all of such character, unable to change even after joining the evil sect?

Jin Pinger shrugged her shoulders, felt bewildered towards this kind of weird stuff, turned and again walked to the stream, thinking to wash her face again before continuing the journey, speaking indifferently she said, “Priest you don’t have to worry, why are you worry out of nothing...”

Jin Pinger suddenly paused, the words seemed to be stuck in her throat, even her body seemed to freeze.

In the clear stream, there was suddenly a blood patch, the colour dark red, floating along with the current, slowly permeating. Jin Pinger stared at the blood, her expression slowly turning ugly, recalled that she had just drank the water here and washed her face, her stomach churned and felt nauseous.

She stood there and stared for a while and then her gaze traced up the stream source, the blood stain was indeed flowing down from the top, like a long thin string in the water, unbroken.

Jin Pinger snorted, strided and followed up the stream, behind her, Cang Song Taoist saw her walking away, was curious and asked, “Miss Jin, what happened?”

Jin Pinger did not answer him, her eyes following the stream, Cang Song Taoist frowned and walked over, his expression also changed after discovering the change in the stream, after hesitating, also followed Jin Pinger.

The stream was neither deep nor wide, and the water was only knee-deep, in three or four steps and one could reach the other bank but the stream babbled and meandered, and was actually rather long, both of them walked for about an hour in the valley and it looked like they were about to walk out of it and yet still unable to see the head of the stream.

Jin Pinger and Cang Song Taoist looked at each other, both frowning, they were not commoners and naturally knew if the blood came from humans or animals, it would still be seen for about one or two zhang but for such a long distance, it would have long dissolved into the water. The blood stain in the water was still visible and definitely unusual.

In the mountains, the wind blew past the valley, making strange whistling sounds, the forests swayed and made [hua hua] sounds, increasing the gloominess.

Cang Song Taoist suddenly stopped, Jin Pinger frowned and looked at him, “What is it?”

Cang Song Taoist was silent and then said, “I think we better not meddle.”

Jin Pinger raised her brows, did not expect this from Cang Song Taoist, said, “Priest, you are not afraid aren’t you?”

A flash of anger was seen on his face but he suppressed it and said, “The important matters first, we have been out on Ghost King sect head’s commands for quite some time already, I think we better go back and report first.” After speaking, without waiting for Jin Pinger’s response or to look at that mocking gaze, turned and wielded his sword, flew off by himself.

Jin Pinger watched his back figure, coldly snorted, her eyes had disdain, for a moment couldn’t bother to go after him, turned and looked at the blood stain, slowly her face turned serious.

Suddenly, within the vast valley, a low groan was heard from the upper reaches of the stream, Jin Pinger was deep in her thoughts and was startled by the sound, she quickly turned around and saw only forest ahead, the stream had a turn from the forest fringe and the source of the groan was blocked by the dense forest.

Since she was already here, naturally she would not ignore, her body floating lightly, swept over and into the forest, with a few leapts, she stood at one of the branches of the trees and looked down.

Her expression immediately changed greatly.

Cang Song Taoist flew in the mid-air, deliberately slowed his speed and waited for a while, unexpectedly Jin Pinger did not come along, Cang Song Taoist watched the empty space behind him, felt frustrated. Although Jin Pinger had been cordial with him in the past few days and had addressed him as priest but Cang Song Taoist was well aware of her disdain and mockery for him.

Or maybe Jin Pinger did not meant to be but Cang Song Taoist felt it was so, Cang Song Taoist could not be blamed too, ever since he had betrayed Qing Yun and joined the evil sect, he had gradually became more sensitive.

Just as Cang Song Taoist was fuming, deliberating whether to continue on or turned back for Jin Pinger when a faint purple light lit up behind him, it was Jin Pinger.

The brilliant light flashed, Jin Pinger came to Cang Song Taoist, the strong winds flapped her clothes, Jin Pinger looked preoccupied and did not have her usual smile.

Jin Pinger smiled to Cang Song Taoist, her smile looked rather forced and was not the usual coquettish one, said, “Priest, let’s go.”

Cang Song Taoist snorted, turned and continued on, not speaking a word. Jin Pinger was not angry at all from his rude behaviour, instead she followed him slowly, looking at his back figure yet her eyes showed her complicated thoughts.

The valley was still a hundred miles from the mountain, in-between the mountain ranges undulating, usually if people wanted to travel to Majestic Fox Mountain from here, travelling over the mountains and rivers would take at least half a month but to Cang Song Taoist and Jin Pinger who could fly with their weapons, it would take less than half a day.

Just that when they were about to reach the mountain, they seemed to take a hit to their faces, even Jin Pinger who was deep in thoughts, was speechless. As they slowly descended, the scene in front of them gradually became clearer, that lofty Majestic Fox Mountain was no longer there, on the ground where the huge mountain once stood, a huge abyss appeared, from far they could hear the raging hot lava below and numerous strange red rays shot out from the abyss and into the sky, it was really like a scene of the devil.

In the air, a strong blood stench lingered.

“Why is it like this, what happened?”

Cang Song Taoist muttered, landed on the ground and looked around, saw that within ten miles radius of the deep abyss were all enveloped by the strange red light, the once exuberant forests had all withered, leaving only tree branches and trunks, a frightful sight.

Cang Song Taoist looked around, was in a panic when Jin Pinger suddenly exclaimed, her tone surprised. Cang Song Taoist glanced over, saw Jin Pinger pointing to the right, quietly said, “Look over there.”

Cang Song Taoist followed her hand and was also shocked, in the red light ahead several figures walked out, looking carefully, they were all strong fit men, wearing Ghost King sect uniforms and seemed like they were all Ghost King sect disciples.

Cang Song Taoist heaved a sigh of relief, seemed like something big had happened while they were away but assuming with Ghost King’s ability, nothing could really take him down, with these disciples still around, most likely Ghost King sect was not affected much.

The group of disciples who appeared to be patrolling seemed to notice them too, turned and approached them. Cang Song Taoist went up to meet them and loudly said, “I am Cang Song, what had happened here?”

Jin Pinger did not speak, her eyes looking intently at the distant red light which shrouded above the abyss and then followed behind Cang Song Taoist, her brows tightly knitted, watching the approaching disciples.

As they came near, those people clearly were Ghost King disciples, the leader among them nodded to Cang Song Taoist and bowed but for some reason, his movement looked stiff, he spoke, “Greeting...er...priest...”

Cang Song Taoist frowned, the disciple’s tone was rather weird, his words in pieces, together with his rather stiff actions, he seemed like a wood person, not knowing where they had gotten this person, so unpresentable.

But Cang Song Taoist did not want to bother with these, directly asked, “Where is Ghost King sect head, we have matters to report to him.”

The disciple was still wooden, slowly turned and pointed to the red light, said, “Sect head, er, is inside, er...has waited very long for you...er...”

Cang Song Taoist was long impatient, the person seemed to take great effort to speak, waved his hands and said, “Alright, lead the way.”

The disciple nodded and turned, slowly speaking, “Yes...er!”

They once again headed into the abyss, Cang Song Taoist wanted to ask the reason for the destruction but dismissed the thought after the conversation, asking this wooden guy was like receiving a punishment, he would rather ask Ghost King sect head later.

Jin Pinger followed behind, slowly walking, her eyes quietly watching those disciples, other than their stiff actions, they looked the same as normal people, there was no other unusualness but Jin Pinger’s wariness in her eyes instead heightened.

As they neared the abyss, they were also nearer to the red light, Jin Pinger suddenly realized, those disciples’ eyes were slowly turning red, like fresh blood red and their actions also started to be smoother and quicker.

As if the red light, gave them some sort of strength.

As they approached nearer to the light, about two zhang away, Cang Song Taoist suddenly had an uneasiness but he could not find the reason for it. Just at this moment, suddenly, a light exclamation, everyone turned around, saw Jin Pinger was sitting on the ground, her hand over her heart, loudly panting, her face pale and looking extremely in pain.

Cang Song Taoist was shocked, said, “What happened to you?”

Jin Pinger took a few breaths, shook her head and with a bitter laugh said, “This is an existing condition, I am like this sometimes, my heart will feel a sharp pain suddenly and only subside after an hour, back to a normal person after that. My condition has been good for many years but didn’t expect it will come back today.”

Cang Song Taoist was stunned, said, “Then right now you...what to do?”

Jin Pinger looked extremely exhausted, said, “I am alright, will be fine after resting for a while. Why not like this, you go ahead first to report to Ghost King sect head, I will come afterwards.”

Cang Song Taoist frowned, nodded and said, “It can only be so, you have a good rest then.”

Jin Pinger smiled weakly and said, “Thanks priest.”

Cang Song Taoist humphed, turned and walked ahead, interrupted by Jin Pinger, he had forgotten the uneasiness earlier, those disciples behind him seemed to be slightly perturbed, though their actions were not as stiff but their reactions were still slow, red eyes swept around and finally most of them followed Cang Song Taoist, leaving only two standing beside Jin Pinger.

Jin Pinger sat on the ground, coughed and breathing heavily watched the group escorted Cang Song Taoist into the sheet of red light, and then there was no other sounds.

Her head slowly dropped down, her breathing slowly becoming rapid again but in her concealed eyes, had turned extremely bright. Cang Song Taoist did not know, at that valley earlier, behind the forest, what Jin Pinger had saw were actually a few Ghost King sect disciples’ corpses, and their states, were something Jin Pinger would never forget.

Because she had once very long time ago, in that demon beast catastrophe which swept the world, personally saw it.

And right now, the disciples standing beside her, their eyes with faint red light, almost similar like the crazed demon beasts at the time, although not knowing the reason for it and these disciples were not mad like the demon beasts but Jin Pinger’s heart had decided, she would never walk into the red light.

Inside there, something terrible existed.

This was her intuition.

As her breathing became louder, the disciples beside her were nonchalant, as if numb to things happening outside them but after a moment, suddenly behind them, a strange sound was heard, like a stone smashing to the ground. Jin Pinger was facing the direction of the sound and her expression changed, stood up and exclaimed, “What, why are you here too?”

The two disciples were surprised, saw Jin Pinger in such a shock, couldn’t help but turned around to look. Who knew after both of them turned around, nothing was behind them, not to say someone, even the sight of the stone was not seen, it was really like seeing a ghost, couldn’t make a head or tail of it, turned back to ask Jin Pinger but unexpectedly, Jin Pinger was gone, as if she had never appeared before, leaving only an empty ground.

The two disciples were shocked, looked at each other and then shouted, but their shouts were unlike human at all, more like wild beasts roars, turned two rounds at their spots and then dashed into the red light.

In the distance, Jin Pinger slowly emerged out from a huge rock, the distraction earlier looked simple but in fact, it used all of her wits and skills, until now, she was then able to let out a breath of relief and then discovered, her forehead was in cold sweats.

Just that before she could relax, suddenly, deep within the red light, a loud cry of extreme pain was heard, the voice was Cang Song Taoist, Jin Pinger’s body shook, immediately hid behind the rock. Cang Song Taoist’s shout although shrill but soon turned weak and disappeared, and arising from that, was a rumbling hysterical laughter, that sound was maniacal, as if everything in the world would soon be under his feet, the mountains shook, echoes rumbling.

Jin Pinger turned pale, her body started to tremble, the voice although was changed but she clearly heard it, it was Ghost King’s laughter.

Thousand of miles away, Tong Tian Peak Qing Yun Hill, Founders Ancestral Hall.

Here was still as peaceful, the majestic solemn hall sat within the forest, emanating a dignified bearing. Dense forest tranquil, birds singing clear and crisp, in the dim Founders Ancestral Hall, the spots of candles and incenses could still be seen among the shadows.

Lin Jingyu looked up at the sky, a stretch of blue above, cloudless for thousand miles, warm sunlight shone on his body, reflecting beautiful illusory rays from the jade green Dragon Slayer sword hanging on his waist.

Seemed like today was not a bad day.

He watched for a while, a rare smile slowly revealing from his lips, and then taking up the broom in his hands, started to sweep the empty stairs in front of the Founders Ancestral Hall.

Ever since that mysterious elder passed away, Qing Yun Hill again experienced a few events but even after the severe changes, nobody noticed this secluded corner that had long distanced itself from the world but Lin Jingyu seemed extremely attached to this place, or maybe he was missing that elder, anyway unknowingly, under many tacit consent, Lin Jingyu had became the successor of the Founders Ancestral Hall.

Yellow fallen leaves under the sweeps, rolled around and swept to the side, Lin Jingyu quietly swept, doing what he had to do everyday. The forest was quiet, light breeze blew, but not knowing such a profession, would be more peaceful than the past.

Just that one this day, seemed destined not to be peaceful.

Quietly, just when Lin Jingyu was concentrating and diligently sweeping the leaves, suddenly a pair of feet appeared before him, Lin Jingyu was shocked, the hall rarely get visitors in several months if it was not ancestral worship day, today was just a normal day, why would anyone come?

He looked up, unexpectedly he was even more shocked, his entire body trembled due to the shock and took a step back, his countenance changed, exclaimed, “Sect...sect head teacher uncle!”

Standing before him, was Qing Yun sect head Reverend Daoxuan who had gone missing for many days.

Reverend Daoxuan was still wearing that dark green Taoist robes, though it looked to be rather tattered in some places, this would never happened to the legendary Qing Yun sect head reverend in the usual times. Right now looking at him, he was expressionless, looked thinner than what he remembered and also seemed to be more haggard.

Lin Jingyu’s heart was in a panic, although he was not part of the core of Qing Yun sect, naturally he would also not know the internal information privy to people like Small Bamboo Valley Shuiyue Master, but the day when Reverend Daoxuan and Tian Buyi got into a physical altercation at the Founders Ancestral Hall, he was around. And then both of them disappeared, now that Tian Buyi had passed away and Reverend Daoxuan had abruptly returned, the twists and turns within it, really made one felt bitterly disappointed.

However although Lin Jingyu was shocked and panicking, Reverend Daoxuan seemed to disregard him, his gaze pausing at Lin Jingyu for a moment and then turned towards that grand Founders Ancestral Hall.

Reverend Daoxuan stared at that hall for a long time, suddenly spoke, “Right now there is only you here?”

Lin Jingyu was stunned, nodded and said, “Yes.”

Reverend Daoxuan glanced sideways at him and then suddenly paused, his gaze stopped at the sword on Lin Jingyu’s waist. The jade-green sword’s light lightly orbited around the sword, although its old friend had left, it was still having that unique proud bearing, standing above others.

The jade-green light reflected in his eyes, Reverend Daoxuan’s countenance also slowly changed and revealed a perplexed and deliberating expression. Lin Jingyu was currently at lost at what to do, not knowing if he should immediately go up to the mountain in front and inform the various elders at Tong Tian Peak or should he continue to stay here and watch?

However Reverend Daoxuan did not give him much time to consider, that strange expression of his soon disappeared, replacing it was indifferent, said to Lin Jingyu, “You stay here, without my orders, do not allow anyone to come in.” After speaking, without waiting for Lin Jingyu to respond, he strided in straight to the dim main hall.

Lin Jingyu stood dumbfounded at where he was, not knowing what to do and could only watch Reverend Daoxuan disappeared into the darkness.

Entering the inner hall, after the initial darkness, appearing before Reverend Daoxuan was the huge altar and numerous memorial tablets behind it, a solemn dignified atmosphere greeted him, Qing Yun sect generations of ancestors were here, coldly and quietly watching Reverend Daoxuan’s figure.

Reverend Daoxuan’s body slightly trembled, as if something internal was breaking out and causing him pain but he soon suppressed it and slowly walked to the altar, took the incense sticks on the table, lit up with the candle beside, walked to the center front of the altar, facing the ancestral spirit tablets, slowly kneeled down.

In the dim lights, his face was also unclear, only the warmth from those little incense and candles, drifted up faint smoke.

“Qing Yun sect generations of ancestors, unfilial disciple Daoxuan...” His voice deep and hoarse, both hands holding the incense were trembling slightly, as if he was feeling extremely agitated inside, he did not continue his words.

His head buried deep down, prostrating before the memorial tablets, in the spacious and grand hall, a breeze suddenly blew, the curtains around started to sway, even the candles on the altar started to flicker.

Suddenly, Reverend Daoxuan’s body shook, not knowing how he did, the three incense sticks in his hands instantly crumbled to powder, and a ball of black energy dispersed from his body, swiftly churning and expanding, soon completely shrouded Reverend Daoxuan’s body.

Lin Jingyu standing outside the hall, seemed to sense something and frowned, involuntarily took a steps towards the great hall. Deep inside the dim shadows, a strange air suddenly rose, the evil energy within it extremely strong, it was definitely not something belonging to this great hall.

His mind flashed past Reverend Daoxuan’s strange countenance, feeling uneasy but glancing at the great hall, he felt hesitant.

The forest was quiet, around the Founders Ancestral Hall, even the birds were silent, as if they too sensed the strange atmosphere and were as silent as a cicada in cold weather.

In the great hall, Reverend Daoxuan’s body was trembling violently, the dark air around him turned thicker, in the silent hall, a vortex suddenly appeared, making deep [wu wu] sounds, swiftly blowing in the vast hall. The wind turned stronger, Reverend Daoxuan while trembling and in the dark air, slowly stood up, at this moment, the expression on his face, was as if he had completely turned into another person, someone filled with vicious air.

But carefully looking a him, behind the viciousness, his eyes had another kind of anguish, his face muscles twisted, as if he was struggling to tolerate something but looking at the situation, he was gradually losing.

And at this critical moment, the strange wind around him also became stronger, not only pushing the heavy altar table back slightly but even the tablets at a distance behind the table, started to shake, some even looked like about to fall.

As Qing Yun sect Reverend Daoxuan, such actions were already a treason, but his expression, the vicious currents increasing, how would he bother about that now.

And at this moment, [pa] a sound was heard, a tablet somewhere at a corner finally could not sustain and fell onto the stone floor, making a crisp sound.

This sound seemed to startle Reverend Daoxuan, he subconsciously turned to look, in that instant for some reason, his body shook greatly, like a pail of cold water pouring onto his head. The vicious expression swiftly receded, the strange black air also dispersed, on his face, only regret and sadness remained.

Under the faint light, the fallen tablet lay quietly there, unmoving. On the wooden tablet, it was empty.

This was a nameless tablet.

That emptiness, seemed to be coldly watching him.

Reverend Daoxuan’s lips trembled, staring blankly at that tablet and then slowly walking over, picked it up and carefully touching it...

Not knowing for how long, in the darkness, a hoarse and choked voice was heard, “Junior brother...”

Lin Jingyu outside the hall was so anxious that his forehead sweated, he struggled with himself numerous times and finally hardened his heart and was about to dash in without any regards but who knew when he was about to leapt up, the strange energy in the hall disappeared.

Lin Jingyu was taken aback, the determination was made but his feet would not stride out, after all no matter what, the person inside the hall was still Qing Yun sect sect head, in the past he had saved the world countless of times, not to say the world’s commoners, even the ordinary disciples including Lin Jingyu, looked upon him like a deity.

This hesitation was again a long period of time, Lin Jingyu never felt time passed so slow before, even when he was keeping vigil at the empty Founders Ancestral Hall, also did not had the feelings now. Until he started to doubt if his cultivation was inadequate, Reverend Daoxuan once again appeared at the entrance.

His expression was still indifferent, slowly walked down and did not glance at Lin Jingyu, Lin Jingyu for some reason, maybe in awed of Reverend Daoxuan’s bearing, did not dare to ask much, quietly made way. Reverend Daoxuan when passing by him, suddenly stopped and was heard saying, “Take good care of him...them!”

Lin Jingyu was stunned, not knowing “them” was who but since he came out from the hall, assumingly he was referring to the tablets. He nodded, respectfully said, “Disciple understands.”

Reverend Daoxuan looked deeply at him, his eyes assessing him, saw the white robes on his body, the sword on his waist, suddenly with a bitter laugh, said, “Really resembles...”

Lin Jingyu did not understand, was about to look up and asked but saw that Reverend Daoxuan had walked on, looking at his direction, he was walking towards the sacred ground, Illusory Moon Cave. He hesitated and finally decided to first check the hall, turned and took up the broom he had left on the ground and walked in.

He looked around, saw nothing had changed, frowning he walked to the altar table. The small bronze incense burner on the table, had three fresh incense sticks, quietly burning, emitting incense fragrance.

Suddenly, his gaze paused, saw on the long altar where the tablets were placed, one tablet was placed too close to the edge, he frowned, these few days he had been maintaining the place and so was very familiar with the tablets placement, therefore he noticed very quickly that the tablet’s position was changed. If Qing Yun disciple recklessly touched the ancestral tablets, it would be a serious offence.

He shook his head slightly, walked over, took the tablet and was about to place it inside when his body shook, his eyes unable to look away from the tablet.

That tablet was unlike the rest which had name and title written in gold ink, because this was an originally empty tablet but right now the tablet had a new line of words:

Qing Yun sect Wan Jianyi memorial tablet!

This column of words, bright red and glaring, were written using blood!

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