Zhu Xian

Chapter 24: Unexpected
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Chapter 24 Unexpected A

Immediately several disciples from Dragon Head Peak rushed to the stage and lifted up Aiko. They looked at the broken sword. Their eyes were filled with fury, glaring at Anan like they were wishing they could kill that beautiful lady in front of them.

Master Vasp Caelo held his fists tight, said coldly: "Shui Yue Shimei, your disciple’s heart is very fierce. Winning the battle is not enough, she even broke his esper with the power of a divine esper. What logic is that?"

Master Shui Yue said coldly: "Xueqi’s cultivation is not good enough. She can’t control ’Aeolian Firmus’ well. Not that big of a deal."

Master Vasp Caelo was about to burst in his anger; suddenly, a hand patted on his shoulder. Master Doyal Shen had risen. He patted Master Casp Caelo’s shoulder. Master Vasp Caelo looked at him and was forced to hold his hanger. He snorted heavily and strode away.

Master Doyal Shen looked at Master Vasp Caelo’s back, shook his head and smiled bitterly. He turned and saw Master Shui Yue also walked away. Anan came down from the stage and arrived in front of Shui Yue. Shui Yue looked at her, smiled and nodded. Anan didn’t say anything. She bowed and followed as Shui Yue walked away.

Shaw Danon put himself back together after the soul stirring battle. Seeing Shui Yue walking with Anan, he realized how alike both of them were. They were both cold as frost. They seemed like they had come out of the same mold.

Suddenly Issa sighed: "Can’t believe that even Aeolian Firmus has reappeared."

Shaw Danon was confused, said: "What is Aeolian Firmus?"

The Jadeon were slowly dispersing. Issa greeted several disciples of Peak of Wind, then walked away with Shaw Danon, saying: "Aeolian Firmus is the sword that Anan was using. I had read about it from <>. Aeolian Firmus first appeared in the hand of a cultivator known as Dead Heart Master a thousand years ago. Legend said that this sword is made of steel that comes from nine skies. Dead Heart Master found it in the northern ice plain; he crafted the sword with it. At the battle between Good and Evil, the leader of Good was our Jadeon clan’s Master Jade Leaf, but Dead Heart Master was also rather well known. Especially with his godly sword Aeolian Firmus, he battled Evil’s Elder Black Heart for three days and nights. Then he severely injured Elder Black Heart, got rid of one of our biggest threats. During that time, it was said only Aeolian Firmus could restrain Sinister Orb. From that time, Aeolian Firmus became famous. A dream among the cultivators. However, after Dead Heart Master passed away, Aeolian Firmus vanished. Never thought that it was in the hands of Bamboo Height."

Then Issa shook his head, said: "Xiao Fan Shidi, sine Anan has such a godly weapon, this contest will not leave us with any hope."

Shaw Danon was not disappointed. He never thought of achieving anything anyway. But seeing Issa’s disappointed look, he was curious: "Huh, Ceng Shixiong, didn’t you tell me that you are not interested in the tournament? Why do you look so disappointed?"

Issa blushed, said: "If I am, at least, able to stand on top of the stage in the final, it would look quite impressive, don’t you think?"

Shaw Danon laughed.

Issa looked at his weird face and felt embarrassed. He punched Shaw Danon: "What’s so funny?" Then he himself laughed also.

The walked to another platform and watched another battle.

That day, Bamboo Peak had the record of four wins and three losses. Xavion, Hidi, He Dazhi, Amandla and the inclusion of the lucky Shaw Danon, five people advanced into the next round. This was the best record of hundreds of years. It made Tian Bolis so happy that he couldn’t close his mouth.


Second day.

Dawn sunlight shown upon Cloud Sea. Jadeon disciples came to the square like yesterday; they continued to watch Jadeon’s Seven Peaks Tournament.

Bamboo Peak people stood under the red list same as yesterday. Half of the names had been taken out. Next to Shaw Danon’s name, his opponent was written there--Chu Yu Wang.

Since the morning, Shaw Danon started to feel nervous. Although he knew he came here to absorb knowledge, his heart couldn’t help but feel uneasy. He couldn’t eat breakfast.

He whispered to Xavion who was sitting next to him: "Da Shixiong, who is Chu Yu Wang? Is he strong?"

Xavion frowned, shook his head: "I am not sure. I have never heard of him. The list says he is Sun Ris Peak’s disciple. But, as for the level of cultivation, I do not know." Then, he looked at Shaw Danon, seeing him appear nervous, he smiled: "Xiao Shidi, don’t worry. It is not that big of a deal. The first time I participated in the contest, I was also extremely nervous."

Shaw Danon murmured: "Yes."

Amandla came, with an evil smile on his face: "Hey, Shixings. Let us have a gamble on Xiao Shidi’s result."

"Right, right, I bet Xiao Shidi lose!"

"Me too!"

"Me also, I put double shares!"

"Add me in."

Xavion was angry, pointed at everyone: "What do you guys think you are doing? Xiao Shidi has a battle ahead of him and you guys want to hurt him more?"

Shaw Danon said thankfully: "Da Shixiong."

Xavion said: "Sixth."

Amandla stuck out his tongue, said: "Da Shixiong, I was just joking. Please don’t tell master."

Xavion said: "No, you hurt him already anyway. This gamble I put in five shares!"

Amandla and Shaw Danon said at the same time: "What?"

Tian Bolis and Surin came in. Bamboo Peak disciples stood up and greeted them. Tian Bolis looked at them, said: "Yesterday your performance was not bad. However today, in the second round, the opponents are basically Jadeon’s elites. You must be cautious."

They answered: "Yes."

Surin looked at Shaw Danon, came to him, said: "Xiao Fan, today is your first battle. You must be careful, understand?"

Shaw Danon’s heart was warmed, he said quietly: "Yes, Shi niang."

Surin nodded. She wanted to say something more; however, the ringing bell announced the contest had begun. Tian Bolis and Surin looked at each other, nodded, said: "You all know which platform you should go to. The red list has stated it. When the contest begins, your Shi niang and I will come watch your battle. Make sure not to make use lose face."

They responded. Tian Bolis nodded, spoke with Surin privately, then walked away. Hidi looked around, then went to Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon’s heart beat rapidly.

Hidi looked closely at Shaw Danon, then laughed. Turned to everyone and said: "Look how nervous Xian Fan is. His forehead is sweating."

Chapter 24 Unexpected B

The disciples laughed. Xavion said: "I had already tried to comfort Xiao Shidi, but it didn’t work. It seems we need Xiao Shimei’s help."

Hidi said to Shaw Danon: "Xiao Fan, I have a battle, too. I can’t cheer for you. You need to try hard and be careful!"

Her face was so close to Shaw Danon that he could smell her faint fragrance. He nodded, but he couldn’t say anything.

Hidi clearly didn’t think too much of it. She smiled to Shaw Danon, then talked to her Shixiongs for a bit. After a while, everyone went to their own platform for the contest. The people who did not need to fight were cheering for their members; however, no one came with Shaw Danon. Perhaps everyone thought Shaw Danon was hopeless.

As Shaw Danon stood there watching his Shixiongs walking away, his heart had an indescribable pain. Then he slowly walked to the red list, carefully read through it again.

The platform for him and the Sun Rise Peak disciple Chu Yu Wang was the farthest "Zhen" platform.

Shaw Danon gave a bitter smile. On his way to the platform, he heard many people were talking about the contest yesterday. The well-known disciples advanced to the next round easily. They spoke of a very talented disciple in Dragon Head Peak asid from Kevern; Shaw Danon guessed it must be Baye. Most people’s topic of focus was Anan, the beautiful lady with the divine sword "Aeolian Firmus." Her level of cultivation had surpassed everyone’s expectations. Most people were not happy that Anan had destroyed her opponent’s swords. But this also brought even more disciples to watch her battle. The vanished "Aeolian Firmus" attracted even more people. Some elders also wished to witness the godly esper from the Good and Evil battle a thousand years ago.

As he heard the discussion between the disciples along the way, he recalled the cold, beautiful face of Anan. He shook his head. Then, someone called: "Xiao Fan."

This voice was familiar. Shaw Danon raised his head and smiled. It was Baye. Shaw Danon quickly went to him, said: "I was thinking why I could not find you. There you are."

Baye pointed behind him: "Today, I still need to go to the contest. It is at this ’Kan’ platform, so I came early to prepare." Then he looked closely at Shaw Danon, smiled: "Today is also your turn; which platform are you at?"

Shaw Danon said: "I am going to ’Zhen’ platform. It will begin soon; I can’t come cheer for you. Be careful up there."

Baye smiled: "You too. Huh? How come your Shixiongs and elders don’t come to watch you?"

Shaw Danon was startled, forced himself to smile: "You know my house does not have much people. Today many of us need to go to the contest. Master and Shi niang are watching Da Shixiong and Shijie’s battle."

Baye looked at him, sighed and patted Shaw Dannon’s shoulder.

Shaw Danon smiled: "Does not matter. I came here to obtain experience. Don’t worry. You need to try hard, however. Don’t let them think our Grasstemple Village people are useless."

Baye nodded. The bell behind him rang. He turned his head back and checked, said: "My contest is about to begin. I can’t talk with you. If I can, I will come to see you after this battle."

Shaw Danon nodded, said: "Go."

Baye turned. Shaw Danon watched Baye leaving, he thought to himself: "It will be a miracle if I can still hold out until you get here."

He laughed at himself as he made his way slowly to the "Zhen" platform. It was the far easter part of Cloud Sea. The were only several disciples, most were from Sun Rise Peak. The number of people was significantly different than Anan’s "Qian" platform. There was only one chair. A white bearded old man was sitting there. Shaw Danon found that old man was a bit familiar. He remembered that old man was the elder who scolded all the disciples during Anan’s battle yesterday. He complained Jadeon should never adopt any female disciples. Shaw Danon did not know which house that elder was from.

In Seven Peaks Tournament, there were eight platforms. Normally, there would be at least one elder for each platform to watch over the disciples; otherwise, they would be out of control.

Shaw Danon walked to the white bearded old man and bowed, said: "Shibo, I am Bamboo Peak disciple Shaw Danon. Today’s contest at the ’Zhen’ platform."

The old man turned and peered at Shaw Danon, casually said: "Oh, you are here. Hurry, go on to the stage."

Shaw Danon responded; however, he saw no one on the stage. It was apparent that Chu Yu Wang hadn’t arrived yet. He hesitated for a second, then decided to follow the old man’s order and walked onto the stage. At the same time, Sun Rise Peak disciples were whispering; it was clear they were discussion Shaw Danon.

The morning sun had risen. The sun light of Peak of Widows gently shone down upon them. Shaw Danon was standing on the platform, looking at the east sky. The early sun slowly rising upward. The light was soft and red, brightening up the clouds from far away.

Many feelings rose in Shaw Danon’s heart. Five years ago he was still an ignorant farmer child. He had never dreamed that he could stand at Peak of Widows to watch the sunrise. No, it was not that he never dreamed of it; it was that he could never imagine there could be such a beautiful sunrise.

Life was endless like the clouds.

His sixteen years old mind, now it was like a sixty years old men.

Chapter 24 Unexpected C

Shaw Danon put his hands into his clothes and touched the cold fire stick. A month ago, without anyone knowing it, Shaw Danon was surprised to find that he could manage to control the black fire stick. That moment, he could not believe his eyes. Later, after countless numbers of repeats, the fire stick did move under his mind’s strength.

"Navigate Object" was a shocking term in Jadeon’s way of cultivation. It was a symbol of level four Pure Essence. It was what new disciples focused on, hoped for and practiced for. Shaw Danon could only dream to reach that level; to make his master proud and to make his master smile.

But, is it possible?

Shaw Danon tried hard to control himself and not tell anyone about it. At the same time, he also tried to navigate other objects in the kitchen; however, they did not move. It weakened his confidence. He was also confused. Why did that happen?

At night, when he stared at this mysterious fire stick, he could feel the icy chill slowly circling in his body.

"Ding!" A clear bell rang, surprised Shaw Danon. There were still several Sun Rise Peak disciples standing present. The white bearded old man was still half sleeping, sitting on his chair; however, on the opposite side of of Shaw Danon there was a man standing, about thirty years old, smiling at him.

Shaw Danon blushed, quickly saluted: "Bamboo Peak disciple Shaw Danon here to ask for Chu Shixiong’s guidance."

Chu Yu Wang smiled: "No, no. There are many talented people. Although Zhang Shidi is still young, with the contest in front of you, you can only stand there normally; without nervousness or fear. This is far better compared to me in the last session. I am in admiration."

Shaw Danon startled, murmured: "Not to conceal the truth, Shixiong, I was actually day-dreaming."

Below the stage, all the Sun Rise Peak disciples almost fell down due to laughter. Chu Yu Wang was also startled. He couldn’t hold the laughter, then thought it was improper, so he forced himself to hold it: "Zhang Shidi must be joking. Um, it is the time. I will need Shidi to teach me a lesson."

Shaw Danon became nervous. He said slowly: "Chu Shixiong please go easy on me."

Chu Yu Wang didn’t reply. It seemed like he was very confident. His right hand shook. A sword with a soft yellow glow was summoned.

"Sword name ’Shaoyang’. Zhang Shidi, please."

Shaw Danon looked at Shaoyang sword. The yellow glow was soft and comfortable. It seemed like this sword was not common quality. He swallowed; however, he still reached his hand into his clothes and took out the fire stick.

Everyone’s eyes were on that dark black, fire stick.


"Hahahaha" someone laughed and broke the silence. Laughter burst. Someone painfully said: "What is that, that?"

"I said it already. Everyone from Bamboo Peak are weird. Yesterday, there was a guy that used gambling dice as esper. Today, there is someone with a fire stick. So, so funny! Hahaha!"

Even Chu Yu Wang couldn’t hold it. He struggled to restrain his laughter, said: "Zhang Shidi, that, haha, is yours, haha, sorry, I can’t control it. Ah, is it your esper?"

Shaw Danon listened to their laughter. His face flushed. He didn’t say anything. He knew the fire stick was ugly and would cause people to laugh at him. However, he couldn’t navigate anything other than the fire stick. He had a small, tiny hope, to hope that his fire stick could prove himself, so he decided to bring it.

But, in the end, the fire stick had brought him disdain and sneers. People were laughing loudly. Shaw Danon lowered his head. All he could see was the black, ugly fire stick in his hand.

They laughed, laughed loudly. Just like when they were leaving, his Shixiongs were laughing; even his beloved Ling’Er Shijie also laughed.

He lowered his head, closed his eyes.

The coolness in his body was calling him.

A person...when is it that a person will feel the most lonely?

Is it when facing the world’s apathy alone? Is it when facing all the sneers alone?

A person’s blood, is it cold or boiling?

He raised his head.

The sun shone on his face. No one could see his expression.

Chu Yu Wang’s Shaoyang sword glowed almost as bright as the early sun light. He shouted. Shaoyang sword’s light followed his finger and crashed on Shaw Danon.

The heat blew against his face, but Shaw Danon’s heart was as cold as ice. Seeing the brightness in front of him, he recalled the morning a long time ago: After the soul shocking night out there with Baye, when they got back to Grasstemple Village they saw the bloody scene. At that morning, all his happiness was gone. He could feel as though he were buried in a sea of blood, try as he might to find his parents, but couldn’t.

The heat felt like it was burning his skin. Another night appeared in his eyes. Next to the pond, a beautiful lady was standing next to the water and embraced with her lover.

"Alas!" The sixteen year old youngster sight. The pain was so strong that he forgot the glowing light in front of him. He bit his lip. A drop of blood, slowly falling.

It landed on the black and green fire stick with blood-like threads..

In the next moment, he was engulfed by a light that was as bright as the sun.

The Sun Rise Peak disciples cheered. Within that, there was an exclamation.

Issa ignored the eyes filled with hostility next to him. He sighed and felt sorry for his new friend. Pity that the contest’s rule did not allow him to help Shaw Danon, or else he would already go up there.

The bearded old man was also surprised by Issa.

On the stage, the bright glow fused with the sun light. Chu Yu Wang even thought he had reached the peak of cultivation; and then, after he defeat this trashy opponent, he will defeat every other until the last! After all, all he needed to do is win four more battles.

At the thought of that, Chu Yu Wang could not hide his smile. Shaoyang’s light became brighter. He watched Shaw Danon frown and bit his lip under the pain of the heat.

Then, at that moment, his heart beat heavily. It seemed like someone used a hammer to hit him inside of his body. No one could see Shaw Danon clearly except for Chu Yu Wang, who was standing in front of Shaw Danon. He could see through the light of Shaoyang. He could see him raise his head, open his eyes.

A pair of red, blood thirsty eyes filled with rage!

An unexpected, unknown coldness began to spread. Chu Yu Wang could see the black fire stick seemed to come to life. The black gas rose. The orb on the top of the stick brightened with a green glow, shone on Shaw Danon. It was like he had become a different person. Everything happened inside of Shaoyang’s aura. No body could see it other than Chu Yu Wang.

Chu Yu Wang was shocked. Not waiting for him to react, the icy chill had surrounded him. He felt the world was spinning. There was a disgusting feeling inside of him; moments later, the light green glow from the orb shone on his body.

Issa nervously watched Shaw Danon being surrounded by the light. He thought of Shaw Danon as a roasted monkey (normally people would think roasted pig; however, Issa thought of monkey, which is weird), he did not want to watch anymore. As the opposite, the Sun Rise Peak disciples were cheering.

Then, they heard Chu Yu Wang roared. Shaoyang sword flew up into the air. The light immediately disappeared. Shaw Danon’s figure reappered. Chu Yu Wang seemed to be heavily injured. He took a few steps backward. Then, blood spouted from his nose, ears, eyes and mouth. He pointed at Shaw Danon with his right hand, but couldn’t make any sound.

Then his body shook, and fell on the floor, fainted.

It was silent. Everyone looked at each other. So surprise that they could not speak.

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