Zhu Xian

Chapter 23: Divine Sword
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Chapter 23 Divine Sword A

"Ha ha, Zhang Shidi!"

Suddenly, Shaw Danon’s shoulder was heavily patted upon by someone.

Shaw Danon was too focus on Hidi, he didn’t notice anyone around him. He was surprised, then he discovered that it was Issa who he met earlier.

Issa smiled at Shaw Danon, then turned his attention to Ashh.

Ashh saw that annoying guy was here again. It made a face and jumped on Big Yella’s back. It patted Big Yella’s head. Big Yella turned its head, glared and barked at Shaw Danon and Issa, then ran away.

Shaw Danon frowned, called: "Ashh, come back, don’t wander around."

Issa laughed: "Don’t worry. Monkey Phantasms are extremely smart. It won’t get lost."

Shaw Danon shrugged. He turned and was about to speak ti Issa, he realized something and turned back. He saw the direction where Big Yella and Ashh were going was to the kitchen. He said: "Ah, stupid monkey, there you go again."

Issa was curious: "What is it?"

Shaw Danon coughed, smiled: "Not-nothing. Oh, right, don’t you need to attend the contest, too? How come you still have time to see me?"

Issa laughed: "Oh, I am already done. Got nothing to do, so I came to say hi to you."

Shaw Danon was surprised: "What? You are already done? How is the result?"

Issa folded his fan and scratched his head: "Um, accidentally won a round. Heh heh."

Shaw Danon looked at Issa’s casual tone, it didn’t seem Issa got into a huge fight. He carefully asked: "Ceng Shixiong, is your cultivation that high?"

Issa immediately waved his hand: "Alas, Zhang Shidi, what are you saying? With such little cultivation as I have, how am I suitable to walk on the stage? If not because my father forced me to practice, I will be too lazy to care about it. I’d rather garden, feed birds, read books. How relaxing is that! But, anyway..." he put his arm on Shaw Danon’s shoulder, walked with him, whispered: "But, I can never expect in Seven Peaks Tournament that there is someone that is worse than me."

Shaw Danon laughed bitterly: "There are many that are worse than you."

Issa shrugged his shoulders, said casually: "That doesn’t matter. No matter how greedy I am, I cannot expect to be the winner; however, I am rather interested by your Monkey Phantasm. Heh heh, Zhang Shidi, I will be better if you..."

Shaw Danon saw his evil look, immediately said: "Ceng Shixiong, don’t think about taking my Ashh!"

Issa stopped, then rolled his eyes, said: "Then let me trade with you. You know, I have a lot of rare, fun, valuable creatures in Peak of Wind. For example, the three-legs rabbit, black-white peacock, shelless turtle, and snake with wings!"

Shaw Danon couldn’t help but ask: "You really have so many strange creatures?"

Issa was complacent, said: "Of course. I have spent much effort on collecting those and received punishment from my dad all the time. However, I still like your Monkey Phantasm. How is it, which one do you want to trade for?"

Shaw Danon shook his head: "No. I kept Ashh because I think we have a strong bond between us. Also, the black-white rabbit, shelless peacock you said..."

Issa immediately corrected him: "It is three-legs rabbit, black-white peacock and the one without a shell is the turtle!"

Shaw Danon stuck out his tongue, said: "Oh, yes, yes; however, I am not interested in those. I am not going to trade."

Issa rolled his eyes again. He took Shaw Danon away from the crowd of people. He looked around with a strange look on his face. Then, he whispered: "Zhang Shidi, I’ll show you something good. See if you like it or not." He took out a thick, blue-covered book; handed it to Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon took a look at the cover. It did not have a title. The cover seemed old. Issa pretended to look normal, but his eyes were peeking around, very cautiously.

Shaw Danon shook his head, said: "Ceng Shixiong, I cannot take such a valuable book. My potential is not good enough. It is useless for me to read it. I also don’t want to trade Ashh. Please, take it back."

Issa glared at him, said quietly: "That is because you haven’t read it yet. Read it first, hurry."

Shaw Danon looked at his strange behavior. He couldn’t help but be curious. He opened it and was stunned. His face immediately flushed. In the book, besides large amount of words, there was also a lot of drawings. They were all naked men and women. It was a pornography book. It was the first time in Shaw Danon’s life to see such a thing. He cried out: "Ceng Shixiong, why do you have such a thing?"

"Shush!" Issa was surprised, and quickly took back the book; hiding it in his clothes. Then he carefully looked at the disciples around them and glared at Shaw Danon: "Don’t be so loud."

Shaw Danon understood. However, he was still surprised, he whispered: "Ceng Shixiong, why you have, um, read such a book?"

Issa’s lips curved, said: "So what? Let me tell you, there is only one copy of this book in the world! I had put extreme amounts of effort to get it. I promise, after you read it, you will be able to get every ladies’ heart in the world. How is it, us it to trade for Ashh?"

Shaw Danon shook his head: "No."

Issa said angrily: "This is a no, that is a no. Tell me: what do you want?"

Shaw Danon replied honestly: "I don’t want anything."

Issa could not do anything about it, said: "Why are you so much like wood."

Shaw Danon chuckled, didn’t mind it. His eyes faintly able to see the beautiful figure within the cloud.

Issa gave up. He opened his fan. Then, the bell rang from far away. Another contest had begun.

Issa looked in that direction, smiled suddenly and pulled Shaw Danon, said: "Come, I will bring you to watch the most popular person in Jadeon."

Shaw Danon was startled, asked: "Who?" Then, he paused, his face darkened, said: "Is it Dragon Head Peak’s Kevern Shixiong?"

Issa said: "Huh?" Seemed like he was amazed, then he shook his head: "Qi Shixiong’s cultivation was well known already. But didn’t you hear? This session’s spotlight is on another person."

Shaw Danon thought for a moment, asked: "Who?"

Issa seemed to have forgotten the argument they had a while ago. He smiled mysteriously: "You will know if you come with me!" He pulled Shaw Danon with him. Shaw Danon was also curious of who that person is, so he followed along.

Issa took Shaw Danon to the largest platform, "Qian." Shaw Danon followed behind Issa. He saw below the stage it was overcrowded by hundreds of Jadeon disciples. At least four or five hundred people. Shaw Danon guessed more than half of the Jadeon disciples were all gathered here.

As they walked near, they could hear the Jadeon disciples were all discussing excitedly around them.

"Bamboo Height always has so many beauties. I heard Anan is said to be the most beautiful lady in five hundreds years."

"Of’ course. That day I saw her at Crystal Hall. She is so enchanting. Huh? Who hit my head, Shishu?"

A white bearded old man was next to the disciple, he said angrily: "Brat, you are a cultivator. Your mind is supposed to be still; yet you still care about women? If you are up there, all you know is her face, you will be lost before you are even able to make a move."


"Hmph! I already told Head Shixiong, Jadeon should not be adopting females as disciples."

"Ahem, Shishu you senior is really, um, brilliant, intelligent, wise, but isn’t your voice a bit too loud?"

"What? Am I wrong?" The old bearded man’s voice raised higher.

"No, no." The disciples quickly surrounded him. They whispered: "Shishu, Master Shui Yue is sitting there."

"Hhmp!" The old man lowered his voice, said: "If not because she is from the same faction, I already would have-"

The disciples immediately agreed and praised the old man who was highly cultivated who would not bother with the younger one. Issa and Shaw Danon looked at each other. Issa shrugged. Shaw Danon whispered: "The person you mentioned is a Shijie from Bamboo Height?"

Chapter 23 Divine Sword B

Issa nodded, looked at the stage, said: "Haven’t started yet. You will know her soon. But, alas, there are too many people."

They circled around the stage; however, it was too crowded by Jadeon disciples, they couldn’t find a way to get into the crowd. Shaw Danon was even more curious. He wondered who was so popular that could draw so many Jadeon disciples here.

Issa was anxious, he kept saying: "Darn it, too many people. I should have waited here last night to get a good spot."

Shaw Danon was surprised, but before he could say anything, suddenly Issa’s eyes brightened. He saw that there was a group of Peak of Wind disciples standing there. Without saying anything, he took Shaw Danon to the group. The Peak of Wind disciples recognized it was Issa. They all smiled. A huge man said: "Ho ho, you are late."

Issa didn’t bother with him. He took Shaw Danon, squeezed into the crowd. The Peak of Wind disciples were very nice to him. They all moved out of the way. Shaw Danon followed him. They got inside of the crowd, the view was much better. Near the platform, eight people were sitting there. They were Jadeon’s Head Master Doyal Shen, Head of Dragon Peak Master Vasp Caelo and head of Bamboo Height Master Shui Yue. Other people were elders from different houses. Standing behind them, the Jadeon disciples were tightly crowded together. The most attractive were the Bamboo Height’s female disciples who were standing behind Master Shui Yue. Shaw Danon recognized Baako. The one who stood the closest to Master Shui Yue was a beautiful lady in a blue dress he saw yesterday in Hall of Crystal during sortation. Her face was still as cold as ice, attracting many people.

"See her? It is her." Issa elbowed Shaw Danon, told him to look at the blue dressed lady. Shaw Danon looked at her, said quietly: "is she the one you said is the most cultivated?"

Issa was like a drunk, he said: "Not necessary to be the most cultivated. She entered Jadeon not long ago. Her cultivation is hard to predict. However, everyone says she is certainly the most beautiful!"

Shaw Danon frowned: "Ceng Shixiong, your drooling face makes you look weird."

Issa said: "Ahem, did, did I? Heh heh, you must be wrong. Do you see the Shixiongdi around us?"

Shaw Danon saw most of the disciples’ eyes were on the Bamboo Height’s disciples, especially blue dress Anan. But it seemed like the girls had already gotten used to it. Everyone of them acted normal. Anan’s face was emotionless, cold like frost and ice; ignoring all the males behind her.

Issa swallowed, whispered to Shaw Danon: "You can’t blame anyone for it. Jadeon suddenly adopted many young disciples in recent years. Look around, at least four hundred disciples are around our age. Heh heh, our cultivation isn’t high enough. Hard to resist."

Shaw Danon peered at him. Drawing association with the book Issa had shown, he felt there was a word "Se" written on Issa’s face.

Issa turned and asked surprisingly: "Zhang Shidi, why you not look at them but me. You and I are friends, that’s why I brought you here. Right, who do you think get the best body?"

Shaw Danon immediately turned his head away. He added a "Lang" behind the comment he thought for Issa. (Note1)

The noise suddenly disappeared. Under the watch of people, Anan stepped up, saluted Master Shui Yue. Master Shui Yue nodded, said: "Go."

Anan responded. She tidied up her dress. Her right hand softly formed an incantation. Her eyes looked at the stage. The faint white smoke around her feet quickly gathered. Soon, a cloud formed. Anan stood on top of the cloud like a fairy. Slowly floating up into the air it carried her to the stage.

Wind came by, the white smoke was like the softest, most beautiful silk. Her dress fluttering between the clouds. Like a goddess from nine skies descended to the earth. Causing people to love and also respect.

Then, the sudden applause made Shaw Danon’s ears ring. He was surprised how popular Anan is. But as he looked at the beautiful figure in mid-air, he couldn’t help to control himself but to think there could be such a beautiful person in this world.

A smile appeared on Master Shui Yue’s cold face.

After a moment, a young disciple walked to the stage (no one noticed him). Square face and thick eyebrows. His look was fine, but at that moment his face seemed excited. Once he got on the stage, he said to Anan: "Lu Shimei, I am Dragon Head Peak’s disciple Aiko. Today I can fight against Shimei, it is very fortunate for me."

"Boo!" Hiss and boo were everywhere.

Anan was calm, standing in mid-air and said coldly: "Fang Shixiong is courteous. Bamboo Height’s eight generation Anan, today asking Fang Shixiong for knowledge."

Shaw Danon looked at Anan standing in mid-air like a fairy. It reminded him of Hidi who was also standing there in mid-air not long ago. He could faintly see Hidi’s figure from Anan.

On the stage, Aiko was still talking. It seemed like he did not mind if he was talking like this forever and not beginning the contest. Fortunately, many people disliked it. After he spoke a word or two many people, including Issa, who was standing next to Shaw Danon, many people began to shout angrily: "Why still not beginning?"


"So annoying like a woman! Huh, that Bamboo Height’s Shijie-Ouch! What are you trying to do? No, I didn’t mean-"


Finally the bell rang. Anan’s eyes glared straight at Aiko. Aiko trembled under the cold glare of Anan. He couldn’t dare to say stupid things any longer. He took back his smile, focused his mind. He held out his right hand and summoned a silver-white sword.

Shaw Danon frowned. The sword had reminded him of Kevern’s esper "Frozen Ice." Issa snorted: "With Kevern’s example, many people in Dragon Head Peak love to craft this kind of sword."

Shaw Danon looked around but couldn’t find Kevern anywhere in the sea of people. He did not want to see Kevern anyway.

Where did they go? Shaw Danon lowered his head. Sorrow rose in his heart.

Suddenly, Issa pulled his arm, said happily: "Xiao Fan, look, the contest has begun."

Shaw Danon saw Aiko already summoned his sword. He could feel the chill coming from it. However, Shaw Danon discovered Aiko’s ice magic’s power was still a distance away compared to the day Kevern battled against Tian Bolis.

However, Anan was still standing on the cloud, coldly watching Aiko channel energy and form an ice wall. She had no sign of attacking. On her back was a sky-blue sword. This sword seemed unable to combine with its owner like most cultivators’ espers. However, no one here dared to underestimate this sword.

In cultivation, most espers could combine with their owner after a long time of practicing. They could summon the esper when it was needed. However, some strange espers, due to extreme high spiritual strength, the human body could not bear as a burden; so, the owner must carry the esper with him or her. This type of esper always has spiritual power. The stronger the owner’s cultivation is, the more power the esper could release. The Jaden’s treasure-ancient sword "Regenesis," belonged to this type.

Chapter 23 Divine Sword C

In a three-yard radius around Aiko, a thin layer of ice was formed. The nearby disciples could feel the chill that came from it. Anan who was standing in mid-air, did nothing and continued watching Aiko.

Aiko danced with the sword lonely under the eyes of hundreds of disciples. The eyes of other people were fine. But Anan’s eyes were much colder than the chill that came from his own sword. It kind of limited his functionality.

Aiko was in a rush. His hand pointed at Anan from below. The silver sword charged at Anan. He said: "Lu Shimei, careful!"

Laughter came out from the crowd. Aiko appeared to be fearful of harming Anan. Master Vasp Caelo was embarrassed. He snorted heavily.

The person seated next to him immediately responded: "What? Vasp Caelo Shixiong is dissatisfied?"

Master Vasp Caelo didn’t turn. He said: "Shui Yue Shimei, every disciples in your house are all so pretty!"

During the contest, Master Vasp Caelo did not praise her disciples’ talents but instead mentioned the ladies’ beautiful faces. It was clearly sarcasm. Master Shui Yue replied: "I also didn’t know that under Jadeon there is such an abundance of lechers and trash."

Master Vasp Caelo flew into a fury. Just when he was about to retort, Master Doyal Shen held up his hand, smiled: "Okay, okay, we are hundreds of years old already. Don’t you feel humiliated to argue in front of so many disciples? Watch the contest, watch the contest."

The two masters snorted heavily, then turned away.

Aiko’s silver sword was already under Anan’s cloud. Anan’s cold face didn’t show anything and she didn’t move. The cloud carried her backward. But Aiko’s sword was so fast that it caught up to Anan within an instant. The audience screamed or sighed as they watched the sword get close to Anan.

Anan held the sword in her hand. She didn’t draw the sword out from the sheath. She only used the skyblue sword block in front of her.


The clear sound filled the entire square.

It was as though Aiko’s sword received a hard blow. The sword fell back. Aiko and Master Vasp Caelo were both surprised. Without hesitation, Anan tossed away her sword. The fingers on the right hand twisted and formed a seal. The sky-blue sword sword brightened in mid-air. Blue light covered the entire stage. It appeared as though this sword was definitely not a normal esper.

Aiko was shocked by the bright blue light, but he was also angered by Anan not pulling out the sword from the sheath. He used his sword and formed three layers of ice wall.

In mid-air, Anan’s eyes were as bright as stars. Her hairs danced in the wind. Her mouth was quietly pronouncing the incantation. Her icy face had no emotion. A loud bang came from the sky-blue sword, like a roar of a mighty beast. The cloud vapor within twenty yards were blown away by the bright blue light.

The light was as blue as the sky. The sword flew toward Aiko.

Sweat dropped from Aiko’s forehead like rain. He was clearly shocked by the power of Anan’s sword. Within an instant, the sword was in front of him.

"Ka, ka, ka"

The disciples were stunned as they saw the sword cut through Aiko’s ice wall as if it was nothing.

With Aiko’s strength, it was not that he could not form any more ice walls to defend, it was that he thought three layers of ice walls were already enough. He didn’t expect Anan’s cultivation was so high, and the sky-blue sword was surprisingly powerful.

At that moment between life and death, Aiko forced himself to concentrate. The silver sword lay in front of him, formed a white shield. Then, Anan’s blue sword crashed with the white shield.


With the two swords as the center, the loud bang swiftly spread. The Jadeon disciples felt the gale hit against them. They all fell backward. The circle of the crowd enlarged instantly.

They had never seen such power came from an esper before.

After that surprise, everyone turned their attention back tot he stage. Anan already landed on the platform. The had returned to her hand. The blue and white light also disappeared. Everyone could see the pale colour of Aiko’s face.

Aiko raised his head, pointed at Anan, his voice was cracked: "You-"

Everyone was confused about what happened. Then a strange thing occurred. A cracking noise came out from the white sword that was floating in front of Aiko. Under the eyes of the audience, a large split appeared. The sword then broke into half, fell on the floor.

It was silent. Everyone here knew what an esper meant to a cultivator.

On the platform, Aiko spit out a large amount of blood. His hand held his chest. Then, he couldn’t hold out any longer and fainted.

Note 1: Se Lang mean pervert....:P

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