Zhu Xian

Chapter 19: Draw Part
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Chapter 19 Draw Part A

Near the green pond, the sleeping Water Kirin was suddenly awaken. Aggressively it turned its head. Its eyes burned with immeasurable hatred. The hair on its back stood on end. Opening its huge jaw and bearing the two long fangs, it was preparing to attack. Its target was the Jadeon disciples.

Water Kirin was an ancient spiritual beast. The blue sky had darkened. As it took its first step, the quiet mountain wind turned into fierce howling gusts, passing through Peak of Widows. The water in the pond also changed. Previously the water had been as flat as a mirror; now the water was whirling at high speed forming a deep vortex. From the vortex, a pillar of water rose into the sky. The pillar was about three yards thick, circling in mid air. Then, seeming as though it had received some sort of command, the water pillar thundered down in front of Water Kirin.

At that time, every Jadeon, including the highly cultivated Kevern, could not keep calm. Some had even grown pale and begun shaking.

The reason why Water Kirin was able to be a great helper to Master Jade Leaf and had become the protector of Jadeon had shown. Within the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth; Water Kirin was the legend of all spiritual water beasts. Without any assistance it could control the water and form a water pillar of such size. It didn’t even appear to be hard work. The spirit strength was far stronger than that of a normal cultivator. Within Jadeon, only a few could do that with the help of an esper.

Jadeon disciples bore witness to the rage of Water Kirin that had not shown for thousands of years. Everyone was stunned. Water Kirin kept on roaring. Its eyes filled with anger as though it felt something it really hated and was prepared to fight to the death. The water pillar became faster and faster. Then, the water pillar struck at the Jadeon disciples.

Just at that critical moment, a call came from the sky: "Master Spirit, please calm down!"

A dark green figure arrived and stood between the disciples and Water Kirin. It was the Head of Jadeon, Master Doyal Shen. He had not changed in the past five years. He frowned, also unclear about what happened to Water Kirin. The situation, however, is dire; the students behind him were the finest disciples. Within the water pillar, there were shadows of many kinds of beast that had once been slain by Water Kirin. The souls were absorbed by Water Kirin into its body and did not allow the souls to reincarnate. Now, Water Kirin put these souls into the water pillar to increase its strength. Even with the divine strength of Master Doyal Shen this water pillar may be difficult to deal with.

Seeing the water pillar in front of him, Doyal Shen had nowhere to go. He took a deep breath, said: "God of compassion!" He held up both hands. Quickly, but softly, he formed sword fingers and drew a Tai Chi in front of his chest. The Tai Chi circle glowed with white light. Then Doyal Shen turned around and allowed the Tai Chi to attach to the back of his dark green robe. Then the robe fell off into mid air and stretched ten times wider, protecting the disciples.

The water pillar hit against the enlarged, dark green robe. The beasts inside the water pillar roared furiously. Under the heavy blow, the green robe was being pushed back a few yards immediately.

On the stairs, the young Jadeon disciples felt strong wind blowing against them. Except for the few more highly cultivated disciples, none could stand firmly. They couldn’t imagine what might happen to them if Master Doyal Shen did not help them block that strike.

Shaw Danon also fell. Baye wanted to help him, but he himself could not stand either; he fell to the other side.

Shaw Danon let go of the black fire stick and held out his hand seeking for support. He didn’t notice the chill had left the moment he let go of the fire stick.

In mid-air, Master Doyal Shen’s face was solemn, prepared. Behind him, many people arrived. They were Master Vasp Caelo, Tian Bolis, Surin as well as other elders and heads.

All of Jadeon’s masters were here. Facing this situation, anyone would be fearful. The Water Kirin, however, had no sign of fear under the eyes of Jadeon’s elders; the anger in his eyes had extinguished and been replaced by a look of confusion. The water pillar also shrank and fell on the floor creating a large pool of water on the ground.

Water Kirin grew quiet, but its enormous body still appeared fearsome. It ignored all the elders, who were standing in the sky. Its eyes searched through the Jadeon disciples. Its nose sniffed and could not find any smell. It repeated this weird movement for a few times, then gave up. Water Kirin shook its head, turned back and lay back down. Its eyes closed. After a moment, the sound of snores rang out.

Everyone was speechless.

Master Vasp Caelo was the first to put himself back together; quietly he went and joined Master Doyal Shen, whispered: "Head Shixiong, it is not good for the disciples to remain here for long."

Doyal Shen realized, then nodded: "You bring our disciples up there first. I will check Master Spirit." Then, he dashed to Water Kirin.

Vasp Caelo turned around and announced: "That was just a joke from Master Spirit. No need to worry everyone. Now, whoever is participating in Seven Peaks Tournament, go to Crystal Hall in order."

The disciples responded; they fell to rank. Their hearts knew that had definitely not been a joke.


Following the group, Shaw Danon and Baye entered the magnificent Crystal Hall. Standing in the hall, the memories from five years ago suddenly refreshed in Shaw Danon’s mind.

"Jing Yu." Shaw Dannon said suddenly.

"What?" Baye looked at Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon asked: "I suddenly remembered one thing. For these years, did you see Uncle Bozo?"

Baye’s face darkened, shook his head: "No. Today is also my first time returning to Peak of Widows. I asked Kevern Shixiongs about Uncle Bozo three years ago. I heard he was still crazy, running aorund Peak of Widows all day. With the care of the Shixiongs in Peak of Widows, however, he should be fine."

Shaw Danon was silent for a moment, said: "When the contest is over, I want to see him. You want to come, too?"

Baye nodded: "Yes, I also want to see him."

All of a sudden, a green figure passed through the hall. Master Doyel Shen had returned. All Jadeon elder’s eyes landed on him. Master Vasp Caelo walked forth and asked: "Head Shixiong, Master Spirit..."

Doyal Shen held up his hand and gave him a look. Master Vasp Caelo immediately stopped. Then Master Doyal Shen turned around as though nothing happened, kindly said to the Jadeon disciples: "Everyone is here. Good, good."

Everyone bowed, said: "Greeting, Head of Faction."

Master Doyel Shen smiled and returned to his seat. He looked toward Master Vasp Caelo. Master Vasp Caelo stepped forward, announced: "Everyone, you are all Jadeon’s best disciples. From the establishment of Jadeon clan until now, it has already been two thousand years. Jadeon is the orthodox Daoists and the leader of the side of Good. However, there is a saying: Achievement comes from hard work, the fallen is a result of laziness. Also: Go against the water current, flow backward if not advancing forward. Our faction’s ancestors wanted to remain for the next generation and passed down the Seven Peaks Tournament events. This is already our twentieth session."

"Ah." the Jadeon disciples were amazed. Twentieth, once ever sixty years; that meant it had already lasted one thousand two hundred years in length.

Master Vasp Caelo was satisfied to see the reaction of the disciples, then said: "Today, under the leadership of Head Shixiong, Doyal shen, Jadeon became prosperous. Numerous of the young, talented disciples are in Jadeon, so we specially increased the number to sixty-four people to prevent any regret of undiscovered talent."

Shaw Danon could not help but look at Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis sat next to Master Doyal Shen. His face was emotionless, but his eyes showed impatience. This change was said to be discussed between the heads of the houses, but in reality, it was just an agreement between Doyel Shen and Vasp Caelo.

Chapter 19 Draw B

Master Vasp Caelo continued: "Because of the increased number, there are a few changes in sortation. Everyone look this way." He pointed tot he right side of the hall. There was a large, red, wooden box. On top of the box, there was a hole large enough for an arm to enter.

"In this red box, there are a total of sixty-three wax beads. Each has a piece of paper inside with a number written on it, one through sixty-three." The conversation within the disciples roused to out of control. Master Vasp Caelo ignored them, continued: "After the sortation is completed, the contest will carry out based on the numbers; number one versus number sixty-four, number two versus number sixty-three and so on. In the second round, the victor between number one and sixty-four will face the victor between number two and sixty-three and continue onward; this will take place until the final. Understand?"

Jadeon disciples were silent for a moment, then somebody shouted out: "Excuse me Vasp Caelo Shishu, there are sixty-four people but why are there only sixty-three wax beads?"

Master Vasp Caelo appeared to be prepared for this question. He coughed: "The rule for this session is each house sends nine representatives. Peak of Widows sends one extra. But, ahem, because only one house can send only eight representatives, meaning one person is missing, results in sixty-three people."

Everyone’s eyes landed on Head of Bamboo Peak, Tian Bolis. Though Tian Bolis’ face was mad, he sat still in his seat. The Jadeon’s disciples discussed with each other.

When the talking quieted down, Master Vasp Caelo solemnly said: "But this is not difficult to work around. Within these sixty-three wax beads, whoever draws number one will be extremely lucky, because there is no number sixty-four as an opponent, so the first round there is no need to fight."

Jadeon disciples began another uproar. Jadeon was a famous clan, the rules were very strict. This method of selection was ridiculous, but no one opposed it.

Master Doyal Shen stood up. Everyone immediately quieted down. Master Doyal Shen nodded: "Then, let’s begin."

Everyone’s eyes landed on the large, red, wooden box. First, ten disciples from Peak of Widows went to the box, each put their hands into the box and took out a wax bead one-by-one. Dragon Head Peak’s disciples followed.

Baye said something to Shaw Danon then followed the others to the red box. Shaw Danon watched Baye’s back for a moment, then moved his sight to the seven masters and all the elders. Among these people, Master Doyal Shen, Master Vasp Caelo, Master Tian Yun, Master Shang Zheng Liang and Master Ceng Shu Chang who Shaw Danon met five years ago. Only the Taoist nun seated at the farthest right was unfamiliar to him. She was most likely the well-known Bamboo Height’s master, Master Shui Yu.

Shaw Danon heard his Shixiongs talk about this master often. He hear that Bamboo Height was the only house that exclusively adopted female disciples. Master Shui Yu’s cultivation skill was very deep and well-known within Jadeon. The Bamboo Height disciples often performed well in Seven Peaks Tournament.

Shaw Danon looked at Master Shui Yu. Her age seemed to be around thirty like Surin. Her robe was moon white. Behind her, there were no elders, but a young female disciple. Her clothes were as white as snow, her face was very beautiful. A long sword was on her back. It was sky blue from the handle to the edge. Waves could be faintly seen flowing around the sword.

The young lady felt his eyes. She turned suddenly and stared at him. Shaw Danon felt as though he had been shocked by lightning. He was surprised and his face turned slightly red. The girl had no expression on her face, but her eyes were filled with scorn. She quickly lowered her head. Just at this embarrassing moment, someone pulled on his hand; it was Hidi: "Xiao Fan, what are you doing, it is our turn to draw the wax bead."

Shaw Danon hurried: "Yes, yes." Then he didn’t look at Master Shui Yu any longer and followed Hidi to the red, wooden box. Only Bamboo Peak and Bamboo Height had not gone yet. Xavion and other Bamboo Peak disciples each picked up one wax bead from the box, then went back to the center of the hall. Everyone was busy checking their number from the bead. Baako and the other seven disciples from Bamboo Height came out. The girl in white whispered something to Master Shui Yu, then Master Shui Yu nodded: "Go."

The girl in white responded and walked with the Bamboo Height disciples and smiled to Baako. They took out the remaining nine wax beads from the box.

The disciples were checking their numbers. The masters of the houses also became nervous, hoping their disciple had drawn a lucky one. The paper with the number one written on it.

Seemingly in response to the masters’ feelings, words issued out from the Jadeon disciples:

"Aw, I get twenty-six."

"Mine is thirty-three, eh, what number is yours?"

"Oh, mine is fourty-seven, I wonder what number is my opponent, let me see......"


After long while, no one said they got they precious number one paper.

Vasp Caelo frowned, coughed then asked: "Who got the number one paper?"

His voice covered all the disciples’ sounds. The hall was silent. Then, after a long time, within the crowd a small sound, with surprise and caution, seeming like he was not believing his luck, answered: "Reply, reply to Vasp Caelo Shibo. It is here."

Everybody looked at him. Shaw Danon was standing there, with a piece of paper in his hand, looking at Tian Bolis, speaking timidly.

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