Zhu Xian

Chapter 16: Navigate Object
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Chapter 16 Navigate Object A

"Bark! Bark!"

"Creak! Creak!"


The bark of a dog and the scream of a monkey mixed together across Mount Jadeon’s Bamboo Peak, breaking the peaceful quiet. Shaw Danon ran out from the kitchen with the black fire stick in his hand, he shouted angrily: "Stupid dog! Stupid monkey! I dare you not to run!"

Ashh jumped on Big Yella’s back. Big Yella was already prepared and ran away. Shaw Danon couldn’t catch up, and all he could do is watch as Ashh made a face and put a delicious bone into Big Yella’s mouth. Big Yella was so happy that if it had not been because its teeth needed to hold the bone, it’s jaw already fell open from laughing so hard.

Shaw Danon went back to the kitchen with an angry face. He took care of the kitchen since he was fourteen. His cooking skill was unexpected to everyone. Even the "cultivated dog," Big Yella, couldn’t help but also hunger for Shaw Danon’s meal, especially the bone he used for making soup.

But the soup was made for humans, although Big Yella was the oldest, should be receiving the highest respect, all he could do is simply watch and not get to eat. After he became friends with Ashh, the scene that just happened appeared very commonly in Bamboo Peak. For the past two years, no matter how hard Shaw Danon tried to hide the bone, with Big Yella’s nose and Ashh’s agility, this bone battle always resulted in defeat for Shaw Danon.

Two years passed by fast, actually one and a half years. Shaw Danon had grown into a sixteen year old young man. His body was taller than his Shijie Hidi now. For this period of time, under Tian Bolis’ order, every Bamboo Peak disciple needed to practice their cultivation except Amandla, who was traveling; only Shaw Danon as a cook was the most relaxed.

For two years, under nobody’s watch, Shaw Danon practiced alone. But the thing he couldn’t believe is: following the instruction of Xavion’s incantation, with barely one year of practice, he seemed to master the second level of Yu Qing - refining vigor.

He questioned himself, but he didn’t ask Tian Bolis. Xavion and Hidi were focusing on cultivation. They had no time to spare for him. Amandla was also not here. As a result, Shaw Danon could only bury the question in his heart. But there was a more important thing facing him. Hidi gave him the incantation for third level secretly. He understood that was a serious act against the faction’s rules. But then, every night when he was standing alone in the courtyard and looking at the sky, he always remembered one phrase:

You will never catch up to Kevern Shixiong!

Ten nights later, he began to practice level three’s incanation!

In Pure Essence, Yu Qing’s first three levels are the foundation of all magic. The difficulty progressively increases. Third level was different than the first two. The first two were "Introducing Spirit" and "Refining Vigor." The third level’s main idea was "Energy," focus began to be aimed toward cultivating Tai Chi Energy. The Incantation stated: "Tai Chi energy, three combine to one. Chi, neutral; Yuan, beginning, follow the twelve periods...Yin and Yang combine, energy starts at Zi, becomes all things." (From 《汉书-律历志》)

When Jadeon disciples practiced this far, the difference between potentials will be made clear. Intelligent disciples would pass this level quickly and move straight into "Navigate Object," built upon a stable foundation. The disciples with slightly worse potential would stay there forever and might waste their entire life in it.

Shaw Danon had entered Jadeon five years ago. He heard a lot from his Shixiongs. Clearly all the Shixiongs grouped him on the "worse" side.

Shaw Danon returned to the kitchen and began to boil water. The fire brightened again. He used the poor fire stick" to move the firewood around a few times. After the fire became stable, his eyes looked at the fire stick.

He hadn’t discovered anything. He was just doing a very natural thing-day dreaming.

The entire fire stick was mysteriously black except for the round bead. It was only a foot long. The strange thing was that you could faintly see the red vein-like lines under the black colour of the surface.

Shaw Danon’s entire body had shaken. The idea of forging with blood made him sick. These years, he slowly forgot the journey to the ancient valley. Once in a while he woke up in the middle of the night from dreaming of the ancient valley again.

At that time he felt he was lonely. One person facing the unknown beast. One person facing the mysterious death. Each time, he had uncontrollable excitement and rage. He was thirsty for blood. He even thought of the Monk Pozhi in Grass Temple village a few years ago.

Shaw Danon did not know why he would have such a feeling. Fortunately he had a way to calm his mind: Fawin Wisdom!

This Fuwa incantation could clear out evil thinking from one’s mind. He practiced it for five years, and the most common use for it was to suppress the strange thought that appeared in his mind for the past two years.

Suddenly something hit Shaw Danon’s head. It was a pine cone. Anger rose inside his heart. Shaw Danon turned and shouted: "Stupid monkey, don’t let me catch you ore else...oh, you are...ah! Sixth Shixiong!"

Shaw Danon saw a person was standing at the door, with a bag on his shoulder and a smile on his face. It was Amandla.

Amandla carefully looked at Shaw Danon, said: "Wow, after just a few years, you brat you have grown as tall as me."

Shaw Danon swiftly walked toward him and grabbed his shoulders, smiled: "Sixth Shixiong, why gone for so long, we all missed you."

Amandla smiled: "I am back now, aren’t I?"

Then Shaw Danon asked: "Does master and Shi niang know you are back?"

Amandla said: "No. I just came back and saw there was smoke coming out from the kitchen, so I guess you must be working there, kid. Didn’t see me for a few years, did you miss me?"

Shaw Danon nodded. Amandla patted his head, suddenly whispered: "Come, go see master with me."

Shaw Danon was startled, asked: "Why do you need me to go with you?"

Amandla said: "Master let me travel for one year, but then I played...no, I mean, I used an extra half a year to find good material for an esper. I am afraid master will be mad at me. Come with me."

Shaw Danon stared at him: "So that’s why you came to see me first. Oh yeah, sixth Shixiong, what esper did you craft?"

Amandla hollowly laughed: "Ho ho, I just feel like seeing you first. Xiao Shidi, come, come." Then he pulled Shaw Danon away.

After a while, both Big Yella, who was chewing the bone in the corner, and Ashh, who was catching a flea on Big Yella’s back, heard a furious roar coming out of Hall of Quietude: "Disgraceful person, you tried to anger me to death!"

At dinner time, for the first time in two years, everyone was here, sitting in the dining hall. After everyone had their seat, Tian Bolis’ face was still angry. When people greeted Amandla, they couldn’t help but ask: "Sixth, why was master so angry after he met with you?"

Amandla was embarrassed. He kept switching topic. Shaw Danon, on the other hand, was holding his laughter, making his face look weird.

Then, Hidi finally couldn’t help it. She asked: "Dad, sixth finally came back, why are you so mad at him?"

Amandla slightly raised his head and looked at Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis stared back at him and Amandla was forced to lower his head again. Tian Bolis snorted: "Sixth, why don’t you show them your esper?"

Amandla’s mouth opened wide, could not say a word. Then he looked toward Surin, but Surin smiled: "Bishu, let them see it; let them know what made your master so mad."

Amandla knew he couldn’t avoid it. He slowly took his bag and took out a few items and let them lay on the table.

Everyone did not even blink, afraid to miss some important details. It was extremely quiet in the dinning hall. On the table, there were three wood-made cubes with a half-a-fist size. It’s white all over with dots carved on it. They were three dice.

Chapter 16 Navigate Object B

Everyone was stunned. Then, everyone laughed.

Amandla blushed. Tian Bolis angrily said: "Rotten wood can not be craved (Note 1)"

Surin, however, shook her head and smiled: "It doesn’t matter, it’s not really important. Let it be. The esper is for him to use anyway."

Tian Bolis stared at Amandla, then said to Surin: "How do you know he is not using it to scam people?"

Amandla was surprised, quickly said: "Master, Shi niang, disciple would never do such a dirty, shameful thing. It’s just because I found a thousand year-old Three-Bead Tree at Chi Shui Lake south of here. The tree is very spiritual, so I used it to craft three dice. I didn’t realize..."

Tian Bolis was still angry, said: "Now you are happy, right? Hmph, now great, you’ve crafted a gambling tool. At the Seven Peaks Tournament, which is just a month away, when you show up on the stage with this thing. Will I be able to save face?"

Amandla did not dare to speak. Surin shook her head, said quietly: "Buyi it is the thing he likes. Don’t force him. You still remember Vanti Shixiong..."

Tian Bolis suddenly was shocked and turned to Surin. Surin sighed, told Amandla: "Bishu, you know your master and I never forced you to craft a sword like the Shixiongs of the other houses. Esper, however, is always of a major concern. You need to act accordingly."

Amandla looked at Tian Bolis again and saw his master was still unhappy. He did not dare to speak much, so he nodded: "Yes, yes."

Surin looked at her husband again, then said to everyone: "Time passed so quickly. Next month is already Seven Peaks Tournament. At that time, we will all go to the main house Peak of Widow. Make sure to be prepared." Then, her beautiful, gentle face became serious, rapidly she said: "this time, do not let me and your master be disappointed, get it?"

Everyone immediately answered: "Yes!"

"Shi, Shi niang." A weak voice appeared within the response of the disciples. It was Shaw Danon. Surin frowned, asked: "What is it, Xiao Fan?"

Shaw Danon cautiously said: "You mean I will be going, too?"

Surin was startled, then looked at Tian Bolis. She smiled: "Yes, aren’t you a member of Bamboo Peak?"

Shaw Danon cheered with Amandla. He was so happy that he ignored what Tian Bolis said: "There are nine spots, anyway. Even if we give one to an idiot, still one is wasted."


At nightfall, Shaw Danon went back to his room. Big Yella and Ashh were already resting on Shaw Danon’s bed. One and half years ago, because Big Yella became friends with Ashh, it also moved to Shaw Danon’s bedroom. At first, Tian Bolis was very worried because he couldn’t find his dog. Then, after he found out what happened, he snorted and left. Shaw Danon saw Tian Bolis didn’t say anything, so he didn’t drive Big Yella away. (Actually, it was a case of being unable to drive Big Yella away. Big Yella took half of the bed, Ashh took half of the other half; it is obvious how the owner felt.)

As time passed, however, Shaw Danon got used to it and did not complain about sleeping with Big Yella and Ashh anymore. That night, Shaw Danon’s mood was great. He sat next to the table and saw Big Yella lazily laying on the bed. Ashh took the black fire stick from the kitchen again and used it to rub Big Yella’s body.

He felt Ashh was really interested in this fire stick. But now he didn’t want to bother thinking about it. His heart was filled with happiness that his master allowed him to go to Seven Peaks Tournament.

Shaw Danon looked toward the monkey and dog, but it seemed like he was talking to thin air: "Look, I get a chance to join Seven Peaks Tournament. That is just great. Master is really broad-minded. Even though I am so stupid he is allowing me to come and learn. Um, maybe I can meet Jing Yu there."

Then, he paused and quietly spoke to himself: "But going on the platform and dueling will just bring shame to master. Anyway, if it’s meant to be then let it be. Big Yella, Ashh, am I right?"

"Creak Creak!"

Shaw Danon raised his head. Ashh put all his thought into Big Yella’s fur and catching fleas. Only screamed a few times in response to answer him. Big Yella is even more direct. Its dog ears folded and ignored him.

"Stupid dog!" Shaw Danon angrily called out. Ashh threw the fire stick at him. He dodged it and the fire stick bounced on the table and landed on the ground.

"Creak Creak!" "Bark Bark!" The dog and monkey’s sound became symphony. Shaw Danon made a face toward the two animals. He sat down, then his mind came up with the image of Kevern in Bamboo Peak two years ago.

"Form wall of ice!" Shaw Danon quietly said. When he didn’t practice, it was fine; however, after he did, it became worse. He began to realize the far distance between himself and Kevern.

Then, he thought of that night. Hidi was sitting in this room next to the light. Those soft, glowing eyes!

His heart felt like being stabbed by needle.

The fire stick quietly lay quietly on the ground. Shaw Danon suddenly felt himself to be much like the fire stick; so lonely, laying on the ground alone.

"Alas" he sighed, imagining if he could reach that level of cultivation. Then, a totally relaxed, uncaring movement. He did his first "navigate object" movement: he waved his hand toward the fire stick.

That moment felt like an eternity.

Shaw Danon was very normal, with no disappointment and acceptance of his failure. Then, he saw the fire stick moved a little.

Just that little bit, slight movement, seemed like awakening from a long sleep, it moved!

Note 1: Rotten wood can not be craved mean, no matter what you do to a rotten wood, they can not become better.

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