Zhu Xian

Chapter 15: Secretly Teach
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Chapter 15 Secretly Teach A

The lady was Hidi no doubt. She was worried about Shaw Danon’s injury, so she came to see him, but she could never have imagined her mother would be there, too. So Hidi hid outside of the door and waited for Surin to be gone.

She noticed Shaw Danon was rooted on the floor, she said angrily: "What are you standing there for?"

Shaw Danon woke up. He tried to find an excuse, but then he saw Hidi lowered her head. It’s because Big Yella came and pushed against Hidi’s leg.

Hidi bent over and patted Big Yella’s head. Big Yella licked her hand.

"Creak creak" Ashh went behind Big Yella and pulled on its tail; seemed like it wanted to pull Big Yella away from Hidi. Ashh felt Hidi’s eyes, he looked up and showed his teeth.

Hidi didn’t get angry. She made a face toward the monkey in reply. Since Ashh came here, it went along well with everyone except Hidi. Hidi was surprised to find Big Yella didn’t go aggressive at Ashh.

"What happened?" Hidi asked Shaw Danon while pointing at Ashh and Big Yella.

Shaw Danon told her about the meat bone. Hidi laughed: "Can’t believe that stupid monkey did that trick." Then she changed topic, she examined Shaw Danon, asked: "Today, my dad hit you, anywhere not feeling well?"

Shaw Danon shook his head: "Nothing, Shijie."

Hidi said: "What’s the matter with dad? He is not happy and vented his anger onto you!"

Shaw Danon quickly said: "No, it’s my stupidity that made master mad..."

Hidi stared at him. Shaw Danon held back what he was going to say. Hidi snorted: "It has nothing to do with you, actually. It’s just because he saw the two people had good potential, so his mind..." Then she stopped and looked at Shaw Danon. She realized that meant she was saying he is stupid, then she changed topic again: "What was my mom coming here for?"

Shaw Danon replied honestly: "Shi niang came to visit me and gave me two ’Yellow Pills.’ Very effective, I was fully recovered after taking one."

"Yellow Pill?" Hidi was surprised.

"Yes," Shaw Danon looked at her, asked: "What it is?"

Hidi said: "That is my dad’s treasure. I heard Mom say it was made from twenty-three different types of spiritual herbs. Marvelous medicinal effect. Even I didn’t have the luck to take it."

Shaw Danon’s mouth opened wide. Hidi’s eyes rolled, continued: "Perhaps my dad was impressed by you, but doesn’t seem like it."

Shaw Danon said: "It must be master’s kindness. He saw me injured, so he gave me a magical pill. He, senior, is very broad minded!"

Hidi laughed: "My dad, broad minded...heh heh. Anyway, I’m not going to argue this with you. Huh, why is there the sound of rain?"

Shaw Danon listened carefully. Outside really was raining. Hidi walked to the window. She pushed the window open. Cool wind came in from the window. Cold, tiny rain drops hit on the face.

The sky rained in the silent dark of night. Everywhere was dark except for the blurry shadow of the bamboo in the courtyard. The rain fell from the sky. In Shaw Danon’s eyes, it was gentle. He even felt that the night was beautiful, the rain was melodious; when the rain drops hit against the bamboo leaves he was pleased to listen to its sounds. The sound that resonated within his soul.

Standing next to him was a beautiful lady. Happiness and sadness within this beauty. She was watching:

At this rain!

Big Yella and Ashh also quieted down. Big Yella lay on the bed. His eyes were half opened. Ashh sat next to Big Yella and searched through Big Yella’s thick fur.

Candle’s fire suddenly flickered in the mountain wind, making a soft popping sound.

"It’s raining." Hidi softly said.

Shaw Danon answered: "Yeah."

Hidi stared into the night for a few moments, then turned back to the table; quietly said: "Xiao Fan, close the window will you? It is getting cold."

Shaw Danon nodded and closed the window. Hidi sat next to the table absently. She took out a small box, then opened it under the light.

The candle reflected in her eyes, like a pair of gentle flames.

"Say, do you think this ’Refresh Bead’ is pretty?" Hidi’s eyes were fixed upon the bright, small bead. Her voice wasn’t stable. Shaw Danon’s heart suddenly felt empty, slowly sank.

He went to her with all his courage. He used all his strength to make himself look normal. Hidi raised her head and looked at him. She suddenly found her Shidi’s eyes were so bright, but at the same time, so sorrowful and wild.

She lightly closed the box, asked gently: "Xiao Fan, what is it?"

Shaw Danon lowered his head, fell silent for a moment, then said: "I am alright, Shijie."

Hidi felt weird, but didn’t bother much about it. She stood up and said: "Okay, it’s late now. I should head back."

Shaw Danon woodenly stood up. Hidi took a few steps, then suddenly stopped and turned around smiling. The beauty of that moment hit deeply in Shaw Danon’s heart. "How could I forget this; I even forgot the point for me coming tonight."

Shaw Danon took it and red a few lines, then he cried: "Pure Essence incantation! Shijie, this..."

Hidi rolled her eyes, said angrily: "Why did you cry out so loud?"

Shaw Danon immediately lowered his voice: "Shijie, this is the level three incantaton. You..."

"Me?" Hidi snorted: "Of course I am giving it to you."

Shaw Danon was surprised: "What?"

Hidi said: "I know dad always looked down on you. Today he hit you, it was even more idiotic. Huh, he doesn’t even bother to teach his own disciple and scolds you. I don’t want to see it anymore. You use this incantation and practice it secretly. Achieve whatever someday and show my dad. Don’t be so embarrassed like today."

Shaw Danon frowned: "But Shijie, if master and shi niang know it, they will scold you."

Hidi said impatiently: "You already said they will scold me. Just a few words and lock me up for a few days. So what? I can’t let you get fooled by other people!"

Shaw Danon was shocked. His heart was like a burning flame. He looked at Hidi’s figure. At that moment he thought, even if he died for her, he will never regret.

Hidi said: "You also need to remember to put in more effort. One day, find a chance to have a draw with that stinky Baye. However, you will never catch up to Kevern Shixiong, don’t even think about it." Then, she waved her hand: "Keep everything as secret." She left and disappeared into the darkness swiftly.

"You will never catch up to Kevern Shixiong!"

These words, each hit heavily in Shaw Danon’s heart. His face was pale. His hand held the paper tight.

Within the mountain and rain, sky and earth who can see that youngster, walking in the rain and looking at the sky.

Chapter 15 Secretly Teach B


At dawn, after the rain, Shaw Danon came back to his familiar kitchen and began to boil water.

The bright fire in the stove was like an evil spirit dancing on the flame; shone red against his face. Shaw Danon used a thin piece of firewood as a fire stick and moved the fire wood around.

"You will never catch up to Kevern Shixiong!"

These words, he had repeated in his heart thousands of times. Each time it just hurt his heart even more. He knew he was being stupid. Shijie didn’t mean it. She only said the truth that everyone would agree with.

However, he couldn’t help it. There was a wild fire like this in his heart. It kept burning his heart, until the actual fire burned his hand.

"Ouch!" Shaw Dannon shouted. He jumped back. The thin fire wood caught on fire when he was not paying attention and burned his hand.

He blew on his hand. Shaw Danon went to the jar and put his hand into the cool water. Shaw Danon smiled bitterly; of all the things he needed most now is a fire stick.

"Um, um, um" A few calls came in from the outside. Shaw Danon recognized this was Big Yella’s voice. He was wondering why Big Yella’s usual "bark, bark" had turned into "um, um." Shaw Danon walked to the door and found Big Yella and Ashh were fighting over a black, short rod. Big Yella’s mouth was biting one end of the rod while Ashh used its hands to tug at the other end. Because Big Yella was biting the short rod, its voice turned into the weird "um, um."

Shaw Danon took the short stick away from them and drove Big Yella and Ashh away. He knew they would not go away easily, so he threatened them: "Go, go. Don’t mess around in here, or else I will not make lunch for you two."

Big Yella and Ashh exchanged looks. One roared at Shaw Danon while one made a face. Then, Ashh jumped on Big Yella’s back and they walked away.

He cursed at the two animals. After Shaw Danon returned to the kitchen, he realized the short rod was the strange, short, black stick found in ancient valley half a year ago. Ashh recovered this somewhere in the room and used it to play with Big Yella.

Shaw Danon sighed, then an idea came to him. He walked quickly to the stove and pushed the firewood around with the black stick. That stick was made out of some unknown material, it won’t catch on fire, and also didn’t transfer heat. After the entire morning, the stick was still cool. Shaw Danon thought this stick was perfect for him.

Pity for the dead Black Heart Elder. If he knew the "Sinister Orb," the most powerful esper of the evil factions, was being used as a fire stick; even if he were resurrected, he would die again of anger.

That day at noon, everyone of Bamboo Peak’s disciples were sitting in the dinning room. Tian Bolis was the last one who entered. His eyes landed on Shaw Danon for a moment. Shaw Danon lowered his head, then, Tian Bolis moved his sight away.

"So, all of you saw what happened yesterday, right?" Tian Bolis asked.

Everyone was quiet, only Xavion said: "Yes, master had shown his might and punished the..."

"Nonsense!" Tian Bolis suddenly shouted. The disciples were terrified. Tian Bolis said angrily: "Yesterday, all of you should know other house’s disciples were highly cultivated. Not to mention Kevern, even though he had been adopted for only three years, had came and began messing around. Don’t you know that?"

Everyone was silent, only Shaw Danon suddenly raised his head.

Tian Bolis coldly said: "Seven Peaks Tournament is almost here. All of you useless people, from today on, everyone lock themselves in their room. If you can’t have any decent improvement, let us see if I will peel your skin off!"

Everyone had the word "unwilling" shown on their face, but none said a word. Hidi carefully asked: "Dad, then I shall..."

"You too!" Tian Bolis said without hesitation.

Just when Hidi was about to speak, her sleeve got pulled on by her mother. Hidi turned and looked at Surin, she then took back the words that she was about to speak.

Tian Bolis’ voice was resounding through Hall of Quietude: "Except for seventh, who is responsible for meals, all of you cannot leave here for these one and a half years. Lock up and practice, understand?"


So, in the peaceful Bamboo Peak, it was covered by nervousness that had never appeared before. All the disciples were focused on cultivation except a free dog, a naughty monkey and a boring cook.

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