Zhu Xian

Chapter 14: Divine Power
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Chapter 14 Divine Power A

Tian Bolis stood up and examined Baye. The colour of his face was extremely bad. He said coldly: "Good skill! Good momentum!"

Kevern whispered to Baye: "Shidi, apologize quickly."

Baye frowned and stepped in front. He spoke, but it was to Shaw Danon: "Xiao Fan, that was my bad. It was just testing to see each other’s level of cultivation; however, I didn’t hold back my strength. Sorry."

Shaw Danon was really worried about his friend, but he said: "No, it was nothing."

Tian Bolis became more angry. He suddenly took a step forward. Red glow passed by on his face.

Kevern began to worry. He was different from Baye. He was in Jadeon for a long time and knew Bamboo Peak is way weaker than the other six houses; however, their head master Tian Bolis and his wife Surin had unbelievable strength. No one ever dared to underestimate them. Even the proud Master Vasp Caelo reminded him before they departed: Although Tian Bolis has a bad temper, his cultivation skill is extremely high, plus his wife is also well known in Jadeon for her wisdom. Even our Head of the Faction Master Doyel Shen needed to treat the couple with high respect. It was best not to make him mad if not necessary.

But Baye didn’t know about it. Even if he did know, he wouldn’t remember it anyway.

Tian Bolis became even more angry. Just when he was about to make a move, Surin pulled his hand, her lips lightly smiled: "You are already so old, why bother arguing with a junior?"

Tian Bolis was startled for a moment and stopped. Kevern quickly stood in front of Baye, also said: "Tian Shishu, please forgive us. For the sake of our master, please don’t argue with the ignorant younger generation."

Shaw Danon knew Baye had made his master angry. In his eyes, Baye was the only orphan of Grass Temple Village; Baye was just like his own brother. He couldn’t help but keep down in front of Tian Bolis, said: "Master, it’s all disciple’s fault. I saw Jing Yu, no, Lin Shixiong had brought his sword, so I was interested to see his level of cultivation. That’s why we fought, it’s all disciple..."

Tian Bolis was already holding his anger and had no place to express it. Kevern was enough already, but now Shaw Danon speaking there like an idiot. He couldn’t hold his rage anymore: "Shut up, you useless fool!"

Then, he waved his sleeve. Shaw Danon felt strong wind blow at him. All the air surrounding him seemed to disappear. The mighty force pushed his body away and threw him into the wall of Hall of Quietude. "Bang!" His body landed on the hard, stable wall, then he fell on the ground. Shaw Danon felt dizzy, then he spewed out large amounts of blood from his mouth.

Within Hall of Quitetude, everyone was stunned.

"Dad!" Hidi was the first one to cry out. She rushed forward and helped Shaw Danon to stand up. Baye ran almost at the same time. He saw the blood on Shaw Danon’s chest. He wouldn’t be as angry if the one who had been injured was himself; however, Shaw Danon was trying to help him and that’s why he got injured. Bay couldn’t care anymore. He turned and shouted at Tian Bolis: "Short fatty, what were you trying to do?"

At that time, Dragon Slayer seemed to understand its master; the green glow brightened up again.

Tian Bolis’ eyes opened wide. He must have been mad because of the words "short fatty." He swung his arm, then disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Kevern quickly shouted: "Shidi, careful."

Baye was already prepared. He saw Tian Bolis moving as swift as a ghost. Baye immediately held up Dragon Slayer, using the sword spirit to create a green aura to protect himself.

Tian Bolis saw the mighty green light as nothing. He suddenly appeared in front of Baye and forced all the green glow to back away three feet. Tian Bolis’ large, angry eyes were almost touching Baye’s face. Baye was nervous. He took a few steps back unsteadily. Even in this case, Dragon Slayer was still hanging in mid-air defending its master.

Tian Bolis laughed coldly. His right hand suddenly reached out and passed through the sword spirit. Red glow appeared on his palm. With the red glow he pushed back the green light, he quickly seized Dragon Slayer.

Kevern immediately dashed in front of Baye and shouted loudly: "Tian Shishu, please have mercy!"

Tian Bolis didn’t go after him. He let Baye be protected by Kevern. He just focused on an examination of Dragon Slayer.

At that time, almost all the green sword spirit was gone; however, Dragon Slayer still struggled in Tian Bolis’ hand, shone half of his body green.

Tian Bolis raised his eyes and said coldly: "Dragon Slayer is Nine Skies Esper, but it doesn’t guarantee invincibility!" Then, his fingers suddenly grabbed hard onto the handle. Dragon Slayer immediately stopped moving. At the next moment, green glare rose up again, much more brightly than Baye’s. Kevern cried out: "Tian Shishu........" Tian Bolis’ face was as cold as ice. He said no more. His right hand held Dragon Slayer and gave a powerful slash toward Baye and Kevern’s direction. The green light mightily glared, creating a green pillar that is two persons in height.

Kevern grit his teeth. Both of his hands held out sword fingers and drew out a white sword. This was his famous "Frozen Ice" sword.

The green pillar Tian Bolis released almost reached them. Kevern protected Baye and walked back a few steps. His right hand made a different sword mark. "Frozen Ice" swiftly sent out white light, formed seven layers of ice wall.

The green sword chi broke through the ice walls easily unlike Baye’s. It crushed the ice walls into millions of pieces. The green sword chi had no sign of weakening, it charged toward Kevern like an angry dragon.

Kevern’s face was pale and had nowhere to go. He used all his strength and used Frozen Ice to form a shield with a white glow.

"Bang!" The green sword chi hit against the white light. Although it didn’t immediately crush the shield, it pushed the white glow back rapidly. Kevern used all his strength and managed to hold the green sword chi one foot away. It was just like a human trying to hold off against an aggressive beast.

Kevern tried to keep the shield going, but his feet began to collapse and be pushed backward by the powerful strength.

Chapter 14 Divine Power B

From the beginning of this interaction until now, Tian Bolis stood still where he was and did not make a move; Dragon Slayer’s green glow, however, was getting brighter and brighter. Kevern and Baye were pushed out of Hall of Quietude to the ground outside. At the place where the green light passed by, it seemed like it had been slashed by a large blade; a one foot deep rift was left in its way.

The green light pushed back Kevern another three yards. The white light shield was only six inches away from Kevern’s body. His feet sank into the earth. A moment later, Kevern couldn’t hold any longer. White light disappeared. Frozen Ice got hit with great force into the air and lost control.

Kevern and Baye’s faces were as pale as a dead person. But then, the green light suddenly stopped in mid-air at the critical moment.

Kevern was sweating, he did not dare to move.

After a while, the green light was no longer controlled and slowly disappeared.


Frozen Ice landed on the ground in front of them. Kevern put himself together a little. He quickly said respectfully: "Thank you for Tian Shishu’s kindness."

Baye was still surprised to see the common looking Tian Bolis had such great power.

Suddenly an item was tossed out from Hall of Quietude. Kevern and Baye were surprised. It was Dragon Slayer. It landed right in front of them, next to Frozen Ice.

"You two leave!" Tian Bolis’ voice returned to normal. Coldness was clearly visible.

Kevern quickly responded and pulled Baye along. They retrieved their their own swords and flew back.

The disciples saw Tian Bolis’ anger. None dared to make a sound. Especially Shaw Danon, it was his first time seeing Tian Bolis use his mystic power. He almost forgot his own wound on his chest. He accidentally tore his wound, he immediately cried "Ouch!"

Tian Bolis heard Shaw Danon’s cry. He looked toward Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon forced himself to bear the pain. Tian Bolis did not say anything. He looked at all the disciples. Everyone lowered their head and did not want to meet his eyes.

Tian Bolis sighed and shook his head. He put both hands on his back and walked toward the rear hall. Surin told everyone: "All of you leave for now."

The disciples answered. Hidi carried Shaw Danon and left with the disciples. After everyone walked out of Hall of Quietude, Surin went into the rear hall and passed the back door. She saw Tian Bolis standing in the corridor and looking at the bamboo in the courtyard.

Surin walked next to her husband, softly asked: "Why so mad today?"

Tian Bolis slight shook his head, responded back: "When Ling Er fought with Baye earlier, Kevern formed ice wall to stop Dragon Slayer. You saw what happened, right?"

Surin sighed: "He didn’t take out Frozen Ice."

Tian Bolis snorted: "Last Seven Peaks Tournament, Kevern needed to rely on the power of esper to form ice wall; I can’t imagine he already reached that level within just several decades." Then he turned and looked at Surin: "What level of cultivation do you think he is at?"

Surin said: "When he cast, he seemed relaxed and not using all his power, that means he is at least Yu Qing level eight."

Tian Bolis opened his mouth then stopped. Surin helped him to continue: "Within Bamboo Peak, none can be his opponent."

Tian Bolis deeply looked at his wife, then slowly he turned his head, looked at the bamboo in the garden. As winter grew closer, the green leaves had become yellow.

After a moment, he suddenly asked: "How is seventh?"

Surin looked at him, her lips smiled: "How good can he be, he coughed out loads of blood due to you great master."

Tian Bolis’ fat body shook, but he didn’t turn his head: "Tonight, bring him a Yellow Pill. Don’t let him pretend to be dead tomorrow and make all of us starve."

Surin kept on smiling.

Night came, the sky darkened.

Shaw Danon slowly walked back to his dormitory. After he pushed the door open, Ashh was the first one who rushed into the room; then Big Yella followed. The monkey and the dog played around in his room.

Shaw Danon smiled a little. He sat down next to the table. His chest still hurt, but his brain was filled with the scene of battle between Tian Bolis and the others. He could not help but sigh.

"What is the use of sighing?" A gentle sound came from outside.

Shaw Danon was surprised. He turned and saw Surin was standing at the door. The night wind blew her clothes about, like a fairy from heaven. He quickly stood up, said: "Shi niang."

Surin walked to him, put her hand on his shoulder, smiled: "It’s alright, sit."

Shaw Danon followed the order and sat down. Surin carefully examined his face and put her hand on his chest, then nodded: "Good, nothing too serious." She took out a white bottle and poured out a yellow pill that’s about the size of a finger tip. She passed it to Shaw Danon: "Take it."

Shaw Danon hesitated for a moment, then he took the pill and swallowed it. A warm feeling came from his stomach, then to his limbs. The pain in his chest disappeared.

Shaw Danon rose up and exercised his body. Everything was normal. He hurriedly said to Surin: "Thank you, Shi niang."

Surin nodded. She took back the bottle and sat on the other chair. She said: "No need to thank me. It was your master who was the one who told me to bring you Yellow Pill."

Shaw Danon was startled, asked: "Master is not mad at me anymore?"

Surin looked at him, smiled: "He told me to come see you, surely he is not mad at you. I don’t know if you are mad at him?"

Shaw Danon was surprised, immediately said: "No, Shi niang, I would never dare..."

Surin raised her hand and stopped Shaw Danon, said gently: "Xiao Fan, listen to me, okay?"

Shaw Danon quietly said: :Yes, Shi niang."

Surin said: "Today your master hit you, it was his fault. I saw it. However, he regretted after he hit you. His temper is just..." Her gentle face had signs of sadness, she continued: "He is a competative person, always cares about his reputation. Even if he regrets, he won’t say it out loud, so don’t hate him."

Shaw Danon shook his head: "Shi niang, I am not mad at master. It’s just me being too stupid, made master mad."

Surin looked at him, lightly sighed: "It has nothing to do with you, actually. Cultivation is based on one’s quality and potential. Although hard work will pay off, but still the result will be less than others. Your master understands that. What he was worrying about is not that."

Shaw Danon was curious, asked: "What is it that master worried about?"

Surin smiled helplessly: "The people like Kevern are almost impossible to get. Now in Jadeon, Bamboo Peak is getting weaker and weaker. Although your master’s cultivation is high, disciples often got teased by all Shi bo and Shishu. His heart has a lot of difficulty bearing it. He also worries one day he will leave (Note 1), Bamboo Peak will never be able to come back. He won’t be able to face all the ancestors of Bamboo Peak. All the burdens are on him. Actually, it is very miserable."

Shaw Danon was silent. Surin then realized, smiled bitterly: "Really. What is the use to tell this to a fourteen year old kid?" She stood up and slapped his shoulder: "Rest early."

Shaw Danon answered: "Yes, Shi niang, walk slowly."

Surin nodded, then left. Shaw Danon followed her to the door. After he saw Surin’s shadow was gone, he returned back into the room.

But just when he came back, he saw, next to his desk, in the light a candle, a lady in red standing there.

He was startled, then quietly cried: "Shijie!"

Note 1: It mean when Tian Bolis die.

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