Zhu Xian

Chapter 13: Prodigy
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Chapter 13 Prodigy A

"Disciple Kevern, Baye under the house of Master Vasp Caelo’s Dragon Head Peak, are to pay a visit to Tian Shishu and Su Shishu."

In Hall of Quietude, Tian Bolis and Surin sat in the main seats. Other disciples stood at the side, while two men in white clothes stood in the middle greeting Tian Bolis. The two were Baye and Kevern. Shaw Danon was watching them from the end of the row.

Having not seen them for a few years, everyone had grown up.

At that moment, Baye turned and faced Shaw Danon. Their eyes met. Baye lightly smiled and Shaw Danon nodded.

Tian Bolis looked at Kevern, shifted his gaze to Baye, then his face darkened. He knew the quality of each of the two disciples here was far ahead of any disciple in his house. Kevern was well-known in Jadeon; however, the young Baye could already use a sword, this meant he had reached at least Pure Essence fourth level. He had been adopted only three years ago; this achievement was quite shocking.

When he thought of that, he looked at Shaw Danon. Comparing the two, Tian Bolis’ mood grew worse; he coldly asked: "What did your master send you here for?"

Kevern bowed and said: "Reporting to Tian Shishu, Master Vasp Caelo was entrusted by Master Doyel Shen to take care of the ’Seven Peak Tournament’ that takes place two years from now. Due to a change in the arrangement, master ordered Lin Shidi and I to come and inform you."

Tian Bolis snorted and carefully examined Baye, said: "He wants to provoke me, right?"

Kevern and Baye’s faces changed. Baye wanted to go forward, but Kevern held out his arm to stop him. He smiled and said: "Tian Shishu really loves to tell jokes. We are both under Jadeon, and Tian Shishu is highly respected. Our master does not have any intention of disrespect."

The colour of Tian Bolis’ face was still dark, there did not seem to be any improvement. Surin had a kind smile on her face, gently said: "Don’t mind him, he was kidding around. Right, the change in arrangement that you were talking about, what is it?"

Kevern respectfully replied: "Report to Su Shishu, the change is like this. In the past ’Seven Peaks Tournament,’ each house sent four people, main house Peak of Widow sent eight; the total was thirty-two people. Opponents decided by sortition, winners advance, lasting a total of five rounds. The final winner will be considered Jadeon’s most talented pupil among the disciples and will be educated under the guidance of the elders."

Surin smiled, kindly said: "At the contest last time, I remember you were the star of the tournament. You were in the final. If not due to Peak of Widow having Enu there, you would surely have become the champion of Jadeon."

Kevern’s face did not change, still smiling: "Su Shishu has flattered me. In the last tournament, Enu Xiao Shixiong was gifted and deeply cultivated. I am nowhere near his level. I had no words to say. But the ’Seven Peaks Tournament’ that is going to take place two years from now, after master and the Head of the Faction had discussed, we will have a change in the rules. We came here to inform the two Shishu."

Tian Bolis and Surin’s tones changed, asked: "What it is?"

Kevern answered: "Master Vasp Caelo thought that the meaning of ’Seven Peaks Tournament’ was to find and give education to the talented disciples. Now Jadeon has almost a thousand disciples, especially a number of new generation members, and many talented disciples among them. It is the event that only takes place every sixty years, but each house only sends four people; it is really too few. So, master suggested that each house send nine people, main house has the most people so they will send one more, in total there will be sixty-four people. The other details are just as usual, sorting and six rounds; this way there will be no regret for undiscovered talent."

Tian Bolis and Surin exchanged looks. The colour on their faces became worse. Bamboo Peak had less disciples and also lower quality. At first, it seemed that gave them the advantage; however, it actually is more beneficial to Peak of Widow and Dragon Head Peak since they have more talented students.

Surin looked at her husband and lightly shook her head. Tian Bolis knew what she meant. This had been already discussed between the Head and Vasp Caelo; everything had been set, there was no need to argue. He coldly responded: "That’s fine, I have no comment."

Kevern smiled: "That’s great. Also, master had instructed that Lin Shidi and Tian Shishu’s disciple Zhang Shidi are old friends, he wishes Tian Shishu may let them have a chat with each other."

Tian Bolis was in a bad mood. He waved his hand and impatiently said: "Go, go."

Baye had already waited for a long time. Because he was facing a senior, however, he did not dare to speak. Now since he approved, he immediately turned around and walked toward Shaw Danon.

Baye walked in front of him. He carefully looked at Shaw Danon. He softly said: "You have grown up, Xiao Fan."

Shaw Danon nodded hard, said: "You too. Oh, did you get any news of anything about our village?"

Baye shook his head: "I asked my master many times, but still have made no progress. What about you?"

Shaw Danon bitterly smiled: "Same here."

Baye pulled his hand, said: "Let’s go out there and talk."

Shaw Danon hesitated for a moment. He turned and looked at Tian Bolis and Surin. Tian Bolis ignored him. Surin smiled and said: "Go."

Shaw Danon nodded and hurriedly followed Baye outside. In the hall, the only guest was Kevern. He looked at each Bamboo Peak disciple. His sight finally landed on Xavion. Kevern bowed, smiled and said: "This must be Xavion Song Shixiong. We had met each other in the last tournament."

Xavion quickly bowed back: "Qi Shixiong has good memory. You still remember this defeated opponent."

All the disciples were surprised. Hidi asked her mother that was sitting next to her: "Mom, did da shixiong really lose tot his person?"

Surin nodded, lowered her voice: "Yes. That time, your da shixiong had finally won two rounds. Your father and I were very proud of him. Then in the third round the opponent was this individual; the fight was lost after just a few hits."

Hidi stuck out her tongue, said: "So does that mean that person is very powerful?"

Surin didn’t answer her immediately. She turned her head and looked at her husband, seeing his face was steel green, sitting there motionless. She shook her head, said: "Kevern’s skill is far greater than your da shixiong. That day he didn’t even use any tricks. Especially the esper he crafted, ’Frozen Ice,’ was made out of a thousand year old arctic crystal, extremely powerful. Your da shixiong is no match for him."

Tian Bolis seems felt something. He turned his head and looked at Surin. Their eyes meet and understand the word that hide inside of their heart: If only Bamboo Peak has such talented student.....

Tian Bolis seemed to feel something. He turned his head and looked at Surin. Their eyes met and understood the words that hid inside of each others heart: If only Bamboo Peak had such a talented student...

Kevern achieve success in cultivation, also gain deep trust of masters. He often travel around the world and know a lot things. Plus his clever and fluent tongue, Xavion, who got beaten by him, already had no hostility.

Kevern achieved success in cultivation, also gained deep trust of the masters. He often traveled around the world and he knew many things. In addition, his clever and fluent tongue, Xavion, who had been beaten by him, already had no hostility.

Kevern was telling some kind of joke and causing everybody to laugh. Then, Kevern’s sight landed on Hidi and saw the "Phoenix Soul" around her waist. His eyes brightened, said: "Is that the famous Hidi Tian Shimei?"

Hidi lifted her eyebrows, asked: "How do you know it’s me?"

Kevern smiled, stepped up a few steps, said: "Tian Shimei is only sixteen, but the accomplishment on Pure Essence is already superior to others. This is well known within our faction. I admired it for a long time. From what I can see today, you are well deserving of the reputation."

Hidi blushed, asked in an angry tone: "How do you know? You never saw me fight before."

Kevern was startled, quickly smiled and answered: "Tian Shimei is not only as beautiful as a flower, but also quite intelligent, making me ashamed as a shixiong."

Hidi looked at his handsome face and also heard his praise about her beauty. Her heart felt sweet but her face stayed the same: "Nonsense. Not acting like a shixiong, shame on you!"

Tian Bolis frowned. Surin said: "Ling Er, no nonsense."

Chapter 13 Prodigy B

Kevern quickly said to Surin: "Su Shishu, please don’t be mad at Tian Shimei. It’s my fault to choose the wrong term to use." Then, he took out a small box from his sleeve and passed it to Hidi: "Tian Shimei, the ’Refresh Bead’ inside of this box was obtained by chance while I followed my master Vasp Caelo to wipe out a group of heretics. Although it is not some valuable treasure, wearing it can help you stay cool against the heat of summer. Additionally, I head it helps ladies to keep their skin smooth. Today I will give this to Tian Shimei as an apology for my mistake."

Hidi blushed again. Surin said: "Qi Shizhi, ’Refresh Bead’ is a treasure also. Ling Er can’t take it. You can put it back."

Kevern smiled: "Su Shishu may not know, this ’Refresh Bead’ is useless to me, just like a chicken rib. But Tian Shimei is young and beautiful, she will make it useful. This is my little gift, I hope Tian Shimei likes it."

Hidi looked at Kevern. Her expression relaxed. She held out her hands and received the small box, whispered: "Thank you, Qi Shixiong."

Kevern was very pleased, said: "You’re very welcome. With Shimei’s gifted intelligence, there is a great future ahead of you. Although there are many talented students in Jadeon, there are only very few people who have the same potential as you, even I need to step back."

For the first time, Tian Bolis finally smiled. Hidi said: "Shixiong flatters me."

Kevern shook his head: "No, I was also brought to Jadeon by master when I was young. During that time, however, my cultivation was far behind you. But..."

Hidi was very pleased to hear Kevern’s praise, but when she heard the word "but," she could not help but ask: "But what?"

Even Tian Bolis and Surin turned to hear what the "but" meant. Kevern said: "But if comparing potential, there is a person that can compare to you."

Hidi startled, asked "Who?"

Kevern smiled and pointed to the outside of Hall of Quietude: "That would be my Lin Shidi. Three years ago he was adopted by Master Vasp Caelo. Just a few years later, his achievement was surprising. He is gifted in cultivation. There is no one in our house who can match him. He used only three years to pass Yu Qing Realm’s level four. There is no one like this for a thousand of years. Master is very proud of him, said he is the genius of thousand years, can almost match our Master Jade Leaf."

Tian Bolis suddenly broke the arms of his sandalwood chair. His face was steel green.

Kevern was surprised, whispered to Surin: "Su Shishu, did I say something wrong?"

Surin smiled bitterly. Just as she was about to speak, suddenly there is a cry outside of the hall: "Ouch!" Then a person fell in on the floor and rolled a few times. That person was Shaw Danon.

Everyone’s mood changed. Hidi rushed forward to help him to get up, asked: "Xiao Fan, what happened?"

The fall had not been light. Shaw Danon’s head was still a bit dizzy but his mouth still mumbled: "Not, nothing. I am fine."

Baye ran back into the hall. His face was worried: "Xiao Fan, are you alright, I accidentally..."

Hidi immediately knew he was the one that bullied her Shidi. Additonally, Kevern was highly praising Baye; it made her feel like a loser. She stood up and angrily said: "Who gave you the permission to bully people?" Then her fingers pointed at him. Red light began to flash. Phoenix Soul released and whistled toward Baye.

Surin and Kevern shouted: "Stop!"

But Phoenix Soul was as fast as lightning; it got in front of Baye in just an instant. Although it surprised Baye, it didn’t make him nervous. He knew he was facing attack from an esper. He took three steps back, left hand pointed at the sky while his right hand pointed at the ground with sword fingers (note 1). He shouted: "Out!"

Dragon roars suddenly filled inside of Hall of Quietude. Baye was surrounded by green light. A green sword was summoned. The sword’s edge was as clear as water. It not only blocked Phoenix Soul, it also shone and made everyone’s face in Hall of Quietude green.

Tian Bolis snorted, coldly spoke: "Vasp Caelo is really nice, he even gave the ’Dragon Slayer’ to him."

Kevern saw Baye did not get injured; he was relieved, standing at the side and smiled: "Master had said Shidi’s potential is far past others, he is destined to have a great future. As such, it is a must to give him additional help."

Tian Bolis’ mood became worse.

Both Phoenix Soul and Dragon Slayer could not get any advantage over each other. Hidi opened her arms. Her body began to lift into mid-air. Both arms crossed in front of her chest, she shouted: "Extend!"

Phoenix Soul flew back and returned to Hidi. The red glow intensified. The red silk extended hundreds of times longer, immediately suppressed Dragon Slayer’s green glow. After a moment, the silk rushed to Baye and surrounded him tightly.

Surin stood up and shouted into the air: "Ling Er, do not be rude."

The amber silk, however, already surrounded Baye so tight that nobody could see him. Even Hidi was covered by layer upon layer of silk.

Shaw Danon was enchanted by what he saw. Suddenly someone said: "Phoenix Soul truly is as powerful as the rumor."

He turned and saw Kevern. His eyes were fixed looking at the fighting scene. His mouth was mumbling, but his face had no sign of worry.

Just when victory was determined to be Hidi’s, they suddenly heard the sound of cloth tearing. There was an opening within all those layers of silk. A little bit of green light leaked out.

The colour of Tian Bolis’ and Surin’s faces changed.

"Roar!" A loud bang like the cry of the angry dragon. The opening became larger. Green glow brightened up again. It was like a dragon surrounding him, Bay broke through the silk and charged at Hidi like a released arrow.

Hidi put both hands in front of her chest and formed a Tai Chi. All the silk returned and formed vast layers of barrier in front. Baye’s Dragon Slayer stabbed through the red silk layer after layer. Although he became slower, the momentum still hadn’t weakened. Victory or defeat will depend on the next moment.


A chilled air passed. Dragon Slayer got hit back. Baye was shocked. He saw an ice wall was formed between him and Hidi. Even with Dragon Slayer’s power, he could not break through the ice wall. Kevern was already behind him and pulled Baye back.

Hidi’s face was white. Surin quickly turned her back to Tian Bolis.

Both espers lost their owners’ control. The glow grew dim and returned back to the hand of their master.

Within Hall of Quietude it was nothing but silence.

Note 1: Sword finger. It normally use when holding sword. If the person is right handed, the right hand hold the sword while left hand form sword finger and put the finger on right wrist. When carrying, or not useing the sword, left hand will hold the sword behind the left arm and hold the sword’s handle with sword finger (pretty much like how Anan hold her sword except she used right hand instead of left). Sword finger is simply pointing out index and middle finger.

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