Zhu Xian

Chapter 11: Weird Change
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Chapter 11 Weird Change A

Shaw Danon looked at the bead for a while, his breathing gradually grew calmer. Aside from the colour, the brightness of the bead looked somewhat different; he couldn’t find any other differences so he put it back on his chest. He looked at Hidi and saw that she was still unconscious, but her face wasn’t as pale as it was before. She seemed much better now.

He held out Phoenix Soul and carefully looked at it. This was his first time looking at an esper so closely. It felt soft and very comfortable; reminding him of the flying figure of Hidi, his heart filled with envy.

After a moment, his hand gestured like Hidi’s and he called out "Up!"

Phoenix Soul was like a dead snake; no reaction and motionless.

“Jiji Jiji,” the grey monkey held its belly, fell on the ground and laughed.

Shaw Danon stared at it; but after struggling through difficulty together with this monkey, he felt a little friendliness and the hostility from the past was gone. He spit out his tongue then made a face to the monkey and ignored it. He put the Phoenix Soul back next to Hidi; then his eyes looked at the pond in the open ground.

It was a small pond, could not locate where the water cane from; probably from underground springs. The pond water was jade green, impossible to judge its depth. There was a gap on the west side of the pond where the water flowed out and merged into a stream.

In the center of the pond, there was a stacked pile of rocks of varying sizes and shapes; a small part of it showed above the water. Among the rocks, there was a black rod. One foot of the rod was exposed above the surface, the rest of it was under water. It was black all over, could not tell what type of material it was composed of, but it was ugly for sure.

Shaw Danon didn’t care about it, he only felt this place was very odd and that they should leave as fast as possible. Although Hidi was fine, she was still unconscious. No matter how hard he tried she didn’t wake up. But the gray monkey on the other hand, was extremely energetic, scratching its head and catching lice restlessly; sometimes it pounced between the trees. It picked a few wild fruit and tossed two to Shaw Dannon; then, it sat down on the ground and began to eat.

Shaw Danon took a bite of the wild fruit. It was sweet and juicy; his appetite could not help but increase. Since he went up to the mountain early in the morning and chased the monkey, he had not had a drop of water for the whole day; and now, near noon, he was already hungry. He finished one after a few bites and was about to pick up the second one; he suddenly shook his head, gently set it beside Hidi.

After eating the wild fruit, the hunger in Shaw Danon’s belly diminished and he felt refreshed. He stood up and stretched, looked at the surrounding area. The ancient forest, gurgling streams; such a beautiful scene, who would know this place was strange.

At this moment, Shaw Danon suddenly felt heat against his chest. A moment later, several muffled "Kaka Ka" sounds arose, seemed like something had broken. He was shocked and quickly took the bead away from his chest. He was surprised to see green light glowing on the bead. The green energy inside was as aggressive as wolves and tigers and hit hard against the surface of the bead. The "卐" that was inhibiting the energy became weaker and dimmed; seemed like it was not able to withstand any more.

Shaw Danon didn’t know this common looking bead was actually the well-known evil item – "Sinister Orb." The bead’s origin was unknown; however, it’s special ability to absorb creatures’ essence and blood was notorious. If any living thing came near it, "Sinister Orb" will suck out all the essence and blood to their death in just a moment; leaving only the skin and bones behind. It was the most horrible evil item. A little more than a thousand yeas ago, the bead was obtained by Elder Blackheart. He used it’s power to siphon out blood to refine it to an esper; suddenly, he became the strongest individual and killed a vast number of people from the side of Good. His reputation increased dramatically. It later became one of the Four Evil Treasures. After the death of Elder Blackheart, the bead went missing.

Skysong Pozhi Divine Monk came across it by chance in the large swamp to the west thirty years ago in an accidental discovery of this fierce bead. Within a ten mile radius, numerous bones of the dead were strewn about, with no presence of a single living thing. The resentment of the dead was everywhere. Pozhi’s merciful heart was moved and he utilized Fuwa incantation to purify the area; then he used the incantation of Mojon Tamer day and night to defend against the evil force, never stopping for thirty years straight and strung it with the Buddhist treasure “Jade Prayer Beads” using the purified energy to resist the sinister affection and finally covered the evil spirit. With the help of the beads the energy was unable to break through the layer upon layer of Fuwa power.

Unexpectedly, in Grasstemple Village battle, Pozhi was heavily injured by the mysterious man and was nearly killed. Although the man in black was also wounded, Pozhi knew he had not injured him on the inside; the man would try to obtain "Sinister Orb" again once he had healed. Pozhi took "Three Days Death Pill" to extend his life for three days. He chose the risky path, gave Sinister Orb to Shaw Danon and told him not to show it in front of people and throw it off a cliff when he had time. Although innocent lives may still be hurt, it would be better than the orb falling into the hands of Evil.

However Pozhi could have never imagined Shaw Danon, wanting to remind himself of the monk’s kindness, kept that fierce item as a souvenir. "Sinister Orb," no longer suppressed by the influence of Pozhi’s Fuwa incantation and the purified energy of Jade Prayer Beads, gradually eroded the incantation with evil energy. Skysong Mojon Tamer incantation, however, could not be taken lightly; although the incantation lost its master, it still worked in devotion to its duty and suppressed the evil energy for three years. Unaided over the course of time, it could not completely withstand the energy, gradually it grew weaker. Then today it could be seen that "Sinister Orb" will break through the incantation and harm people once again.

Shaw Danon did not know these many twists of fate, but his mind did not feel good. That year in the battle at Grasstemple the "卐" had appeared multiple times when Pozhi dueled with the man in black. Although he was young he could still remember it quite clearly. Now, seeing the situation of the mantra on the bead was growing critical, his mind grew anxious; clasping the bead tightly with his hand he transferred a little of his "Fawin Wisdom" into the bead.

Both incantations were similar. The "卐" mantra grew a lot brighter; however, not even waiting until Shaw Danon smiled, it turned dim a moment later. At the same time, an icy cold energy invaded his body; half of Shaw Danon’s body turned numb.

The grey monkey suddenly saw suffering on Shaw Danon’s face; green light glowing on his face, "creak creak" it called twice quite anxiously. Shaw Danon couldn’t worry about too much, he felt all his blood went in reverse, all flowed toward his right hand where the odd bead was. The Fawin Wisdom in him collapsed immediately, no longer acting as the cold energy’s opponent. Pain went through all his nerves.

He couldn’t bear it any longer, staggered back a few steps and suddenly the entire body flicked. A familiar disgusting feeling came back, straight into the five internal organs. He had accidentally stepped into the open ground again; however, this time there was no more warmth coming to his chest.

The grey monkey was worried, let out "creak creak" many times, but still didn’t dare to step into the open ground.

Shaw Danon didn’t know what to do. His body felt both hot and cold, like being bitten by thousands of ants. He wanted to throw up, but there was nothing in his stomach for him to vomit. He felt like living death. His mind was gradually getting blurred, he stumbled and went forward, unaware that he had went in the wrong direction. His strength was gradually dissipating.

Chapter 11 Weird Change B

His body was shaking, hands and feet were drained of strength. He fell on the ground. At this moment he already reached the edge of the pond, he used the last of his effort to channel Tai Chi Xuan Qing Dao, barely absorbing the spirit into his body and turned them into Fawin Wisdom. It helped reduce the pain slightly but it it was already gone shortly afterward. Shaw Danon couldn’t care about much right now; doing the best he could to reduce the pain as much as possible. The cold energy, however, was too powerful and there was also a strange disgusting feeling; almost all of his internal organs turned upside down and flooded their energy to his brain. Stars began flashing before his eyes; his breathing was uncontrollable. His throat suddenly felt a little sweet, then a large amount of blood spurted out of his mouth. He almost fainted.

At this time, a small muffled sound arose, the sky darkened instantly, Sinister Orb’s green glow grew bright; the entire bead turned green, while dim golden light flashed, "卐" was completely shattered. Shaw Danon’s body was immediately covered by green light, like a bloodthirsty demon was once again reborn.

The strange thing had not yet completely ended; almost at the same time when the green gas regained its freedom, a huge sound came from the center of the pond. Suddenly a storm and the cracking of rocks shooting in all directions made a huge noise. The green water turned into a great wave, circling the center of the pond as a huge vortex. In the middle of the vortex, between the water spray, an item slowly rose up with black gas all over it. It was the mysterious black rod, about two feet long, not metal nor iron, rushing Shaw Danon with vicious sense.

Shaw Danon screamed and fell backward. "Sinister Orb" seemed to be stuck to his hand, he could no shake it off. Light redness, the colour of blood, could be faintly seen slowly flowing from Shaw Danon’s body into the bead.

Within the sound of crashing water waves, the mysterious black rod whistled through the air targeting the green flashing light of Sinister Orb. A moment later a loud crash roared, two of the most wicked things on earth crashed together. Shaw Danon was shocked, his whole body dropped one yard’s height. The ground under his body formed a large hole with the great force.

Shaw Danon fell back on the ground, blood all over his face, his head was dizzy and sight was blurred; however, the pain inside of his body seemed to lighten slightly. His eyes were bleeding, sight turned red. He rubbed his eyes and saw the mysterious black rod had smashed on Sinister Orb. The black gas kept on advancing and attacking. The Sinister Orb seemed to know a great enemy was ahead and took back all the green energy to defend; the cold energy and the disgusting feeling in Shaw Danon’s body disappeared.

Shaw Danon was surprised and panting, subconsciously shook his hand, but the two strange objects were just like part of his hand; he could not remove them no matter how hard he tried. Black gas and the green light were still battling.

Shaw Danon was frightened. He just wanted to get as far away from these two strange things as possible. He used all his strength to get up, but then his head felt dizzy immediately. His entire body staggered, then his legs were out of strength and fell back to the ground again. The two energies from the green orb and black rod seemed to be enjoying the fighting, but the black rod seemed to have gained the upper hand.

Just a moment later, the black energy invaded deep into the green energy; seemingly unable to resist. Just at this moment, Shaw Danon felt terrible pain at the center of his palm. He saw that at the area where his palm attached to Sinister Orb, the fresh blood came out continuously and merged into a large drop of blood.

Shaw Danon trembled and his face turned pale. As Sinister Orb bathed in a large drop of blood, the green light grew brighter and began to counter-attack. Not only regaining control of the situation, but also starting to overwhelm the black gas.

With more and more blood coming out from his hand, Shaw Danon started to lose his consciousness. The red blood flowed to the joint between the black rod and Sinister Orb, and after a moment, the blood began to sink in; slowly dying the tip of the rod blood red.

A faint smell of blood wafted in the air.

As time passed, it became darker and darker red. The black gas and green light that were fighting had dimmed down. The difference had changed into harmony.

After a long time, the strange change had finally came to an end. The black rod and green bead lost their brightness and combined together; they fell off from Shaw Danon’s hand.

※ ※ ※

"Xiao Fan! Xiao Fan! Xiao Shidi!....." an anxious call sounded in Shaw Danon’s ear.

His head was in a lot of pain. Even opening his eyes seemed like it needed to use all his energy. Hidi’s anxious figure became more and more clear. He moved his lips, whispered: "Shijie."

Hidi, relieved, asked: "Xiao Fan, you awake?"

Shaw Danon forced a smile, said: "I’m fine, Shijie."

Hidi helped him to sit up. Shaw Danon glanced at his right hand, but no part of his hand was injured. Nothing was present aside from some paleness. He was surprised. He remembered a large surge of blood had come out from his palm; but now, how come there is no sign of it?

Was that a nightmare?

"Xiao Fan." Hidi saw him staring blankly, so she was worried and pushed him.

Shaw Danon woke up, he was about to tell her the strange thing that had just happened; however, he had no idea where to begin. Then he thought it was too awkward, froze for a moment, and finally said: "Not, nothing, shijie."

Hidi was relieved. Since the time she woke up, she was surprised to find the sky was already darkening. While she was laying under a large pine tree, her shidi unconsciously fell in the distance away. She was frightened and ran to Shaw Danon’s side, but fortunately he woke up after a short while.

Hidi looked around and said to Shaw Danon: "Shidi, this place seems very strange, we should leave as soon as possible. I will tell mother to come back here and check again tomorrow."

Shaw Danon nodded. Just when he was about to get back up, he suddenly felt pain in his entire body. If it wasn’t for Hidi being fast enough to support him, he would fall down again.

Hidi saw that his face was extremely pale. Her heart was worried and she carefully helped him to stand up. Shaw Danon looked at his body, but couldn’t find any wounds; then said: "Shijie, I am just a bit dizzy, nothing serious."

Hidi looked at him and nodded, said: "We shall return quickly. It’s already dark, I’m afraid Mom and Dad and shixiongs are all worrying about us."

Shaw Danon said: "Yes."

Hidi took a deep breath and checked the surrounding area and saw nothing strange; thinking of how she had fainted for no reason. Her hand waved, "Phoenix Soul" flashed with red light and came out.

Just when Hidi and Shaw Danon were ready to leave, a sound suddenly came from their side. They looked forward in that direction and saw that the grey monkey was standing next to them, opening his mouth and smiling. Its hands dragging a two foot long mysterious black rod.

※ ※ ※

In Bamboo Peak, Hall of Quietude, Tian Bolis was walking back and forth. His brow was furrowed and his face was filled with anxiety. This morning, his daughter and the useless seventh disciple went to the back mountain and played; they haven’t come back even though it’s now dark. Surin already went out to look for them and now all of his disciples had also been sent; however, the whole Bamboo Peak was covered with thick woods, looking for the two people is just like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Suddenly, an air-piercing sound came. Tian Bolis looked up and it was Surin returned with the two little devils. Hidi and Shaw Danon seemed to have nothing serious; but strangely, an unknown monkey was sitting on Shaw Danon’s shoulder.

Chapter 11 Weird Change C

Tian Bolis was relieved, but the anger on his face was still present. Shaw Danon looked at his master. He was frightened and afraid to move. He lowered his head; however, that naughty grey monkey kept messing with Shaw Danon’s hair and seemed like it was in search of lice.

Hidi put away Phoenix Soul and saw the angry look of her father. She rolled her eyes and made a large smile; trying to look like the most innocent and cute flower while she skipped to Tian Bolis’ side. She took his hand and said: "Dad, we’re back."

Tian Bolis grunted, said: "Where were you two?"

Hidi giggled: "Xiao Fan was bullied by a monkey while he was doing his bamboo homework. I tried to capture it to help Xiao Fan. Oh, that’s the monkey." Then she pointed in Shaw Dannon’s direction.

The grey monkey that was sitting on Shaw Dannon’s shoulder was surprised. It screamed twice at her and made an angry face; then, it scratched its head and put all attention on Shaw Danon’s hair again.

Hidi made a face. Then, she began to summarize what happened throughout the chase: "...... then we went to a valley, and I suddenly felt weird at my stomach, then passed out unknowingly. When I woke up I also saw Xiao Fan unconsciously laying on the ground. But fortunately we didn’t get injured. When we were about to come back, I saw that monkey really liked Xiao Fan, so we brought it back."

Tian Bolis frowned and turned to his wife, asked: "How is it?"

Surin shook her head: "I already checked there when I was looking for the two of them in the mountain; nothing suspicious. I think it’s mostly because Ling Er’s cultivation is not strong enough and she was forced to ride on Phoenix Soul with Xiao Fan; so, she ran out of strength in the end."

Hidi coquetry said: "Mother, what are you saying; when did I not cultivate enough? Xiao Fan, am I right?"

Shaw Danon quickly said: "yes, yes, yes!"

Tian Bolis rolled his eyes at Shaw Danon, said coldly: "As a Jadeon disciple, you got bullied by a monkey. If this got leaked out, I shall be shamed for your disgrace."

Surin walked over, took Hidi’s hand, softly asked: "Haven’t eaten for a whole day, hungry right?"

Hidi spit out her tongue, laughing: "Really hungry, mother!"

Surin stared at her, and took her to the kitchen while murmuring: "Smart kid!"

Shaw Danon also felt the hunger in his belly. But standing in front of Tian Bolis, how could he dare to take a step? While hearing Surin and Hidi getting further away, his master had not made a movement. Shaw Danon secretly raised his head and was surprised to find the hall was empty. Tian Bolis had left already without any notice. It seemed like in his heart, scolding this idiot disciple is a waste of energy.

Shaw Danon stood there for a long time. He turned around finally as he hear his stomach rumble; however, he wasn’t willing to go to the kitchen but, instead, went back to his room.

Returning to his room and closing the door, the grey monkey looked around from his shoulder. Seeming like it knew it was at home, it jumped down from his shoulder, went to his bed. Jumping around while swinging his pillow wildly.

Shaw Danon looked at the grey monkey and smiled but he was soon overwhelmed by the hunger. He sat down at the chair and poured a cup of cold water from the overnight pot, and drank it.

A coolness struck into his heart.

He sat for a moment, took out an object from his clothing. It was an ugly black rod. The orb that Pozhi gave to him was tightly melded together with the rod; the orb changed into a mysterious green and black. At the location where they connected, it was dyed dark red with dried blood. Not only ugly, also a bit sick.

He looked at it for a while, then suddenly let out a bitter laugh. He threw the rod to the wall, created a loud crash, and fell down in the corner of the room.

The grey monkey was surprised and looked up at Shaw Danon, he could not understand why he had gotten mad. Shaw Danon sighed, took off his shoes and went to bed. He covered his head with the blanket. The monkey scratched its head and was confused.

That night, Shaw Danon’s sleep was restless. The hunger was intolerable. He slowly fell asleep around mid-night.

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