Zhu Xian

Chapter 10: Dark Bamboo Grove
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Chapter 10 Dark Bamboo Grove A

Shaw Danon returned to the familiar bamboo forest. The whole mountain was covered with green. When the wind blew, the sea of bamboo waved up and down, just like the large wave of the ocean, very spectacular; his heart is relaxed.

He took a deep breath and stretched the body, then entered the bamboo forest with a machete. This place was different than where he was three years ago, it was in the deepest portion of the bamboo forest. The bamboos here were larger and also harder.

The light fog of the early morning floating in the forest like soft veil. There were beautiful crystal clear dewdrops on the bamboo leaves on both sides of the trail.

He strolled for a while in the green ocean. Most of the Black Bamboos were tall and lush, rising straight into the sky. Light shone down through the gap between the leaves, leaving pieces of shadowing on the ground. Shaw Danon looked around for a moment and picked out a large Black Bamboo; he measured it out slightly then lifted up the blade and prepared to cut.

“Puff” suddenly a muffled sound arose. Shaw Danon felt a pain on the head, seemed like something had hit him on the forehead. He looked down on the ground and saw a rolling pine cone. There were only Black Bamboo near here. There were a lot of bamboo shoots, but there were definitely no pine cones.

He thought for a moment then smiled, looked around and shouted loudly: "Shijie is that you?"

His voice passed through the bamboo forest but still no one answered afterward. Shaw Danon knew shi jie loved to fool people. When he was about to shout again, his head suddenly got hit by another pine cone. At the same time, a "creak creak "scream came from above the head.

Shaw Danon reluctantly looked up and saw there was a grey monkey on the Black Bamboo with several pine cones in its hands and using its tail to hang upside down on the bamboo. The monkey was "creak creak" laughing, much like gloating at him.

Shaw Danon was stunned for a moment. For the last three years he had never seen monkeys in the bamboo forest before. Almost the entirety of Bamboo Peak was covered with bamboo forest, there was only a pinewood forest in the deep valley. It seems like this is where the monkey came from, but today the monkey had came up to the mountain for unknown reason.

Bamboo Peak was tall and steep, although it was not as high as Peak of Widow, which was higher than the sky, but also reached straight into the sea of cloud. There is no way to climb up from the foot of the mountain to the top. Most Jadeon disciples would use a skyblade to help them travel. Shaw Danon, still low in cultivation except the daily homework, usually also heard shixiong talk about the pinewood forest at Bamboo Peak’s back mountain’s valley, deep and unpredictable, no human inhabitants. Bamboo Peak’s founder also sent people to investigate the valley with skyblades in the past; however, it was only an ancient forest, nothing special, only the presence of quite a number of beasts and poisonous insects but those never came out of the valley, so there was nothing that had happened for the past years.

While he was thinking he suddenly saw the monkey lift up its hand. He then quickly dodged. Another pine cone smashed down; if he had not dodged that then he would have suffered the same fate again.

The grey monkey saw he had dodged it. It screamed a few times with an angry face, seeming to blame Shaw Danon as though he shouldn’t dodge it.

Shaw Danon made a face at the monkey, then ignored it and walked away. Thinking that the monkey thought hitting people is fun, that’s rather rare, such an ignorant animal. He took two steps, then suddenly he heard the sound of wind behind his ears. This time he did not dodge fast enough, "pop," a pine cone hit on the back of his head hard, this time the strength was not soft. Shaw Dannon’s sight blacked out, he could not help but shout loudly.

The monkey on the bamboo was clapping and laughing, swinging back and forth, seeming like it was really happy about its throw. Shaw Danon felt very angry and rushed toward the bamboo and swung his arms wildly. The huge Black Bamboo swinging back and forth, but the gray monkey kept its tail wrapped around the bamboo trunk, letting him swing as much as he wanted; completely fearless and "creak creak" laughing at him.

Shaw Danon saw that he could not do anything to the monkey and kept getting more angry, then pulled out the machete and ruthlessly chopped the bamboo. The monkey was still not afraid, only looked down at him with interest on the bamboo.

Shaw Danon was sweating all over his face. When he was about to finish, seeing success just around the corner, suddenly a scream came from the above. He looked up and saw the grey monkey’s tail swing, the body flipped, and jumped to the next Black Bamboo, and then, "pop", threw a pine cone down at him again.

Shaw Danon was furious, forgot if the monkey going to understand or not, pointed to it and shouted loudly: "I dare you come down."

The monkey scratched its head, crooked its head thought for a long time, seemed like it did not understand what "dare" mean. It just laugh and make a face at Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon was mad half to death, but couldn’t do anything about it. He barely finished his homework for today, but his head got smashed seven or eight times by the monkey, very painful.

Shaw Danon was full of anger, bitterly went down the mountain and ignored the monkey. Unexpectedly, the monkey had grown addicted to it, for the next few days it was waiting in the bamboo forest for him in the morning. Once Shaw Danon came to chop bamboo, the monkey would throw pine cones at him as entertainment. When watching Shaw Danon’s annoyed face, it would make the monkey very happy.

※ ※ ※

One evening before dinner, Hidi took Shaw Danon to side, secretly asked: "Xiao Fan, what happened to your head?"

Shaw Danon was bullied by the grey monkey for the past few days, got smashed on his head and foud it very painful; however, he thought being fooled by a monkey is a shame, so he didn’t tell anyone. Now, however, shijie had asked him directly; he hesitated for a moment and finally told her.

Hidi’s lip moved, could not help but laugh out. The dimples that appeared on her cheeks was really beautiful. Shaw Danon’s face turned red and lowered his gaze, seemingly due to getting made fun by her, but also seemed to be another reason.

Hidi slapped Shaw Danon on the shoulder, said: "Don’t worry xiao shidi, these days my mother wanted me to practice more in Tai Chi Cave to be prepared for the ’Seven Peak Tournament’ two years from now, can’t believe you got bullied by a monkey. Don’t worry, tomorrow I will accompany you up the mountain and teach a lesson to that bad monkey."

Her tone is sort of like coaxing a child, but Shaw Danon got used to it; smiled sadly and did not bother with it.

The next morning, Hidi got up early, and went to back mountain with Shaw Danon.

The mountain breeze was blowing gently. Hidi dressed in red, just like the first day she went up to the mountain with Shaw Danon to chop bamboo, was bouncing around in front. Shaw Danon followed behind, watching the beautiful girl in front, just like a piece of red cloud, a faint fragrance came following the mountain wind waving gently within the mountains.

He strolled absentmindedly, suddenly an idea of "how good it would be if walking like this forever" came to his head.

As he was thinking, Hidi was already far ahead. She looked back and shouted: "Xiao Fan, why you are so slow!"

Shaw Danon woke up and his face turned red, not daydreaming anymore and quickly caught up.

Before they went into bamboo forest, Hidi told Shaw Danon: "Xiao Fan, you go in first, I will follow from behind."

He was blank for a moment, felt a little confused, then shook his head; he set the silly idea aside and walked towards the depths of the bamboo forest.When arrived at the destination, the forest was silent. Shaw Danon looked around, but still couldn’t find grey monkey. He muttered in his heart: Did the monkey passed spiritual, expected today he will find helper, so not dare to come.

He thought, then looked around; but still could not find trace of the monkey, so he came to one of the Black Bamboo and got ready to cut.

"Creak creak", a sudden familiar scream came from above.

Shaw Danon dodged like conditioned reflex, but it is too late, pain arose from the head and got smashed by a pine cone, very painful. Shaw Danon looked up and saw the grey monkey, as usual, hanging upside down on the bamboo laughing.

He was very happy, jumped up and pointed to the monkey and laughed: "Ha ha, you finally come!"

His voice wasn’t too loud, but the monkey was shocked. Thinking that person will always turn to rage, grow furious when he got smashed. But now, today, was very happy; could it be because he had been smashed for a few days and got addicted to it and will feel uncomfortable if not getting hit, but happy when getting smashed?

At that moment, suddenly, a red shadow flashed between the bamboo. Hidi was riding on the "Phoenix Soul" flying toward this direction, as fast as lightning, five fingers turned into a claw shape and grabbed at the monkey.

Chapter 10 Dark Bamboo Grove B

But the monkey was very smart. Its eyes caught that coming and immediately reacted; it released its tail that was wrapped around the bamboo and let its body fall. Hidi had prepared all available ways to attack if it is going to escape from any direction; however, she had not expected the monkey would fall down. She could not help but feel slightly startled and caught empty air.

Shaw Danon was ready to make a move, but the monkey opened its arms in mid-air and immediately grabbed the bamboo. Seeming like it knew the lady in red at the top was powerful the monkey did not hesitate and stay around, immediately it swung from bamboo to bamboo and sought to escape.

Hidi’s ambition rose, shouted out from the air: "Hurry!" Left hand pointed out, Phoenix Soul pierced through the air. Shaw Danon began to run along on the ground and follow.

If in an open area, Hidi could catch the grey monkey in a second with Phoenix Soul. But now, in the thick bamboo forest, the stalks really obstructed their way. The gray monkey was very intelligent, never escaping in a straight direction. It swung from left to right, kept on turning while escaping forward. Hidi, who needed to pay attention to the monkey and had to beware of the oncoming Black Bamboo at the same time, was having difficulty. As for Shaw Danon, he could only chase along on the ground, helpless.

So, the two people and the monkey kept on running. Within the sounds of grey monkey’s "creak creak" screaming, the chase seemed to last forever. Shaw Danon’s breathing was getting heavier and he already felt tired; the chase was over a far longer distance than he had expected.

But, green bamboo forest seemed endless, layer upon layer. Shaw Danon’s mouth was growing dry, suddenly he saw a grey figure drop from above and fall straight down. He was pleased beyond expectation and used all of his strength to rush forward. Then, at this moment, Hidi suddenly shouted from above: "Be careful!"

In front of Shaw Danon, a cliff suddenly appeared. Shaw Danon stopped quickly and almost fell over the edge. He calmed his mind and was surprised to see a deep abyss on the bottom of the cliff. Far into the valley, there was a hazy fog, things could not be clearly seen. Near the edge of the cliff there were no longer Black Bamboo, but a variety of wild trees, mostly they were pine trees; it seemed like they had reached the abyss behind the mountain.

Shaw Danon saw the grey monkey falling down and, using the same trick in mid-air, clutching onto the branches and swinging; reducing the force of the fall and escaping.

As he was growing anxious, a piercing wind sound came. He raised his head and saw Hidi flying toward him, holding out her hand as she cried: "Get on."

Shaw Danon reached out and grabbed Hidi’s hand without thinking much. Hidi pulled hard and pulled him onto Phoenix Soul. "Phoenix Soul" suddenly sank a little, but rose right back to normal again.

Shaw Danon experienced it for the first time and didn’t know what to do. Hidi pulled him behind her back, quickly said: "Hold my waist, hurry."

Shaw Danon held as she said. Hidi couldn’t wait to set out. Two people riding on "Phoenix Soul" straight into the valley like a piece of red figure, chasing after the gray monkey.

The wind was blowing hard next to Shaw Danon’s ears. He could hardly keep his eyes open, but the "Phoenix Soul" under his feet seemed soft but firm, making people feel as though they would fall off at any moment. With fear in his mind, he couldn’t help but hold Hidi tighter. The red clothes like a cloud floating in front of his eyes. The sight of shi jie’s back was like a fair from heaven, very elegant. There were faint fragrances floating into his nose. Happiness grew in his heart, he wished time would never pass onward.

There was no way for Hidi to know the weird thoughts of the little boy behind her. Her mind was focused on the monkey in front. She had always been favoured by her parents and shixiongs; arrogance developed in her personality. Now she couldn’t catch a monkey; this was definitely unacceptable.

So in the deep valley, grey figure in front while the red figure chasing closely behind among the shadows of the wood.

So, after they had chased for half an hour, the grey monkey seemed like it must be some type of rare species; it still had no sign of exhaustion, and was able to escape at high speed. However, Hidi had gradually grown more familiar with the way to travel through the woods after the long chase; they were now growing ever closer.

The grey monkey fled all the way to the depths of the valley. Shaw Danon saw Hidi,s back and saw the woods ahead were growing more clear. Light spilled though, it seemed like open ground was ahead and there was a faint sound of water. At this time the screaming of the grey monkey had become more rapid; seeming to be surprised that they didn’t give up after chasing for a long time. But there was no way to turn back, the only way to escape was to keep on going.

A moment later, the surroundings became brighter, it was a piece of open ground. There was gravel all over the ground and a small pond in the middle. The water waves flowed toward the west. When the grey monkey fled there, it seemed to hesitate for a moment; however, the wind piercing sound from behind could arrive at any moment. The monkey was forced to fall on the ground and run forward. Strangely, the monkey ran at a very slow pace; there was no way to refer to it as fleeing, it was more like walking. But still, it was moving forward step-by-step.

Shaw Danon felt strange as he saw that; Hidi, however, was too busy dodging obstacles and keeping eyes on the monkey at the same time, her mind was heavily concentrated. There was no time for her to think too much. Seeing the gray monkey was getting closer, she was pleased beyond expectation, scolding loudly, she drove straight into the open area and rushed toward the grey monkey.

Seeing as they were about to catch the monkey, Shaw Danon’s mind suddenly echoed with a “boom,” his body could not help but shake a few times; a disgusting feeling that would cause a person to throw up came from the inner organs and surged straight into the brain. Just a moment later his whole body was shaking hard. Shaw Danon was surprised and overwhelmed; at that moment his chest suddenly felt hot, a sudden warmth appeared protecting his heart and defending against the sense of disgust.

Shaw Danon subconsciously looked at his chest. The feeling of warmth was coming from the dark purple bead from Pozhi. At the same time, Hidi’s body also shook a couple of times. Her body weakened and fell off.


The two were in mid air but now that Hidi had lost control, Phoenix Soul immediately stopped. The two began falling off from mid-air at once.

Shaw Danon rolled a few times on the ground in a lot of pain. He could not care much now, before he even stood up he quickly shouted; “Shijie, shijie, are you okay?”

But Hidi was lying on her side, motionless. Her face got pale, cold sweat all over her face, seemed she had fainted.

Shaw Danon was shocked and guessed it must be related to the strange feeling. While bearing the pain, he got up and ran next to Hidi’s side and pushed her several times and called a few times. But Hidi still gave no response.

Shaw Danon looked around and saw within a thirty feet radius around the pond, there was not a single plant growing; however, outside of the thirty feet, woods were flourishing. He grit his teeth and forced back the disgusting feeling in his heart and carried Hidi; he picked up Phoenix Soul at the same time, and went toward the outer edge.

The distance of ten feet, usually it was simply not worth mentioning, but with that disgusting feeling that continuously attacked his heart again and again, it became extremely difficult. Once finally out of the thirty feet and coming to rest under the large pine tree, the sense of disgust soon disappeared.

Shaw Danon put Hidi down and breathed heavily. He looked toward the pond and saw the gray monkey was still there; with an anguished look on its face, and looking in his direction, seemed like it was asking for help.

Shaw Danon frowned, but couldn’t bare it, stood up and walked to the pond again. After only a few steps, the disgusting feeling reappeared. At the same time, the warmness from the chest reformed, helping him withstand the discomfort.

Shaw Danon walked toward the monkey slowly, and his head was already sweating profusely. The grey monkey didn’t move when it saw him coming; it seemed to get overwhelmed by the disgusting feeling already. Shaw Danon took a deep breath, leaned over and picked up the monkey; then, he turned around and began to carry it toward the outer edge. The grey monkey was, surprisingly, very obedient this time quietly leaning in his arms.

Finally they came out again, walked along next to Hidi who was still unconscious. The disgusting feeling disappeared. Shaw Danon set down the grey monkey and sat on the ground, breathing heavily. The grey monkey was also relieved, laying on the floor. Its eyes were rolling, but not planning to escape, just kept looking at Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon unbuttoned his lapel and took out the bead that had been tied with red string. The original dark purple had turned into light purple; the green energy seemed to be stimulated, the circling speed was ten times faster than normal continuously crashing against the surface of the bead. Like before, each time the green energy hit against the surface, the Buddhist mantra "卐" deflected it back. The warmness that saved Shaw Danon seemed to have also come from this Buddhist Mantra.

Shaw Danon can obviously see that the Buddhist incanation "卐", whether in size or brightness, was far less than three years ago when Shaw Danon had first discovered it.

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