Chapter 546.2 - The Birth Of The Immortal Slaying Sword
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Chapter 546.2: The Birth Of The Immortal Slaying Sword

How terrifying this kind of dust was, Yang Chen didn’t know, the only thing he did was to let the two fire dragons of the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire to form an airtight fire cover to protect himself.

The dust was boundless, and it was countless times more than the black mist of the nine nether flying sword. Amidst the rolling black mist, a condensed demonic qi as if it was a substance suddenly rushed towards Yang Chen’s fire cover, and like a whip, it slapped Yang Chen heavily.

It looked like it was drawn on Yang Chen’s body, but it was actually an attack against the consciousness. In Yang Chen’s Sea of Consciousness, there was suddenly a huge black whip with a length of several hundred meters and a thickness of several meters.

In an instant, countless complicated thoughts flooded into Yang Chen’s heart. All kinds of emotions poured in, and for a moment, Yang Chen didn’t even know whether he wanted to cry or laugh, whether he was happy or sad.

The tragic memory of his previous life, the hatred for the Greatest Heaven Sect suddenly magnified countless times, and the monstrous anger even triggered the blood river below the white dragon. The originally calm blood-colored river boiled frantically, frothed indiscriminately and exuded bursts of murderous aura.

Under the oppression of Yang Chen’s only sense of reason, the white dragon pressed the blood river extremely heavily, preventing the blood river from rebelling. But the long whip seemed to have found an opportunity and found Yang Chen’s weakness, with a few heavy blows, it was directly drawn into the river of blood.

The violent killing intent was not even able to resist the long whip condensed by the demonic qi. The part of the black long whip that was drawn into the blood river quickly turned into a dark red blood color. The blood color did not stop and began to spread upward.

This time, the long whip seemed to be restrained by the blood river, and the end that penetrated into the blood river could no longer move, as if it was bitten by the blood river.

The nine nether flying dust in his sea of consciousness, this time finally found the opportunity to fight back. The flying dust scattered all around, the demonic qi escaping from the long whip of the absorber that started to go crazy, the entire sea of consciousness was filled with bursts of hissing sounds.

Although the blood river quelled a part of the demonic long whip. But the long whip of demonic qi also caused more impact on the blood river. The whole blood river was bubbling blood everywhere, and at the same time as the rumbling sound, something seemed to be surging out of the blood river. It even caused his sea of consciousness to vibrate.

Yang Chen suddenly realized that at this juncture, the flying sword, which he had tempered since he was at foundation stage, had finally been tempered for hundreds of years and the quenching process was about to be completed.

Resisting the excitement mixed with all kinds of emotions, Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness and flying dust firmly trapped the demonic qi whip, and the scope of the whip became smaller and smaller. The amplitude of the swing was also getting lower and lower, and it gradually returned to being calm.

Just when Yang Chen thought that he had suppressed the long whip of demonic qi, his mind relaxed a little. The long whip of demonic qi suddenly rioted and became suddenly tense after relaxing but it wasn’t that easy. Seeing that Yang Chen was about to be aroused by deep hatred, he couldn’t help himself.

A scarlet light flashed in the blood river, the light and shadow directly cut through the demonic qi whip, and then flickered a few times. The long whip of demonic qi, which had just returned to the height of its demonic flame, suddenly stopped in the sea of consciousness, motionless, extremely strange.

In the center of the black whip, there was a flash of blood red, and then the blood red became more and more, and the black whip was directly divided into two halves.

Next, there were traces of blood red everywhere in the black demonic qi whip, and the blood red became more and more, gradually dividing the entire whip into countless small grids.

In the end, the large and small red grids flashed, and the black demonic qi long whip completely turned into pieces and fell down. The flying dust in the sea of consciousness quickly wrapped these fragments, spread them evenly, and then quickly began to absorb them.

The red light that flashed in the river of blood began to slowly rise, and finally floated to the center of the sea of consciousness.

Familiar appearance, familiar aura, except for the different colors, other parts were exactly the same as the Immortal Slaying Sword. As soon as the Immortal Slaying Sword appeared, it quickly became larger, occupying most of the range of the sea of consciousness. Under the shock of the murderous aura carried on the blade, those black demonic qi fragments were even more shattered by the shock.

As soon as the Immortal Slaying Sword left the blood river, the blood river seemed to have been emptied of its spirit and no longer gave off any aura. On the contrary, the body of the Immortal Slaying Sword exudes a terrifying killing intent.

Compared with the blood river of the past, the killing intent exuded by the Immortal Slaying Sword today was restrained and deep, but concentrated on the Immortal Slaying Sword and not a trace of it escaped.

The blood-red blade would make people involuntarily have a creepy sense of fear, which brings huge psychological pressure. Just looking at this blade, they would have this feeling, not to mention how utterly dissipated after being slashed.

As soon as the Immortal Slaying Sword came out, all emotions were instantly suppressed, leaving only this cold and restrained killing intent. But then, a pure excitement came from the bottom of Yang Chen’s heart, and quickly permeated Yang Chen’s body.

With a shake of his right hand, the Immortal Slaying Saber suddenly appeared in Yang Chen’s hand. The feeling that was so familiar to him made Yang Chen indescribably happy.

After hundreds of years of tempering, the Immortal Slaying Sword and Yang Chen have a tacit understanding of flesh and blood, as if this was a part of his body, he felt like it could breathe.

The killing intent immediately caught Xiao Tian’s attention. This kind of murderous blade was Xiao Tian’s favorite and without waiting for Yang Chen’s orders, he quickly showed up, took a big bite at the hilt of the immortal sword and will never let go. The huge body has shrunk countless times, and was directly wrapped around Yang Chen’s hand, connecting Yang Chen and the Immortal Slaying Sword into one.

This was the first time Xiao Tian has voluntarily dedicated himself since he arrived in the Demon Continent. Even the purified demon orbs have not allowed Xiao Tian to perform like this before.

With the Immortal Slaying Sword in his mouth, Xiao Tian’s mouth also uttered a series of low dragon roars, which sounded like the sound of a blade swiping across. The excitement that came from the bottom of his heart could not be concealed from Yang Chen, the master, no matter what.

At this time, Yang Chen was even more excited than Xiao Tian. Holding the Sword of Immortal Slaying, it felt like an extension of his arm, and he could do whatever he wanted, suddenly a feeling of pride rose in his heart that he would slash down with one blade and split one into two sections.

In fact, Yang Chen did exactly that. The Immortal Slaying Sword was raised high, without even the process of accumulating power, and no matter what was in front of it, he just cut it down with one slash.

The huge space in front seemed to be suddenly separated by this blade, and the blade aura that permeated the ground drew a long thin line that continued for dozens of miles away.

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