Zhan Long

Chapter 1202: Take care of yourself
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Chapter 1202: Take care of yourself

Demon Mountain held his Fire God Spear on the city wall and he sensed that something wasn't right. He shouted, "Guild Leader Xiao Yao stop the fight, there is no point in continuing!"

I laughed coldly. Demon Mountain really was direct and he didn't hide his thoughts. he saw that Gaia couldn't beat Frost which was why he wanted to stop? Originally based on my personality I would wash this stronghold with the blood but with the Hybrid Demon Army charging, it wasn't the right time.

I raised my hand and said loudly, "Stop!"

Both sides stopped. Zhan Long didn't suffer too many losses. A few were killed by the Dragon Crystal Cannons while we killed hundreds of people from Demon Mountain. The difference in the strength of the elites was huge so Demon Mountain should have understood that.


"Open the gate!" Lin Wan Er said fiercely. She turned behind and saw many Hybrid Demons charging over.


It was Gaia's voice. She used the wall to help herself up and wiped the fresh blood off her mouth. She looked at Frost, "Nine Heavens City won't be conquered. Before we agree, no one can step into Nine Heavens City's territory. That is my will as the fire god!"

I raged, "Gaia you jerk!"

Gaia laughed coldly, "The Executor is so fierce."

Frost smiled and looked at me, "Li Xiao Yao just one sentence and I will kill this Fire God. Although the Mortal World lacks gods but we don't lack such an unreasonable one. She is wasting the Fire God divinity!"

Gaia was furious and she pushed her chest forwards, "Frost you are relying on your power of the stars to bully my Nine Heavens City, is that what a god should do?"

Frost smiled, "I just know that you are blocking my Dragon City people outside of your gate and watching humans get killed by Hybrid Demons."

Frost sighed, "But today I don't need you to open the gate. Our Dragon City can't accept your kindness. Qing Luo, order the dragon riders to protect Li Xiao Yao and the others. Leave half to fend off the Hybrid Demons and half to shift men to fly over this fortress."

"Yes, sir!"

Qing Luo nodded and raised her hand. The 100+ Dragon riders flew into the sky. Not only Dragon Riders, 200 giant dragons flew out. Their screams were just so shocking and they covered the land, stunning the Nine Heavens City players and NPCs. When would they have ever seen such a thing?


The Dragon Riders held their spears and swords to attack the Hybrid Demons. Even level 9 ones weren't their match. Without Bosses appearing, no one could har the dragon riders.

"Hua hua hua..."

An ownerless dragon landed and his eyes were filled with killing intent. However, he still sunk down and placed his wings on the ground. The Zhan Long players were shocked and hadn't realised the situation. I was speechless and said loudly, "Get up, each dragon can take 5-10 people, quick, don't waste time!"

Over 90% of them were riding dragons for the first time so they were really excited. They all charged up the backs of the dragon they liked.

Be it Archers, Monks or Healers, we had 1400 people. There were 200 dragons so they managed to carry everyone up.

Along with dragons roaring, my heart was finally at ease. The 1400+ brothers of Zhan Long could return safely.

All of this was due to Frost.

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"Time for us to go. Are you okay?" Frost looked at me with concern.

I smiled, "I am fine, let's go!"


Frost jumped on a red dragon and before she left she looked back. She said to Gaia and Demon Mountain, "I will remember your actions today, take care of yourselves.!"

Demon Mountain was terrified while Gaia bit her lips and nearly made them bleed. They were both gods but the difference in strength was huge. Gaia wasn't able to fight back against Frost's star power. If Frost was more violent, Gaia's head would have been sliced off.

I rode Mei'er away. In the back, Qing Luo commanded the dragon riders to retreat. After the Hybrid Demon Army lost their aggro target, some attacked Demon Mountain's stronghold while some retreated. The lack of troops meant that they were just giving Demon Mountain experience.

"How was the operation?"

Frost jumped on Mei'er's back, touching the scales while smiling, "Mei'er how has life been?"

Mei'er tilted her dragon head and glanced at Frost. She shook her body like she was acting cute before giving a scary dragon roar as a reply.

Frost understood and smiled, "That's good!"

She looked at me, "How was the operation?"

I was a little awkward, "It was a failure, we lost a few million people there. I heard that many other adventurers died at God Demon Well and Death Plains."

"Oh, did you get any useful intel?"

I thought about it and said, "The Hybrid Demon Lord's are much stronger. Azure used some power to increase their strength. Anyways, Qin Ge and Yin Huo are far stronger than Lei Ding and Igoras. Probably Lanais isn't on their level."

Worry flashed across her face, "En, it should be Azure's own strength increase and he shared the death power to them. Who knew that Azure would be so strong. The future might be tough, we can only try our best."

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I said, "Shura Mountain sunk down from Qin Ge's zither tunes and many adventurers' souls weren't able to escape. I heard that they are going to be used to refine war souls."

"Refine war souls?" Frost shook and then muttered, "This is really a problem."

"Are they strong?"

"En." Frost nodded, "If the souls of the dead are made into war souls, they might have a portion of their original strength. Azure can also greatly increase their strength which means that the opponents you face in the future might be your own images, even stronger images of yourself!"

I was stunned, "luckily, I didn't die there..."

But Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior, Drunken Spear all died there. If their souls were made into war souls, that would be a problem. Especially Fang Ge Que, all sorts of high level skills, who could take that!

Moreover, with Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword's strength, their war souls might be Boss tier so that would be really interesting.


It was 9am when I got back to Dragon City. Everyone was exhausted so we went back to sleep after handing the equipment to the treasury. I calmed down the players who died and waited for news. The Hybrid Demon Army attacking Territory of the Wild Dragon Tribe had scattered so I then went offline.

I was not worried that Demon Mountain and Gaia died but more for Dragon City. If Territory of the Wild Dragon Tribe was broken through, next was Dragon City. Since there was a fortress blocking in front, I was even willing to help Demon Mountain.

If my goal was to unify the kingdoms then I couldn't just be Zhan Long's Guild Leader. I had to place private and public matters aside. If the entire world was yours, why bother about an enemy?


I went offline and ate a simple meal before sleeping. Normal people needed more sleep.

I woke up at 9pm. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue prepared a good dinner. of course, their main duty was to order while the chefs cooked. Dinner was at the right time and Qin Wen and Tang Qi were both here. We drank two bottles of red wine and ate to our fill. Moreover, tonight was destined to be a sleepless one as we weren't able to adjust our body clocks.

"Tang Qi how did you die on Shura Mountain?" I asked.

Tang Qi was a little awkward and he drank all the wine in his cup, "The hell flames burned me... Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que and I were the same. That Qin Ge is so despicable!"

I laughed, "Your souls will be made into war souls do you know?"

"I know, no choice, I will just deal with it myself."


I looked at Wan Er and Dong Cheng, "Has there been anything in game today?"


Wan Er blinked, "But the scouts at Hybrid Demon Territory saw that they are mobilising so they might attack soon."

I nodded, "This counter attack should be key. Who knows what strategy they would choose."

Tang Qi said, "In the morning someone saw Pearl, they even screenshotted. She looks the same as Princess Pearl so she has definitely been revived as a Hybrid Demon Lord!"

"What? !"

Although I was mentally prepared but I was still quite shocked.

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