Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skill

Chapter 40 - The Finale Is Chanko Nabe 2
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Chapter 40 - The Finale Is Chanko Nabe 2

And so, it was time for dinner.

The elves and Katya had been working all day so they were very hungry.

By the way, I’m not going to do anything stupid like charging them.

I’ve always been the kind of person that brings juice and sweets to the movers when I was in Japan.

Since they were the ones building my house, I think that’s the least I should do.

The elves eat mostly vegetables while we eat meat.

Dwarves just eat anything available…..

So, how can we make sure that everyone will eat well?

I’ve been thinking about it since late afternoon and I only thought of one thing.

I ordered a certain item from the donation box.

—-chanko nabe!

Yeah, it’s a kind of nabe that everyone loves.

You can eat a lot of vegetables and meat or you can just eat vegetables or just eat meat.

At any rate, I threw in some wild boar meat. It’s an S-class rare food that the hand-riding rabbits had hunted in the mines. I also threw a lot of bean sprouts and cabbages from the field.

There were more than ten of use so it’s quite a lot of food—

「What’s this? I’ve never eaten anything this delicious before!?」

「Is this the work of the spirit-sama of the forest!? These cabbage and beansprouts are out of this world….in addition, the soup….it’s too delicious!」

「Meat meat carrot? meat carrot?」

「Delicious desu yo. Very delicious desu yo.」

「Oi you? Can’t you at least cook it as curry nabe….」

「As expected of Tatsuya-sama!」

「Delicious delicious nano desu?」

「Master’s dishes are the best desu ne!」

Only the demon king Cornelia, who jumped out of nowhere to participate seemed to be dissatisfied but it is popular with everyone else.

I mean, this boar meat is really delicious after all.

The fat is sweet, the meat is super juicy, and the more you chew, the more you can taste the umami of the meat.

If I open up a chanko nabe in Japan with this….it will definitely be popular.

It’s my first time eating a nabe this delicious after all.

I think the best nabe is when a lot of ingredients are cooked at once.

The broth that comes out of various ingredients and the synergistic effect of all the ingredients makes an amazing dish.

I cooked it from a big pot but it was gone in no time.

I mean, the hand-riding rabbits eat too much food. I don’t know where they put it in their small bodies.

The hand-riding rabbits seemed to have recently discovered the deliciousness of rice so they started making rice porridge by pouring cooked white rice and carrots into the leftover soup.

「Delicious desu yo. Very delicious desu yo」

「So good?」

「Soup of god desu yo」

The hand riding rabbits were eating so deliciously that everyone started getting some rice porridge….

「This!? Is rice this delicious!? I’ve never tasted anything like this! 」

「Even the spirit-sama of the forest can’t make something like this 」

「Rice rice carrot? rice carrot?」

「Porridge should be eaten like this desu yo.」

「Oi you? Can’t you at least cook it as curry porridge….」

「This is the first time I’ve eaten rice porridge and I can’t believe it’s so delicious. As expected of Tatsuya-sama!」

「Master, I think I’m done eating. I have to prepare to clean up….」

And so, with the exception of the demon king, our homemade meal ended up being very popular today.

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