Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skill

Chapter 3 - Rabbit Beastkin Eats Carrot On Crotch (I)
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Chapter 3 - Rabbit Beastkin Eats Carrot On Crotch (I)

I plowed a field with the size of 10 meters in every direction for a few hours. After that, I took my waist for a rest and put my mouth on the water bottle.

「….I’m hungry.」

Most of the food I brought is already running out.

Well, strictly speaking, the solid curry is the only thing I have.

I’ve heard that no matter how bad it is, you can eat it with curry but I want to do that as my last resort.

I searched around for food but I was only able to find snakes.

「But I’m really hungry.」

I finally eat chocolate, the last ready-to-eat food I have.

My hope now rests on….the carrots which I don’t know when I can harvest.

「There’s only snakes….」

I let out a deep sigh after remembering the snake I saw on a rocky place.

If I can at least eat it….then, I gasped “Ah….”.

—snakes are edible, right?

Of course, a snake is full of protein and it tastes like bird meat….according to what I heard.

I took out my smartphone and started searching the internet in a hurry.

「I see」

The snakes that I have been seeing everywhere are probably edible.

It looks similar to the so-called striped snake in japan.

「Next is how to catch snakes…」

The next few minutes, I swam to the sea of internet and said to myself “Oi oi, are you serious…”.

Apparently, if you burn your hair, it will attract snakes.

What’s with burning hair?

My head is filled with question marks but after investigating the reason, my doubts melted away.

It seems like the sound that the burning hair makes is similar to the sound a snake makes when it wants to mate.

Since that is the case, I took my knife out and started cutting my hair that’s already long.

I wonder if I look like I had a haircut now or not.

With my hair in a plastic bag, I started walking towards the rocky place where there were snakes.

And looked back at the field—

「It’s already sprouting…」

It hasn’t even been half a day yet….I realized the level of cheat of my farming skills.

—by the way, I managed to get two snakes smoothly.

—Scene Change—

Noon of next day.

「It looks like the beansprouts can already be eaten….let’s make a snake pot.」

The bean sprouts can be eaten after a day.

I mean, the cultivation speed is not extraordinary but there it is noticeably faster.

Aside from that, it is said that the snake tastes like chicken so I decided to cook it to a snake pot.

I boil some water, pour the harvested bean sprouts, snake meat, salt, and pepper.

So, let’s try eating it.

The taste was thin so I put more salt and pepper before the hot water cooled down.

I feel like I’m eating bird soup seasoned with salt and pepper.

The bean sprout is also super crispy and very delicious.

「If the bean sprout is already this good….I’m looking forward to the carrots.」

While I was sleeping in my sleeping bag in the cave, I fell asleep that day while thinking of what other vegetables I should plant.

—Hand riding rabbit

The next day.

「I should be able to eat the carrots today.」

Today, let’s make a snake pot with bean sprouts and carrots.

Well, my salt and pepper are about to run out.

If there is no seasoning, it will be tasteless no matter what kind of boiling or grilling technique I do. Me eating will be for nutritional purposes only….

Maa, let’s just be thankful that I can eat something.

I put the carrot in my mouth. This will be my first real meal.

「Ah, this is so sweet.」

Boiled carrots were so sweet like I’ve never eaten before. Its sugar content was so high.

It is on the level that I might be able to obtain sugar if I process it.

As for the beansprouts, they are crispy and delicious as always.

While I was being impressed with the deliciousness of my cheat vegetables, a small animal appeared before me.

—small animal….or perhaps a dwarf.

The height is about from the tip of the middle finger to the bottom of the palm of an adult.

In terms of numbers, probably about 15 to 20 cm?

The exposure level of the clothes is similar to what the dwarves and fairies are wearing in picture books. There’s also a rabbit ear over the head.

It has waist-long silver hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful westerner face.

「….amazing…it’s really fantasy.」

Until now, I’ve only seen monsters but this is the cute side of fantasy.

This makes fantasy justice.

When I was teleported in this world….this is what I heartily thought of.

I stare at the eyes of the dwarf rabbit as it stares back.

「I-I-I-I-I! I’m! I’m not a bad rabbit that will steal your carrots!」

She waves her head as she shakes her head.

Looking at her comical movement, it can only be called cute.

「Maa, you don’t want to steal it but….you want carrots, right?」

The rabbit nodded strongly many times as if she wanted to show that she’s listening.

「We are the rabbit race living in the forest desu. Big people call us hand riding rabbits desu?.」

「Hand riding rabbit….is it?」

「Hand riding rabbits perform rituals when we are about to be adults desu yo?.」


「Go on a journey alone….you will be recognized as a grown-up by bringing back a treasure to the burrow desu?. Marie has to bring a good carrot back to the village desu yo?.」

I see.

It looks like carrots are valuable for them.

But why do they treat carrots like a treasure? After thinking, I realized why.

I’ve never heard of wild carrots.

「I see. I understand your situation now. What happened to you then?」

When I looked at her, she was looking at the bunch of carrots that I had put aside….when she saw the carrots I harvested earlier, she couldn’t help but salivate.



The hand-riding rabbit is staring at the carrots while her ears and tails are moving.

「Haaauuuu…..such magnificence…I’ve never seen anything like them….」

I put the remaining boiled carrot from breakfast in front of her.

Sun sun, her nose moves as she smells the scent of boiled carrots. She salivates more and it now looks like a waterfall.

「You can eat it.」

At the same time I said those words, she began eating at the speed of light.

When she took a bite, the hand-riding rabbit opened her eyes wide.

And started eating with everything she had.

「De-de-de-delicious desu! This is the first time I’ve eaten something like this ssu! Sweeeet! Gooood!」

Maa, it is sweet enough that I’m thinking of making sugar from it.

I was also honestly surprised by this carrot.

After eating boiled carrot, the hand riding rabbit, shifted her gaze to the bunch of carrots I set aside again.

「…..If I could bring such a fine carrot home….I can triumphantly return to the burrow as a hero desu?.」

The hand-riding rabbit said so with greedy eyes.

「Do you want to take some?」


The hand-riding rabbit opens her eyes wide as if she just heard something unbelievable.

「Can you even share such a fine treasure….are you sure you’re going to share it and not the leftover?」

It seems like carrots are treated as a rare item by their race.

「So, do you want to take some?」

The hand-riding rabbit nods over and over again.

The movement of her tail is really cute.

And like that, she carried three carrots tied by vines. She headed back to their burrows with a full smile.

—Scene Change—

That night, I was at a loss.

—I just can’t. I just can’t catch any snake.

Am I not using enough hair for the lure?

In any case, not even one dare comes to me.

I don’t think I can get by with just bean sprouts and carrots forever.

I’m in desperate need of protein.

「Now, what should I do…」

It is said that beans are rich in proteins and can be used as animal protein’s alternative.

Should I start cultivating beans now so I can eat them as soon as possible?

I was eating boiled carrots while thinking about what to do next—


Ten hand-riding rabbits jumped out of the bushes.

「Hello big person desu yo?.」

「Why are you–?」

「Is that big person that gave you the carrots desu?」

「Carrots desu?」

「Sweet carrots desu?」

The ten hand riding rabbits, all of them have the same beautiful face.

I was at a complete loss for words.

「Is that….a wild boar?」

The hand-riding rabbits were coming towards me while pulling a wire. And I would have never guessed that what they were dragging using that wire was something amazing.

Let’s assume that it was tens of kilometers….how strong are they to drag that at least 100kg wild boar?

They are incredibly powerful contrary to how they look.

「What is that boar?」

「As thanks desu yo?」

「As thanks for the sweet carrots desu yo?」

「So, you are giving me this as thanks for those carrots?」

「That’s right. In exchange for the carrots desu yo?」

Ah, so they want to barter.

「But, how did you catch a wild boar…?」

The hand-riding rabbits stick out their thin chest and put their hands on it.

「We are hunters」

Their ears are sticking out too. These creatures are really adorable.

No, I mean, it was dark so I wasn’t able to see it clearly but….about half of the hand-riding rabbits are armed with small spears. This wild boar is probably a rare catastrophe for them.

「Eh? Aren’t you herbivores? Isn’t that the reason why you asked for carrots….」

「Carrots are luxury goods desu yo. Basically, we are carnivorous nano desu?」

I see, it seems like the rabbits of this world are omnivorous.

I mean, carnivorous rabbits sound terrible.

「That’s why we will live here desu. From now on, we will trade wild boars in exchange for carrots nano desu.」

And just like that, the number of people living together has increased.

Even so, the problem of animal protein has been solved at the same time.

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