Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skill

Chapter 19
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Chapter 19

—-The next morning.

「Big trouble desu?」

I woke up after hearing Sonja.

I raise my upper body from the bed made of straw covered with cloth.

I thought we can’t sleep in a bed like this forever so I should ask the foxkin Arisa or go directly to the city to buy furniture.

One where four people can sleep on…..

That aside.

「What do you mean?」

「Monsters are ravaging the field?」

Well, Sonja is smiling as always but….that’s something you shouldn’t say in a leisure tone.

We have only known each other for a while but I only saw her serious when Cornelia came yesterday.

「The field is being ravaged by monsters? Then, why are you telling me that without any tension?」

「Ah, well, it’s not like they’re doing anything to the carrot field?」

「Is that so?」

After sighing, I go out after taking the hoe I left standing by the bed.

—Usually, the field is being guarded by the hand riding rabbits.

However, when they are out hunting, sometimes, the crops are being ruined by monsters and demon beasts.

During those times, I came out like this and ended everything with a “kaching”.

And so, I went out to the field but….

「……who are you?」

My field is being ravaged as expected…..no, things are a little different.

There are some five-meter high cyclops who are harvesting the crops in my field.

And the one commanding them is an elegant beauty.

Her height is around 167cm.

She looks like she is in her late twenties.

She’s a little shorter than me and she looks stylish especially with her slender figure.

She has long red hair and pale skin. Her purple lipstick is also shining.

Her chest is not big but the shape looks good.

Given her high exposure clothes, she’s highly bewitching but different from Maria who’s a sexy dynamite.

Yeah…..she looks like an oneechan who’s for an evil organization behind the scene.

Maa, she also gives off that feeling.

「I am Ouroboros—-Demon King Cornelia-sama’s close aide.」

Ouroboros…..a snake monster?

Cornelia is the evil dragon of darkness and her subordinate is a reptile too?

No, it looks like she’s employing cyclops too.

「Why are you ravaging my field?」

「This is tax collection. The carrots are enough for the hand-riding rabbits….if you sell them to the nobles of the demon world, they will be sold as much as they weigh in gold.」

Really? My carrots can sell that much?

I’ve lavishly given them to Sonja’s group as if they are only 70 yen a bunch….

「Tax collection?」

「Bastard! Don’t you know that this is the domain of Demon King Cornelia-sama?」

「Ah, I know that but….」

「You also turned Cornelia-sama’s domain to your hunting ground without even greeting her. In addition, you also started a farm without permission. Given all your offenses —I will confiscate all your money. You have some gold in your shed, right?」

Oi oi, I thought my life here is finally on track but I guess I was wrong.

What’s wrong with that demon king-sama?

Yesterday, we were getting along well then, she suddenly sent her subordinate to get everything I own.

「However, aren’t you lucky? If it was Cornelia-sama herself who came here and not me….everything will be extinguished with her dragon emperor’s flame and even you would have turned to charcoal. However, this is not a manga so we won’t see any useless killing and I’ll let you off with my lenient judgment……」

Ah, this lady doesn’t know that the demon king and I have become friends.

「But Cornelia came here yesterday. She even said that she’ll come back again to play.」

Hearing me, Ouroboros laughs like there’s no tomorrow and she even puts her hands on her stomach.

「Cornelia-sama? Are you telling me that she took a liking to a human like you—-? I know you want to get away but even an idiot won’t believe that lie!」

「No, but…..」

「It is impossible for her to like humans except someone who can make curry!」

Curry is important after all.

I mean, if you can make curry, it seems like everything will be okay.

「No, but…..」

「Shut up! Such a lie—-to think you have the courage to not be afraid of the demon king, but do you think this close aide of her will let you off?」

Ouroboros turned her gaze to the cyclops.

「Forget the previous plan, do it the rough way! After taking everything, destroy the house and the field!」


And at that time—-

「I’m back….I haven’t seen you since yesterday!」

「Ah, Cornelia. Yeah, you were here yesterday but…why are you here again?」

「Well, I came to eat katsu curry?」

「Didn’t you eat that yesterday!?」

Oi oi, you indeed said that you’ll come again but…..it hasn’t even been 24hrs.

Cornelia replied with a smile.

「It’s for morning curry. Morning curry.」

Good grief…..

Aren’t you worried about your stomach?

No, I had the same diet problem when I was in my teens.

And then, I turned my gaze to Ouroboros—-

She looked pale. She’s trembling while kneeling with one of her knees.

「By the way, why are Ouroboros and some cyclops are here?」

「I want to know too. She suddenly wants to take everything I own as taxes and she also said she will destroy my house and the field too.」

After I said that, Ouroboros trembled more.

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