Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 314 - Not Following The Script
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Chapter 314: Not Following The Script

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Afraid that Jiang Xun would see them, Mufeng pulled Chengnan and hid in the crowd.

Little Xiong :”…”

Screenwriter Yu: “…”

No, you came to visit. Why do you look like you’re feeling guilty?

Haolun didn’t know that Mufeng had come. He was telling Jiang Xun, “Jiang Xun, relax. Don’t frown.”

“I’m sorry. It was a subconscious reaction. Let me control it.” Jiang Xun raised her hand and touched the space between her eyebrows.

She felt uncomfortable wherever someone other than Mufeng touched her.

Jiang Xun could only give herself some psychological advice. It was just a kiss between her eyebrows. It was nothing.

“Hey, just imagine that you are being kissed by your boyfriend,” Haolun said.

He was too embarrassed to say it directly. He wanted Jiang Xun to think of the other party as Mufeng.

Anyway, that was what he meant.

Hearing that, Jiang Xun looked at Miyao.

Mufeng’s face inexplicably appeared in her mind.

In the entertainment industry, Miyao could be considered pretty good-looking.

But compared to Mufeng, Miyao could only be considered to have a normal appearance.

Thinking that Miyao was Mufeng?

From the looks to the temperament of the person in front of her, what could be compared to one-thousandth of Mufeng?

It would be fine if she didn’t think about Mufeng, but when she thought about that man, Jiang Xun couldn’t relax and accept Mufeng.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She could only ignore Miyao’s face and try her best to think about Mufeng in her mind.

“Okay.” Jiang Xun nodded.

Mufeng’s face suddenly darkened. “Are you shooting a kissing scene?”

Little Xiong initially thought that it was only a kiss between the eyebrows. What kind of kissing scene was that?

However, when he saw Mufeng’s expression, he didn’t dare to think that way anymore.

Little Xiong took a step back without hesitation. He contributed Screenwriter Yu out of consideration for his good qualities.

Just as Screenwriter Yu was about to turn around and share his troubles with Little Xiong, he suddenly realized that there was no one around him.

Screenwriter Yu subconsciously turned around to look for him. He didn’t know when Little Xiong had already gone.

Screenwriter Yu: “…”

Mufeng’s eyes were dark and heavy, pressing down on Screenwriter Yu’s heart until he couldn’t breathe.

“It’s… just a kiss between the eyebrows.” Unknowingly, beads of sweat appeared on Screenwriter Yu’s forehead.

Mufeng clenched his teeth tightly and didn’t say a word.

When Jiang Xun was an actor and filming, so she would definitely shoot such a scene eventually.

Since he had supported her to become an actor long ago, he should have been mentally prepared.

It was just a kiss between the eyebrows. He had no reason to interfere with Jiang Xun’s work.

He was afraid that Jiang Xun would be angry!

Mufeng breathed heavily.

Not only were Screenwriter Yu and Little Xiong nervous, Chengnan did not dare to breathe loudly beside them.

Why did Screenwriter Yu add a kiss scene!

Even a kiss between the eyebrows was unnecessary!

Couldn’t they have a relationship that was pure and did not involve holding hands?

“CEO, why don’t we let Director Guo change it?” Chengnan asked Mufeng in a low voice.

Screenwriter Yu quickly nodded. “I can change the script too.”

Although he and Haolun were well-known in the industry for not being controlled by capital, neither of them could do anything.

Once the script was written, they would not change it unless it was absolutely necessary.

They would shoot the script however they wanted.

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However, Screenwriter Yu had to say at this moment that it was because they did not have enough capital!

For someone like Mufeng, once Mufeng said something, it would not be a problem for him to change the entire script!

That was the double standard!

“There’s no need.” Mufeng gritted his teeth and said, “If Jiang Xun thinks there’s no problem, then there’s no problem.”

Just as Mufeng finished speaking, he suddenly heard a “Bang.”

The entire production crew was silent.

After about three to five seconds of silence, Miyao’s assistant and Caoye rushed over at the same time.

Miyao’s assistant, Mao Mao, exclaimed, “Teacher Huo!”

Immediately after, the crew also reacted.

They all surrounded him.

They saw Miyao lying on the ground. After being stunned for a while, his face contorted with anger. He pointed at Jiang Xun. “Jiang Xun, what are you doing!”

“I just pushed you a little.” Jiang Xun curled her lips. “You’re a man, I couldn’t help but push you.”

Jiang Xun’s gaze was cold with contempt as she looked at Miyao who was being helped up. “Can’t your body take it.”

Miyao was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood. Didn’t she know that men were most afraid of saying that?!

“Why did you push me?!” Miyao questioned with a dark expression.

Jiang Xun sneered. “The script says to kiss between the eyebrows. You just aimed at my mouth, so of course I would push you!”

Haolun and the others also saw that Miyao had lowered his head in the wrong direction, as if he was going to kiss Jiang Xun’s lips.

However, before they could stop him, Miyao was pushed away by Jiang Xun.

When Miyao was about to kiss him, Haolun couldn’t stop him even if he wanted to.

Therefore, they could only let Miyao continue first and then kiss her on the forehead again to see which effect was better.

Who knew that Miyao would be pushed to the ground by Jiang Xun? He had lost so much face.

“Why didn’t you follow the script? What are you trying to do?” Jiang Xun’s cold gaze fell on Miyao’s face like the frost of the night.

Haolun frowned and said, “I didn’t have time to tell you to stop just now, but whether it was following the script or my explanation before the shooting started, I only asked you to kiss Jiang Xun on the forehead. Why did you change it all of a sudden?”

Even if it wasn’t Jiang Xun today, if it was another actress, she would have subconsciously pushed him away because she was caught off guard.

Haolun frowned. Miyao’s reputation for filming was quite good.

He had never heard of him taking advantage of the opportunity of acting to take advantage of the actress.

Miyao’s expression was ugly. He had made a mistake.

He had thought that he could catch Jiang Xun off guard, and Jiang Xun would not be able to react in time.

He did not expect that he would be the one to lose big time!

“I only acted in that situation and followed the heart of the character. I felt that kissing was more appropriate,” Miyao explained with a sullen face. “Because the cameras were filming, it was not good for me to stop abruptly, so I took the initiative to do it first.”

Miyao gradually calmed down and his expression eased up a lot. He said to Jiang Xun, “I’m sorry for scaring you.”

Everyone was speechless.

Who knew if Miyao really felt that kissing was more appropriate, or if he was deliberately trying to take advantage of Jiang Xun.

Miyao was also a famous actor and his reputation had always been good.

However, everyone still couldn’t help but have second guesses about it.

“Are there any more kissing scenes?” Mufeng asked Screenwriter Yu coldly.

Screenwriter Yu shook his head repeatedly. “No, there aren’t any kissing scenes in the entire drama.”

It wasn’t just Jiang Xun’s character. Even Youlan, Zhang Jian, and the others didn’t have any kissing scenes.

The main focus of this drama was family ethics. Love wasn’t the main focus.

A kiss between the eyebrows was already the most intimate scene.

“A kiss between the eyebrows like this can also be considered a kiss scene,” Mufeng said coldly.

Screenwriter Yu was speechless.

There was no one else for Mufeng to get jealous of.

“There’s only this scene,” Screenwriter Yu said. “The rest are just hand holding or the like.”

“Remove the kiss between the eyebrows for this scene as well,” Mufeng said.

Screenwriter Yu: “…”

Although Mufeng did not invest in this drama, why did he want to listen to Mufeng so much?

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