Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 196 - Hou Guanglin Is Awesome
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Chapter 196: Hou Guanglin Is Awesome

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Let them curse.” Guanglin was experienced in battle and didn’t care at all. “Anyway, we’re going to shoot from the front in a bit. Don’t mess up your rhythm.”

Guanglin took a sip of his coffee. “The young people have to wait for it, what’s the pressure of the barrage?”

Guanglin then said to the cameraman, “Continue to shoot according to our plan. When they enter the courtyard, wait for the three Zhangs to come out and greet them. Then, we’ll focus the camera on CEO Qin and Jiang Xun’s faces.”

“Director, cut the livestream back to the three Zhangs,” Guanglin said.

While the viewers were still cursing, the livestream had already cut back to Shuidong and the other two.

In the hall of the farmhouse, five people were sitting around a low table.

In addition to Shuidong, Kangwang, and Zhang Jian, there were two other guests. One was the director, Chen Zilong, and the other was the singer-songwriter, Liu Jingshen, who was very important in the music industry.

Everyone was drinking tea and chatting. Jingshen listened carefully for a while. “Did the doorbell ring?”

When everyone heard that, they quieted down. As expected, the sound of the doorbell came from outside.

Shuidong was the first to stand up, “I have to report this to the program team. The courtyard is so big, and the sound of the doorbell is too soft. Let’s make it louder. If we didn’t hear it, it would be inappropriate for the guests to wait outside.”

Everyone stood up. Zhang Jian dragged Kangwang and said cheerfully, “Uncle, do you think it’s Jiang Xun and CEO Qin?”

“Oh?” Kangwang was surprised. “You’re still paying attention to them?”

“Didn’t the program team make a poll before? I saw it too.” Zhang Jian chuckled.

“I think I’m seeing the expression of a fellow Fengjiang shipper on Zhang Jian’s face.”

“I didn’t expect Zhang Jian to be a Fengjiang shipper as well!”

“Enough with the shipping. You guys are too cute to bother with others. Don’t drag Zhang Jian into the water.”

“If you knock yourself silly, you’ll see that everyone is a Fengjiang shipper.”

“Zhang Jian was just expressing his friendliness. A male celebrity can only pay attention to an ordinary person because he’s easy to get along with and not arrogant. Don’t treat yourself like a piece of cake. Do you think everyone is as crazy as you guys?”

The program team kept it a secret. The five guests did not know if Jiang Xun and Mufeng would come.

Kangwang touched his chin. “I’m really not sure. Maybe… perhaps…”

“Yo!” Zhang Jian’s eyes lit up with gossip. “Uncle, do you have any information?”

“What information could I have?” Kangwang sneered. “I’m not close to Jiang Xun either. We’ve only worked together for one episode.”

It was mainly because in that episode, Mufeng’s intimate attitude towards Jiang Xun was really unforgettable.

Kangwang rubbed his chin and felt that the program team might really be able to invite him. “Stop guessing. The guests are outside. We’ll know if we go and take a look.”

The group of people came to the front door of the small courtyard. Shuidong opened the door.

Guanglin: “Director, don’t cut. The scene stays on Teacher Zhang’s and the others’ faces. Have it close-up, pay attention to capture the shocked expressions on their faces!”

Seeing the two people outside, Shuidong and the others were truly shocked. There was not even a hint of acting.

“I…” Zhang Jian was so shocked that he wanted to curse. At least he remembered that this was a livestream. He covered his mouth so the words wouldn’t escape.

Dan Dan: [What’s going on? Why is the guest’s expression so shocked? Could it really be Great CEO Qin and Jiang Xun outside the door?]

[If it really is, I’m willing to brag about @HouGuanglin for a year. @HouGuanglin, did you see it?]

“Mr. Qin, Jiang Xun, welcome!” Shuidong quickly invited the two in.

At this moment, there was no need to cut to the livestream. Everyone was in the same frame.

[It’s really Qin Mufeng and Jiang Xun together!]

[Where’re the haters? Do your faces hurt?]

[Fuck! Qin Mufeng, you’re the CEO of a top-tier wealthy family. Why do you have so much free time to do variety shows? Do you think it’s appropriate for you to do that?]

[Hehehehe, he’s not doing variety shows every day. He’s just going to do variety shows with Jiang Xun.]

[Brothers and sisters, put Hou Guanglin’s awesomeness on the public screen!]

With this roar, the screen was instantly flooded with all kinds of [Hou Guanglin is awesome] comments, and the stream itself couldn’t be seen.

This phenomenon lasted for more than a minute before it started letting up. Finally, people could be seen on screen.

[Let’s not say anything else. He’s so awesome that he could invite Qin Mufeng to appear on the show with Jiang Xun even after Qin Mufeng knew about the Fengjiang ship!]

[Merit points + 5633]

Jiang Xun: “???”

She had already turned off the livestream and could not see what was going on in the livestream room.

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