Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1441 - You Are My Little Love Song (8)
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Chapter 1441: You Are My Little Love Song (8)

On Wednesday afternoon, Tang Shao suddenly found Shi Niange’s class and waited for her outside. He even specially called a female classmate in to call her out.

At that time, Shi Niange was about to go to the school cafeteria with Zhao Xiaoqing to eat beef noodles, mainly because she hadn’t eaten much in the cafeteria. Xiaoqing said it was delicious, so Shi Niange wanted to go with her.

In the end, when she heard that someone was looking for her and that it was a boy from Year Three, Class Two, she didn’t have to guess to know who it was. After all, Tang Shao had called her several times. First, she had hung up on him, and then she had blacklisted his phone number.

“Do you still want to go to the cafeteria with me?” Zhao Xiaoqing asked softly.

“It’s almost midnight. Go eat first. I’ll come with you tomorrow.”

“Then do you want me to bring some other food back for you?”

“No, no, I’ll think of a solution myself later.” Shi Niange winked at her and waved her hand with a smile.

After Zhao Xiaoqing left, Shi Niange opened her phone to take a look. Sure enough, Tang Shao had sent her a few messages on someone’s phone, saying that he wanted to see her. He had sent her one message more than an hour ago and another a few minutes ago.

She turned to look at Qin Siting, who was about to head out for lunch, and suddenly raised her hand to tug at his sleeves.

Typically, Qin Siting did not wear his school uniform all day long. He usually wore a T-shirt, and occasionally, he would wear a particularly clean white shirt. He would wear his school uniform every Monday, Wednesday, and in some public classes. There was an event in the third year this morning, so everyone wore their school uniforms neatly. Qin Siting was no exception.

All of a sudden, he was tugged by her. Qin Siting turned back to look at her, only to see that she was still holding onto his sleeve. He glanced at her coldly. “Let go.”

“Well, we’ve been deskmates for several days. Can you do me a favor?” Shi Niange looked at him pleadingly.

In fact, she didn’t have to use such a stupid and melodramatic method. However, she really wanted to see if this method was feasible. What if... what if Almighty Qin also hated scumbags? What if he agreed?

Qin Siting glanced at her again and said, “Let go.”

Seeing that he did not even intend to let her speak, Shi Niange paused and could only let go.

With his sleeves freed, Qin Siting turned to walk out. Just as he walked to the door of the class, he saw a boy with his school uniform shirt tied around his waist poking his head in. When he saw someone else come out, he asked, “Is Shi Niange still in your class?”

“Yes, she hasn’t left yet.”

Tang Shao nodded. It seemed like she was still trying to avoid him. She didn’t come out, nor did she reply to his messages. It was already so late. How could she not come out for lunch?

“Ah, ah, ah, you’re Tang Shao from Class Two, aren’t you? Didn’t you previously... Oh, right, I heard that your previous girlfriend was Shi Niange, right? Aiya, it’s so strange. Why didn’t she get promoted to Class Two but came to Class Six instead? Did the teacher intentionally break up the couple?” A gossipy female classmate saw Tang Shao and asked curiously.

Tang Shao quickly returned a bright smile and brushed it off. He didn’t answer her directly and continued to guard the door.

At this moment, he saw Qin Siting standing at the door. The moment their eyes met, the smile on Tang Shao’s face gradually faded.

He had not forgotten the marks Qin Siting, the big boss of the school, deducted him last semester. Qin Siting was the top student in the school year. Although he was not usually in charge, the school had long handed him the heavy responsibility of the student union. He did not care, but when there were really ratings and marks deducted, he would take some time to look at the forms and lists. A few circles and forks could almost decide the scores of a student for the school.

Just because he had drunk some functional drinks during the 5,000-meter long-distance run last semester, Qin Siting had noted it down and even deducted some points. The principal had criticized him, so Tang Shao would remember it until graduation.

When Qin Siting walked past, Tang Shao only glanced at him. The smile on his face was gone. Qin Siting, on the other hand, walked out without looking at him. It was unknown if he had heard the conversation, but he definitely did not take him seriously.

When Shi Niange came out, Tang Shao was about to find a way to go in to look for her, but the school rules did not state that she belonged to the same class. If there was no proper reason, he would definitely be remembered for trespassing.

When he suddenly saw her come out, he rushed forward and grabbed her wrist. “Nian Nian!”

The corner of Shi Niange’s eyes twitched. She withdrew her hand and glanced at him. “Why are you waiting for me here?”

“I’ve been looking for you for so many days, and you’ve blocked my number. You didn’t answer any of my calls, so I could only wait for you here.” Tang Shao reached out to pull her back, but she avoided him.

Seeing that she was trying to keep a distance from him, Tang Shao could only put his hand down with an innocent expression. “I can explain to you what happened a few days ago. At that time, Xu Yiqi fainted in class and sat right next to me. I’m a man, I can’t just sit by and watch a woman faint. I subconsciously picked her up, but I promise I only sent her to the infirmary. I didn’t do anything else.”

Shi Niange glanced at him and smiled without speaking.

At this moment, two girls passed by in the corridor. When they saw Tang Shao, they quickly raised their hands to greet him. “Tang Shao, during Xu Yiqi’s birthday that summer vacation, the song you sang with her in the KTV was really nice. When do you have the opportunity to sing something else? Why didn’t you sign up for the school’s program? It was clearly very nice...”

Tang Shao’s expression immediately changed. He turned back to glare at them, and the two girls looked at him strangely. When they saw Shi Niange standing next to him, they immediately let out an “oh” and dragged their voices as though they had found out some secret. They quickly left.

Tang Shao turned back with an ugly expression. He saw that Shi Niange was still looking at him indifferently with a faint smile, as though she didn’t care about this at all.

“Nian Nian, really, you have to give me a chance to explain. I’ve been in the same class as Xu Yiqi for so long. If I liked her, we would have been together a long time ago. Last summer, when she was celebrating her birthday, my brothers in class had a crush on her. But they were too embarrassed to go alone, so they asked me to go with them. That night, I drank a little too much. When I said I wanted to sing, they pushed me up to sing. I didn’t know how to sing much. I only heard one song that my parents used to sing. I sang it then. I didn’t even notice who was singing with me. Really, trust me!”

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