Young Demon

Chapter 43 Fate As A Enemy ?
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More precisely, Daniel had two guesses about the changes

According to his first guess, he was not reincarnated in the main world of the novel itself, but rather in a parallel world similar to the main world of the novel.

In such a case, all plot changes that have happened so far and will happen in the future can be rationalized and related to the parallelism of this world.

Daniel's second guess was a little more unbelievable than his first guess, but according to Daniel, it was more possible

According to his second guess, the plot is changing because fate wants to weaken him, why does fate want to do such a thing? Well, the answer is simple

According to the system, fate could not see Daniel's future, and his life was not determined by fate. ๐“ฏ๐™ง๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐”€๐“ฎ๐™—๐“ท๐“ธ๐™ซ๐“ฎ๐™ก.๐’„๐“ธ๐’Ž

Naturally, fate itself easily notices an anomaly like Daniel.

What was Daniel's role on the other side? He was a villain who should be killed by the protagonist!

But unlike the original plot, Daniel was much stronger in the current time and in addition, he was able to turn one of the protagonist's main wives into his wife.

For this reason, of course, fate won't allow him to become stronger and mess up the main plot more.

Daniel surmises that by placing Alex in his way, fate was trying to weaken him and take away the time and opportunity he needed to grow stronger.

About killing him? Daniel doubted that fate wanted to do such a thing, After all, Daniel was a very important character in the main plot that indirectly helped the protagonist to become stronger.

Although there was still a very big hole in Daniel's second theory, why has Emilia's fate changed so much? Although Emilia was very talented in the main plot, she didn't have an important role and was killed by the protagonist in the end

If Daniel's guess about Emilia's identity is right, then Emilia is the first disciple of the Assassins Empress.

When she reaches the age of twenty, the Assassins Empress chooses her as her disciple after seeing her talent.

But at present, instead of being the disciple of the Assassins Empress, Emilia has become one of Alex's subordinates.

In the main plot, the Assassins Empress was one of Daniel's accomplices who was helping him to destroy the protagonist

In the main plot, the original Daniel Hudson didn't know the true identity of the Assassins Empress and thought that their cooperation was based on business and nothing else.

But now our main character, who has taken over the body of Daniel Hudson, knew the true identity of the Assassins Empress and also the reason for her stubbornness to help Daniel Hudson in the main plot.

Well, back to the main topic, Emilia! Daniel still had no idea how such a big change had happened and didn't know if it was fate that changed Emilia's life or someone else.

Or was his guess about Emilia's identity completely wrong, well, maybe none

why should Daniel hurt his mind with all this thinking? Daniel can only easily ask his omniscient system

"System, which one of my theories is correct?" Daniel knew that the system knew about both of his theories, so he didn't waste his time explaining.

[You must pay fate order to get answers to your questions]

'How much fate order do you need?' Daniel frowned, of course, he had not forgotten the existence of fate order, he even wanted to use fate order to see Emilia's past, but unfortunately, the number of fate orders was insufficient.

[By paying all your fate orders, you can get a new but limited ability, and as a reward, you get three free questions]

Daniel shrugged his shoulders, paying all his fate orders in exchange for answering three questions was not bad, but even though he didn't need fate now, there was a possibility that he would need them in the future.

"I guess I have no choice, I'll pay them all." Well, for now, he should have cleared his doubts.

[Confirmed, all fate orders used to unlock limited version of new ability]

[The knowledge of fate obtained]

[Description: The ability that opens at the sixth level of the system]

[Ability: You can acquire the knowledge of all beings in the universe that are controlled by the true long river of fate]

[As a reward for getting the Limited Edition of Knowledge of Fate you got three questions]

Daniel was a bit shocked and excited when he saw the new ability of the system he had unlocked!

the ability belonging to the sixth level of the system. As far as he could remember, the highest system ability he had seen before belonged to the fourth level of the system

But now the ability that belongs to the sixth level has appeared!

In addition, it can be understood from its description that it is a really strong ability

'System. How many levels do you have?"

[Do you want to use one of your questions?]

"No," Daniel immediately dismissed, wasting one of his questions on such a common question.

[So you won't be answered, but I can tell you that it will take at least five hundred years to reach the sixth level of the system at your current growth rate]

'Five hundred years? In a few years, I can become an emperor, in five hundred years I should reach that realm, right? By reaching that realm I will become completely invincible in this world, then do I still need system abilities?'

[Your guess is correct, but you shouldn't underestimate the sixth level of the system, by acquiring the unlimited knowledge of fate and combining it with the unlimited eyes of fate, you will become an omniscient existence and this is only one of the abilities of the system]

'Omniscient? It's tempting, but I guess I'd rather not think about it too much right now, because it will take at least five hundred years to reach that level'Daniel sighed and decided to put the future issues aside.

"Well, as my first question, I want to know which one of my guesses about the recent changes was correct."

[Your second guess is correct, fate has felt a little threatened due to an existence that it cannot control, but since you are a valuable character for the world will, fate doesn't dare to kill you]

[That's why he's just trying to weaken you so that you'll be killed faster by world child]

'So my second guess was right, huh? So what about the hole in my guess? I mean about Emilia'

[Fate can change the life story of side characters who do not affect the main plot process]

'Understandable, but Emilia had a big impact on the story"

[True, Emilia was a side character in the main plot who was killed by the protagonist in the end, but she was also the reason why the protagonist was able to find Daniel Hudson's true identity]

[It can be said that she was a side character who had a great impact on the story, however, in the current timeline, she is no longer needed to make the protagonist realize your identity]

'there is no need for her anymore? Wait, this has only one meaning! Does the protagonist know my identity already?' Daniel suddenly had another terrifying guess

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