Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 6 So Rude!! Left without Giving an Apology..
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Chapter 6 So Rude!! Left without Giving an Apology..

"Haha!! That’s good then!! She will get the love of two people. Now a days who spend their whole life with same person.. don’t think too much??" Jiang Peizhi said with little laughter but there was sign of worry in his eyes which he wanted to hide behind his laughter. Afterall he was father of Jiang YuYan and it was obvious that he would feel concerned about his daughter but he didn’t want to make his wife more worried.

As Jiang Peizhi was laughing, Jiang Ruolan got irritated. Then Jiang Peizhi asked her, "wait..wait!!! Master said that she might be a powerful and renowned person of business world in future, that’s why you are insisting Jiang YuYan to study business management.. am I right??" Jiang Ruolan nodded and said, "well!!! you can say that" then she paused and said, "it’s not bad to have an extra knowledge" she then looked at Jiang Peizhi for his approval.

"You can’t do this to her. You know very well what’s her dream dear!!" he said it with disapproval.

"I know!! And I am not stopping her from what she wants to do and even in the past I never did so, but this time it is different. I just want her to complete a business management course and after that she can continue what she wants to do!!", Jiang Ruolan said with firm tone which showed she is not going to change her decision.

"Ok!! As you wish dear!! He then continued,"no one can avoid whatever is written in one’s destiny so what is the use of feeling worried? This is between you and her and I am not gonna meddle in two of yours business. I will be just a bystander" Jiang Peizhi always trusted his wife’s decision. He knew whatever she did, always benefited her kids so he decided to back down from argument.

Jiang Ruolan: "Good"

And the topic ended with just this single word ’GOOD".

Have you done with the preparations of elder Lu’s marriage anniversary", asked Jiang Peizhi after watching his wife’s less worried face.

"Yes!! And gift is ready too."

" My dear wife!! Always ready with everything. What should have I done without you?"

Jiang Ruolan looked at her husband and said sarcastically," hahaha!!!...Done with your flattery??? When you will meet your freind Lu Jinhai, then I will see that you need me or not??"

"Dear wifffyyy!! They say ’sarcasm is a lowest form of the wit’."

Jiang Ruolan then annoyingly said, "haven’t they said, ’you should not piss off your wife when she is having a menopause’??"

"Cough..cough.." Jiang Peizhi didn’t say anything as he really didn’t want to piss her off. Then Jiang Ruolan left to the kitchen.

He was just happy about the thought of meeting his best friend Lu Jinhai. "

______ ____________ ____________

Next day in the evening, New York airport....,

A young man and a woman were walking fast inside the crowded airport to their respective terminal. A boy was carrying a backpack on his shoulders, tablet in one hand and the plane tickets in his other hand. He was wearing a grey t-shirt and a black jeans with black sneakers. The girl was carrying a cute, small girlish white packpack having small stuffed pink bunny hanging to one side, on her shoulders and a coffee mug in her hands. She was wearing a pink top and a blue jeans and pair of cute pink booties.

"YuYan, let’s go fast. At this rate, we will miss our flight". The boy looked annoyed and was quite angry too.

"Then let’s miss it brother Yang . Anyway I don’t want to go. If it was not for a marriage anniversary of grandfather and grandmother Lu, I would have already been long gone somewhere to avoid going to China" She said while sipping a coffee from the coffee mug in her hands.

"C’mon little sis, you know you can’t avoid it so just be fast. No, actually we have to run now. Run!!! Run!!!" Then the boy held her hand and dragged her along with him and ran towards terminal making their way through the crowd.

At the same time a handsome man, looked like in his mid twenties was also in hurry and running towards terminal with one man similar to his age following him .

"Boss slow down, we will be there in time", man behind him said while catching his breath. A handsome man looked at him and frowned, then the man behind followed him quietly.

The handsome man was wearing a stylish business suit, a black pant and black jacket with white shirt inside it. He looked damn handsome that it was impossible for anyone to not notice such a royal and handsome man, even if he stands in huge crowd. He was walking fast, by making a way through crowd and gazes comming from not only females but also the males present at the airport. The man behind him was carrying a black leather laptop bag in his one hand and flight tickets in his other hand.

After some distance a handsome man collided with a girl as they were heading towards the same terminal from opposite directions and coffee in her hands spilled on his suit. A man frowned, looked at his white shirt and got irritated. He then turned his gaze towards her.

Due to sudden collision she was puzzled too. She looked at him and their eyes met. The man was 6 feet plus and the girl was very short as compared to him. Her head could reach only upto his chin. the man paused and his anger disappeared in a moment and his sight fixed on her face. Her beautiful eyes were glittering, her skin was baby soft and looked really radiant, lips were rosy pink. Her puzzled face looked more attractive and beautiful.

She then looked back at her coffee mug and her beautiful face turned into an angry one. She frowned, and said while looking back to his face, "do you have your eyes on back of your head??" The man didn’t say anything and was just staring at her face. Then the man behind him said ,"Miss, it was not my boss’s mistake alone and..." Before he could say anything further, his boss looked at him and said, "let’s go. We are getting late, assistant Xio Min" and they moved towards the terminal.

YuYan : "so rude!!!, Left without an apology" she frowned and looked at the coffee mug in her hand and said with a sad face "my tasty coffee rest in peace!!"

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