Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 40 A Step Together...
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Chapter 40 A Step Together...

Lu Qiang was already expecting to see Jiang YuYan in the party. When he entered halfway inside the party hall, he saw her standing among so many guests. He couldn’t move his sight from her. With his each step forward, Lu Qiang was observing her carefully. She looked simple, beautiful and innocent. For him she was different from all the others girls, who were covered in a thick layers of make up, expensive dresses and jewelry. She was just being herself, not minding to others. Though he was talking to others, all his focus was on her.

She was wearing a floral lace, off shoulder, light pink coloured ruffle dress having a short sleeves. The dress was long enough to touch her knees. Her deep golden brown hairs long upto her elbows, parted in the centre, were kept untied. Just a parts of front side hairs were pulled back and pinned up securely on either side of the head, slightly above to the both ears with matching pink coloure hairpins on both sides which made her look too cute like a high school girl. Parts of her hairs were laying in front of her both shoulders. She was just wearing an earings which had a pink coloured stone hanging to the small gold chain, long upto her jaw line and had same matching bracelet on her wrist. Make-up was very light as her baby soft skin didn’t need it. She had natural rouge like pink shade on her cheeks. She had a small pointed nose, delicate jelly like lips which were shining like a rose petals having light pink lipgloss on them. Her eyes were deep brown with a tinge of golden colour in it which made them shine like a bright stars under the bright light of the party hall. Long eyelashes made them look even more attractive.

When Lu Jinhai introduced them Lu Qiang didn’t say anything like they had met before. He just prefered to go with a flow. Jiang siblings did the same.

After a moment, an MC came on a stage and welcomed everyone. The celebration started. He called Elder couple on a stage, gave a funny speech which made everyone laugh. The Hotel staff brought a huge 5 story cake on the stage. Elder couple cut the cake and everyone wished them for the further happy married life. Soon the MC announced all the couples to come on the dance floor which was in the centre of the hall. Whoever was interested went forward and started to dance with their partners, not to forget the couple of the day. Elder Lu Huan and Lu Shuang were looking too adorable. Other couples from Lu family joined them too. All were enjoying beautiful and romantic atmosphere in the hall. Everyone in the party hall was curious to know with whom Lu Qiang will dance or he won’t dance this time too. Lu Feng was still nowhere to be seen.

A women in her early 20s came forward and asked Lu Qiang for dance who was sitting in the chair around circular table near the stage. She was a daughter of one of the good freind of his father and one of the major investor of the Lu corporation’s current project in country Z. Her name was An Bixun. She was very much interested in Lu Qiang and he too knew about it.

An Bixun : "May I have a honour to dance with you, President Lu?" She asked it in a very polite and elegant way. She was an attractive lady which could make anyone fall for her.

Lu Qiang : "I don’t know how to!" And declined in a cold voice after taking a sip of wine from the glass. He didn’t even looked at her.

His sight was still fixed on Jiang YuYan who was standing near the dance floor with her brother, admiring the dancing elder couple. She had a beautiful smile on her face which made the dimples on her cheeks even more visible.

An Bixun couldn’t say anything further, after getting his cold reply. She just walked away saying never mind. She was standing far away but still her sight was fixed on Lu Qiang. She noticed that he is looking at a girl in a light pink colour dress. She felt jealous but couldn’t do anything.

Jiang Yang asked his sister for dance and both went on a dance floor. Their parents were already present there. Lu Qiang was observing Jiang YuYan while sipping a wine from the glass in his hand. After few minutes of continuous staring, his sight noticed something unusual which made him put his wine glass aside. He got up and stepped forward in the Jiang YuYan’s direction. Just then Jiang Yang’s phone rang. It was an important call so he stopped dancing and excused himself. As Jiang YuYan was about to get off from the dance floor, Lu Qiang appeared in front of her. He didn’t say anything just offered her his hand, gesturing her to dance with him.

She was stunned with his sudden appearance. When she understood what he was asking for, she couldn’t say no because all the guests in the audience were watching them. She accepted his invite and headed to the dance floor with him.

Everyone was just surprised to see this because Lu Qiang never danced with anyone before other than his mother and grandmother and this girl in a pink dress was someone unknown to all the guests present there. An Bixun was already jealous and now she was frowning an with anger.

When Lu Qiang and Jiang YuYan were standing face to face to start a dance, lights in the hall suddenly got switched off. Only the deem lights on the dance floor and the numerous small chandeliers hanging to the ceiling of the hall were on, giving it a starry look. That changed the complete atmosphere in the hall. The music changed to the silent and romantic tune. All the couples on the dance floor transformed into their romantic versions. Jiang YuYan felt little awkward but still stepped forward towards Lu Qiang. She was not looking at him in the eyes, instead her eyes were lowered downward and her heart was beating quite faster.

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