Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 4 Angry Old Man, Elder Lu Huan
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Chapter 4 Angry Old Man, Elder Lu Huan

Lu Jinhai: "Father, I have hired one of the top most event management company for this. As only 3 days are left for the event, the invitations have already been sent to everyone. Assistant Xio Dong will handle remaining things as I have already instructed to him"

Lu Huan : "So you had already decided everything then what was the point in asking my opinion before. Made me drain my energy, you punk!!"

Lu Jinhai : hmmm...that....umm ’__’. Lu Jinhai knew his father very well. He liked his childish and bickering attitude because it was one of the reasons of their families playful atmosphere. That’s why he did that on purpose.

To change the topic Lu shuang asked," where is Lu Qiang?. I am missing my dear grandson. When will he be back?" As she mentioned Lu Qiang’s name atmosphere got to normal and everyone was asking about him.

Lu Jiahui: " Mother he is in America right now regarding some important company related matter. He would be leaving tomorrow evening from New York and will be here next morning."

Lu Shuang : "ohh!! That child, since when he took Lu corporation and this family’s responsibility on his shoulder, he never disappointed us and all these years he worked hard without a rest to take the business one step ahead.

Lu Qiang was an elder son of Lu Jinhai. Five years back when Lu Jinhai got in an accident and was in a serious condition, Lu Qiang was only 18 years old. He took all the responsibility of company and family in his hand and worked hard to cross boundries of more and more success. He sacrificed his dream to become soccer player for this. He knew how hard his father worked for this and always made everyone to spend there lives in comfort and without worries.

Lu Huan : " that’s what I am worried about." He looked at Lu Jinhai and said, " you heartless man!! How can you make your son work like a bull!! I am afraid that it will affect his health and his vitality. What will happen to my dream of having great grandchildren??" You irresponsible brat!!!"

" Father I am responsible that’s why I was able to give you two grandsons and one grand-daughter." He said with small ghost smile on his face.

"What’s so great about that?? Everyone do that. You just handle your Lu corporation and give my grandson a little rest" he frowned and mumbled, " useless Chairman of the Lu corporation!!!" but everyone heard it.

Lu Jinhai was the chairman of Lu corporation, one of the richest and powerful organisation in the country. It was the result of 30 year’s heardwork of Lu Jinhai. He started it from a scratch.

The Lu family was basically from a small town far away from the capital. Lu Jinhai’s ancestors lead that town and small villages around them from generations. Every generation contributed for the development and the well being of the familys around there, that’s why everyone respected the Lu clan.

Lu Jinhai’s dreams to do something extra-ordinary in life brought whole family into the city. Initially he started his business with traditional chinese arts and crafts made in his town. It was speciality of the area around that town. Lu Jinhai realised its importance and established a small company. It was not that difficult for him initially as his family was well off and his grandfather was a head of the town. But difficult part was when he moved to the capital. He had to face so many difficulties like mischievous people and competitors. Though he was from town he was very intelligent to identify between Freinds and foes. He knew how to handle those people because he had a cunning side too. If he were to check his IQ at that time it definately would be in three digits.

Soon he got success in few years and he started to expand his business in different sectors. He got married to his childhood freind and cousin Ning Jiahui. She supported him through thick and thin to fullfil his dream. She was a loving and caring waman loved by her in-laws.

After 4 years of marriage she gave birth to their first child Lu Qiang followed by one daughter Lu Lian And younger son Lu Lijun. After their marriage Lu Jinhai was very busy with business. He knew he will not be able to give his family proper time and also he didn’t want to divert his focus as he was just getting succesful so Lu Jinhai and Lu Jiahui decided not to have a child for few years. It was the reason of Lu Qiang’s late arrival.

After hearing the word great-grandchildren, something clicked in Lu Hui’s mind. She was the wife of Lu Huan’s second son Lu Chen. "Exactly father!! As an aunt I am worried about Lu Qiang too. He should definitely take some rest and look after his health. His two cousins are there to share his responsibilities in company and father don’t worry about great grandchildren. Other than Lu Qiang you have two more grandsons who can grant your wish." She said with a big smile on her face.

Lu Huan looked at her annoyingly and said, " two more grandsons??? Are you talking about your two sons?? one who got married 5 years back because of the adrenaline rush in his body but still don’t want to have a child and the other one who is always busy in his world, drinking alcohol and taking drugs, roaming around with his useless freinds and spending the hard earned money of this family??" His face turned red with anger as showing how displeased was he with Lu Hui’s sons!l

After hearing this Lu Hui’s face fell down and the atmosphere in the living room became silent. Nobody dared to mutter a single word from their mouth.

Lu Huan’s younger son Lu Chen was a polite person. He was obedient son and brother, but his wife was quite mischievous. They had two sons Lu Han and Lu Feng. The daughter Lu Bao was the youngest. Initially they were in their ancestral town. Lu Chen was supporting his brother by handling business from town but few years back they came to city because elder Lu Huan wanted his whole family to live together and also he was missing his younger son and grandchildren.

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