Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 39 Donst Want To Die Virgin!!!
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Chapter 39 Don'st Want To Die Virgin!!!

Jiang YuYan : "What is he doing here?" She asked her brother in a very low voice that only he could hear it. Her sight was still fixed on the man.

Jiang Yang : "I told you last time that he looks really rich. So he must be familiar with Lu Family and came here to attend a party just like us." He replied with same low pitch voice looking at the man.

When Lu Qiang entered inside the hall, all the guests started to greet him on his way to his grandparents. Lu Qiang was looking exceptionally handsome. Everyone present there was mesmerized by his royal aura. All the girls present there were eager to get his attention.

When Lu Qiang reached to the half way his sight fell on a beautiful girl in a light pink coloured dress who was looking at him too and was standing few meters away from his grandparents. He smiled and continued walking towards his grandparents with his sight still fixed on Jiang YuYan.

Jiang Yang : "Why am I feeling like he is staring at you?" He noticed the man’s gaze and again started his conversation with his sister in a very low pitch.

Jiang YuYan : "He too must be surprised to see us here just like we are. Afterall he knows us. We shared a flight with him." She replied in a same way not being affected by that man’s gaze. She didn’t want to mention her encounter with him in the restaurant.

Jiang Yang : "Dear it’s not an ’I KNOW YOU SIGHT’. It’s an ’I AM INTERESTED IN YOU SIGHT’. See carefully."

Jiang YuYan : "Rubbish." She frowned.

Jiang Yang : "Trust me. See the way he is looking at you." He was still observing the man.

Jiang YuYan : "How should I know? He is too far and also I am not interested in with what kind of gaze he is looking at me or someone else." She said it in an ignorant way.

Jiang Yang : "But I know. Trust your brother." He then paused, looked at his sister who too was staring at the man and said, "It looks like, I am going to be blessed with a rich brother-in-law soon."

Jiang YuYan just ignored what her brother said. When these siblings’ were chatting about Lu Qiang, there was an another pair of siblings’ who were doing the same.

Lu Bao : "Look at all those girls drooling over our handsome brother." She then suddenly remembered something and looked around herself and thought ’Thank god mom is not here.’

Lu Lian : "Yeh! I can see that but there is no use. He will not give attention to anyone." She knew her brother well.

Lu Bao : "I know! But think, if brother Lu Feng comes here too then I am sure they will go crazy to see two hot potatos in one pan."

Lu Lian : "Haha! You, your imagination and your dangerous words. Hats off! But where is brother Lu Feng?" She asked looking around.

Lu Bao : "I didn’t see him since we came here. He must be somewhere alone. He don’t like to be at crowded places."

Lu Lian : "Right! Atleast one packet of cigarettes will get sacrificed today."

Lu Bao : "I just thought, why we are their sisters. We can’t even hit on the two most handsome guys in the city." She asked pouting her lips.

Lu Lian : "But I am happy to have them as my brothers and you should be too. Otherwise right now you must be standing among those girls drooling over our brother."

Lu Bao : "Haha you are right."

Lu Lian : "Ohh! Aunt Lu Hui!" She looked behind Lu Bao with wide eyes and said this with panicked expressions.

Lu Bao got scared. She just said F**k in a mute and turned around to face wrath of her mother. Her throat was dry and palm became sweaty in just a single moment. But...

"Where? Where is Mom?" And started searching for her mother.

Lu Lian : "Haha! I was kidding."

Lu Bao : "I almost had a heart attack." She gave a sigh of relief and said, "Don’t do that again. I don’t want to die virgin"

Lu Qiang finally reached to his grandparents and said, "Happy wedding anniversary Grandpa and Grandma." And hugged them.

Grandparents : "Thank you so much Lu Qiang."

When Jiang sibling heard his name both looked at each other even more surprisingly.

Jiang Yang : "See!! I told you he looks familiar." He said again in very low voice.

Jiang YuYan : "I am not as smart as you. Look at him he is looking very..." She replied back in a same way, with her eyes still fixed on Lu Qiang but couldn’t continue her line.

Jiang Yang : "Very handsome?" He continued her sentence.

Jiang YuYan : "Cough**Cough! I mean very different." She said it with little awkwardness and shifted her sight to other direction. She too knew that this man in front of her was incredibly handsome to make all the girls out there loose their minds but she didn’t want to be one of them.

Lu Shuang : "Why are you so late? We all were waiting for you."

Lu Qiang : "I am really sorry Grandma. I was busy with some urgent business."

Lu Huan : "Were you busy with preparing a gift for me? You know what I want." He then winked at him

Lu Qiang : "It will take some time. But sooner or later you will get it grandpa." He said with a sly smile on his face.

Jiang YuYan : "Huuu?" She then mumbled ’Lier! I know what kind of a business?’ She remembered, Lu Qiang and that woman talking in front of a hotel.

Lu Jinhai : "Let me introduce you to my best friend’s family. Though you knew them since your childhood I think you must be unfamiliar with them now. He called his freind and said, "Jiang Peizhi! Meet Lu Qiang, my elder son."

Jiang Peizhi : "Who don’t know about him? He is one of the most successful and youngest businessman in our country." He said it with the pride in his heart. He smiled and said, "And there is one more thing to add, the most handsome man."

Lu Jinhai : "Yeh! You are right. Afterall he took after me."

Jiang Peizhi : "Haha! Right."

Lu Qiang : "Good evening uncle and aunt Jiang." He shook hands with Jiang Peizhi and nodded with a smile to Jiang Ruolan.

Lu Jinhai : "And these are, I guess you remember them right?"

Lu Qiang : "Mmmm"

He smiled and nodded. Both siblings did the same. Lu Qiang’s eyes were still seeking for the glimpse of Jiang YuYan’s face in between the conversation. She was aware of it but avoided to look back at him because her heart started to beat faster when their eyes met. She couldn’t understand what was in his gaze that made her feel like this, so she just prefered to avoid it.

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