Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 38 What Is He Doing Here????
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Chapter 38 What Is He Doing Here????

Marriage anniversary of elder Lu was the biggest event happening in the city that evening. The guests included all the rich and famous people in the city, top class business families, people from entertainment industry, socialist, media people and people from all other different sectors.

The celebrations venue was the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the city where only rich people could afford to go. It was located in the most expensive part of the city. All the reporters were ready outside the venue to capture every movement out there and catch the glimpses of guests, coming to attend the celebration. So many luxurious cars started to arrive one by one and the guests were entering the hotel’s party hall.

The atmosphere outside filled only with the sounds of flash-lights of cameras and brightened with the lights.

The party hall was luxurious, decorated with beautiful flowers everywhere with the white net clothes used for decoration around the walls and windows. The ceiling had multiple tiny chandeliers hanging to it which gave it a starry look. It had a stage at one end of the hall just opposite to the entance which was beautifully decorated with flowers. The stage had a beautiful and royal looking sofa to sit for the couple which was golden in colour with red coloured cushions. Hall was filled with circular tables with chairs around it. Tables and chairs were covered properly in white clothes with chairs having red coloured cloth tied to it giving it a shape of a bow.

In the party hall, Lu Jinhai and Lu Chen were present to welcome their guests with their wives. Lu Jinhai was wearing a grey suit and Lu Chen was wearing a blue suit. Their wives were looking beautiful and elegant complementing their handsome husband’s. Lu Jiahui was wearing a black silver grey colour full length dress while Lu Hui was wearing a light blue colour knee length dress with perfect fitting to show her well maintained figure. Soon hall was filled with guests and all the Lu family members were present there except for the Lu Qiang. All the guests and reporters out there were waiting for him.

As Jiang family entered the hall Lu Jinhai walked towards them. When both friends saw each other they couldn’t help but hugged each other tightly.

Lu Jinhai : "Glad to see all of you here."

Jiang Peizhi : "It was a wedding anniversary of father and mother. How could we miss it?" Jiang Peizhi always considered Lu Jinhai’s parents as his own and called them as mother and father.

"Right!" He then welcomed and greeted his friend’s family and said, "Let’s go to meet father. He will be happy to see all of you after such a long time."

"Yes! Sure." And they all headed towards the couple of the day which was surrounded by the guests to greet them personally.

Jiang Peizhi : "Wish you both a very happy wedding anniversary father and mother."

Lu Huan : "Ohhoo! Jiang Peizhi! Finally you are here." He smiled and hugged him tightly then patted his back.

Lu Shuang : "Glad to see you here son." She said with happiness on her face and hugged him too.

Lu Huan : "We were eager to meet you. It’s been so many ears. We really missed you all." Said Lu Huan. He then shifted his sight towards the three figures standing next to Jiang Peizhi.

Lu Shuang : "How are you Jiang Ruolan?"

Jiang Ruolan : "Still coping with your son." She said while smiling and said, "wish you both a very happy marriage anniversary"

Lu Shuang : "Thanks dear!"

Lu Huan : "This must be my love, Jiang YuYan."

Jiang YuYan : "Happy wedding anniversary Grandpa and Grandma." She smiled and wished him from where she was standing.

Lu Huan : "Are you going to wish us just like that? Won’t you give us a hug?" He was very excited to see her. When she was a kid, he doted on her most among all the kids around him and she too loved him a lot. But so much time had passed and she felt quite distant and awkward too but the usual old behaviour of elder Lu made her feel comfortable. She stepped forward and hugged him with a beautiful smile on her face.

Lu Huan : "Thank you my love. You have grown up to be a beautiful lady. Glad to see you here" he said while patting her head gently.

Jiang YuYan : "Thank you Grandpa" She then hugged grandma too.

Jiang Yang : "Happy wedding anniversary Grandpa"

Lu Huan : "Thank you so much. So you are the junior Jiang Peizhi. Handsome like his father." He said admiring him

After that Jiang Peizhi met other Lu Family members and introduced his son and daughter to them. When both these were kids, they were familiar with everyone but 8 years had passed and so many things have changed.

Guests were still arriving. Everyone was just waiting for Lu Qiang. When all were busy in conversing, a black Maybach arrived at the entrance of the hotel. A handsome man in a stylish black suit got out of it. All the reporters were rushing to capture glimpse of him in their cameras. The man was incredibly handsome, more than 6 feet tall and having a strong build. Black hairs neatly arranged in a stylish hairstyle, fair and radiant skin, thin but pointy nose. His pitch black eyes were only fixed on his path to the party hall, not minding to the gazes on him he continued walking forward making his way through them. As he stepped inside the hall, everyone’s sight followed in the direction of that man. Suddenly there was a silence in the hall, as the person they were waiting for desperately had finally arrived.

Jiang siblings were chatting with each other. When they sensed the silence, they too turned their sights in the direction where everyone was staring at. Both were surprised to see him.

Jiang YuYan : "What is he doing here?"

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