Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband

Chapter 37 Ok With Plus-minus 10!!!
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Chapter 37 Ok With Plus-minus 10!!!

In the Lu Mansion’s living room...

When Lu Feng excused himself, everyone was busy in admiring the gift.

"This is the best gift I ever received because it has given by a very special person in my heart." Said elder Lu Huan while holding the gift in his hands. His voice was heavy and eyes filled with the tears which were about to roll down.

After watching elder Lu Huan like this everyone was emotional too because everyone knew how special Lu Feng was to elder Lu Huan but things changed suddenly few years back. Nobody knew why and how Lu Feng, the intelligent and a loving boy changed into such person who disappointed his Grandpa, whom he loved the most.

"Grandpa-Grandma don’t you wanna see my gift?"

When the atmosphere was high with emotions a cute voice made it return back to normal. Everyone looked at the source of this voice who was standing in front of elder Lu Huan and and Lu Shuang with two gift boxes in his hands.

"Wish you a very happy marriage anniversary grandpa and grandma.This is my anniversary present for you." And he gave one wooden box to his grandma and the other colourful cardboard box to his grandpa.

LiJun was wearing a suit too. He looked adorable in that black suit with white shirt, black bow and black shoes. Lu LiJun was quite chubby which already made him look too cute. His fair skin, pitch black eyes, a small pointed nose which looked too tiny because of his chubby cheeks. His hairs were neatly arranged in a stylish hairstyle which gave him a look of little gentleman.

When Lu LiJun saw Lu Feng coming downstairs with the gift box in his hands, he remembered that he forgot to bring the gift from his bedroom which he prepared for his grandparents. He dashed to his room upstairs and brought that gift along with him. When he returned with the gift he saw everyone was admiring the gift which Lu Feng brought for their grandparents.

Grandparents : "Oh!! Thank you so much dear." Both thanked him together while receiving a gift.

Lu Shuang : "Can we open it?" She was happy to see how thoughtful this little kid was!

Lu LiJun : "Yes" He was very excited.

Lu Shuang : "What a beautiful necklace!" She said while holding a necklace in her hand which she took out from that wooden gift box. It was a silver chain and a oval shape stone embedded in a silver metal with a delicate design.

Lu Huan : "What is this for?" Grandpa was holding one small, square shaped device in his hands which had a small screen and few buttons on it.

Lu LiJun : "Grandpa, the pendant in grandma’s necklace has a small tracker in it. With the help of this device in your hand you can see the exact location of grandma if she is wearing this necklace. You can see it on the screen of this device.

Lu Huan : "It’s really a very thoughtful gift."

Lu Shuang : "__" (Why all the grandchildrens are so thoughtful only to their Grandpa?) She looked at the pendant and then to her overwhelmed husband.

"Yes It is. Because you always get panicked whenever you don’t see grandma around and keep us troubling by asking her whereabouts." He said it very innocently with the intention of helping his grandpa but to others it was a moment to celebrate.

"Cough**cough!!. Did I?" He then looked at everyone in the room. When he saw their expressions which were saying ’we are agreeing with Lu LiJun’, he changed the topic and said, "This is the best gift I ever received. You solved my problem. You are so intelligent." Said Grandpa.

"Grandma you have to wear it all the time." Said Lu LiJun.

"Cough**cough!! O...Ofcourse! Afterall it is a gift from my Lovely grandson." She was very happy to see this gift but she couldn’t digest the thing of having a tracker in it. She just thought and wanted to ask, ’Can I remove the tracker from it? Now there is no way to escape and I won’t be able to enjoy my time alone in peace anymore’.

All other family members were happy to see this gift specially the servants who were tired of being tortured by elder Lu Huan when it came to find his wife.

Others : "__" (Now he won’t bother us)

Servants : "__" (God bless you young master for saving us from the torture)

After that everybody left the mansion, sat in their cars and left for the venue of the event.

_____ ______ ____

Jiang family was heading to the venue in their cars. Jiang siblings were sitting in one car and their parents were sitting in the other car. There was a little traffic on the road so the cars were moving very slowly. Their cars stopped at the signal behind so many cars which stopped because of the signal. Jiang Yang was busy with his phone and Jiang YuYan was staring outside of the car window and was observing the surrounding outside. Suddenly her sight stopped at the familiar figure standing outside the hotel building. The man and a woman talking to each other with a smile on their faces. She recognised the man who was talking to a woman who looked quite older to him. They were talking with a smile on their faces. She subconsciously touched her lips while staring at the man thinking ’That’s him. So he has someone already and that too older to him’ and said "Pervert" in a low voice but could be heard by the person next to her. Signal turned into green and vehicle started to move again.

"Who?" Jiang Yang heard her saying perverted so he moved his sight from his mobile to his sister and asked.

"Nothing just...". She stopped, thought about something and asked, "Do guys likes to date an older women?"

"It Depends" He replied casually while looking back at his mobile screen.

"On what?" She asked while looking at her brother who was busy with his mobile.

"Ofcourse, on a woman." He smiled and replied still being busy with mobile.

"Will you date a woman with quite a big age difference, I mean someone older to you?" She asked curiously.

"Why not? He then looked at her and said while looking into her eyes which were surprised with his reply, "Age is just a number darling and heart don’t understand the language of numbers. Numbers and calculations both belongs to the brain."

"Still...." She didn’t have any word to say after what he said.

"What if you fall for someone younger?" Jiang Yang asked to her.

"I don’t think something like that will ever happen. I always treat them as my younger brothers. She then paused and said, "But how come you don’t mind it?"

"Because I can’t treat a beautiful older women as my elder sisters. Why to insult their beauty by treating them as a sisters. They must be having someone at home to treat them like that. And finally, I don’t wish to be a brother of anyone else other than you."

"You are really something??" Said Jiang YuYan

"Haha!! Thanks for the compliment. By the way I am ok with plus-minus 10" and winked at her.

"Plus-minus 10??" She couldn’t understand it and asked while thinking ’now what’s this new thing’.

"Plus means 10 years older to me and minus means 10 years younger to me." He replied calmly.

"Sometimes, I think that I am loosing my thinking power just because of your strange way of presenting the things? Plus-minus 10? Who use this kind of wording to explain such thing? I think my IQ level is going to decrease upto single digit." She said while frowning.

"Haha! Don’t let that happen because I don’t want to have sister who is a fool. I am happy with my angry bird with tree digit IQ." He said and laughed again.

She didn’t say anything and continued staring outside through the car window.

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